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Oanyhoo.   Here's the result of an afternoon I'll never get back 🤖 24-Jul    Planets including sun, moon and so on and so on. 20-Jul    Animal parts. 17-Jul    Body parts.   [   Again ] 10

Just to help some people along 😆  

The title of this song reminded me of this....  

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On 4/16/2021 at 9:23 PM, Grim Jim said:

I laughed out loud there too, sorry SB. Hope you got over missing that one way or another.

I managed to see Floyd several times after that but never saw Steve Miller or Capt Beefheart.  

On the plus side my thrice weekly visits to the hospital after my op, often involved a detour down to the docks on the way home, to have a pint or two with friends who worked there. I became quite proficient at bar billiards which turned into a nice profitable little diversion. Every cloud & all that.. 😉


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Written about Mia Farrow's sister - Prudence who was obsessed with meditation hence the coaxing ny Lennon & Harrison to "come out & play"

Lennon often cited it as one of his favourite Beatles songs & uses a finger picking technique he picked up from Donovan. Also recorded without Ringo on drums. 😄

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