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  1. and yet looked threatening in his 20 minutes and has scored 3 great goals against Czech Republic, Israel and Faroes prior to tourney - underused.
  2. Ok I mean they are good players. Fraser the obvious one - he is fast and looks threatening. Gilmour has had several stand out performances this season and could have been introduced earlier like other teams have done. Even on the 10 mins he was on Patterson looked threatening. All what ifs of course and just my opinion but with all good players that can create better chances rather than punts up the park and a hopeful header which was used too often.
  3. I am not going to argue with you mate there are too many slagging posts on here tonight. I just think we could have performed better and with different tactics would have created clearer chances. That's all.
  4. We've got 10 EPL players and two Champions League winners. O'Donnell, Armstrong and Dykes were well off it tonight. Not their fault just how they were used. We could definitely have performed better.
  5. I don't get it when folk say we need better players or better forwards. If that was the case why do we need a manager at all? Does he just say go out and play? I thought Clarke was protecting his team with his answers, now I think he just doesn't have the savvy (along with his crew) to compete at this level (and while we are at it, beat Israel). We've only beaten Faroes and Luxembourg in last 10 games.
  6. Aye exactly, easy to criticise when it's hurting but Clarke just seemed to be playing this tournament as if it was the middle of an EPL/SPL league programme, not realising we are in a 3 game knockout that needs quick brave decisions. Afraid I don't think Clarke has got what it takes to get us to another tournament
  7. Doesn't look like it. He's got us here fair enough, but seems this level he is out of his league. Two subs in 10 minutes for 3 goals - genius Clarke, genius... He is a league manager not a national manger for knockout competitions. Tactics totally wrong for 2 out of 3 games.
  8. Is Clarke having a mental blockage, why can't he change things? Two goals in 22 minutes - at last Fraser but probably too late now....🤬
  9. Interesting. Enjoyed these as a kid esp the 76 game when Clemence got it through the legs. Didn't help us before in the World Cup mind. Trouble is it could invite trouble and with nothing really to play for would encourage drop outs after a long season. I'd prefer something like an invitation Kirin Cup spilt amongst the four nations over a weekend. Alternate teams playing every two years with two of us plus another top overseas team invited to play for the cup e.g. Japan, Portugal, USA, Belgium, Mexico, etc
  10. I'm in for 3 tickets. Whatever happens tonight it's been a great year for Scotland and the TA. Looking forward to it already - hopefully Off the Ball are there to take the pish over his accent😏
  11. McTominay into midfield and Cooper back to the back line. I'd have Fraser in for his speed and recent return rate of 3 goals in 8 games either alongside Adams or in place of McDonnell. Have to go for this and can't risk going one goal up and letting one in at the end.
  12. Fair enough mate, good of you to 'fess up. We all want the same thing tonight with our national team.
  13. Even in 98 when we just had Morocco to play (beat) to give us a chance, who'd have thought that Norway would have beaten Brazil, but we ended up making a hash of it then also
  14. Booked a trip down in Devon next month with the Mrs. and fancy having a look at this place, especially after the G7. Anyone been and any recommendations? Looks like there is plenty to do there and might not be able to take everything in so if there is a specific part of it worth checking out would welcome any pointers
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