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  1. Barring any more injuries, and if Tierney and Cooper recovers it looks increasingly unlikely there will be any more new faces to the last squad - if it stays at a 23.
  2. With McBurnie out and Burke, Griffiths not in last squad, it now looks fairly certain to be Adams, Dykes and Nisbet backed up with some attacking midfielders. Thankfully Dykes has hit a bit of form.
  3. Not sure why you responded like this but it's bang out of order
  4. Might be easier to be positive if there was the option to have a child lock on certain threads....😏😏
  5. James Bond talking to Ulrika Johnson James, what a lovely watch you're wearing. Thank you Ulrika. This watch is state of the art, it tells me anything I need to know- time, dates, places with a direct link to MI5 and MI6. In fact, Ulrika it tells me that at this moment in time your not wearing any knickers under your dress!! Your watch must be wrong James, I can assure you I do have knickers on under my dress. Damn, phuckin' things an hour fast again!!
  6. James Brown - Recitation by Hank Ballard - A heartfelt recitation by a dead person about the deceased James Brown, even though he describes him as a living legend who fought through the graveyard of losers.....
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