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  1. "Isn't particularly warm"?? Don't think that was the point of the programme but the players seemed to want to play for him. He comes across to me as pretty thick but he has been successful as a manager and it was the players - with all their frailties - that came across in the show, as it was supposed to. Le Tissier and Merson were likeable and great players whereas Ruddock looked like he was on a self destruct mission.
  2. Well with all the repeats of the missed penalties, the San Marino goal that knocked them out of 94 WC and playing a French naturist team I think it was actually good viewing for Scots.
  3. He's probably got a good agent that gets him into TV and radio with alarming frequency. Let's face it, he's then up against some of the younger c-list TV personalities these days like I'm a Celebrity where even he stands out. Anyway the program was also about the team so that made it interesting to me rather than Redknapp. Just wish Scottish TV would do something similar..
  4. Aye but they did take the piss out of themselves and come out with a few old stories. Quite enjoyed it even with the predictable parts, but seeing the likes of McAvennie, Coisty, Faddy, Andy Goram, on a jaunt would make for good viewing
  5. Wondering what a Scottish version would look like - Kenny Dalgish or Graeme Souness as manager with a team of ex-players that go on a tour and see if they can win 2 games out of 3 that in theory would qualify for knockout stages. Just to prove it could be done without the pressure of actually qualifying! I'm sure there would be a few players that would provide good entertainment value...
  6. Steve Bruce gone at Villa - not too surprising even though he did steady the ship. Been watching them for years but will be interesting to see who they take on next. They are a bit of a sleeping giant but there has not really been anyone that could take them on since MON. Henry, Allardyce, Moyes, Dean Smith and even John Terry are named as possibles but not sure if any of them would cut it. Wonder if they will look north of the border....
  7. Well whaddya know, he's ending the season on form for West Brom scoring winners and getting man of the match. Decent player in ther somewhere...
  8. A good game in the end with a 42,000 crowd, esp 2nd half. Villa (or at least Taylor) gave away the first goal and like you say, Derby then defended deep the rest of the game. Strange as youd think they would go for a second to secure a play off spot. Lucky Villas finishing was poor though as stats show - Villa had 75% possession and 24 shots but only 6 on target. So what's happened to Russell, Martin and Bryson? Was looking forward to seeing a few Scots on show. Hutton came on fopr Taylor and had another great game. Highlights on youtube.
  9. Off to Villa v Derby tomorrow, taster for the play-offs. Championship has been good this season and quite competitive, not so predictable as both English and Scottish premierships. Hopefully Snoddy can get back amongst it.
  10. Surely 'The Logical Song' has to top the most hated of Supertramp songs?? I think I'd prefer to hear the Go Compare ad several times compared to this dirge..
  11. Was there also. Great game and Snoddy has got his touch back, most assists for Villa and does well tracking back. Go to have at least one campaign left in him.
  12. He's actually been playing fairly well for the last few years at Villa and is a favourite with a lagre number of fans. I reckon though the main reason he retired was to make sure he could keep his place at Villa after being 'frozen out' and put out on loan during Lamberts reign. Doubt he would eb tempted back although there are some doubts over his contract beyond the end of this season at Villa.
  13. This. Could have been a lot worse in the circumstances we are in. Will be interesting to see how he gets on with players and the next set of friendlies.
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