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  1. Just come back from Italy and Covid docs not needed. Was also confirmed by Package Holiday company. Check with them and screenshot of Government website. Still needed masks on buses.
  2. Was it not also to shore up the defence after the drubbings from Belgium and Russia? Helped to get us to the Euros and WC playoffs but not at the higher level - we've been sussed and seem incapable of adjusting. Should be possible to play with 4 and use more of these talented midfielders we're supposed to have plenty of....🙄
  3. Armstrong's performance was wrll overdue but the key for me was McGregor link play and using Adam's runs more successfully. When that works it makes a world of difference and we look a decent team.
  4. Didn't Patterson play in a back 4 at Rangers quite successfully? It can work if you've got the players and have defensive midfielders. Our midfield is supposed to be our strongest area yet we've been caught short recently because we've lost possession too easily and reverted to long ball. Strengthening the midfield with a single striker - and I think Adams is doing a reasonable job - may yield results. Problem is Clarke hasn't tried it much.
  5. Clarke has done a lot of good things in his tenure and deserves credit for that. The big question is taking us to the next level of success - a world cup, through a group stage, beating a full strength top team, etc. I can accept there will be hiccups along the way but the last week is definitely a bit of a downer and he really needs to put a good string of results together now to convince he can make the team reach that next step - to me that means beating ROI and Ukraine at home. I believe we've got the players to do it but need to be a bit more tactically aware and astute. You wouldn't think our midfield has our best players from recent games so why not use them? Could a 4-5-1 not be feasible?
  6. Yep, Turnbull has had precious little game time since Moldova.
  7. Robertson was pretty frank TBF and Clarke was a bit less abrupt than usual but would not criticise players or the team and put off detiled analysis until tomorrow. Also understood booing from fans at the end. Could not explain why we were poorer in all departments. Reckon he's relied on the same plan too often and cannot adjust quick enough when things go wrong - the difference between an average team and a good team......and manager.
  8. The early signs are there. Clarke can be very defensive in interviews and doesn't like taking criticism or being challenged on decisions. Perhaps he's done as much as he can and just doesn't have the nous to take us to the next level. Marshall retiring and then Cooper and Clark dropping out(would they have arranged weddings at this time if they were both more regular, or in Clark's case just getting a game?) means at least some of that commitment is going. Gilmour and McGinn are not the players they were last year and we definitely need some shooting practice to get more on target. Nothing less than a convincing win will suffice on Tuesday. Not sure where it wil come from but maybe Campbell is worth a shot as a player in form and Brown maybe needs more game time or even a start.
  9. The build up to last year was great but didn't last long. Here's hoping we make Qatar as that is bound to generate a few decent talking points and stories if a few make it out there. Unfortunately the youngsters seem to just use FB so would be good to experya World Cup so there's a bit more to talk about than the old days of Five in a Row...
  10. Thankfully the same shite being argued by the same bawbags over and over is largely restricted to Football Related so a smidgen of enjoyment can still be obtained. Its a pity it took until last year to make the finals of a tournament - assuming we're not counting the Under 20s debacle in Canada in 2007 - in the 19 years since I've been on the board as it would have been good to see what more of the old posters on. This board Needs Tunes has definitely kept me interested and the renewed optimism on recent form in potentially making the second round of a tourney. Would be nice to have a Jimbers character again as he brought a smile to the face on a few occasions
  11. Despite what he says he did have a go at my musical tastes recently🤨. A bit ironic as most folk post music posts whereas his choices sound like a jackhammer has been caught in the back of a refuse truck with the added 'vocal' noise of what typically sounds like a domestic quarrel between a drugged up couple from Drumchapel on cold turkey🥴. If only he widened his taste a smidgen then he might be Grin Jim instead of Grim Jim....😃
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