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  1. We do have a good chance with this group though having the triple headers is a big difference to previous campaigns. Would feel more confident if we had a stronger forward line on form. Israel away will definitely be a key game, a win there will make a big difference to our chances.
  2. There used to be a TA of North America and a list of clubs on this page but both seem to have disappeared. Lack of qualification may have contributed to that so interest may return with the Euros. Facebook groups have taken over and may be the best bet to search through with Scottish or football related links apart from any old threads/archive in these pages.
  3. Still think Clarke would pick him once he returns from injury at Xmas but if Gilmour can get a run of games and others stay injury free then obviously come March he could certainly force himself into the squad at the expense of someone from the last triple header.
  4. Clarke shows loyalty to his squads so reckon others will still have some way to go to dislodge those that got us into the Euros. McLean looks like he may now be back in January.
  5. Takes a bit of effort to set up the group and keep it going. Vancouver TA been going for over 20 years and about 15 years on FB. If you've got a regular venue then that's half the battle. I left Vancouver 10 yrs ago but group is still going helped by some willing volunteers with a bit of a network. The FB group helped and contact with Rangers/Celtic clubs and other Scottish groups. Qualifying should also help get some numbers though - we got about 300 to watch the Italy game in 2007.
  6. Fleck and Burke playing as well today. Would be good to see Sheffield Utd string a few results together now with 3 of our squad players in the team.
  7. Another bad result for Sheffield United, 21 shots with McBurnie-Burke forward line but lose 1-0 to WBA. Total opposite to last season but can't buy a goal or a win. Difficult to see where they are going to get their inspiration from and get themselves a few goals to get confidence back.
  8. One thing for sure is that there is going to be more twists and turns over the next six months, and not just the forwards. Injuries, loss of form for existing squad or increase in form for those not yet picked. For the first time in 22 years though there is an end product of the Euros and before then some WC qualifiers against potentially some top European teams in March. If Che Adams/Nisbet continues with good form can they be ignored? Can Gilmour even get back on the bench at Chelsea? Will the 3 subs rule in EPL mean a whole pile of injuries after the short summer break? This thread star
  9. Clarke says we've come a long way which is fair enough taking into account drubbings from Kazakhstan, Belgium and Russia plus a defeat by Israel when they played us off the park. We've now had a long unbeaten run, qualified for a tourney and have got some decent established players and a good team spirit but know improvements are needed. Was a bit disappointing to play well and lose one Sunday but I felt Israel has the measure of us knowing they had some skilful players that could get a goal on breakaways. I would have hoped that there was enough skill in the team to be more of a threat they
  10. Gilmour is back worry for me. With the multi million pounds signings Chelsea have made he might struggle to get back in the team and may have to go out on loan get game time.
  11. Burke got a goal last year but not enough players tonight providing clear cut chances
  12. Would have thought we have enough in our locker to have an effective Plan B and enough creative players to get some more clear cut chances especially with the performances against Serbia and Slovakia.
  13. Quite an interesting question actually. Nations League has been brilliant for us. Here's a thought though, now we've gone up a level and results are getting better what do you reckon our chances of qualifying outright are? We've now got to prove ourselves against the top countries so Dec 7th draw is going to be intriguing.
  14. we've made great progress in the last year but to get to the higher level we now need to be more clinical in front of goal and finish games off earlier or be more comfortable in games to avoid results like this. Perhaps with the likes of Robertson, Dykes, and McGregor back on Wed we can get that comfortable result against Israel. Then with Fraser and Forrest back the goal tally will increase.
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