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March Friendlies


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The thread for the usual rumour mill around upcoming friendlies.

The strongest rumours I have heard may be playing South American opposition either in London or in Europe. This would align with the general rumours of top South American teams looking to integrate into the Nations League or play more games over here, given the location of their top players.

England announced they will play Brazil at Wembley on 23rd March. Knowing the SFA's business savvy, it's hard to imagine they aren't sticking their hand in the ring to host the Brazilians at Hampden in what would be a money spinning glamour match since the Brazil team are in the area.

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Clarke has said in the press that he wants a Home and Away game in March, and then in June he wants a BIG send off game at Hampden and then an away game based around the training camp.

I think chances are high that March will be most probably be a South American team, as you have 20 fixtures to fill up, and you have 12 teams who have Nations League play off commitments, plus you can discount the likes of the Faroes, Andora, San Marino and Gibraltar playing freindlies against teams of any standards from South America (Venezuela arguably the "weakest" team from South America? and they are still a top 50 side in the FIFA world rankings) so that is probably whats going to end up happening.

While ideally the SFA may want Argentina or Uruguay, you are probably talking more along the lines of Peru or Bolivia.

June, with the Champions League final on Sat the 1st, I suspect that means we will have a friendly at Hampden on the Tuesday (4th) or Wednesday (5th) night, then a game on the Saturday based around our training camp (be in that in England, Spain, Portugal or Austria)

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