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Ticket allocations and SSC points


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54 minutes ago, TDYER63 said:

I had to do mine and my husband’s , got 3 fans first for him because it was written in our wedding vows that he  always comes first . I got 195/60/30 for myself which was a result. Couple of times on his order requests it said the ff ticket wasnt available but i just resubmitted and it came up the second time. Didn’t try that on mine , was just glad at not having to pay over the odds given I had 2 lots of tix to book. 
I think anyone that had to do more than one lot of tix did really well to keep it at the kind of price you got. 

Your husband might have the cheaper tickets but you’ll have a better view at 2 of the games. 

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56 minutes ago, DoonTheSlope said:

By accumulating a measly 11 points meaning they’ll be paying €400 - €600 your kid is being treated with the contempt you feel they deserve as per your salty tears previously posted

ouch. Guess my bad temper yesterday set me up for that

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12 hours ago, Texas Pete said:

It is possible because 2 bonus points are available. 

I agree with the rest of your points though. The SSC loyalty system is not designed to give people with high points first go at cheaper tickets. 

If it wasn’t for the huge discrepancy between the cheap tickets and expensive tickets nobody would be moaning about it. 

It wasn’t that difficult to get FF tickets today if you entered your code at 12:00 exactly. I got one easily enough for Munich and bought cat 3 tickets for the other 2 games as a choice (FF tickets were still available). 

You are right... my frustration should really be directed at UEFA for those ticket prices for the opening game 

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2 hours ago, Big Poodle said:

Check your junk file. That’s where a lot have gone to.

Thanks, man (and GaryWood).  Found it in my Spam after fifteen stressful minutes and a panicked phone call to my bank.  Always forget about Junk folders!  Feel a huge weight off my shoulders now.  Got a 195/60/30 bunch of tix so happy with that.  Feel sorry for the 11 pointers just now, a lot of whom will be pretty torn given the massive jump in prices for the opening game.  I've never been to an opening ceremony - I imagine we will be 'treated' to dancing lads in leiderhosen and frauliens with massive jugs...of frothing ale?

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On 10/27/2023 at 3:16 PM, SteveMcD said:

The person with the ticket on their phone deleted the app. The 2nd person then downloaded the app. When they requested an activation code it would pe sent by text to the 1st person who would forward it. 2nd person then has the app with the tickets on their phone. 

You would also need to give the 2nd person your email address to sign into the app. Workable between folk you know.

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