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  1. Got a notification a couple of weeks back that it was under new management. Then get one yesterday saying it was closed and booking cancelled. Anyone else booked in it is worth checking.
  2. Tomorrow ( Thursday) early evening.... our group coming in dribs and drabs.. some on wonky sheep, glasgow via frankfurt, Heathrow direct, and car and camper van. I think you will bump into plenty of people around Marienplatz, and just about everywhere else.
  3. I think at last Euros, it become active at proximity reader near the ground. But as someone else said this is same app as Hampden and that appears matchday.
  4. A pal just got some for his brothers $1500 each. There are tix in the SSC sections from $900 to $2600..
  5. Are they genuine tix on the UEFA app?
  6. There is now... Prostate Scotland have released this- genuine link.. not sure why can't be previewed here
  7. Doak out, Conway in
  8. too far I think. We bought the DB discount tix for the high speed trains
  9. Easy Jet from Bristol. Pals doing KLM from Glasgow via Amsterdam
  10. I tried out the 'fab special' on a Lufthansa flight to Munich this week.. Think it was €6.50 for the combination - a Paulaner with sausages and bread sticks €1 cheaper if you have crisps. You can opt for a Becks. Hope they have plenty in for 12 days time.
  11. Only thing they will win at Eurp 2024
  12. Tix now in the app... email is dated Friday c. 230pm... but it landed in my inbox overnight
  13. My SSC tix now available in the UEFA app
  14. says in the video in the app that tickets are issued gradually
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