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  1. We're we the only muppets who booked non existent flights with Lufthansa to Frankfurt and then on, via Opodo? Been a pain in the proverbial as got no messages. An extra night on the town though.
  2. My Moldovan pal has bought tix for him and his 2 sons to join us in the unofficial Scotland sections. He says... we should have no problem getting in.
  3. Forecast is now 12c in the day... but 0c by Kick Off
  4. My work contact in Chisinau has suggested (well he is taking me for a trip) or
  5. They did that in Macedonia, with the police watching, and still didn't let hundreds in
  6. Lots of this in this position... as this was somewhere we haven't been in a long time making it an interesting trip.
  7. We are going out Via Vienna with Austrian, with a 25 minute transfer time for planes That will be a hoot no doubt as my travelling pal has done his achilles in. Might ask for a wheelchair. Back via Frankfurt with Lufthansa


    Bars near the Radisson.... which is near the 'New York' bar.


    Radisson Blu for us... hope they have a TV with that ticket allocation
  10. they were selling alcohol in the buffet when I came up Saturday and back south on Tuesday
  11. The UEFA notice says 'strongly recommend' so the time slot is guidance not a rule. That said, with only 3 entrances in the ring fence, ticket needing to be zapped twice, have ID checked and be searched it will be slower than normal.
  12. I have tallied the numbers on the SSC site... if we get 15% at each then it is a) 8k tix for Hampden means anyone on 6 points guaranteed a ticket. b) we would get 14k tix for Wembley so anyone with 3 points gets one and a thousand 2 pointers. I applied to uefa for all the Hampden games and the semis and final at Wembley ( I am confident) and got none. A neighbour (England fan) got tix for all our games. Seen all sorts on Twitter who never been to a game saying they got tix.
  13. Looks like they have won 7 out of 10 games played there which may also factor in their thinking
  14. That was us in that cage in the corner
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