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  1. If I remember rightly for the last Euros we had to go via the SSC who them emailed out a code/link to get SSC allocation via UEFA... but it was a while back
  2. The march to the stadium in Alicante was long, and uphill most of the way.
  3. I had a look just now ... could only see one section at a time... so didn't want to bombard everyone with screenshots. I randomly selected some sections around the ground and most have plenty of seats available.
  4. This is a pic of it from my hotel a few miles away when I was over there in April.
  5. I would agree with that unless repsosne to SFA poll was very low. Convinced they will get the allocation but won't put on sale until 18 October. Massive as I recall... our section was a fair size too and everyone just mingled anyway
  6. TBH I think it is a flakey website as much as anything. Try clearing any cache.... I would have if I knew what that was!
  7. I would doubt it would. Download the RFEF tickets app and you can send tix to anyone you need to
  8. I have had cards rejected 6 times Anyway, Then I remembered my wife's brother lives in Spain! That said he had same credit card issues but got a Spanish neighbour to sort. Happy days!
  9. Going to be tough playing fitba with a stage on the pitch
  10. My kids just missed out on 11 points.... they have 11 points because they had tickets for home games. The introduction of points for home games was one of best things SSC have done and plenty of us lobbied for it. I had to do home end for Moldova and Ukraine, not because of SFA but because of low allocations.
  11. As tix still not on sale via RFEF (I just went through a vpn Spain just in case a blocker was on) maybe they are giving first dibs on tickets via their own supporters club prior to a public sale?
  12. I was trying that but won't even let me get to basket
  13. Literally just went to sold out at 10 to 4 UK as I was watching for my 2 boys in 11 pts
  14. As I am in Belgium today I got mixed up with the time zones so i think I tried to buy when system was down
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