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  1. Although it was hardly world class opposition, and taking into account the poor performance against them at Hampden, the 3-0 win in Lithuania in a must win match, is not far off as good as it’s been. Ireland 1-0 England 2-2 were ok results.
  2. I’m sure this might have been done before, but after contributing to another topic, I thought i’d raise this one. My first and outright candidate would be Kevin McAllister Falkirk - Chelsea - Hibs. I can take if your playing for Falkirk your hardly going to get a look in, but in his time at Chelsea and Hibs he merited a cap, and I’d argue he was a much better player than Pat Nevin who was probably preferred to him. Chip in with your selections.
  3. And Kevin McAllister cannie get in the team 😕 best uncapped Scot Bar none, and a far better player than Nevin at the same time, even Chelsea supporters agree on this.
  4. You could argue that Bulgaria have been fortunate. Runners up to Norway then abysmal in the main qualifiers, they’ve ended up in the league A play off with a home match v Hungary, then potential another home match against Iceland or Romania. Given league A inherited 3 teams from league C I’d have argued that Iceland were entitled to be at home in the Semi and Final if they won their Semi, they shouldn’t have to play an away tie to any lower league country at this stage. BTW I don’t see Bulgaria qualifying but stranger things have happened.
  5. Czech Republic Either of the Irelands Romania
  6. Did a five day short break in Tuscany with Wife, her sister and man, last year. Were based in Viareggio, and toured about. Lucca is really nice, and Pisa ( Tower) worth seeing. We drove up to Rapallo and Portofino, on the coast, lovely places, also went to San Gigiminano and Siena, both awesome In Siena we parked in the perimeter of the football stadium a short walk to the centre. I didn’t really like Florence, but can say I’ve been there. Viareggio on the coast close to where you’ll be has loads of good places to eat, this steak place is fantastic.https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g194946-d10093524-Reviews-Otto_Etti_e_Mezzo_L_Osteria-Viareggio_Province_of_Lucca_Tuscany.html One point, watch your speed. In the five days we were there bro in law got two fines for speeding and I got one for going being in a restricted area in Pisa.
  7. I’m not the biggest Fan of Rugby Union, and don’t really understand all the laws, from what I see there’s too much going on to see everything, but do go to the England match every two years, when workmates from Leeds come north for the weekend, the social side is better than the spectacle. In this World Cup Scotland will have a tough task to qualify especially after their poor show against Ireland. Yesterday I watched the end of Japan v Samoa where Japan gained a bonus point for a 4th try. Can someone tell me. Why did Samoa not just end the game when they clearly couldn’t win the game. Why did the ref give Japan a put into scrum when every put in is squint anyway. Finally why do they award a bonus point for a close defeat ? No sport should award any points or credit for having lost
  8. 🙁 Having to go down south for a meeting Monday / Tuesday, can't make the Belgium match. Anyone wanting two tickets for the Belgium Match South Stand P2 EE they can have them for £ 30 for the pair. P.M. me Cheers
  9. You'll be able to buy 20,000 mate, crowd will now be less than 18,000
  10. “IF” we get 6 points this week, and the Cyprus match then gives us the chance to go to 9 before going to Belgium, on a nice Saturday in early summer, many fans will see it as a bit of an end of football season day out on the booze then off to the match. Given the right circumstances we could get 40,000.
  11. Bought our couple of 5 match package tickets, as always make all the home games. Son’s mate who’s working away will be home for two of the games. Is there a “window / date” where SSC Member can buy another ticket pre public sale ? Or is it just a case of waiting for Public Sale to get him a seat nearby us.
  12. Merry Christmas All, Looking through news before family descend for the day, and see Harry Kane is getting an OBE for his performances in the World Cup. Now other than breaking my heart a year past June in the 5 minutes of ecstasy and misery I think the bloke comes over ok. He’s sounds a bit thick but is passionate about playing for his country. This OBE / honours list has become a joke. 6 goals, 3 penalties, 2 one yard headers and a defłection off his heel he knew nowt about. His other contributions were zilch. Rant over have a great day
  13. Every stand that Barr built, has leg room for a midget.
  14. May 1972 Home International v Northern Ireland won 2-0. Sat in that wee Old North Stand with my uncle.
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