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  1. Well that was easy money.
  2. Only watching this for a financial interest, but how Portugal draw 1-1 then win 4-1 AET and get 3 points and the goal difference added to their qualifying record is utter madness. It should be a 1-1 draw and 1 point.
  3. Ireland are 5/1 to win this, utterly incredible odds
  4. Pleased the law changed, I was wrong to use the word deflection, but genuine attempts to intercept passes that weren’t 100 % executed and resulted in players in offside positions benefiting was totally wrong.
  5. They need to get back to there being clear daylight between defender and attacker to call offside, VAR calling offside for a baw hair, arms, legs in front of defenders is nonsense. Also if a through ball is played in the direction of an attacker who is beyond the line of defence and the ball takes a deflection off a defender stretching or attempting to intercept the pass, the attacker then become onside, if the defender makes no attempt to play the ball offside would be called. It is neigh near impossible to defend and react to make that type of judgement. That too is utter nonsense
  6. Three Nations Leagues 20 Matches 5 Wins They wanted competitive games against better sides and now having had three campaigns at group A they have performed miserably. Come the World Cup all will be fine through the section Iran Wales USA, are about the poorest World Cup Section I can ever remember
  7. You really have to laugh at the English reaction to being relegated in the Nations League, viewing it as a non event of a competition. They usually stroll through qualifiers for World Cups and Euros scudding the minnows on way. Along comes the Nations League which gives them some competitive matches against perceived similar standard opposition and they can’t compete against them. Since the conception of the Nations League they have won 5 ( five ) out of 19 games they’ve played including the 2 draws when they fluked getting to the finals. They are blind to accept how poor they really are.
  8. Budapest. Pre Covid my mate got nice set of implants ( Not Bill Bob Teeth type) 8 Top and Bottom about £2500
  9. Ok I’ll give you Austria away and reluctantly Israel at home given the bother we’d been having against them umpteen times previous but since Denmark home we’ve gone down two gears.
  10. Clarke has had a bit of an up and down time as Manager After a Tough and Poor start, we started to see improvement and qualified via Penalties twice for the Euros We then had two chances to move to Nations League Group A and be assured of Play Offs We loose 1-0 to both Slovakia and Israel away. First two failures in Big Matches The Euros come along and it was probably a Big ask to qualify from the group bit loosing 2-0 to Czech Republic and 3-1 to Croatia at Home, failures again. After the defeat in Denmark we pull up our sleeves and gain second place in the World Cup group with some good and fortunate performance, here is where Clarke is entitled to credit. Since the Denmark game we have played 5 times Winning once Armenia 2-0 drawing Twice from winning positions Poland 1-1 and Austria 2-2 and losing twice Ukraine 3-1 And Ireland 3-0 In my eyes these last five games are basically failure. We haven't improved in the last 12 months as we are still loosing key matches. Slovakia, Israel, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Ireland The only real victory being Denmark at home. We miss Tierney so much, and some of the "Younger" defenders are not quite there yet Patterson, Ralston, Hickey, Hendry Robertson is knackered McTominay isn't a defender and will never be a Darren Fletcher Ryan Christie is hopeless We need width in the Final Third, probably on the right, Wing Backs cant be expected to be as creative as wide forwards / wingers the further up the park the get. Lastly we need someone who will sore regularly and in the important matches.
  11. We looked like a tired team at the end of a long season. Ukraine looked like a “Tournament Ready” team after their 6 week training camp in the Slovenian Alps, Can’t help feel we got the shit end of the stick how this all planned out. We weren’t set up right last night and looked like a team who hadn’t been advised how the opposition might play. Our right side Defence / Midfield was non existent and Ukraine looked a threat every time they moved down the left. Robertson looks burnt out and I’m not sure if we’ll see him next Wednesday. The good feeling from the Autumn has evaporated but we need to get on track these next three games
  12. 300 Numbers have bars all the way around the stadium was in there the 2015 match, Bars open before and after the match.
  13. Ticketmaster kindly cancelled and refunded the extra five I inadvertently had. Problem resolved
  14. I've contrived to have my order for 5 duplicated, 🙄 was having problem getting the card authorisation thing to work then next thing i know i've bought them twice. Anyone looking for 2/3/4/or 5 let me know
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