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Clarke hasn't a clue...sack him

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This has been unacceptable, yet again...GTF SC

Shree at the back

The Dickov patter was fucking abysmal the last time you were flogging it.  You must be a right think cunt to think it will have somehow improved 🤷‍♂️

Being blunt it is difficult to watch. However I can see why Clarke has gone 3/5 at the back - we conceded 19 goals in 10 games (8 if you discount San Marino) last campaign which is never going to get you through. Indeed over our last three qualifying campaigns and the first Nations League, we conceded 47 goals in 34 games. That record has to be changed and the 5 at the back is an attempt to both do that and fit in Robertson and Tierney. So I can accept that and go with it, too often we have watched Ireland shitfest their way to major tournaments while we have sat at home.


So Clarke has my support in this but there are a few issues that need addressed:

1) A better right wing back then SOD is a must, Palmer showed promise in Olomouc

2) The passivity of McGregor and Jack doesn't work if you are trying to attack a game

3) There needs to be more support from the midfield for both the wing backs and the striker(s) to ensure they are not isolated. Fraser made a huge difference last night and players like him will be vital.


Ultimately having thought about it over the last month, as much as I dislike watching it, I think it is the right approach moving forward. We need to shut the leaky defence, this is sensible as an approach.

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