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  1. Just had a great night in a pub. You guyz are pish
  2. Counts for nothing when the vote comes..as we all know.
  3. Well that's the point. Statistically no one has died from it.
  4. oh the irony. called a bigot by one of the biggoted brothers.
  5. that not enough? Toilet Rims are scotland's NOT so secret shame.
  6. It's a little more complicated but clearly there is a mass of people (smart people not just hippys) that think this virus is bordering on harmless. just decide for yourself.
  7. Covid being put on death cirtificates when it's not the only cause of death.
  8. Incorrectly recorded and false positives. Stats could be wrong. I'm still on the fence but I m veering towards it being mostly harmless and asytompatic. Certainly not worried. Still wearing a mask in supermarkets and buses though
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