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  1. BucksburnDandy

    Nations League

    Yeah, I prefer to not take our chance, let's just treat it as top or bust and at least then we have the right mentality. Footballers love an excuse to underperform.
  2. BucksburnDandy

    Nations League

    Bang on. This is absolutely vital. Win the mini league and the insurance policy is there for next year. Fail to and we can kiss goodbye to Euro 2020, as we would be in Pot 4 and it's going to take a miracle to qualify from there. Harsh as it sounds, fail to win this mini-league and McLeish should be let go. It's vital that we reach these Euros for the financial and on park good of the game in this country. It has been starved of finances and success for far too long. Time to put it right, no excuses.
  3. BucksburnDandy


    Yeah the single ticket policy for members for these games is quite surprising. They're not going to be huge crowds at all so I'd have thought the SSC would have been trying to encourage big crowds
  4. BucksburnDandy


    Good prices for the Nations League games, so fair credit for that. I won't bother with the friendlies as they are friendly matches that involve spending plenty on travel, food etc. Even if I stayed round Glasgow, I likely wouldn't bother paying that for a friendly.
  5. BucksburnDandy

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Shinnie has been performing like that in midfield for the past couple of years. Was probably our best player last night. McKenna did his national prospects no harm, Devlin has started alright so far. Lewis Ferguson will be the one to watch. His talent at Accies was superb, continued these first two games. If he continues to improve and work hard, he'll be knocking on the door. Presently he should be knocking on the door for a 21s call up.
  6. BucksburnDandy

    Scottish player transfers

    Yes, Swansea have contacted Aberdeen declaring their interest, and I would imagine so long as they receive fair money, Aberdeen wouldn't stand in McKenna's way. But £2 million isn't going to cut it, Hull tried around that figure four times in January and got told to bolt each time.
  7. BucksburnDandy

    DAVY BUS Post Match Airport Drop Off

    Hi Davy, Fraser Wallace here (someone has to be Bucksburn Dandy). Can I reduce my booking to 2 people, and go on the bus to Tirana Airport post match please? 4:30am flight on the Sunday morning to catch for us I'm afraid. Thanks, Fraser
  8. BucksburnDandy

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    As much as it pains me to put up a link to this particular paper, Stephen McGowan seems to be the leading journalist with this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-5984237/Murrayfield-cost-Scottish-FA-twice-Hampden.html If the deal stays as it is then Hampden is cheaper. However the SFA have demanded QP sell up, else they will leave for Murrayfield. Some board members are for Murrayfield to avoid maintenance costs and use bigger capacity most likely for Old Firm games. For me, as it stands I don't like either stadium particularly. Murrayfield was dreadful for football with a shallow rake behind the goals in the lower tier and vast expanses of grass meaning it was hard to see the action. Hampden has similar faults behind the goals too. Both as it stands are poor options for spectators. However I look at the Welsh example. They moved to a rugby stadium and left within 10 years. Their example is one we should be very wary of. As much as having the national stadium in the capital is a normal thing, I don't feel Murrayfield is an attractive option. As previously mentioned it is poor for football fans, parking is grim and it is not going to be a big improvement to an already poor experience. Ideally we would rebuild Hampden or do what the Irish did with building the Aviva making it fit to host both sports, in a central location in the capital. What is everyone's thoughts on the above link and the best way forward?
  9. BucksburnDandy

    Potential squad for Belgium

    For sure, I think these comments were more a warning shot. Lack of commitment will result in dropping out. I suspect this was a last chance for certain players like Ritchie and Fraser who call off with minimal things. You look at their attitudes compared to Robertson who offered to come out for the Mexico game.
  10. BucksburnDandy

    Scottish player transfers

    Totally understandable. Why I would disagree would be the two big things you mention there around organisation and financial stability - Rangers will not have either of those for the foreseeable future. The club is a shambles. I was speaking to one of their full time youth coaches about two months back now, and he was pretty uncompromising in describing the shambles that the club is in overall. Gerrard will improve the on-field side of it but so long as they remain so disorganised off the park, I can't see them pulling massively away from Hibs and Aberdeen or closing on Celtic.
  11. BucksburnDandy

    Scottish player transfers

    Alan Tate had played for Swansea for years and was previously captain there. Sorry to say it but your view of the strength of Rangers is quite outdated given that they have been inferior to Aberdeen and quite a long way off Celtic. At the moment Rangers are a similar quality level to Hibs and Aberdeen. Given the money that the bigger teams in League One can pay, it's no surprise that lads like McGeouch choose to go down there. On McInnes, he is limited but all the Bristol City fans I have spoken to have said he literally had no chance given the budget was cut by 75% months after he kept them up then by 75% again the following season. Ultimately different players suit different leagues.
  12. BucksburnDandy

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    I understand your argument guys and to an extent, you are right, there are a lot that just come along for the party. However, for some of these younger fans, myself included (hasten to add that my idea of a trip away is a bit of seeing the city, a bit of relaxed street café drinking and the game), they have never seen a team qualify let along play at a major tournament. Indeed in the ten attempts to qualify since 98, we have got to two playoffs in 99 and 03. In the last 15 years, some heartening campaigns but ultimately not really close to qualification for anything. So, I think it is understandable that with often poor football on show, a lot of lads and lassies that follow Scotland enjoy the partying aspect so highly. For them, it is their chance to have a few days in a foreign city, drink a lot and pull on the kilt. For what it is worth, I'd rather qualify for a major tournament and not touch a drop of alcohol to make it happen. I've never met a Scotland fan on trips that hasn't been interested in the football or the result, and that haven't engaged in football chat. However, with our general predictability of now not qualifying and usually struggling away from home, I think it is understandable that a lot of people don't let a bad result get in the way of enjoying a hard earned trip away. We're a broad church, and we should never discount anyone from supporting Scotland if they so choose to. PS @Squirrelhumper - absolutely love the username on here and P&B. Always makes me snigger childishly.
  13. BucksburnDandy

    Scottish player transfers

    You write off Aberdeen who have finished above Rangers twice in two seasons as League One, yet somehow they've deservedly finished above them both seasons Rangers have been in the Premiership? The top 4 teams of last season in the Premiership in Scotland were easily better than League One level. League One and the Championship in England are mainly league where strength and height are of value, hence the likes of Mallin, Cummings and McKay struggling to make an impact. By contrast, I've watched a number of loanees from the English system come up here and absolutely fail. From watching Aberdeen, Alan Tate, Chidi Nawalkali, Dom Ball, Jeffrey Monakana and more have failed here. The fact of the matter is it is generally subjective, and different players thrive in different styles of league. So let's just use what we have as a national team and aim for them to play at the top few clubs in Scotland, the EPL, top flights abroad or the upper end of the English Championship.
  14. BucksburnDandy

    Article about Scottish vs Norwegian supporter culture

    Like every nation, the UEFA week of football has taken a bit hit to our home crowds. Know of around 15 people who would go to games on Saturdays but wouldn't bother with games on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday nights.
  15. BucksburnDandy

    Potential squad for Belgium

    Possibly right Squirrelhumper but I think he'll buy into the hype of Paterson being an EPL player. For what it is worth, SOD has done himself no harm. Ultimately, I suspect if we are going to be playing four at the back, we'll either end up seeing Hendry or Tierney out there. Hendry, despite limited game time, might be seen as a right footed option. Tierney is better than all of our right backs, despite being on his wrong side. It depends on the formation Big Eck goes for ultimately, but if he plays a four at the back, I think he may change his mind on Tierney playing out on the right.