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  1. Would agree with the sentiments about McTominay and McLean. Bar the stupid mistake at the end of the first half, they offered generally better protection than we have seen for a long time. Armstrong going off damaged us a lot because we lost a lot of our early ability in the game to take ourselves up the park. Harsh as it is on Callum McGregor, he may well miss out on some games through no fault of his own. Defensively, swap Tierney for SOD and that may be our best setup just now.
  2. Bill Leslie, really good commentator
  3. Went about how I expected to go. Belgium many levels above Scotland. Need to take the encouraging things from the game about the disciplined shape defensively & build from there. Must get Tierney, Robertson, Griffiths, Naismith & Fletcher back in for September. Also hoping Clarke can work on getting Snodgrass back into the frame and maybe persuade a couple of eligible players to declare for us. Need more depth to the squad as we do run short of quality after 14-15 players.
  4. Rotten from McTominay and McLean there.
  5. I would likely go with: Marshall; O'Donnell, Mulgrew, McKenna, Robertson; Forrest, Armstrong/McGregor, McTominay, McLean, Fraser; Burke. The reason for my debate over Armstrong and McGregor was that McGregor just looked absolutely knackered in the latter stages of the game on Saturday. 68 games so far this season (according to Tom English on the BBC website) is absolutely crazy and bound to have had an impact. Outside that, rest of the team probably picks itself. I imagine there will be plenty shouts for McGinn but we could do with some defensive discipline in this game.
  6. All in, a pleasing if stressful win. The positives: McKenna and Mulgrew had a good game together and looked a viable partnership to move forward with. McKenna is a bit raw with his passing but he can defend, which is the primary job of a defender. McLean had his best game in a Scotland shirt so far. Fraser and Robertson really is a dreamy partnership on the left flank. No surprise that both goals came from there. Good contributions from all three substitutes when they came on. Clarke called all three correctly. I would be surprised if all three didn't start on Tuesday. Our shape, discipline and defensive structure were much better than under McLeish (not difficult). Our response to the equaliser was top drawer. Negatives/things to be built on: Too ponderous in midfield for too long in the game. Lacked some direct action in the central area. Every time we start without Armstrong, we struggle to link the centre of midfield to the striker. Vital to how we want to play. McGregor and Forrest looked out on their feet after a long season, particularly McGregor. That should not take away from the effort of either, who put in reasonable displays. I just don't quite understand John McGinn's game enough to appreciate him. Fantastic work rate and running but his quality on the ball is often lacking. Thought he was average last night. Brophy really lacked support from the middle of midfield and was left an isolated figure too often. Not his fault but he will likely be frustrated. The goal we lost, poor moment from Andy Robertson. Basic error that could have been really costly.
  7. My team: Marshall; SOD (Tierney if Celtic had got him the operation he badly needed in March), McKenna, Mulgrew (reluctantly), Robertson; McTominay, McGinn; Forrest, Armstrong, Fraser; Russell. Striker is a real worry of an area ahead of these games. Bain is bang average so going with Marshall for some experience. I cannot profess to being a Mulgrew fan at all, but again putting in some much needed experience alongside McKenna. SOD at right back due to being best of an average bunch there. Feel bad leaving McGregor out of midfield, but Armstrong has generally been involved in a lot of key positive moments in the last two years and makes Scotland tick in a way McGregor doesn't quite. McGregor could slot in for McGinn and I wouldn't be too upset.
  8. Steve Clarke is the right man for the job and it looks like it will be him, which I am pleased about. Hopefully gets straight on the phone to Snodgrass and Marshall to get them back in the fold. We also need SCs organisational skills badly. Might use McTominay properly for a start. In terms of the McInnes chat further back in the thread, he's on 17k a week at Aberdeen. Two sources for this, one who works in the finance team at the club and the other a son of a director. Matched Sunderland's wages for him. An outrageous sum of money for us to be paying any manager.
  9. I'm hopeful it is Steve Clarke because of his jobs at Kilmarnock and WBA in solidifying average teams and instilling confidence in them. Exactly what Scotland needs at this time. So knowing the SFA, it will be Scot Gemmill.
  10. Suspect today's interview will spook the SFA board out of giving the job to Steve Clarke. Clarke would be a good fit and is the sort of organiser and pragmatist we need in charge. He has also instilled so much confidence in an average group of players at Kilmarnock. Tactically astute, his in game management is generally good. Also got experience of handling big ego players from his work in England. Certainly would get approval from me, deal with him being a strong character. Unfortunately I think it will go to Scot Gemmill.
  11. Good podcast to listen to. Certainly doesn't hold back whatsoever.
  12. I like it. It's a new, different song to celebrate a man who chose to play for Scotland instead of the Auld Enemy. Live and let live. Would rather have our own unique songs than be like the Welsh, who just copy the English song book .
  13. Personally would like us to go outwith Scotland with this appointment and think about getting someone in who can organise us at the back while understanding how to get the best players out on the park. If money was no object, I'd love to see the SFA have the ambition to go for Lars Lagerback from the Norwegian national team. But that won't happen. Again if money was no object, I'd happily do a deal with the devil and stomach a Sam Allardyce appointment to sort us out defensively. Alternatively, Andreas Herzog at Israel or Vladimir Weiss at Georgia are building relatively impressive bodies of work that would have them under some consideration. If we are to go down the Scottish route, my backing would be for Steve Clarke. He's a wonderful manager who fits the organiser bracket. Darren Fletcher would be very risky but he is certainly articulate and inspiring to listen to. He would require some experience alongside him. So we will end up with a lazy appointment like David Moyes, if they bother to sack Alex McLeish at all.
  14. Bain; SOD, Bates, McKenna, Robertson; McTominay, McGregor; Forrest, Armstrong, Fraser; Paterson. Plenty pace in wide areas, including two rampaging full backs, McGregor and Armstrong capable of pushing on through the middle while McTominay can both contribute attacking wise while offering a third man defensively while the full backs push on. Palmer, Shinnie, McGinn, Burke and McBurnie all drop out after dire displays the other night. Most defensive issues came from the flanks while McGinn was ineffectual. Burke and McBurnie aren't up to scratch yet either. Giving the centre halves another chance, as they were generally hung out to dry by a lack of midfield cover and two dreadful full backs.
  15. I'm not saying I want Moyes but that's as good as we will get. The SFA are cash strapped due to 20 years of failing to get to major championships.
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