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  1. Suspect today's interview will spook the SFA board out of giving the job to Steve Clarke. Clarke would be a good fit and is the sort of organiser and pragmatist we need in charge. He has also instilled so much confidence in an average group of players at Kilmarnock. Tactically astute, his in game management is generally good. Also got experience of handling big ego players from his work in England. Certainly would get approval from me, deal with him being a strong character. Unfortunately I think it will go to Scot Gemmill.
  2. Good podcast to listen to. Certainly doesn't hold back whatsoever.
  3. I like it. It's a new, different song to celebrate a man who chose to play for Scotland instead of the Auld Enemy. Live and let live. Would rather have our own unique songs than be like the Welsh, who just copy the English song book .
  4. Personally would like us to go outwith Scotland with this appointment and think about getting someone in who can organise us at the back while understanding how to get the best players out on the park. If money was no object, I'd love to see the SFA have the ambition to go for Lars Lagerback from the Norwegian national team. But that won't happen. Again if money was no object, I'd happily do a deal with the devil and stomach a Sam Allardyce appointment to sort us out defensively. Alternatively, Andreas Herzog at Israel or Vladimir Weiss at Georgia are building relatively impressive bodies of work that would have them under some consideration. If we are to go down the Scottish route, my backing would be for Steve Clarke. He's a wonderful manager who fits the organiser bracket. Darren Fletcher would be very risky but he is certainly articulate and inspiring to listen to. He would require some experience alongside him. So we will end up with a lazy appointment like David Moyes, if they bother to sack Alex McLeish at all.
  5. Bain; SOD, Bates, McKenna, Robertson; McTominay, McGregor; Forrest, Armstrong, Fraser; Paterson. Plenty pace in wide areas, including two rampaging full backs, McGregor and Armstrong capable of pushing on through the middle while McTominay can both contribute attacking wise while offering a third man defensively while the full backs push on. Palmer, Shinnie, McGinn, Burke and McBurnie all drop out after dire displays the other night. Most defensive issues came from the flanks while McGinn was ineffectual. Burke and McBurnie aren't up to scratch yet either. Giving the centre halves another chance, as they were generally hung out to dry by a lack of midfield cover and two dreadful full backs.
  6. I'm not saying I want Moyes but that's as good as we will get. The SFA are cash strapped due to 20 years of failing to get to major championships.
  7. If we were actually to go and spend a heap of money to buy out Lars Lagerback then that would be as close to ideal as we could get. Realistically, the SFA would never look beyond a cheap option so the best we can hope for is Moyes or Clarke. Whoever it is needs to go and win back round some of our better players who have fallen out with McLeish (Snodgrass, Cairney, Marshall) and also needs to improve the half arsed attitude of the players.
  8. Yes. He shouldn't be leaving Kazakhstan as national team manager. An embarrassment of an appointment from the SFA after they spent months making an arse of trying to get Michael O'Neill. McLeish should be left 10 years back
  9. Spend 5 minutes on Twitter and you can find it. Utterly embarrassed to follow Scotland tonight. No excuses, that was a shambles. A number of the players are not good enough and they were exposed. However, the most inexcusable thing is the players genuinely looked like they couldn't give a fuck. It happens far too often and it is clear that the players don't care about representing their country
  10. Yet another revision needed with KT out. Bain; Palmer, Bates, McKenna, Shinnie; McTominay, McGinn; Forrest, Armstrong, McGregor; Burke.
  11. Ok time to revise my original team. If McLeish has decided to cut some sort of deal with McInnes about Scott McKenna, it should be that he plays on Thursday and can sit out Sunday in San Marino when Robertson should be back and he can choose to move Tierney inside or give Findlay a debut. For Thursday: Bain; Palmer, Bates, McKenna, Tierney; McTominay, McGinn; Forrest, Armstrong, McGregor; Burke.
  12. Once again the amount of call offs and clubs dictating when players can play is nothing short of embarrassing. The faith Alex McLeish showed in clubs by making concessions last summer has came back to bite him big time. Clubs know he is in a weak spot and are exploiting it. Really dispiriting stuff from a Scotland perspective.
  13. Fair play to John McGinn. Turned that derby in Villa's favour. I'm an Aberdeen fan and outside McKenna and maybe Shinnie, I wouldn't call any of the other Scottish players up. Greg Stewart is a reasonable Premiership level player only.
  14. I was aware of that but that from before the Israel game where relations seem to have taken a nose dive. Would fully agree that he has much to offer us. Commitment genuinely didn't seem an issue before now so hopefully they can talk things through and come to an agreement. Would rather not lose another player from duty if we can do after losing McArthur and seemingly Marshall.
  15. There was a rumour going round in Israel that Snoddy had taken injections to play only to be left out the squad and a falling out with McLeish ensued. What is the reason Snoddy is finished according to your source?
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