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  1. I was going to post my thoughts but I wholeheartedly echo both of these posts. Fair play to you @AndyDD and @Barney Rubble
  2. It will all depend on who is available at the time however I would myself play the following: Marshall; Palmer, Cooper, Tierney, Robertson; McTominay, McGregor; Christie, McGinn, Fraser; Griffiths. Obviously there are some assumptions there based on availability of Griffiths and our EPL contingent. It is also very harsh on Taylor (who has looked better than Robertson based on their respective performances this campaign), Jack (who seemed to gel well with McGregor) and Naismith. Forrest flatters to deceive too often for my liking.
  3. For me, even as an Aberdeen fan, McKenna has to go and engage the Kazakh player. It's one of his flaws McKenna is being far too slow to engage players bearing down on the penalty area. Not solely to blame but he really should have engaged.
  4. Just nearly threw up my breakfast at that in particular. Cheers @Squirrelhumper
  5. I would go Tierney and Cooper for the playoffs. McKenna has played his way out of a start for me. Gallagher did fine but ultimately he's not the answer. Well worth his squad place mind you. Palmer has nailed down right back so Tierney would fit in well as a ball playing centre half while Cooper looked reasonable next to the bomb scare Mulgrew.
  6. What a contrast those two halves of football were. The first was Scotland at their worst. An absolutely nothing performance from players who played like they just had to show up to beat Kazakhstan. The goal was entirely preventable if McKenna goes and engages the Kazakh player at the edge of the box. Same goal we lost to Israel at home last year. Second half was superb. Jack, McGregor and McGinn came alive with ample support from Palmer and Taylor who were so bright. Taylor is desperately unlucky that we are strong at left back as he has shown plenty in the last two games to stake a claim to start there. Palmer has nailed right back for me. Some well worked passing and direct running which was Scotland at its best. I had my criticism for John McGinn before September but he has become a different player since playing behind the striker. So effective in arriving late. Ultimately more positives than negatives from tonight but the centre of defence is clearly still an issue moving into March.
  7. Ultimately have to be pleased with the win but it was an unspectacular performance. Palmer and Taylor both played relatively well all things considered. Where I felt we were shaky was at centre half. Neither covered themselves in glory and both looked uncomfortable with each other. To me, they are too similar in terms of attributes. Gallagher isn't an international quality player. McKenna might be but he sorely needs to leave Aberdeen and push on to a bigger club, playing alongside a more experienced partner. In midfield, McGinn is really making himself undroppable and Christie also is making himself undroppable with his contributions. Jack was more like his Aberdeen self than his Rangers self - did quietly ugly work but didn't protect the centre halves anywhere near well enough. McGregor was pretty anonymous again, playing too many games has taken its toll. Positively we dug deep after a setback and that is a positive given where we have been several times in adversity in this campaign. A win against Kazakhstan and things will be more positive heading into the vital, vital March game(s)
  8. I think we are being very harsh on Palmer here. He's not exactly Cafu but right now, he's a passable right back and may well allow Tierney to play centre half given our utter dearth of talent in the centre of defence. Palmer does not offer too much going forward as noted previously but does a reasonable enough defensive job. Right now, he is probably our best option and playing regularly at a comfortably higher level than SOD. Willing to let Palmer start at RB in March.
  9. It is horses for courses for me in terms of system based on what we have available and our opponents. When we have our strongest players all available to us, we play better as a four at the back, allowing for more width further up the park. See Albania away last year and Israel at home as well as Cyprus at home for the positive contributions wide players have made. However, in games against better opposition or where we lose the likes of Fraser, Tierney and Robertson, we should theoretically be more solid playing a 3/5 at the back. We struggled in Israel but I would argue with hindsight that this was down to lax tactical preparation by McLeish and having the wrong team out on the park (Kevin McDonald being the prime example). As such, I'm abstaining from the poll, but with the proviso that I am happy to play either or both dependent on circumstances and availability.
  10. I think Clarke will play the following: Marshall; Palmer, Devlin, McKenna, Taylor; Jack, McGregor; Christie, McGinn, Forrest; Naismith. If I was to go down the road of the same formation, I would likely go: Marshall; Palmer, Devlin, McKenna, Taylor; Armstrong, Jack; Christie, McGinn, Forrest; Naismith. However, I am tempted to give 3-5-2 a shot due to our incompetent defence and real lack of natural wide players available for this double header. I would likely go: Marshall; Devlin, McKenna, Porteous; Forrest, Christie, Jack, Fleck, Taylor; Naismith, McBurnie.
  11. I would reply but a lot of my thoughts have been covered by @andyD Open to trying 3-5-2, the last chance to try it is these two games but lo and behold our top players have basically all become injured so any experimentation won't happen until we get papped in May next year by a team who is off to Euro 2020.
  12. Naismith should probably captain the side because he is the biggest leader in the squad. You only need to watch him play at Hearts to realise that while Berra has the armband, Naismith is the real captain.
  13. Possibly one of my least favourite Scotland players. Was clearly an Englishman who wanted to further his CV and unlike many born in England who have committed to us fully, you could tell Ritchie had little interest. Unforgivable how he walked out of Slovakia and Slovenia. Good riddance.
  14. We definitely suffer from call offs like Wales and NI did in their wilderness years. When players are feeling knocks, they see a failing national team and think "nah fuck turning up for that". It doesn't help that more often than not, the SFA accept the sob stories from the clubs. As soon as the SFA made turning up more optional under McLeish, we have seen the call off culture creep in. Ultimately it has been endemic over this campaign and unless we get on top of it, this will continue for a long time. The only way we can do it is to call players up and assess them ourselves where dubiety exists.
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