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I see Trump is trolling London, like a child, calling the Mayor names. What an embarrassment.

Interesting that Corbyn and Cable both stayed away, and John Bercow too, no invitation to address Parliament. 

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Visited relatives who had the UK news channels running during Trump's visit and it was very noticeable that the BBC were just pecking away at every trivial negative story they could find. Wall to wall negativity. The OP could have been lifted from their site as that is what they were running with in a loop before the plane had even touched down. The mayor of London is an utter cunt and is one way beyond Trump but let's not that get in the way. And if he had said an independent Scotland is a blessing to world you'd all be creaming your pants. Very interesting seeing how mainstream media you are when it comes to Trump, suddenly the BBC et al are a trusted source.... FFS.

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36 minutes ago, ParisInAKilt said:

Trump has been a blessing in the sense of removing the mask of the mainstream media. 

We’re all being played for idiots. 

I rarely watch BBC news but I was subjected to quite a bit of it there and it is truly appalling. It is getting worse as well.

It should be obvious just watching it but also how the hell can anyone who saw what they were like in 2014 ever go back to them for 'news'. Trump deserves shredding for a lot of things at this point but they rarely get mentioned and instead it's all this trivial pish. I just cant be arsed with it because ultimately it re-energizes his 'base' when they should now be asking serious questions about what he said his policies would be and what they have become and are becoming. It is like 'bitchy news' instead of any kind of real news. Plus these news channels all loop every 20 mins or so it seems. It is dreadful.

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I have no time for British toady media obsession with American politics or sycophantic coverage of all things royal, or the the so-called special relationship; and have no illusions about trust worthiness (or lack of it) in BBC political coverage. But this is not about that, it is about factual events regardless of news source. 

If Theresa May or Kim Jong Un visited France and called the Mayor of Paris a dwarf, it would be news, even if he or she is a c*nt. If the First Minister did the same there would be calls for resignation for being unfit for office, or even calls made reining in FMs from going abroad. 

If any important/controversial foreign leader from say Russia China or Saudi Arabia visited London and the leaders of opposition and speaker of parliament refused to meet them or there were tens of thousands in the street in protest it would be news. You simply can't hide or fake that.

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