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  1. Lucky escape. Flights cancelled by BA and now Czech Rep Has been put on the quarantine list from Saturday. Anyone still planning on going?
  2. Does anyone know, if it has re-opened yet and if it is stll on Sauchiehall St. ?
  3. This may be of interest to some of us: Trip cancellation cover 'for any reason'. Obviously, best read the small print for yourself, but could be an option for cancelling no longer required Oslo/Belgrade trips (or both 😱😞 https://www.travelinsurancereview.net/coverages/cancel-for-any-reason/
  4. Until Cyprus scored the opener after 8 minutes 🤣
  5. Apart from Ferguson's offside goal 🙂
  6. 26th March 2020. Final on the 31st.
  7. Eh? He scored a grand total of zero goals for Bradford in League one. (in 15 appearances). Hardly prolific. As Clarke says: 'Only way to find out is to include Shankland in the squad. ' What better game to find out in what is effectively a 'dead-rubber'? Let the boy (and others) prove himself prior to the games in March.
  8. Playing the Scottish Cup Final but will miss the next two qualifiers because he is due to have a double hernia operation (which sounds horrific). What doesn't stack up is: "...but I need to think of myself long-term as well and the best thing is to get the op as soon as possible" Surely, ASAP means you wouldn't risk another match! Can't be that urgent then....?!
  9. Staying in Bologna, however I've just seen the flag of Bologna. May have to reconsider...... 🙂 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flag_of_Bologna.svg
  10. Not happy with that double header in March at all! They put all them winter & travel rules in place and the best the world's slowest "computer" can come up with is Kazakhstan (which literally borders Outer Mongolia) to San Marino within 4 days in just over 3 months' time. Gutted.
  11. Here's how many members are in each point bracket. Up until, including, Mexico away and Albania at home. Once Israel away is applied, Italy away (2016) will drop off. A 10% allocation would guarantee up to ,including, 9 pointers a ticket. A 7.5% allocation would guarantee 10 pointers one. (prior to Israel points). Points Members 18 points 83 17 points 26 16 points 47 15 points 39 14 points 80 13 points 148 12 points 185 11 points 250 10 points 262 9 points
  12. Let's say, by some miracle, we top our group. Come 5th/6th June these one-legged semi-final ties are due to be played. But where? At a neutral ground? Anyone ken?
  13. Tickets are 100% collection. Says so at checkout. £0 postage and "collection details will be advised shortly...."
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