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  1. Davy. £10 sent for Cilin Wheatley bus L8 Thanks again. Jim.
  2. Bus L8 at present. Will get payment off to you. Thanks. Jim.
  3. Davy. Can I book another seat from Larnaca for Coiin Wheatley please? Would be good if we were able to be on the same bus, but understand if this isn't possible. Thanks. Jim.
  4. Hi Davy. Bit late, but any chance of one seat from Larnaca please? Thanks. Jim.
  5. Checked this out with the SSC team for my son who didn't know if he could get time off work for Belgium and Israel (home). Was told that even if purchased after deadline he would be eligible for point. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Davy. £39 for three seats sent. Jim.
  7. 3 for me please Davy. Ta.
  8. Yep - great thanks. Let me know payment details and pick up point etc when confirmed. Thanks again.
  9. Still need 4 seats. Seem to have disappeared from thread. Can you confirm still available. Ta.
  10. Aer Lingus flight from Faro arriving Belfast 13.10
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