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  1. Was wondering if anyone has heard from “Nobby”, hopefully he’s not still tangled up in temporary crash barriers and turnstiles
  2. There was just us and the Italians they couldn’t beat
  3. Looks like their yob element is making the most of their night. Security gates stormed time and time again by hundreds without tickets
  4. Just wondering what everyone watches on Tv this evening. On such occasions me and the dog have gone out for a good walk but it’s it’s very hard to ignore living down south.
  5. You’re right that it can go either way but I do believe that Sterling has now developed the intent in his behaviour to be considered a serial cheat. This is the man that got booked for diving in a friendly against Nigeria for gods sake. He’s clearly someone not to be trusted and will have to live with that reputation for the rest of his life in much the same way as Maradona did. How he deals with that in his dark alone moments will be for him to wrestle with. The sad part is this serial behaviour, by whoever, does make you question whether it’s worth investing the emotional effort is a sport.
  6. So the end result of that is a game where you deceive to achieve “ I’ll get that up in the school hall should encourage the kids. I suppose every nation needs a nemesis now Denmark have their very own Maradona
  7. You have to applaud Engerlands devotion to the BLM cause. Sterling was still taking a knee in extra time, what a little trooper
  8. But doesn’t it rather make the whole game pointless. What’s the point of investing time and emotion in something that has no ethical validity. Would you be so sanguine if someone nicked your wallet because you were daft enough to leave it hanging out your back pocket. How the hell do we educate the next generation when such deception is accepted
  9. It’s a tough job managing the national team when you’re fighting the psyche created by the ‘red top’ press across all mediums. For instance this last tournament has to be viewed as part of a process, building towards the next qualification program. If that falls short with decent performances and the right attitude we move on to winning our Nations League Group. All this in conjunction with building a successful Youth team that feeds into the first team. The world didn’t end when we failed to beat a decent Croatian side
  10. What I find odd is being a Scotland fan living in England is England fans keen interest to know whom I’m supporting. I’m not sure whether it’s a insecurity thing or a desire to find out if I’m in anyway suffering as a result of them winning a few a games. I don’t think I’ve ever had any interest whether any of the other home nations support Scotland. I can’t imagine a situation where I would give a toss what they would think about Scotland
  11. It is strange that they haven’t won it when you look at the past winners, Czech’s, Denmark, Soviet Union, Greece, Portugal, Holland and all the usual suspects. In fact the only continental Western European countries not to win it are The Swiss, Austria and Belgium. The law of averages if you live long enough mean they are bound to win something at some point.
  12. “In terms of bias” ??? In terms of anything …he’s got to be the worst. I’m not sure what his first language is but he takes so bloody long to try and translate his thoughts into words I imagine most viewers have already finished his sentence.
  13. It’s not overly complicated where we need to be. Back door qualifying is all well and good to give us the impetus to improve our rankings in the world but it’s not a long term plan. Focus on World Ranking points is the only solution to ensuring seedings that will give us realistic chances of qualification for major tournaments. We absolutely can’t drop below League B in the Nations League. Due to the allocation of places in major tournaments we have to be in the top 25 in FIFA Rankings for World Cups and 40 for the Euro’s. There will of course be the odd exception but that’s not a long term plan. It’s so hard to do but the manager needs to try and ignore the media hype and focus on the long term goal
  14. We surely now have learned the lesson that all the hype and hoopla around a tournament is just noise. We need a strategic approach to securing long term success in qualification for major tournaments. That means realising every game is important to build your world rankings. To be given decent opportunities in qualifying we need a good seeding. That means for the Euro’s on average we need a World FIFA Ranking within the top 40 and for World Cups one of at least 25. As someone has already mentioned, it e got so excited by winning the place in the Euro’s in Serbia we took our eye off the ball and lost the play off ticket to the World Cup. We can’t afford those mistakes. Even if this World Cup group doesn’t work out we need to ensure we gain as many points as possible even if qualification seems unlikely. Then put as much effort into the next Euro Nations League to build long term opportunity.
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