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  1. Providing a team has a minimum of 13 players including a goalkeeper the game will go ahead as scheduled. If a team has less than 13 players available, the match will be rescheduled within the next 48 hours (I'm assuming this wouldn't happen due to quarantine regulations). If a match cannot be rescheduled, UEFA take a decision on the outcome; most likely to result in a 3-0 loss per a forfeited match. Regarding player replacements - only goalkeepers may be replaced during the tournament owing to serious injury/illness.
  2. Likewise. Fleck would be the change with the least knock-on effects for our shape. Need to keep McTominay at centre-half after that performance on Friday.
  3. Assuming Gilmour is the only positive case I'd hope Fleck would be the straight swap. Not a huge Fleck fan but it's the replacement with the least disruption from Friday's game. McTominay at right centre-back improved us massively in that area so would like to see him remain there.
  4. Needs to start every game for us now, phenomenal this evening. What a difference it makes having a midfielder constantly showing for the ball and looking to turn and pass forwards every time he gets the ball.
  5. Second this. A back four would be another Belgium at home job where superior wide players tore us to shreds.
  6. Tierney being out is a blow but don't see the team being as defensive as other posters view the line-up. Armstrong will pretty much play as a second striker with Christie dropping into the gaps.
  7. Won't be enforced, especially not when this was a last-minute decision.
  8. John Hartson during Austria v Macedonia - "Surely if you're saying that's reckless it should be more than a yellow." Laws of the game states: reckless – caution the offender for unsporting behaviour How these guys get paid to provide expert opinions whilst lacking the most basic knowledge of the rules is beyond me.
  9. Looked poor. Modric was his usual classy self but Perisic doesn't look as quick as he was and their defence is sluggish. Optimistic we can take them at Hampden.
  10. Or "clever" when Kane does his trademark backing into the defender and collapsing. Won't be saying that when they get papped out by a savvy outfit!
  11. Ridiculous that last handball in the half went to a VAR check, there'll be a dozen a game if it's going to be that pedantic.
  12. The original purpose of kneeling was for BLM. If you look at opinion polls you'll see most BAME Britons think BLM have escalated racial tensions. We need to get away from that organisation and movement altogether. It's undoing the great work over the past decades. The objection is to that, not the players who have been put up to this token gesture. I'll be applauding the standing up to racism because it's not divisive. You could say the same thing about people booing the team off. Most of us have done that at some time or another.
  13. Try having your business covered in BLM graffiti before making judgements. Idiot.
  14. Don't worry about me old bean - I and thousands of others who will be booing it will be there
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