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  1. To be honest the only changes we make are ones we would have to anyway. Bradford to Manchester then Manchester to Edinburgh then Edinburgh to Dunfermline. The only odd one is we travel from Manchester Oxford road.
  2. As long as they exist that will do me. Most of the review complaints seem to be about refunds. As long as my tickets are valid. Thanks Taylor1996
  3. Hi I have just booked some tickets with Raileasy and I was wondering if anyone has used them before. I have never come across them so I am now thinking are they legitimate. They were cheap so just went for it but now I'm thinking have I been ripped. Ian
  4. I got the usual for Christmas but a surprise for my birthday (Christmas Eve) I got a 1990 retro shirt from my daughter and her man who is an Aston Villa fan. Somehow he had got John Mcginn to sign it they also got him to give me a personal birthday message on video. So I was pretty made up with that. On that note there is a video of John Mcginn doing the bingo calling to kids in hospital which is quite amusing. Sorry I don't know how to do link's.
  5. Here in Bradford we have them 52 weeks of the year so I am for banning them. I have never really understood the fascination with them a complete waste of money.
  6. Just had a word with a Leeds supporting mate of mine. He said he had a couple of games a couple of years ago and it was expected he would be on the bench the second half of this season as he was playing well for the under 23s and banging the goals in and he is a big unit.
  7. My partner is working from home. She is doing about 15 hours a week more than she would in the office. She has been told that they won't be back in the office before Christmas. They are looking at keeping some permanently WFH and some three days at home and two days in the office. She is not really keen on WFH (I think she misses the gossip) but she accepts that's the way it might be. One of the problems we have is space we don't have a spare room that we could convert into an office space so she is working on the dining table which isn't ideal. About the opening question. I have told Rosemary
  8. No doubt it was a load of town but still a good story
  9. I loved the story that if he ever got a round in a pub in Ireland he payed by cheque because he knew they would never cash them.
  10. There is no need for our best players to play in a triple header. The play off games take priority. We play our best team in these games and play the squad players in the nation's league games. If we lose the first play off game then the nation's league takes priority. If the top players don't want to play them then blood the young ones.
  11. The best reconstruction of Scottish football would be for all clubs out with the old firm to resign from the SPFL and start again.
  12. I remember the book launch as I used to go in the Northern pub on Halifax Road and that's where they held. I knew/know a few of the original Ointment and to say some of them were Psycho was spot on. Over the years I have met so many people who say they were related to someone who was in the Ointment that there must have been hundreds of them. Away days in the early 80s were always eventful no matter where you went. It is always quite funny looking back at those times but I am glad they are over.
  13. I never went to the game. We set off but there were town fans everywhere so didn't bother I just stayed in the pub. I don't know the actual figure but it must have been the biggest away following ever at Valley Parade. I did actually attend a couple of the Bradford derbies although they are faint memories I do remember they were fighting in lumps.
  14. I always enjoyed going over to Huddersfield. Living in South Bradford we just got on the bus . As the route went through Wyke and brighouse it became quite a journey ha ha. My first ever away game was watching Bradford City at Huddersfield. Compared to Valley Parade Leeds road was Gigantic. A ground I was quite fond of although I can't remember watching city ever win there.
  15. Great picture especially as you get cathkin park at the top
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