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  1. Great picture especially as you get cathkin park at the top
  2. Just let the old firm play a couple of challenge match's to satisfy sky. They have the Aberdeen v Dundee United as well.
  3. Am I remembering right that Rangers bought Admiral or a version of them.
  4. I have just watched a programme on Admiral sportswear it is called get shirty it is in itv hub worth a watch.
  5. Really sad. I was lucky enough to have a chat with him after a game we had played (Wakefield away. His daughter was married to Ronnie Glavin who was the Wakefield manager )he was a very soft spoken guy who seemed to enjoy talking football all be it non-league.
  6. There was a lad called Jonathon Holland played for Nairn County had a few caps for Malta early 2000s I think.
  7. If we are including players who qualified for us but we're not selected I would say Darren Anderton
  8. I quite like a Garibaldi or a Hills Digestive cream but my favourites are Ringtons Ginger Biscuits.
  9. John McGovern absolutely unbelievable he never got capped.
  10. The fa have consulted each league and it was decided to expunge this season's results from steps three to seven. Steps one and two are suspended indefinitely and the league's are taking further legal advice. The clubs that are kicking off seem to be the ones in the promotion places. The main two being Barrow and South Shields the two with the most to lose. Both of them have said they will take legal action against the FA. The decision still has to be ratified by the FA council. The team I watch have been absolute mince all season but as it stands we won't get relegated. I think we should take voluntary demotion and let South Shields take our place. I know I am in a minority though. There isn't a perfect solution to this the teams going for promotion want every match to be played whenever and wherever those in relegation spot want the season to be expunged it's time for the suits to earn their corn. Let's hope this mess doesn't last to long and we can get back to some sort of normality.
  11. I got an email last night saying I wasn't to go into work untill advised to do so. This morning I got one saying that the type of business I work for is not on the list of those told to close and I should come into work. I emailed my manager and he said not to bother today but to go in as normal tomorrow. I work for a timber merchant why they are not on the list I don't know. I am really not sure what to do. Ian
  12. Almost every game this season it has been horrendous for me. In fact our chairman said at Saturday's game that there is a good chance the national League will expunge this season's results which means we won't get relegated if that is correct I am calling it a day I can't go through this again.
  13. I think the lad has earned a call up but it is a bit premature to expect him to start. He plays holding midfield so do Mctominay he Mclean both of whom are playing in the EPL and are more experienced than Gilmour. The lad has a very bright future in front of him but I don't think we should put the pressure of playing for his country in a must win game on his young shoulders. Especially as a mistake in his playing position can cost the game. Bring him in to the squad and let him know he is part of the set up but also protect him especially from the over critical Hampden crowd. I think we will be comfortable against Israel so a little cameo near the end would be good.
  14. Not sure if this is the right section. I have somehow booked an extra room for the night of the Israel Game. It is a twin room at the Premier Inn on Argyle Street it is room only £43 if anyone is interested can you message me please.
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