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  1. That's a bit harsh On the lad he may not be SPL standard but he looks like he could cut it in the lower leagues
  2. We (Bradford PA) have just signed a lad called Josh Heaton who was at St Mirren on a three year deal but left by mutual agreement. Does anyone on the board know anything about him. Most of the guys we have signed this season have been dross but this lad looks half decent.
  3. hoofitharder


    I hadn't realised it was still ongoing.with Huddersfield signing him I assumed (wrongly) it was finished with.
  4. hoofitharder


    Karlan Grant at Huddersfield qualifies for us through his Scottish mother. 21year old striker 6foot. He hasn't played many games but has a decent scoring record. Has to be one to watch
  5. Absolutely I think FC United are a case in point gates of around 2k but no outside investment and they get relegated whereas we have a quarter of their gates but have a benefactor and we finished 7th. It's wrong really.we are in a division we can't afford to be in. Our budget has been cut drastically and the results show.
  6. Yes. I hope the owner doesn't get bored any time soon.
  7. As a football supporter I am a bit sad that a club has been expelled from the league but it has been coming for a few years. A club the size of Bury losing 50k a week is criminal. The EFL fit and proper test is a complete joke. But once all the crocodile tears and hand wringing from the media and the local community who mostly couldn't be bothered going to watch this team everyone seemed to love has passed a phoenix club will be born (AFC Bury or something) and be placed in a division at least 3 below the one they were in probably National North. It is a log jam of a league full of former football league clubs trying to get back to where they think they belong (Boston It's, Kidderminster harriers, York city,Hereford United,Darlington,Chester City) and they have all overspent trying to get promoted. This season Hereford have gone full time on a playing budget of 700k a year this is level 6.seemingly York city made a loss of 1.2 million last year it isn't just at the top where money is ruining the game.last year the club I support made a loss of about 300k our average gate was just over500 fortunately we have someone who is picking up the tab. The question for most lower division and non league clubs is for how long.in football we are very lucky that there is a lot of sentiment. Bury are only the tip of the iceberg.
  8. I suppose if Scotland becomes independent he could apply for a Scottish passport and citizenship
  9. Nothing my son can't make it so I don't want it going to waste
  10. I have a spare ticket for the north stand going free if anyone can use it
  11. I am pleased it is Clarke but feel for the killie fan's. I hope the killie board have written add ons to the compo agreement.
  12. I have a spare ticket ( my son can't make the game )free of charge if anyone can use it drop me a line Ian
  13. Why not have an interim appointment of Clarke two games to see if both parties are compatible.two game where one should be a victory (no disrespect to Cyprus but it is at Hampden) and the other is. Free ticket if he got us the three points at home and a fighting performance in Brussels then we know he is the man. I personally would agree with parklife on this and advertise the post. League's in countries like Holland, Belgium,Portugal are not awash with money even Spain, France and Italy out with the top half dozen clubs there isn't great wealth so there could be hundreds of good managers out there that would jump at the chance of 3or4 hundred grand a year plus bonus and a big shop window. If a manager could get us to a major tournament surely they would be offered a big gig somewhere.
  14. 24/12/60 Cliff Richards and the shadows I love you Elvis Presley Are you lonesome tonight Am I glad I didn't have to listen to crap like that
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