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  1. Why not have an interim appointment of Clarke two games to see if both parties are compatible.two game where one should be a victory (no disrespect to Cyprus but it is at Hampden) and the other is. Free ticket if he got us the three points at home and a fighting performance in Brussels then we know he is the man. I personally would agree with parklife on this and advertise the post. League's in countries like Holland, Belgium,Portugal are not awash with money even Spain, France and Italy out with the top half dozen clubs there isn't great wealth so there could be hundreds of good managers out there that would jump at the chance of 3or4 hundred grand a year plus bonus and a big shop window. If a manager could get us to a major tournament surely they would be offered a big gig somewhere.
  2. 24/12/60 Cliff Richards and the shadows I love you Elvis Presley Are you lonesome tonight Am I glad I didn't have to listen to crap like that
  3. I have watched football for for over fifty years and the last thing I would want to see is drinks van's and fences put back up. Sadly I think it might happen. Violence is creeping back into the game even in non-league. Selling alcoholic drinks in the stadium is a big revenue stream especially at the smaller clubs.at a lot of non-league clubs you can drink during the game (why anyone wants to drink old beer from a plastic cup in the pissing rain is beyond me but each to their own ). Unfortunately it leads to unsavoury actions on occasion. At Bradford PA we have had a few incidents the worst were when we played Stockport County where every goal,corner for them was followed by a track/pitch invasion. I must point out that the facilities at Horsfall stadium are are very basic. Because of these incidents we now have to have a minimum amount of stewards at every game when we only get about 400 on a good day with an average age of about 50. Which costs the club money we don't have. I don't think it is the alcohol per se that is the problem but that the club sold it throughout the game so instead of a couple before the game and one at halftime folk might have 6or8. As for the incidents this weekend these guys are just complete moron's the amount is cameras and stewards shouts it is quite baffling why they do it . I think the Birmingham fan who was arrested should have to spend his sentence cleaning Villa Park . Back to the op .what more can clubs do ?. I think most grounds in England are all ticket as in no cash gates so I would assume a name and address would have to be given. So the only way to stop encroachment would be barriers and I am sure nobody wants them. Ian
  4. I have just watched it. Very sunday footballesque although a good watch. At first I thought they might of filmed some of it around where I work in Bradford.
  5. I will also stick up for the competition. Some of my fondest memories of watching football are FACup games. Watching a lower league or non-league club most games are pretty mundane. So the cup competitions are special. From the club's point of view it can be financially very rewarding and for supporters it's the chance to go to a place you have never been (and sometimes never even heard of). Following a club that is in non-league the dream is the first round and the hope of one of the bigger lower league club's away socyou get a day out and the club gets a windfall. If you get a TV game all the better (I think it was £68k for the first round ).the club's who make wholesale changes should be banned from the following seasons competition. I know most of the EPL club's won't care but at least you'll have a competition with club's that want to take part. Ian
  6. Wasn't there a problem with the tax their players were paying it was something like 10% when all other teams players had to pay about 40% so the club's rebelled against it and I think they have to pay the same.which makes them a lot less attractive and I suppose they can't match the wages of the big clubs
  7. I don't really know which songs are my all time favourites so I am going with ones I like a lot. I was born in 1960 so 60s let the music play - Didi Noel. 70s Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd 80s Enola Gay - OMD. 90s Dreams - Cranberries I don't really know any songs from after the 90s Ian
  8. I follow Bradford (PA) and occasionally take in a Bradford City game. I used to also take in the odd Huddersfield Town game but haven't been for a couple of years. I watch the Scottish championship games on BBC Alba and I each the first half of the Saturday lunch time conference national game on BT sport. I also watch MOTD on Sunday morning and the EFL on Quest I can't watch EPL match's it's like watching chess and the experts telling me how great a game I'm watching. If only they would give me a pound for every time they say it is the best league in the world. Ian
  9. Workington town are the rugby league team the football side are Workington Reds
  10. I got After Dunkirk Churchills sacrifice of the Highland Division as a Christmas present. I have just started reading it. Looks interesting.
  11. I was off work yesterday so give it a go. It is very similar to the Salford documentary but very watchable. I had to laugh at the guy who kept saying they were the best supporters in the world and then they would cut to fans having a right go at the players . I have bumped into groups of Sunderland fans on the train coming home from away games and they were all good guys ( as are most supporters of any club I have met really)but they all seem to think they have a god given right to be in the EPL. There average attendance in league 1 is pushing 30k so they are quite loyal. Ian
  12. What is wrong with congratulating for what has been achieved so far. We have gone from having thousands in stadiums calling blacks and others all sorts of derogatory names to a few neds at a few games so surely that has to be applauded. I don't for one minute think we should stop working to eradicate racism in football but I think credit where it is due. Ian
  13. In the 70s and 80s abusive chants happened at every single game. Some of the abuse the dark players got was absolutely vile but so was some what non dark players got. There were chants about Kevin Keegan's dad days after he had died and Leeds fans chanting about Munich 58. Newcastle fans chanting about setting West ham fans alight after a Newcastle fan had thrown a petrol bomb into the West ham supporters. West ham supporters chanting about a Millwall fan being killed by a West Ham fan who had pushed him in front of a tube train. Players and supporters have suffered all forms of abuse and probably always will. The male of the species can be a very horrible thing especially when in a group. Put them in a football match environment and the become worse. The incidents that have happened recently should not be accepted but I do think that Stan Collimore and Ian Wright are sensationalising. Football has come a long way in dealing with abuse in all its forms and should be commended for that although there is still a way to go. We are all probably guilty of some form of abuse mainly at derby Matchs I would have thought. Ian
  14. I was seventeen but I am short and it was quite scary in the crush. One thing that fascinated me was almost tribal it all seemed. I never got used to how much drink there was in the ground I remember a game I am sure it was against Argentina and it was really warm and there seemed to be stacks of trays of time of beer and folk didn't even go to the toilet they just burst the top of the can and pished in it and put it on the ground and carried on to the next can. You are right about the pickpockets whilst I was queuing I once saw a guy with his hand in another guys pocket folk started shouting and the pickpockets started getting a ranking lucky for him the polis came over. For Wembley 79 my mum sewed my ticket into the inside pocket of my jacket has it was a bigger trying to get it out.
  15. My first was against I think Romania about1978 I can't remember much about this game though. Watch I do remember is how disappointed I was with Hampden. What a shithole shale terracing and the smell from the toilets. People just pished against the back walls. The atmosphere was brilliant. From getting off the bus on I think it was aitkinhead road and hearing the pipe band by the time I got into the ground I was absolutely buzzing.i still get a buzz before a game but not like then. Ian
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