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  1. I got an email last night saying I wasn't to go into work untill advised to do so. This morning I got one saying that the type of business I work for is not on the list of those told to close and I should come into work. I emailed my manager and he said not to bother today but to go in as normal tomorrow. I work for a timber merchant why they are not on the list I don't know. I am really not sure what to do. Ian
  2. Almost every game this season it has been horrendous for me. In fact our chairman said at Saturday's game that there is a good chance the national League will expunge this season's results which means we won't get relegated if that is correct I am calling it a day I can't go through this again.
  3. I think the lad has earned a call up but it is a bit premature to expect him to start. He plays holding midfield so do Mctominay he Mclean both of whom are playing in the EPL and are more experienced than Gilmour. The lad has a very bright future in front of him but I don't think we should put the pressure of playing for his country in a must win game on his young shoulders. Especially as a mistake in his playing position can cost the game. Bring him in to the squad and let him know he is part of the set up but also protect him especially from the over critical Hampden crowd. I think we will be comfortable against Israel so a little cameo near the end would be good.
  4. Not sure if this is the right section. I have somehow booked an extra room for the night of the Israel Game. It is a twin room at the Premier Inn on Argyle Street it is room only £43 if anyone is interested can you message me please.
  5. It's good to hear rules are in place re ground grading hopefully there are some for finance as well. In the English pyramid the ground grading is adhered to in fact clubs have been demoted for not completing work. I mentioned Inverkeithing earlier because ground wise the are a million miles from clubs in the division above. In the lower levels of the pyramid you can get a logjam because the teams in the top spots either fail the grading or don't have the infrastructure or finance to go up. Hopefully the league's committee or whatever sets the league's get it right. Travel is costly so the geographical split needs to be spot on.
  6. The pyramid is a great idea but before it is expanded there really needs to be rules on finance and ground grading in place and set in stone first. There are many pitfalls in systems were a club can get a backer go through a few divisions and then fail. I follow a team in the English non-league and most rely on a sugar daddy of some sort. Most get involved with good intentions but the higher you go the more it costs. Most of Scotland's lower level clubs seem to be well run and financed the problem is will they be if they move into the pyramid. Your Auchinleck's of this world are doing fine as top dogs in the league they are playing in but will the support and sponsors hang around when they are not top dogs of the league they are in. Earlier this season I went to watch Inverkeithing play Bo'ness in some East of Scotland cup and it was played at a ground that was basically a park with a railing around it ( a lovely setting as it happens ) I know t is early days but two promotions and they could in theory be in the Lowland league. A question I would like to ask was anything out in place to stop someone buying a club and taking the place of another as in Airdrie and Clydebank? Ian
  7. I loved getting shoot and I used to get football monthly passed to me from a friend of my dad. My favourite Mag was the football league review that you got with match programmes. I have an Aberdeen programme from the early seventies I think with one in which surprises me. Was the FL review in many Scottish programmes?. On the subject of footbal cards did anyone else collect the ones from shredded wheat. I hated the stuff but told my dad I loved it I don't know how much I ate so I could get a Billy Bremner one. I still get Four Four Two and When Saturday Comes to read on the train up to games. Ian
  8. That's a bit harsh On the lad he may not be SPL standard but he looks like he could cut it in the lower leagues
  9. We (Bradford PA) have just signed a lad called Josh Heaton who was at St Mirren on a three year deal but left by mutual agreement. Does anyone on the board know anything about him. Most of the guys we have signed this season have been dross but this lad looks half decent.
  10. hoofitharder


    I hadn't realised it was still ongoing.with Huddersfield signing him I assumed (wrongly) it was finished with.
  11. hoofitharder


    Karlan Grant at Huddersfield qualifies for us through his Scottish mother. 21year old striker 6foot. He hasn't played many games but has a decent scoring record. Has to be one to watch
  12. Absolutely I think FC United are a case in point gates of around 2k but no outside investment and they get relegated whereas we have a quarter of their gates but have a benefactor and we finished 7th. It's wrong really.we are in a division we can't afford to be in. Our budget has been cut drastically and the results show.
  13. Yes. I hope the owner doesn't get bored any time soon.
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