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  1. jimstroma


    Cheers Dougie 🍻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇰🇿
  2. jimstroma

    Weather - Ball Freezingly Cold

    Astana 😮 I’ve booked flights to Almaty 🙄
  3. jimstroma


    Edinburgh - LHR - Bologna Bologna- Moscow- Astana Astana - Moscow- Bologna Bologna - LHR - Edinburgh
  4. jimstroma


    Astana is the national stadium, with UEFA already limiting nations playing March/ November I believe Astana is a certainty. Just hope flights are Okay, I got stuck in Dublin for 4 days last March due to snow ⛄️
  5. jimstroma

    Hotels in Astana

    Another 2 in G empire 👍
  6. jimstroma


    Electra hotel for us 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🍻
  7. jimstroma


    We are in Athens Thursday nigh, staying in Centre 🍻
  8. jimstroma

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    We did the Jerusalem and Dead Sea tour. Absolutely fantastic, much better than I expected, will definitely return with the wife.
  9. jimstroma

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    Been looking at tours, all leave too early at 7:15am
  10. jimstroma

    Jerusalem Day Trip

    We are hoping to do a day trip as well, thinking of just getting a bus
  11. jimstroma

    A Night Out in Luton?

    We had a night out in Luton on way to Macedonia. We just sat in a pub got and got pished. Place is a fekin dump
  12. jimstroma

    Davy Bus

    Cheers Davy
  13. jimstroma

    Davy Bus

    Davy, I have 10 seats already (Jim Jarvie) can I please increase to 13 thanks
  14. jimstroma

    Molly's bar Miraflores TV Crew Fri 25th May

    Bit early, tell them to come back Sunday when more will arrive for a Sunday afternoon Sesh
  15. jimstroma

    Airport transfers

    With the Interjet flights arriving late at night, looking for any tips on private airport transfers to hotel. Cheers