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  1. Only on the one point, is it worth me renewing my membership in the hope of getting an official ticket? Looks like away fans generally get an allocation of 2000 - 2500, can you see that many folk making the trip?
  2. Just bought 2 for RE, I'd say judging by the green dots the section is about 1/3 gone already, paid via PayPal, email received immediately, tickets printed, easy biscuits
  3. i have the Ibis in Faro booked check in 10th & check out 12th, no longer require it
  4. Booked this a little hastily a while ago at a cost of 96 euros, check in Saturday 10th, check out Monday 12th. Looks like a good enough place located between the airport and the centre of Faro but turns out the rest of our squad are staying in Albufeira so we have re - booked at the Paraiso but are unable to get a refund on this. open to offers if it meets anyones needs? I'll throw in a bag of space raiders (pickled onion of course) and a couple of digstive biscuits if it helps?
  5. Seen many posts on here about Albufeira but any ideas where the bulk of the army will be congregating in Faro?
  6. 2 of us booked in to the Ibis for Saturday & Sunday night 96 euro!!! So works out less than £20.00 per night per man, cheaper than staying at home!!!
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