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  1. As far as injury time winners, I also remember us getting that late, embarrassment-avoiding winner against Liechtenstein a few years ago, and McLeish’s first game we beat Georgia 2-1 when Craig Beattie scuffed one in off his thigh. Not old enough to remember ‘78 but wasn’t it the case that Holland just needed to avoid losing by 3 goals? So they maybe weren’t treating it like a normal game. I’ve always thought our best result in a tournament was bouncing back from losing to Costa Rica by beating a good Sweden side 2-1 in ‘90. That Sweden side knocked England out of the Euros 2 years later and got to the last 4 of World Cup in ‘94. Switzerland in ‘96 would be up there if only we’d taken our chances….
  2. Yeah, noticed she kept calling him that. Then I thought, ‘she is actually employed by Chelsea, maybe that’s how you’re supposed to pronounce it and everyone else is wrong….’
  3. Not watching the game but according to the BBC website Austria have had 4 efforts already, seems like they’re not happy with a draw. Anyone watching?
  4. In place of who, though? Maybe Fraser could start for a bit more pace and trickery.
  5. Pretty much agree with this. The Croatia game reminds of the Serbia game, a team from the Balkans who are ranked higher than us. I thought in that game we had a chance if we scored first, similar situation on Tuesday. Whatever happens, if we put in a performance like we did against England, I’ll be happy, even if it’s not enough. Obviously disappointed, but content that we gave it a good shot and went out with a bit of pride. You have to remember where we were not too long ago. We finished 9 points behind second in our qualifying group, needed to scrape through two penalty shoot-outs, couldn’t score in 2 hours of football against Israel, etc. I’m sure this team is going to improve over the next few years, all our best players are a good age, Gilmour slotted in effortlessly. It might be too much to make the World Cup but knockout stages in the next Euros is definitely achievable. Would love a goal or two on Tuesday though.
  6. Half time of the Spain v Poland game they were talking about the England v Scotland game. They praised Scotland’s game plan and play, etc., then one of them (Ferdinand or Richards, can’t remember which) said ‘when you look at the line-ups, all the talent is in the England side.’
  7. Mentioned it in the ‘pundits’ thread already, Ashley Cole actually started laughing at Souness on Thursday when he said Scotland had a chance. Keane also said earlier in the week that England should smash us.
  8. It’s going to be seriously hard to beat Croatia on Tuesday (stating the obvious, I know). They’re still a really good, strong team. Modric and Perisic are still class. We haven’t scored goal yet. I think we can do it but we have to score first and put in a performance at least as good as last night.
  9. Right now the weather is fuckin ridiculous. If this keeps up, not sure how it will affect the game. Will be treacherous for the keepers.
  10. Aye, that’s him, very smug. Not in Lovejoys league though.
  11. There’s another guy on Sky sports news at 10 am, Rob something? Looks like Tom Lovejoys dad and nearly as smug. He had Paul Lambert on the other day, when Lambert said Scotland had a chance, he said ‘Paul, I admire your optimism’ in a way which said don’t be ridiculous, you’ve got no chance. Had Talksport and 5 live on this week as well, it’s not all of them but some of them seem like their gloating before a ball has even been kicked. It’s like Iceland never happened, they just can’t help themselves. They may well beat us comfortably but you can never say we haven’t got a chance. If it’s not us, hopefully someone puts them in their place soon enough.
  12. Ashley Cole just openly started laughing at Souness on ITV when Souness said Scotland had a chance tomorrow.
  13. Denmark and Turkey were both dark horses going into this tournament, both on zero points after two games.
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