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  1. This seems so confusing & convoluted, does anyone reckon this format will ever be repeated??
  2. Are there spaces in the calender for any friendlies between now and the play-offs? Probably pointless anyway, we’d just get the usual players pulling out. This is where the call-offs hurt you, we could have tried Tierney at centre half last two games. Then again, with Robertson pulling out TIernay would probably have played left back anyway. On a different note, just seen who could potentially have in a group if we do qualify. Worst case scenario would be: England France Portugal Scotland Other options not much better.
  3. With the strike force they’ve got they score for fun against average/mid-level teams. Recently they’ve lost to Belgium (twice), Croatia and Holland. In other words when they’ve played good teams. They are not a patch on England squads from recent decades. Home advantage will help but I still think they’ll do their usual and lose when they come up against a technically better team.
  4. I did say they would beat us comfortably....
  5. Not convinced by England. They would beat us comfortably at the moment but that’s mainly down to their strike force and our numerous shortcomings. If you take away Kane and Sterling I don’t think they’re anything special.
  6. What about Jack as an out - and - out defensive midfielder, with two from McTominay, McGregor and McGinn having more freedom to be attacking? How can we fit Christie in, drop Forrest?
  7. So was Lee Wallace ever booed, if so, why?
  8. Got a mate who’s a staunch Rangers fan, been to numerous Scotland games with me over the years. The last few years he’s completely turned his back on Scotland, refuses to give the SFA any money until there’s a regime change. I think it’s mainly bitterness about what happened to Rangers and I’ve pointed out how a large percentage of the Scotland support aren’t fans of the SFA either. He’s mentioned to me that Rangers players have been booed playing for Scotland, namely Ryan Jack, Ian Black and Lee Wallace. If I’m correct, Ryan Jack was booed when Scotland played a game at Pittodrie, presumably due to the fact he left Aberdeen for Rangers. I think Ian Black was booed as a protest against Craig Levein selecting him as people didn’t think he was anywhere near international class regardless of the club he played for. Lee Wallace? As I’ve pointed out to my mate, in all these cases (or at least the ones I’m aware of) they were only ever booed by a tiny minority as most Scotland fans would never boo any Scotland player. Anybody want to enlighten me if I’m wrong?
  9. 15 years actually. 6 competitive defeats in 15 years isn’t that bad when you take into account 3 of them were against teams who were world champions at the time (I think).
  10. So who have we actually lost to at home in competitive games over the last 15 years or so? I can think of Germany, Spain, Italy, Wales, Belarus, Norway (I think, did they beat us 1-0 with a penalty, McFadden handled on the line?). Any others? The point is we don’t lose at home very often. I don’t make us favourites against Russia but we’ve definitely got a decent chance. And for the play off against Finland. Anybody got a rough idea who we play of Finland qualify through the group? Hoping they do as they look dangerous.
  11. From a Scotland point of view what would be better, Arsenal or Napoli? Wherever he goes (I’d he goes) would be handy if they converted him into a centre half....
  12. England are hilarious.... Their fans dress up as crusader knights, they sing about ‘two world wars and one world cup’ and that bloody trumpet player playing the Great Escape theme, then they make a fuss about the American players tea-drinking celebration!! Also, last night the pundits were talking about how the World Cup draw was unbalanced with England, USA and France in the same side of the draw, slagging off the quality of the Netherlands v Sweden game, how it was nowhere near the standard of the England v USA game. They weren’t complaining last year when the men got a run to the World Cup semi without having to play any of the big teams.
  13. Sky just said 3 players had weddings planned, I know Fleck is one. Do we know who the other two are?
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