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  1. Anyone live in or near York, or familiar with it? Going to be in York when San Marino game is on, wondered if there’s any chance of anywhere showing it. Cheers
  2. Would also find it highly amusing if he doesn’t get selected for England! This is why we need to cap players in competitive games, even if we just bring them on in the dying seconds, if there’s any chance the could get poached by another nation (mainly England or Ireland). It’s a safeguard against Declan Rice-style bawbaggery.
  3. C’mon Scotland!!!! Let’s get into these bacon boycotting, no-foreskin cunts!!!
  4. Going to be in Toronto when Israel away game is played, anyone any idea about bars that might show Scotland game? As McGlashan said, we invented Canada so hopefully somewhere will be showing it...
  5. With Gascoigne, didn’t think he fulfilled his potential after getting that injury in the FA cup final and not establishing himself in Serie A which was the best league in Europe at the time. He came back to UK and coasted at Rangers without making any impact in the Champions League. Does anybody outside of England think Gascoigne is world class? I remember Xavi and Iniesta saying that Scholes was the player they regarded as setting the standard for midfielders at the time.
  6. Things that really needle me about England: In this World Cup it seemed to me that, whichever country was playing, the camera would go on the support and people looked like they were having a real party, going mad and dressing up in colourful gear/mad costumes, women, kids etc. regardless of whether it was an African team, Scandinavian team, South Americans, Japan, etc. Then the camera would go on the England fans, they look depressing in comparison, mostly loads of blokes. Only people dressed up would be the usual ones dressed as crusaders FFS. Then you get the songs about WWII and German bombers and all that pish. Then they start singing GSTQ and Rule Britannia, fuckin hell. So that sums them up for me, religion, monarchy, WWII and fuckin crusaders. I can’t think of a group of fans i would less want to be around. The other main thing is: two years on from Euro 16 their media still refer to losing to Iceland as a disgrace and a debacle. Their ‘experts’ still don’t seem to be aware of Iceland’s record over the last few years and the fact they had won their qualifying group for the Euros ahead of Holland, Turkey and Croatia. Ignorant, arrogant and condescending. Their brand of football in the World Cup was pish, no creativity whatsoever, complete reliance on getting big lumps forward for set pieces, lumping it forward for Sterling to chase. Their midfield was non-existent. Don’t see that a lot has changed, the fact they got to the semis has given people a false impression. They still lost as soon as they came up against a technically better team. If Colombia had played football for 90 minutes they would have won. As a football fan, relieved England didn’t make the final.
  7. In my lifetime of watching football England have been: - knocked out by Maradona’s hand in ‘86 - lost all 3 group games IIRC in ‘88, including being ripped a new one by Van Basten - beaten on penalties in ‘90 - knocked out in group in ‘92 by Thomas Brolin’s goal - didn’t qualify in ‘94 - beaten on penalties again in ‘96 - beaten on penalties again in ‘98 after Sol Campbell’s goal wrongly disallowed - beating Germany in 2000 and still going out in the group stage - knocked out by Ronaldinho’s goal in 2002 - beaten on penalties by Portugal in 2004 - beaten again on penalties by Portugal in 2006 - failing to qualify in 2008 (hilariously I thought) - humped by Germany in 2010 - completely outplayed and beaten on penalties by Italy in 2012 - knocked out after losing first 2 games in 2014 - beaten by Iceland in 2016 Us England hating Scotland fans have had a bloody good run when you look at that record, their luck was bound to change at some point. Had a feeling they would win the penalties against Colombia, law of averages made me think they had to win one sooner or later. In my opinion, if they win the World Cup they will be by far the worst team to win the World Cup, not much difference between them and Greece in the Euros in 2004. No creativity, relying on set-pieces, etc. Don’t hold out much hope of Croatia doing anything, relying on Belgium or France.
  8. Didn’t Scotland have the oldest squad in the tournament in ‘98? Can’t remember what the average age was...
  9. Wikipedia page for tournament says England v Scotland 19:30 Wed 6th June. If that’s the case Scotland should have recovered, can’t really use tiredness as an excuse. Sat afternoon/Wed night is standard.
  10. Cheers. Just checked Freesports, they’re showing S.Korea v Scotland tomorrow at 11pm, don’t seem to be showing it live.
  11. What free sports channel is that? I know of a couple of places u can usually stream stuff illegally (I think).
  12. Is the Scotland game on live anywhere?
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