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  1. That’s why I decided against watching it in the pub cos I assumed there would be extra time and pens, but haven’t seen much mention of it. Thought people would be making more of a big deal about Scotland potentially having a shoot out. There’s no mention of extra time and penalties on the BBC sport website or on the official UEFA preview.
  2. Haven’t seen anyone mention it but I’m assuming there’s extra time and penalties tonight? There’s no space in the calender for a replay. I’m also assuming away goal don’t matter as it’s only one leg? Pretty sure it would be Scotland’s first experience of a penalty shoot out if it happens.
  3. People seem to be saying the call offs mean we will be back to a flat back four. Does no one think Clarke will still play 3 at the back, McTominay,Cooper and Gallacher/Porteous?
  4. How was Porteous before? Trying to remember who he’s played against, was it on that American trip with McLeish?
  5. Would be happy with that looking at the players that are left. One more COVID test today?
  6. So Palmer for first two games, possibly McKenna and Forrest already. No-one else so far? That’s brilliant by our standards.
  7. On the subject of defenders, Stephen O’Donnell is now without a club.
  8. Tierney has surprised me with how well he's started at the Arse. No doubts about his ability, more his injury record and how he would adapt to the bigger stage but he's settled in superbly. Maybe playing behind closed doors has helped ease him in... We have to get him and Robertson in the same team, players of their quality and e patience can surely adapt. If you played Tierney as RB or CB he's better than our other options. If he had work boots and an eye patch on he might still be better than our other options....
  9. This one came to mind for me as well, as well as the away game when we beat them 1-0. They were dead rubbers for us but were they not meaningful games for Croatia? Otherwise beating Eire 1-0 at Parkhead. The games against Spain and Germany were credible but still defeats. Poland and Eire both took loads of points off Germany in that group. The draw against England was a poor performance rescued by Griffiths free-kicks, and we still threw it away with seconds left.
  10. I asked the question in another thread about if he could be poached by anyone else if we didn’t get him capped and was told no. How can he qualify for England?
  11. Absolutely. Whether it’s ahead of McGregor or someone else, surely Fleck has to start. He’s having an exceptional season, people raving about him. Shef Utd will be 5th in Prem if they win their game in hand and he seems to be one of their stand-out players. McGregor is in a good run of form but apart from Europe is not playing at the same level. He’s not been anything special for Scotland either....
  12. Can’t see any other logical option than Hanley & Cooper as centre defence against Israel. Being clueless here, but has Gilmour had a full cap yet? Can’t remember him getting one. Not even sure if he’s been in senior squad yet. Is there any chance he can be poached by anyone else, i.e., grandparents rule, had a pint of Guinness once, etc? We should get him capped if there’s any risk. When we’re 3-0 up against Israel bring him on for last 5 mins!!!
  13. This seems so confusing & convoluted, does anyone reckon this format will ever be repeated??
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