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  1. Nicely placed header, hope the marking in the Euros is like that!
  2. Things are looking good with form of our players, just hope Tierney is back and no more injuries.
  3. I haven’t seen the tackle but BBC describing it as ‘stupid’, ‘leg-breaking’, ‘mad rush of blood to the head’, etc. Looks McGinn playing is behind the striker for Villa today instead of in the defensive two.
  4. What’s the update on Jack’s injury situation? Thought I saw mention from Rangers that it was worse than initially thought but not sure if he’s definitely out for Euros.
  5. I got two tickets for Croatia game in the ballot. Thought it was worth taking the risk as we knew which group we would be in if we qualified. If we hadn’t qualified, I might still have gone anyway. Dont really understand why so many people seem to think that the tickets people got in the ballot will all be cancelled?
  6. Can they do that? Is it not the case that the player has to report to Scotland and be assessed by the Scotland physios? I’d imagine Tierney will be desperate to play if at all possible. Don’t want to see Scotland being dictated to by clubs if there’s an actual tournament to play. 4 to 6 weeks is not as bad as I feared, especially if it’s 4 weeks, might be fresher than he would have been.
  7. Haven’t seen much of Wright but I would have Patterson in the squad, maybe even in the starting line-up for Euros if he impressed in pre-tournament friendlies. Don’t think Clarke will though.
  8. Wolves are eyeing a £15m move for Sheffield United and Scotland striker Oli McBurnie, 24. (Sun on Sunday) On BBC sport website, although it does come from the Sun.
  9. According to Eurosport, Tierney is a doubt for Arsenals Europa league match on Thursday. "He felt something in his knee and he was in pain so it looks like he will be injured, but we don't know for how long," the Spanish coach said.
  10. Just watched MOTD, didn’t show Tierney going off, no mention of it either. If he was out for a month or so, missed some of Arsenals games then came back fully fit for the Euros it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m fearing the worst.... Was just thinking on Wednesday it would be typical of our luck if Tierney got injured.
  11. Does anyone know how many tickets have been sold already for the games? I’ve got 2 tickets for the last group game against Croatia, applied in the ballot in 2019 before we actually qualified on the off chance we made it. Wondering how it will work, if for example they limit crowds to 5000 and 15000 tickets have been sold. Hopefully, the crowds will be fans first rather than suits/UEFA pish...
  12. Scotland have always been known as a team who can raise their game for the big teams then slip up against smaller teams.... Doesn't really answer the question though. First half against Israel is one of the most baffling performances I’ve ever seen from Scotland.
  13. I seriously hope we’ve got 5 points at 10pm on Wednesday. At one point in the first half when out performance was horrendous and the news came through that the Faroes had gone 1-0 up I got a horrible feeling of dread....We were so bad in the first half I seriously considered not watching the Faroes game. The table could also be: Denmark 7 Scotland 5 Austria 5 either way, it doesn’t look too bad on paper, it’s more the manner of performance. We will get hammered in the Euros if we play like we did for most of tonight.
  14. Wednesday night is the ideal opportunity to give Robertson a rest and play a flat back four with Tierney LB. Hendry & Hanley at CB? Still can’t see anyway Robertson will be dropped for big games.
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