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  1. Arriving tonight on my own so the names of a few places people intend on going to would be appreciated. Dont want to be drinking alone!
  2. https://ticketon.kz/en/event/match-kazakhstan-shotlandiya?advbanner=list_popular&advname=event_match-kazakhstan-shotlandiya&advpos=3 Plenty still available for the home end.
  3. I've never been to Astana before, but I did spend a week in Almaty last November. Cash machines were pretty easy to find there and the restaurants and shops we went to all accepted Visa cards. I wouldn't change money at the airport, just withdraw it from a cash machine. There were a number of ATMs in Almaty, which is a smaller airport, so I would assume it will be the same in Astana.
  4. Solved the problem. Called in when I got home and got a ticket. Flight and hotel information is also sent in.
  5. Hey everyone. So due to a mixture of time zones, work and my daughter's birthday party, I habe missed the deadline to get my ticket. I have emailed supporters email address, but is there any other way I could be more fruitful in getting my hands on one? I have my hotel and flights booked. Can't believe I've been a twat and missed the deadline!
  6. Yeah, I would be. Was trying to avoid the extra money, but oh well! It will be worth it!
  7. Hey everyone, I'm currently living in Uzbekistan and since it's only a 2hr flight away, would like to go to the game. I have tried looking for tickets online, but can't seem to find any. Are they onsale yet? If so, can you direct me where to buy them!
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