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  1. Much the same however best that people admit that instead of pretending its because they fear for our eligibility to play International football a couple years after a state like Gibralter has been given its Fifa membership
  2. I don’t want Scottish players representing Team GB in football but come on can’t believe people think it would put our footballing independence at risk ffs. Fifa is accepting fake/non recognised countries like The Faroes, Kosovo and Gibralter into competition. You can’t ban Scotland/NI/Wales yet allow the Faroe Islands to compete haha.
  3. Lewondowski first goal was offside in the 2-2 game
  4. Would rather play Findlay than Mckenna anyway
  5. Another one was- There’s something that the Scots want you to know we’re gonna qualify for the Euros we’ll Celebrate Our first Tournament since 98 The Scots are back cause we’ve got Jamesy forrest in attack
  6. Obviously someone bringing your wife into an argument or whatever has happened is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated at all. I’m not claiming to know what has happened however if it’s that big a deal to you would it not be easier to just stay off the board instead of causing a scene trying to get a name taken off it?
  7. Assuming you are a grown man surely you have the maturity and mind power to simply not visit the website if that’s big an issue for you?
  8. Aye never been so not really too sure on what to expect of it. Just seen a few negative posts about it on the FB page, sure it will be fine though looking forward to it
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