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  1. If home fans are banned for bad behaviour or such like yes, not under these circumstances
  2. When do the fixtures get announced?
  3. Scored a few for shrewsbury past few games and if umyou read their forums (even before last night) they all seem to be on agreement hes a level above them and wont be in league 1 for too much longer. Suppose given his track record need to see what team/if anyone will take a punt on him. Hes a good goalscorer and I’d like to see him do well
  4. going to be about 30 of us going now when usually theres 5 if we’re lucky. Everybody seems up for this game would be surprised if we never sold it out
  5. Just double checking i still get the £5 off even if I buy mine after 12 tomorrow aye?
  6. You just on this forum to try to argue with people? Absolute weirdo man
  7. Hopefully Griffiths will be ready to replace him by then, but aye if he isn't then Naismith should keep it over Robertson imo
  8. Any chance of 2 seats on a bus from Ayia Napa Davy?
  9. Marshall palmer Gallagher . mulgrew Robertson Mcgregor. Mcginn forrest. Christie. Fraser Shankland(why not)
  10. http://oatcakefanzine.proboards.com/thread/290782/liam-lindsey definitely not lindsey..
  11. Getting drunk and wanting to go on the tamb to post a rant is odd behaviour however fair enough, I’m no rangers supporter however his posts and dislike was mildly obsessive to the point he posts about them more than the national team or St Johnstone which you would think would be his purpose of being on the board. The rangers fans on here all seem relatively reasonable bar of course RH who obviously is a troll so its some what embarrassing even engaging in an arguement with him never mind trying to pinpoint his identity in which he was incorrect as I personally know the guy he accused RH of being, and its not him haha. Never met Ormond in person I’m sure hes a nice guy but personally don’t feel as though his presence is missed, however that’s just my opinion somehow people seem to like his ‘banter’ so wouldnt fuss me if he came back would obviously just mute him
  12. Bizzare when it was pretty much all he posted about, an unhealthy obsession
  13. Much the same however best that people admit that instead of pretending its because they fear for our eligibility to play International football a couple years after a state like Gibralter has been given its Fifa membership
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