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  1. Obviously someone bringing your wife into an argument or whatever has happened is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated at all. I’m not claiming to know what has happened however if it’s that big a deal to you would it not be easier to just stay off the board instead of causing a scene trying to get a name taken off it?
  2. Assuming you are a grown man surely you have the maturity and mind power to simply not visit the website if that’s big an issue for you?
  3. Aye never been so not really too sure on what to expect of it. Just seen a few negative posts about it on the FB page, sure it will be fine though looking forward to it
  4. Never been but heard a few people say Brussels is a bit of a dive. That the reason you’re avoiding it or just a case of wanting to go somewhere new?
  5. ‘Fucking weirdo’ haha mate you’re trying to act the big man on an anonymous football forum
  6. Norway at home 2008 0-0, Chris Iwelemo miss was only 9 years old but have (somehow) been hooked ever since
  7. Phoned the SSC and they told me the same thing, away section is all fenced off
  8. Likewise looking for a few spares
  9. If you dont mind me asking what ticket number were you? Assuming its an indicator of how many tickets have been sold
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