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  1. Slide Tackle

    Sweden support thread

    Who cares haha
  2. Slide Tackle

    First Scotland games

    Norway at home 2008 0-0, Chris Iwelemo miss was only 9 years old but have (somehow) been hooked ever since
  3. Slide Tackle


    Phoned the SSC and they told me the same thing, away section is all fenced off
  4. Slide Tackle


    Likewise looking for a few spares
  5. Slide Tackle


    If you dont mind me asking what ticket number were you? Assuming its an indicator of how many tickets have been sold
  6. Slide Tackle

    SFA/SSC Website

    From the Official Twitter page “Our ticketing website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a result, tickets for the Costa Rica and Hungary matches will no longer be available for purchase at noon today. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. ➡️ Full update: scotfa.co/crhtickets “
  7. Slide Tackle


    1050 tickets, seems a pretty low allocation
  8. Slide Tackle

    Next Scotland Manager ?

  9. Slide Tackle


    £140 out via Gothenburg and back via stansted monday-Wednesday
  10. Slide Tackle

    SSC Renewals

    Only a £5 reduction in price without the polo shirt appears to be even less value for money than last time? Suppose its still the same as before only worth it if you intend to go to away games
  11. Slide Tackle

    March 2018 friendly rumour.

    Whats the chances of there being a charter flight for mexico
  12. Slide Tackle

    Coldest you have been..

    Killington, Vermont, stuck on a ski lift for 1 hour at -25 degrees, bright side was given a free hot chocolate while being escorted to the medic room
  13. Slide Tackle

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Norwich and is a regular starter, wouldn’t rule him out
  14. Slide Tackle

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Goal for Snoddy
  15. Slide Tackle


    Due to cheap flights me and a few mates going over for the Villarreal-Maccabi Tel Aviv europa league match. Spending a night in Villarreal then got a full day in Valencia was wondering if anyones been before and has any tips as to where to visit in Valencia