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  1. Yeah that’s done it for me. Will cancel my hotel and glad I didn’t pay out on flights.
  2. Except seen somewhere else on here that the danish only got 500 tickets. Less than 3000 attendance in a 10,000 capacity stadium. I really am torn whether to gamble and book.
  3. They still haven’t announced the allocation. Less than 5 weeks to go!
  4. I am also coming from Manchester and taking my 8 year old to her first football match. Didn’t realise that I’ve never actually taken her to Scotland until she asked if there is tomato sauce in Scotland. hopefully she will get that bug we all have when Hampden is full. There’s no better place.
  5. I emailed the SSC and they got back to me today. They replied with “we have sent a communication to the Moldovan FA today. Depending on the allocation will determine how far the points will go down as always.” There is only 35 days until this game. Is it me or should there have been communication before today? it’s hard enough trying to get annual leave from work and then gamble on whether to spend hundreds of pounds getting to and from a country to watch a football match that I might not get a ticket to. is there not a scheduled timetable of when tickets should be offered?
  6. How many points will you need to get a ticket to the game? Don’t want to commit to travel costs if I’m unlikely to get a ticket. when will we know how many tickets we are allocated and when will they go on sale?
  7. I have started travelling by train so not worried that everyone will flock to where I usually park. I always parked near kings park station on one of the avenues off kings park avenue. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the stadium. you also don’t get stuck in the nightmare of a traffic jam after the game. If you travel away from the stadium and join the motorway at a different junction.
  8. It doesn’t show on the app until 14 days after your second jab.
  9. Does anyone have a clue what is happening? covid passports needed in Scotland from the 1st October for large events. So the Israel game will be the first major test? I am a bit worried as I live in England and although I have been vaccinated my nhs app shows valid in England. if the idea is just to prove I’ve been vaccinated then great. but if they are developing a new app that will confirm if you have been vaccinated in Scotland, where does that leave us that no longer live there?
  10. With only 7 weeks until the game, should there not be an announcement of whether we will be able to buy tickets? I really don’t want to book a flight to Denmark for a couple of days if there is no chance of getting in to the game. if we are able to get in, how quickly will the SFA get these on the website for us to buy?
  11. Fancy us nicking it 2-1 after being 1- 0 doon at HT
  12. Aye respect the opposition whit aboot respect the fans that spend their hard earned cash to follow you all o'er the world. That should be enough for the players to put a shift in and leave everything oan the park.
  13. Rashford is in the squad and has great pace. I'd imagine with our back 4 Kane will easily get the two or 3 chances he needs
  14. Yes, they have got better players. Yes, most of their players play at a higher standard. Yes, most of our players don't seem particularly passionate about the national team. But this is a derby FFS. This is our biggest auldest rival and I expect anyone wearing a Scotland shirt in this game to give their all. We as supporters are up for the game but with seemingly no hope. That will feed through to the players. I have a feeling we might sneak a 2-1 win. i believe! i have to, as if our players can't get up for this game then we really are done for.
  15. I would definitely be up for this. Didnae know there was so many TA near me. Can you let us know next time something is arranged?
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