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  1. JD have the current home top reduced to £20 maybe that’s a sign of a new kit about to be released?
  2. Never had a problem using the QR code on my phone but always take my tickets printed on paper as well just in case it doesn’t read my phone. didn’t see any issues last night and was surprised the attendance was as big as it was. there wasn’t even a queue at central station on the way to the game.
  3. We obviously struggle for quality strikers but I was frustrated last night at the lack of balls into Adams. I don’t think he touched the ball in the first 20 minutes even though we were attacking. If they don’t play it in and around him, how is he going to score? I was also frustrated at the wasted short corners. The first time we actually put it in the box, we scored.
  4. Surely with the QR code it’s now all done by computer (for home games). I know it still doesn’t help those that then sell their tickets on but at least they have to make some effort. it’s not like they have to scroll through thousands of tickets, there should be a function on their system to show SSC tickets sold AND scanned.
  5. As someone who has struggled in the past to get to away games it has been great that I can build up my points from home games which should make it easier for me to get tickets. However, I am not sure if people are able to build points by just buying tickets or do they have to attend the game. with the QR code scanning system at Hampden, surely it’s easy to see whether the bought tickets have actually been used? so why does it then take the SSC so long to update the loyalty points on the website? last weeks game against Ukraine still has not been added. I also find it frustrating that people try and sell Scotland end tickets on here for away games, effectively getting their money back and maintaining their points when they have not attended the game. is there a better way to ensure points collected have genuinely been earned?
  6. I got the train out to Hampden but got the bus back. I was actually back in Glasgow quicker than I would have been if the trains were on. I think I will be looking at doing that again. Might be different with a full house and trains running so could be less buses. Wasn’t as bad as I expected.
  7. Is it not worth booking a hotel? I travel from Manchester to games and if I can’t book time off from work, there’s usually an early morning train the next day. no way I would miss this game.
  8. I resent the email and my new tickets for the 4 match package now have the correct dates on them. including tonight’s game and says World Cup play off.
  9. I am on 7 points so didn’t even bother looking as the wales and Ireland game were both sold out quickly. However as I have now gone on the sfa website it shows that the wales game went down to 9 points and the Ireland game 7 points. How can that be?
  10. glesgadan


    Has anyone heard about pick up details for tickets yet? is it likely the pick up will be at the stadium?
  11. It looks like those on 0 points only have the ticket window open after the results of both games are known. would have made sense for them to commit before the outcome is known.
  12. I thought the final was 28/29 Monday or Tuesday. don’t know how they decide which day.
  13. Yeah that’s done it for me. Will cancel my hotel and glad I didn’t pay out on flights.
  14. Except seen somewhere else on here that the danish only got 500 tickets. Less than 3000 attendance in a 10,000 capacity stadium. I really am torn whether to gamble and book.
  15. They still haven’t announced the allocation. Less than 5 weeks to go!
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