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  1. PCR not required if double vaccinated for entering Ireland.
  2. Refuse voucher and ask a refund, if no success contact your credit card and you'll get money back.
  3. Scottish Gov said last month they would follow WM and change to Antigen on Day 2. Should confirm soon.
  4. Charleroi to Edi cancelled now too 🤦
  5. No issues re Germany/Belgium apart from locator forms if double vaccinated. Wizz flight from Berlin on Wednesday Nov 10 has been cancelled. Flight available from Dortmund on Nov 11 at 0830.
  6. We have buses to both home games leaving St.Madoes with pick ups in Perth if that is any use. Czech game 0830 Croatia game 1300
  7. Superb effort Davy, much appreciated.
  8. I've 4 spare tickets (East Stand) for Kazakhstan home game on Nov 19. £15 each Inc postage.
  9. There's no passport number on the ticket, that was a waste of time.
  10. Transferred £220 by bank transfer, hope that is ok, thanks again Davy.
  11. 22 seats from Larnaca for Jailer Tours please Davy. Will transfer £220 👍
  12. jailer


    I'm trying to open a WeChat account as I'm visiting China later this year. However, I need a current WeChat user to verify my mobile number so I can open my account. Anybody with WeChat that can help?
  13. Sent £10 to your bank account for balance for 4 seats for Jailertours. 👍👨‍👧
  14. East Astana Hotel also allowing early check in at no additional cost.
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