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  1. 1ANDYP

    We're on our way.....

    12-10 to athens tomorrow and tirana Fri. Looking forward to it. Please let us win these 2 games
  2. 1ANDYP

    Scotland song playlist

    No someone copied them onto a CD years ago.
  3. 1ANDYP

    Scotland song playlist

    Found an old CD the other day with these songs. No idea how t copy them or anything though.
  4. 1ANDYP


    What's the main pub area. And where's the sports bar. Don't think we will venture too far.
  5. Need to win this and go into the Israel game with a bit of confidence.
  6. Can just imagine the rush to find a pub on arrival.
  7. 1ANDYP


    We are in centre hotel.
  8. Can't decide whether to go to Clyde game or just watch the rugby.
  9. 1ANDYP

    Stansted Airport

    Doubt it. Stansted can be a nightmare at times. Though you could get lucky. I wouldnt chance it
  10. 1ANDYP


    I see the bla bla bar in tirana open 24hrs. Looks decent as well.
  11. 1ANDYP

    league cup

    What is the boycott for.??
  12. 1ANDYP


    4th element?
  13. 1ANDYP


    Same flights as us thur and fri
  14. 1ANDYP


    Thought that would be the case. Only there 1 night. Looking forward to it. Finland play there same night. Assuming they always play in athens
  15. 1ANDYP


    Can't wait now😨😨