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  1. 1ANDYP

    League cup final thread

    Agree pen was soft. Aberdeen done well but missed GMS when he went off
  2. 1ANDYP

    League cup final thread

    I'm a Clyde fan. Don't know what your on about
  3. 1ANDYP

    League cup final thread

    Deserved win for Celtic. Aberdeen done well and bette the the semi win v rangers. But Celtic just too goid
  4. It was indeed the argyle. Thankfully gone. Have been in the spirit a couple if times. And didn't mind it. Knew what I was getting when I looked at the place. Cheap and racing was on next door to a bookies.
  5. Grant arms must be the worst in the city centre. A few up at saltmarket just as bad. Don't like to see pubs shutting though.
  6. 1ANDYP

    First 11

    O'Donnell had a nightmare in the Israel game. As bad if not worse than Paterson was. Has to be Tierney at right back.
  7. 1ANDYP

    Your first Scotland match

    V Argentina in 78 I think. I was only about 7. Used to go up to most games and get a lift in, back in the day
  8. 1ANDYP


    Have to say ,we had an absolute ball in tirana. Was in athens Thurs then tirana till Monday. And loved every minute .Was pleasantly surprised by tirana.nice place.plenty of pubs and restaurants and nice people. Would like to get them again in future draws.
  9. Agreed. Very well run. Thanks to all the stewards. Escort all the way was amazing.
  10. 1ANDYP

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Don't think we can play such an attacking line up against stronger teams
  11. 1ANDYP

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Has to be Tierney at right back. Not sure who I would drop for mcginn
  12. 1ANDYP

    We're on our way.....

    12-10 to athens tomorrow and tirana Fri. Looking forward to it. Please let us win these 2 games
  13. 1ANDYP

    Scotland song playlist

    No someone copied them onto a CD years ago.
  14. 1ANDYP

    Scotland song playlist

    Found an old CD the other day with these songs. No idea how t copy them or anything though.
  15. 1ANDYP


    What's the main pub area. And where's the sports bar. Don't think we will venture too far.