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  1. 1ANDYP

    Israel tickets on sale

    Got mine no bother
  2. 1ANDYP

    Home End Tickets.

    Quite right when there are empty seats
  3. 1ANDYP

    The final World Cup game at Hampden?

    Only time will tell. But delighted we are staying
  4. 1ANDYP

    Team for forthcoming matches

  5. Same here. Got lift in at shawfield for years. The good old days.
  6. 1ANDYP


    😂😂I'm a cunt of the highest order. Not saying what kind though
  7. 1ANDYP


    Don't take it personally. We are all cunts in one way or another. Just a figure of speech where I come from.
  8. 1ANDYP


    £20 is decent for killie compared to what others charge. Are away fans paying 20 quid. Ffs it's 14 to watch clyde. So I think even at 25 each game is ok
  9. 1ANDYP


    What a surprise. Folk moaning about prices. 80 notes for 4 international games. With decent opposition. Do you cunts expect to get in for nothing. Out of interest how much was admission at Hamilton killie or st mirren
  10. Still roasting in Glasgow but not sunny. Rather uncomfortable. Hope it pishes soon
  11. Agreed. A definite penalty. Brazil were the better team. Prob the best team in it. But good luck to the Belgians. They were as bad as us 10 years ago
  12. South and central American fans have been great in this world cup. Great turnouts for most teams. And create a great atmosphere.
  13. Thats a great average given our obvious lack of success in recent years.
  14. Have rangers protested yet saying the fixtures are so unfair.
  15. Turkey. Great value. Great hotels