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  1. breeks_mctavish

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Should be one of the 2 in the 3-5-2 Instead of Johnny Russell from the Albania game. Play out wide alongside a more central striker.
  2. breeks_mctavish

    First job for mcleish....

    Great choice Scott, hope you do well. Don't buy the argument he's used as a pawn in a Mourhino spat with Pogba. Man U have a big enough squad not to pitch in a rookie unless they rate him. Even if I'm wrong and he was used to bite back at Pogba, United have had a good run of results with him in the team. Anyway, he's a young player with some potential and he wants to play for us. Let's hope he fulfills it.
  3. breeks_mctavish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Watch out! Craig's physching himself up for a massive wobbler on his favourite topic again!
  4. breeks_mctavish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    It's pretty clear he was taking the piss you daftie! Try not getting so stressed chief, it could be the making of you.
  5. breeks_mctavish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    i have read your argument Craig. However, I still disagree. You have stated that below 40% win rate is unacceptable as if it is fact. I think you need to bring context into this. Yes, a 40% win rate for Man U would be poor. If you are brought into a side struggling against relegation, not necessarily so. Allardyce was thought of highly enough to be awarded England manager job and it wasn't considered a bad appointment by most. He was sacked, yes but for much more innocuous charges than out current caretaker. And, I may be wrong, but based upon the most recent interview he wasn't categorically ruling himself out. I recognise you will not favour his appointment and that's fine. You may well be right and I wrong. However I reserve my right to disagree with your reasoning.
  6. breeks_mctavish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Sorry Craig but saying that he has a poor managerial record post Bolton is plain mad. He has a proven record of getting the best out of limited resources time and time again (Blackburn, West Ham, Sunderland, Crystal Palace). He did an interview on Talksport this morning and, although he sounded a little bit cagey, he did talk positively about the job as well. Both his parents are Scottish and he's got a msssive point to prove against England. I reckon he could be persuaded. I accept he's not everyone's cup of tea but I reckon he could improve our results, especially away from home.
  7. breeks_mctavish

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Get Big Sam!