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  1. Harry Souttar outstanding for Australia v Tunisia
  2. Could be a good shout. I’d be quite happy for Billy Gilmour to head out there
  3. Great to see the latest Scottish youngster tearing up Serie A. Who should we send over next?
  4. Doak’s in the Liverpool first team squad for the Carabao cup game v Derby. Hopefully he gets some minutes or even starts
  5. To be honest, how much of a player’s development comes from their national team under 21 coach? For most players, their career trajectory will depend on the players themselves, their clubs and maybe a wee bit of luck. Early days, but this age group looks so promising
  6. Everyone on here already knows this. The 2026 World Cup is as good as ours!
  7. Some outrageous talent in that squad
  8. Calvin Ramsey could start v Napoli
  9. Think we are clear favourites for second place in that group. Haaland scores nearly every time for Norway yet they still often lose. No doubt he will score against us, but we’ve got several top players who will combine to cause no end of problems for Norway (and the other teams). Think we fall into the trap of thinking of ourselves as the team from a few years ago when we would definitely have struggled. We’re a better team now and our results are way better than Norway’s.
  10. Hopefully we won’t need the playoff (but understand your point 🙂)
  11. Well done Steve Clarke, doing a fine job
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