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  1. I wonder if we might see Ross Stewart playing Saturday. Ireland concede lots of goals from headers. Stewart scores quite a few. Adams is due a rest…
  2. You’ve always got a good take on it Diamond Scot and I like reading your views. To put a counter perspective on the back 3, I’d say they were awful against Ukraine. Hanley and Cooper are getting to the age where they’re unlikely to improve. I think there’s a good argument they should he next in line to be phased out. Are McKenna and Souttar better? Definitely can’t tell from the game v Armenia but at least they have the potential to improve. From what I’ve seen over a number of games I don’t think they’re a significant downgrade if at all. Our defence did have lots of time on the ball last night. That was the big issue against Ukraine. The defence had no time and panicked and launched the ball giving it straight back to Ukraine. And generally being cut apart by Ukraine’s quick passing! For me I’d like to try McKenna and Souttar ahead in the pecking order and build up some understanding and experience together. Hopefully Tierney is back soon to complete the back 3. If they play a lot of games together hopefully we can make ourselves difficult to beat unlike vs Ukraine.
  3. Good call. I’d like to see this
  4. I’ve got one ticket available for the West Stand for the Armenia game. Message me if interested
  5. Good post. Only thing I’d add is that Clarke needs a plan for these big games. There’s a pattern where the better teams don’t let us play and our heads go down, lose our shape and concede possession too easily. We need to at least find a way to be difficult to play against when the game is going against us - which it always will be for parts of games against better teams.
  6. Last week was horrible. It will only be forgivable if we learn lessons. Like not shitting ourselves when an opponent plays a high press and resorting to booting it upfield when we have good footballers in the middle of the park. And defending with more know how. I’m really thinking that McTominay at the back against better teams is too much of a risk. These are things we can improve in the short term. We are starting to see some good players coming through the performance schools but if each year produces 2 to 3 good players it will still take a good few years to really see the benefit of the system throughout the squad. Also, as a nation, we need to find our playing style. We should aspire to a play out from the back and press like fuck as a team when we lose possession. it’s what all the best teams do and we should have this in place at all age groups. I still feel that we are mixing the old with the new, with some technical players but often with old fashioned football. Compared to previous campaigns, we are still moving in the right direction. One thing we’ve had in the last few years is a lot of heart (mixed with skill at times as well). The players are in some ways lucky they have these games to try and atone for the bad performance last week so quickly.
  7. Ah fuck! The computer room in the loony bin’s unmanned again.
  8. He really is a dick! I reckon the saint should pin that to his bedroom wall to get him fired up before heading down to Hampden. I’m a bit worried his heart’s not really in it. We don’t need half hearted supporters on Wednesday night.
  9. Aye he’s certainly never going to be N’Golo Kante! Maybe more James McArthur if he maxes his ability! Which would be pretty decent going.
  10. I’m guessing that was a phone fart as it makes no sense! I watched a couple of Luton games towards the end of the season and Campbell was all over the pitch. A real all action midfielder. Championship football’s a fair bit below international standard but I’d be happy for him to get a chance in one of the Nations league matches. Pity Jack’s out because even though he was unlikely to start, he’s a good experienced player to come off the bench.
  11. I just tried singing that to the tune of flower of Scotland!
  12. Ok so I don’t think we’re actually disagreeing on too much here. Hickey fancies a crack at a big club. That might mean he’s not guaranteed a game for a bit. While I think I’d choose AC Milan over Arsenal myself if two offers were on the table (although I’d be kidding myself if Arsenal offered a lot more money), I don’t think there actually is an offer from Milan. At the moment, that’s just paper talk. So if the offer comes in from Arsenal, I understand why he’d go for it. Fair play to him, I hope it comes off. And hopefully Tierney moves to Madrid!
  13. Ok well let’s say he moves to AC Milan. He’s not exactly guaranteed a game there. Their left back is Theo Hernandez, a 24 year old France international. Of course, he might force his way into the team, but I wouldn’t assume he’d go there as automatic first choice. Agree on the point that AC Milan are more likely to be regular Champions league qualifiers than Arsenal.
  14. I hear you, but playing devils advocate, this next move could be the chance Hickey gets to establish himself at a top club. Say he starts off as backup but works his way into the team, this will mean Scotland in future have another player at a top club. He’s likely to be backup for Scotland for a while too. Maybe there is already a big club out there who’d want to throw him straight in the team as a regular. However, I’d reckon most big clubs buying 20 year olds have a longer term plan to integrate them into the first team. Of course, there are always exceptions. Where I kind of agree with you is that I don’t like the idea that he’ll be competing with Tierney as I’ll want both to do well but not at the expense of the other. Just as an example, if he was initially backup at Man Utd, you’d be delighted if Luke Shaw had been on the donuts again and turned up at training overweight, giving Hickey a chance. Whereas if he went to Arsenal, you wouldn’t wish any similar misfortune on Tierney!
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