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  1. Maybe I’m wrong but I sometimes feel Robertson doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Not that anyone doesn’t rate him, just that he’s been consistently excellent for so long. Anyway, he’s playing well again as Liverpool are destroying Watford 3-0 with nearly 40 minutes to go. An equal amongst giants and totally fundamental to the way they play
  2. Might be worth a try in the Moldova game 😉
  3. I watched that game and Phillips didn’t do much. I’d be very surprised if he was called back up. I had no idea that Grant was eligible (and don’t know if he’d even want to play for us). He actually scored a good goal and played quite well. Only based on one game, never seen him otherwise
  4. I suspect the pathway is all drawn at the same time. For the Euros, we knew if we beat Israel, we would play Serbia/Norway away. Also it’s impossible to guarantee a home or away game for the final without a draw. For instance, if all of the seeded teams won the semi, then half of the seeded teams would be at home and half away in the final.
  5. 2 starts all season. Same as McBurnie. Surely neither are anywhere near the manager’s thoughts. What about Dembele at Peterborough? Supposedly playing well and regularly in the Championship. Of all the players not previously selected, he is playing at the highest level. Or Gauld plays in a similar position to Christie. Creative with a goal threat.
  6. 😂 Just saw this! Not quite sure how many of TAMB are death row candidates, probably only a couple! But it is a great thought that as a serious criminal, your final judgement on earth would be delivered by Davie Provan as Ian Crocker’s finger hovers over the button.
  7. And the investment would be great for the nations health and wellbeing
  8. I think it’s a really good point. Moving to pot 2 could be huge for us for future tournament qualifications. We should be qualifying for a 24 team Euros as a minimum requirement. Qualifying for the World Cup is fucking hard. But if we establish ourselves in pot 2, we’re in the mix. Sometimes we’ll get there, other times not. Other small European countries like Switzerland and Croatia are serial qualifiers. That should be the aim.
  9. What self respecting Scotland fan would ever count their chickens? Ach it’s true, I’m a dick!
  10. I was just looking back and last time we finished second in a qualifying group was for Euro 2004. Slim pickings indeed. For all the struggle of the Faroes game, this campaign represents indisputable progress
  11. We’ll have to pick another forward in the squad next month with Dykes and Christie out. Will he call up the famous Ryan Gauld?
  12. Apart from the Daturday bit, I agree 100% 😉 gives the ball away far too much
  13. Fraser played RWB last time we played Faroes and had a good game. We’re covered with the 3 at the back so can fit in more attacking players for this type of game. Chance for Gilmour and McTominay to build an understanding in midfield
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