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  1. Look at this way, it’s great we’ve got 2 decent options up front now. They’re not world beaters but if you took them both out our options up front would be disastrous!
  2. Looks good. What a spawny goal by Braga right at the end!!
  3. “Here’s your best bits” You can be a real fool sometimes!
  4. I genuinely enjoyed bazmidd’s excellent analysis of last night’s match. In my view he got it spot on. After a decent performance let’s understand what went right rather than trying to shoehorn in unfounded and unnecessary criticism. Save that for the times we underperform. You won’t be short of opportunities.
  5. I know he's not everyone's favourite, but I'd have O'Donnell at least on the bench. To be honest, I'd probably even have him in the side with Fraser up front instead of Dykes - and like someone else said, have Dykes come on for the last 25 minutes and give the defenders something different to think about when they're tiring.
  6. I quite like the idea of a back three of Tierney, Cooper and McTominay with a midfield 3 of Gilmour, Jack and McGinn. Imagine having 2 ball playing defenders looking up and finding Gilmour to link the play through. Jack would have the discipline to cover when Tierney or McTominay bombs forward.
  7. Defensive line too far back. Hendry looking shaky, not convinced by Hanley. McGinn not in the game. Poor first half from Robertson and O’Donnell. Adams putting a shift but rarely in the game. Need a total turnaround second half
  8. I agree, think that could turn into quite a formidable combination down the left side
  9. I’m sceptical on that viewpoint. 6 players in the squad would be just as good at right wing back? Based on what? Players sometimes can work well on the opposite flank if they are goal threat, cutting in and shooting with their preferred foot. But Robertson, great player as he is, is not really a goal scorer. I’d pick O’Donnell over him on the right - not that I think O’Donnell is a superior player of course.
  10. I really couldn’t see how Robertson could play on the right. His great strength is whipping first time balls in with his left foot at full pelt. I’ve barely seen Robertson kick a ball with his right foot, maybe it’s a secret weapon but I highly doubt it. Sure Tierney might be even more effective than Robertson at left wing back but we seem to have found a system where Tierney can make an excellent contribution while retaining Robertson’s attacking threat from the left. I can’t imagine why we’d continue to tinker.
  11. I thought it was a good game and we played well. The best thing about Clarke’s Killie team was its resilience. Looks like Scotland are showing some balls as well now. If we get two wins in the next two games it will be a good start to the group
  12. Think you could be close there Pasta. I think for RCB he’ll choose Hendry, Hanley or McTominay as I think he wants a right footer in there. if it’s McTominay, I wouldn’t be surprised to see McGinn drop back to one of the deeper lying midfield roles with Armstrong the most advanced of the midfield 3 (even if McTominay’s in midfield, he might drop McGregor for Armstrong and keep McGinn in the deeper role) up front it’s Christie or Fraser with Dykes or Adams
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