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  1. Totally understand, I'm the same, collect all kinds of stuff, only got 1 matchworn jersey, Scott Brown's from the Italy home defeat in 2007... II'm really struggling with framing it for obvious reasons... got a jersey signed by the 98 WC squad, that's braw.
  2. Nope. I used a Russian sim card and I've had no bother at all, mibbae jist yer phone's on it's last legs fella?
  3. Excellent. No worth much tho unfortunately.
  4. Hmm... there were a few inaccuracies but it was v enjoyable. Arthur Kinnaird, the beardy lah dee dah in the series actually played for Scotland in the game at the Oval in 1873....
  5. Got a 98 home jersey "signed by the WC squad" cheap as fk with no COA, is there any way of verifying or is it destined to become a cool framed pic?
  6. Aberdeen jersey is boggin. Like the Falkirk yins tho.
  7. Apologies, my comment was not clear, I was referring to our games v England.
  8. The modern game was developed in Scotland yes, have a look into the Scotch Professors... we also took the modern game all over the world, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Uruguay and of course England... we used to pump them regularly in the first internationals and they got fed up with it as our style was hammering them, so they took on our pass and move tactics and dumped their kick and rush. Have a wee look at this site... https://hampdencollection.com/the-hampden-collection-team/
  9. I agree, Slovakia was a great trip and Trnava was braw! (agree re the game, was burst, cannae mind anything about it and how I managed to get on the right bus back to Bratislava is beyond me)
  10. I think they'll bin it, it is one of the few tournaments that could be binned with few complaints.
  11. And if you look in the top left hand corner of the aerial photo you can see part of the site of the 1st Hampden Park, the first purpose built football stadium in the world. It was built over by the railway in the 1880s and QPFC then moved to the 2nd Hampden, now known as Cathkin Park.
  12. What do you call a magic dug? A Labracadabrador...
  13. Were flying! into the Semi's and we've got 1950's Hungary.. come on guys get voting!!! https://twitter.com/TFHBs/status/1257339275370287105?s=20
  14. Same here ha ha, I'll never grow a beard again, I actually hate them but I thought fk it, might as well go all in for the total jake look whilst I can get away with it! 😂
  15. Bzzzz

    Signed top

    I was just looking forward to seeing your legs... jersey? what jersey?
  16. YAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just a bit of fun, let's get voting and get the founders of the modern game through to the next round! Amusingly England's 1966 cheats were knocked out in the last round!
  17. No haircut or shave for 6 weeks... look like I live under a bridge, even more than usual
  18. 😂 That would be funny. 😂 Seriously, all the fowk moaning about Ann Budge looking at options, would you not expect your chairperson to do that were it your club in this position? She's said already she won't drag this on, if it happens it happens but if there are better ways of doing things where everyone will benefit then great!
  19. Rage? I think you'll find the majority of us will just get on with it, it's hardly as if we've just had a bad run, the season was fked as soon as it started and it's nothing to do with the league set up, one man is to blame for that and the club for being too damn stupid to punt him (IMO 6 years ago). You sound like a very bitter individual, strange mentality to for someone to have. Even I don't hold this level of hatred for Hibs... I pity them more than hate them.
  20. Similar options have been offered by other airlines, I've opted for the same on the hope that we might get the chance to head away. There is a chance we might still no be able to travel, who knows.
  21. 😂😂😂😂😂
  22. Aye, it was a joy to watch initially but IMO it's ruined the game as everyone irrespective of ability has tried to play the same way. Mind when we were difficult to beat at Hampden, we'd fight for a game, now we sit back and try and pass it to death, we no longer play to our strengths. Sounds a ridiculous thing to say but there is too much passing in the game these days. Sideways sideways sideways for the fkin sake of it.
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