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  1. Couldn't agree more, I was terrified he might have been handed a shot at the big job. Still can't fathom how he's still there.
  2. Copper Face Jacks was magic in 2000... was "services" night in there the night we played them, a lot of nurses in there... no sure I'll be allowed in there this time 😂
  3. Bzzzz

    v Armenia

    Yep, I agree, sensible and we need a boost, we need to get going again and win the next 3 games.
  4. McTominay was absolutely shocking yesterday, prob the worst performance I've seen from a Scotland player, how he stayed on the pitch for the 90 is beyond me.
  5. "Get there earlier", that's what the Polis were saying when fowk were moaning at them. GOt to say I don't understand how or why the gates can get so choked up, I've never had a problem with a QR ticket, scan and in so how the hell it took over half an hour to get through the queue is baffling, we set off extra early and still missed the first 8mins.
  6. Scary, his pen v Serbia almost ended me! Saying that so did all the others! 🤣
  7. So you have one in the Upper South and want to go in the East Stand?
  8. It's his final swan song before his career ends when he signs for Hibs.
  9. Last pick ups I've done have been lead booker on envelope only needing ID'd
  10. Not for a long long time.
  11. Pretty strange. Fk that, no such thing as british in fitba and it needs to stay that way
  12. Even more important we get behind this campaign now...
  13. Even more important we get behind this campaign now...
  14. Even more important we get behind this campaign now...
  15. Aye, all sorted now, having a night in Istanbul on the way over now, actually worked out really well with no stupid early flights! Coming back via Athens but stopping off for a few days in Florence for a music festival.
  16. Aye, I'm flying back with them, looking at Vienna, Turkey, UAE to Yerevan to get there at the moment or go via Poland... 🤣 honestly, I love this sh1t! 😂
  17. Painful bit is fkin getting there! Fk you Wizz!!!
  18. Then at least you can complain about giving away throw ins!
  19. Definitely a very strange and reactionary way to run a club, Maloney clearly was no idiot, did well with Belgium and will have had some excellent contacts, self harm by the Hobos IMO.
  20. If I were a Hibs supporter :shuddersatthethoughtofit: I'd be VERY worried, he never had a chance to develop anything, the team he had is rubbish but it wasn't his team, what could anyone do with that group? to punt him after such a short time just stinks of a short term mentality, they'll NEVER get a decent manager to walk into that club and turn it into a successful one without a huge amount of investment, they just don't have the collective mental attitude to be successful.
  21. Even more reason to back our campaign then... come on, let's get after it..
  22. Seems more likely to me that they'll sell the rights...
  23. I watch Kingsley every week, he's solid, was over the moon when he signed the new contract. Obviously he's got a great freekick on him, he's no the same wing back style player as Tierney but I'd say he's a great option, he's no feart of anyone either.
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