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  1. Next Scotland Manager ?

    Well if we are considering McKay... Harvey Weinstein is available.
  2. Please not Alex McLeish

    God help me I am agreeing with deecie here but I also thought he was out of contract when he 'quit'. The SFA did not tie him down (as they thought he was rubbish). He then took advantage of it and walked after surprising them by not being shite
  3. Please not Alex McLeish

    Said the twat.
  4. Please not Alex McLeish

    Who is this utter clown? 61 posts of pure pish.
  5. Please not Alex McLeish

    aye ok but until you get put in that situation and see it all from the inside like McLeish did I am thinking these are very easy words... You are looking at it through your salary and through your eyes as a fan... McLeish is a professional manger earning this big money as normal. What TAMBER on here earning 20k per year is going to turn down a great job offering 100k per year because say you are working for the Scottish tourist board as opposed to say the Birmingham tourist board? You cant mix up all these things and come to a logical conclusion. I would guess from the inside to McLeish it looked somewhat like...working for the SFA was relatively like a shit call centre job versus a job paying 5 times the salary working for much more promising professional ambitious employers. This fan stuff is your perspective only.
  6. Strachan's gone

    This guy has been posting this pish on every thread it seems. It is just the genetics comments rewrapped... away to fhuck.
  7. Please not Alex McLeish

    I would say it is an absolute certainty that the manager who does finally manage a Scotland team that qualifies for a WC / Euros is going to get poached right after it, absolute certainty. The SFA don't pay. The SKY money down south is beyond belief... Also the Scotland job like it or not IS a stepping stone job. So I say embrace that and employ talented younger managers looking to put themselves in the shop window by being 'the one' who gets us to a khunting tournament again. Of course the massive problem here is the SFA. They could not find their arses with a torch never mind find good candidates...
  8. Please not Alex McLeish

    It is just typical Scotland that the one decent performing manager we had (and he was only in the job 11 months I recall) had the hardest campaign of all, total group of death, and still it went to the last game. I am sure had McLeish had any of Levein's groups or Strachan's we would have qualified for one or two at least. Not saying that makes him the man for the job now but... he would do all right I think.
  9. Please not Alex McLeish

    I would have reservations about McLeish now again (he is old school no doubt about) but certainly not over his 'walking out'. It was the end of the campaign and it was a perfectly legitimate point to quit if he wanted. He could equally have been sacked at that point had things not gone well for him. It was no where near like what Smith did when he walked out, not even close. Plus he was getting paid 400k a year by the SFA and Birmingham offered him 1.5m I believe.. game over. I don't believe for one second the OP would not have done exactly the same, people think about their family's financial future etc. at times like these, it not some chest pounding bullshit about loyalty. I don't blame McLeish one little bit for leaving. An employer like the SFA paying peanuts or full time club football nearly quadrupling your salary. pffft it is the old no-brainer. Anyone who holds this against McLeish when arguably he is the best manager we had in the last 20 years plus is being a bit OTT.
  10. Next Scotland Manager ?

  11. Carole Malone

    You watch it and wonder how she exists...
  12. To stay or go?

    The statement about genetics is really a shining example of GS's very limited thinking power. That's it's genetics. Nothing we could actually do anything about of course or any mistakes we made...noooo genetics. He is one of these guys who thinks himself as smarter than us all while at the same time being dumber than most. It is fatal combination at times. With his genetics remark what he essentially said was "We did not qualify because we are sub-humans". It is the most defeatist attitude and view imaginable.
  13. To stay or go?

    Watching it on a crappy internet feed on some dodgy site showing sky sports even I could see they were getting on top and were going to score if it carried on... Someone said rabbit in the headlights and that is kind of how it looks. You are sitting there saying 'why don't you change something' over and over until it is too late. McLeish was really very good at this and Strachan is rotten in comparison,i.e. the in game tactical adjustments if things are not working.
  14. To stay or go?

    I have come to conclusion GS is a bit thick. Mark McGhee is just there to make him feel 'smart'. He just thinks himself into making stupid decision or worse becomes paralyzed unable to react or adjust when confronted with his master-plan going up in smoke.I'bet he thought he was a tactical genius springing the 4-4-2 on the players a few hours before kick off. This is why I think he has got to go. You never going to be able to fix this problem and he will do it time and time again... it is who he is. Very stubborn as well but really just the same issue. I know a guy who asked Alex Fergusson what he thought of Strachan as a manager and the reply was "Talks a good game". Pretty accurate looking back (and he does not even talk a good game anymore).