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  1. Sex Dolls

    Just dinnae gie it a love bite or it will feck aff oot the windae,,
  2. Huns new gaffer

    I hear Monster Munch are now being rationed..
  3. Huns new gaffer

    How did the guide dug no bark?
  4. i feel your pain... I have an add blocker now pain gone... It was that or a new screen...
  5. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Since when is an attempt to pull a foul and a red card? Watch again he thought about it and refrained as he was aware of his position.. the worse he did was brush his arm... how does that make a player fall over? Sinclair dived and made it look many times worse and that cretin C Thompson bought it... to be fair he has a little soft spot for Celtic and penalties. They have ruined a decent 2nd half there. Another reason for Celtic being unable to compete in Europe is the myopic refereeing standards that they receive on a weekly basis.
  6. Jambos new stand

    I believe it was along the lines of due to a diversion no buses will be stopping here this weekend..
  7. He is a list MSP hasn't won anything in 8 attempts
  8. This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    Ach he's now claiming we have had MI5 bugging him to get his team... or something similar... Looks to me he gives stupid sound bites to deflect the failings of a team unable to live to the fans expectation Parkie they played a game behind doors during International week drew 3-3
  9. Kilt Footwear Etiquette

    No always......
  10. Celtic v PSG

    To be fair that boy Mbappe is good value, he's on loan ... But the rest of the team 700 million to build where Celtics was about 7.50 and some ginger bottles.
  11. Celtic v PSG

    well like rest of the Celtic defence he didn't get near him.
  12. Craigforth is at Jct 10 beside the Pru building...