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  1. Mark frae Crieff

    So, who is going?

    5 from Crieff. Fly to Lima via Gatwick on Fri 25th a week there then Mexico fly back Sunday 3rd Via Madrid so Back in Edinburgh Monday..
  2. Mark frae Crieff

    Red wine and Skiing

    I assume by the way you have intimated they were :-
  3. Mark frae Crieff

    russia poisioning

    aye but if she caught you.... curtains.
  4. Mark frae Crieff

    Peru/MexicoTour merchandise - t-shirts, polos and badges

    HI Kevin, Got mine this morning. Looks great .. Will get ma badges in the departure lounge...
  5. Mark frae Crieff

    Scottish cup weekend

    So is there any substance to the rumours that Kelty Hearts are taking their place?
  6. Mark frae Crieff

    Match Thread - Hungary

    would love to see Philips play a no 10 role with Bambi McBurnie infront of him.. just feel Philips for a big fella has great foot control and can hold and move ball.. And for the singing section the tune for Bambi..
  7. Mark frae Crieff

    russia poisioning

    Here is a what if.. What if it was the Skripals who were making the chemicals?
  8. Mark frae Crieff

    Sevco vs Celtic

    Probably thinks he is using FA rules....
  9. Mark frae Crieff

    Sevco vs Celtic

    No bad game comedy defending some cracking goals and thought wee Wullie had forgot his cards..
  10. Mark frae Crieff

    So, who is going?

    He has been seen in his Gutties in the past.
  11. Mark frae Crieff

    Boat Trip

  12. Mark frae Crieff

    Boat Trip

    Its natures way sorting the wheat from the chaff...
  13. a little Snow Surrender
  14. Mark frae Crieff

    Celtic vs Zenit...

    It seems they dinnae turn up to play the bigger teams away from home...
  15. Mark frae Crieff

    SSC Renewals

    I must be on "the list" as i cannae even log in... need to look oot ma Gregories to read ma phone now! edit.. naw nae luck there either....