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  1. mariokempes56

    Indy Ref 2

    Sorry doing my hair ce soir...
  2. mariokempes56

    Indy Ref 2

    Guid one Ally (though I am all for sacking York this evening..)
  3. Posted at18:29 BREAKINGGovernment defeated on medicines amendment Trade Bill Parliament MPs have voted to approve remaining in the European medicines framework, by voting for New Clause 17.
  4. Brexit secretary skips new round of EU talks for drinks at think tank https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/dominic-raab-skips-new-round-of-eu-talks-for-drinks-at-think-tank-1-5609193
  5. Not just Bexit. Think they have done virtually F all to deal with day-to-day business. There must surely come a point at which it all just crumbles.
  6. Hasn't she capitulated to everyone on every side? Where the hell does that leave Brexit and more pertinently the Tories?
  7. mariokempes56

    Scots words

    "scoosh" was a bottle of juice when I grew up..
  8. mariokempes56

    Englands Perfect Storm

    Jeez you "southerners" are geographically challenged... Anyhoo : re all the guff above and on a thousand other outlets. Its the FEKKING media-get rid of those overpaid (by a large way) clowns and for as long as the BBC supplies output to the 4 nations please have more of a balanced output (aye some chance)
  9. mariokempes56

    Europa league qualifiers

    Get tae, Cambusbaron was sweetness and light when I drank there.
  10. mariokempes56

    Croatia support thread

  11. As others have said at the beginning it was completely subdued and I honestly thought they had learned. But No , after every game they just wanked themselves into an insane spiral of delusional fake euphoria. The choir at Wimbledon queue singing "its coming home" etc etc etc did it for me. Then every program of every description somehow slipping in some ludicrous reference. Do they never learn ? (rhetorical) Fukk em.
  12. mariokempes56

    Russia 2018

    Enjoy (jammy git..)
  13. mariokempes56

    Russia 2018