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  1. Suspect it's being saved up until reall needed .
  2. Well I had that done recently. Seems many receptionists like to play god
  3. See this is the mad bit. My neighbours are old (70s and near 80 with heart problems..serious) and they've been very lax, meeting other elderly friends with virtually zero distancing from day 1. My household is one oldish git and 2 youngters and we've been 100% sensible. Don't get it. Though I have to say the obvious difference is that we are surrounded by English retirees who interpret rules in a different way to.us.
  4. Doing as well as.... Missing football and travel....could be a while.
  5. That was my thinking at first but I suspect they want as few people driving at all to reduce accident risk?
  6. Virus no bad enough without them getting the clap as well?
  7. Bloody right - massive mistake to protect England from Brexit. Wings wrote extensively about this. Unless there is a very cunning plan that nobody has sussed then the SNP will have blown it.
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