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  1. Agree 100%. Been reading the wings stuff in disbelief. Just hiw rotten is it ? And how many are complicit in this. After 50+ years of support how the hell did it come to this that a few "deviant" enablers are screwing my hopes of independence?
  2. Had to have a wee visit to this. It was my last game and with covid19 who knows when the next will be. It'll be utterly fantastic to see all the usual faces tho when we can travel again. I really miss the trips. Take care all.
  3. Most people, and I mean 99% haven't a clue about numbers and have zero understanding of exponential growth. You'd need a hell of an information message to get that across. And 99 % of those no longer give a toss.
  4. What about the other teams ? Israel was in total lockdown
  5. Think the nations league should be scrapped. Becoming farcical now and will probably get worse..
  6. Only problem is the idea that the government can get track and trace to work....
  7. Hell, its the chance of non stop rogering for 2 weeks, ? WTF are they moaning about.
  8. Had a friend just recovered from covid19, finished his isolation couple of days ago. He's feeling fine but stinks, I mean he smelled of stale vomit.. anyone come across this side effect of recovery?
  9. Flure started this thread over 3 years ago. Anyone seen him recently?
  10. Utterly depressing. I'd agree almost 100%.
  11. Well I never spent £500 for the trip I suppose .
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