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  1. EDIT: Libdems now saying they will not support another no-confidence vote unless Labour support another referendum. Cool - this could finish Treesa and Corbyn.
  2. Not thru the normal channels agreed. As they keep saying on TV - these are extraordinary times. I can envisage the "right" assisting to defeat their own Gov when Jezx brings his next no-confidence motion.
  3. Treesa now refusing to extend Article 50 (even if offered by Brussels) Shes a fekking nutter, I suspect she will be brought down by her own side who will prefer a new leader (and prob confident of winning). And if they lose then Jezza can take the blame for the inevitable fukk up. What an utter shambles.
  4. Had considered this , If its going to be a fuckup them blame someone else, Corbyn being the prime target.
  5. Saw that - fekking loony. The thing is many on the media like to argue that "leavers" knew what they were voting for...nah sorry not having that. Every single vox pop / interview shows leavers as either posh rich boys and/or think bastards and borderline racists.
  6. mariokempes56

    Thanks Andy

    True. Probably never watch again.
  7. mariokempes56


    Its all the talk in the Steamies just now....my son saw the video---fukking hell.
  8. mariokempes56

    Indy Ref 2

    I get how people have different political outlooks but how can anyone vote for that shit ?
  9. He is a fraud , a coward and a buffoon. Just do not get the Jezza love-in down South.
  10. Happy humbug ya bawbags :-)
  11. mariokempes56

    The Tigers if Scotland...

    Sounds like most of my burds.
  12. I suspect the Tories are engineering a Labour take-over over of power (either by GE / Parliamentary "trick" / incompetence) so they can blame them for the next 5 years of chaos.