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  1. Hi Davy I’ve got two seats booked on one of your buses already. Can you stick stick us on the bus going via the airport, we’re staying out there as we’ve got an early flight the next morning. Thanks
  2. csm88


    Agree on Fletcher. Would have been an easy experienced head for McLeish to bring along given the call offs and I doubt he’d have asked not to be picked. Other than an injury crisis he won’t be back. I would expect to see McArthur in the squad in September and he would possibly start in a deeper role.
  3. csm88

    BBC "Scotland"/STV

    Fair point - I’d forgotten home friendlies are part of the Sky package tbh. Will be interesting to see where the rights to the next away friendly goes, particularly if the games a bit more of draw. Although with the new Nations League/Euro qualifier route there will be fewer friendlies so could be a year or so until we find out!
  4. csm88

    BBC "Scotland"/STV

    I expect the real reason is there is little appeal from Sky to pay for what is effectively two Scotland ‘B’ games which kick off in the middle of the night. The SFA will be selling to the highest bidder regardless of Regan and when the ‘glamour’ friendlies against Portugal and Belgium come round in the autumn they’ll be on Sky, along with the Nations League (I know they are home friendliest but I think the point stands)
  5. csm88

    Davy Bus

    Can you add two for me Davy? cheers