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  1. It also states a fee of around 3 million. Clearly bollocks as everyone knows that Celtic always start the bidding at £2.50, a 6 month subscription to Celtic TV and 10% off everything at the club shop.
  2. Worse songs than that. I hope they emailed Debs to see if it was okay to play it.
  3. He was invisible. A black Darren Mackie. Utterly headless.
  4. Exactly and that's why so many want McInnes out but, on the face of it, results aren't bad enough for that to happen. As you say, most of those players are good enough and they would walk into almost every team in the league but they appear to be asked to operate well within themselves, it's good enough to beat most teams admittedly but it makes for painful viewing.
  5. It wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as was made out in my opinion. Regarding Dandydun, I couldn't agree more. That is everything that is wrong about McInnes. Two up and he tries to close the game down but with the likes of Taylor or McKenna at the back then a howler is rarely far away. Just let them play their game and bang in a few goals. Aberdeen seldom pump anyone.
  6. Again, if you are able to point me in the direction of where I said you sent me a PM I'd appreciate it.
  7. I never said I did you mongo scoot. If you are able to point in in the direction of where I suggested I did then I'd appreciate it.
  8. I've no idea why I can't receive a pm. I received a couple a few weeks ago and ive not altered settings. Try sending it from Tiny Tim next time instead of Rolling Hills or something. Oh it's merely an observation squire, certainly doesn't get me reaching for the stress ball or the Glenlivet.
  9. All Aberdeen do is lump the ball forward. Griffiths needs service and balls flying over his head won't be much good. A new manager is required.
  10. Woohoo. Some queerhawk called Rolling Tim knows where the googly eyes are.
  11. It won't happen and with Aberdeen's style of play it would be pointless anyway.
  12. Anyone who pays ten million for Forrest needs sectioning. He is absolutely pish.
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