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  1. The bigger problem is the 95% of them who don't make the round trips, the ones that barely ever attend. You know the ones, some of them are amongst the mouthiest on here. They are the issue.
  2. Boca v River Red Star v Partizan Galatasaray v Fenerbahce Feyenoord v Ajax Hajduk v Dinamo.
  3. Hasn't she just? She set out the trap and they walked right into it. Boris still nowhere to be seen.
  4. The story has also changed several times. When it began he had the virus, now it is in case he got the virus.
  5. Hancock would be interesting . Faced with a media of any integrity he would disintegrate in no time.
  6. Im not sure if it was as innocent as all that but okay, in the interests of balance perhaps they should've got someone on who thought it was an acceptable thing to do and spoke to them. Maybe they did but I missed it but I suspect they weren't that bothered.
  7. They claimed it was to get assistance with childcare, im sure they could've got that closer to home. Regardless, as it transpires they all got up there and stayed in the same, separate, accommodation and looked after the kid on their own. That suggests to me they are telling whoppers and that it was a completely unnecessary journey. They, aided by Kuntssberg, are bolting wee bits onto the story as they try to wriggle out if this. He simply has to go and so does she. Even Munchetty on BBC breakfast was sent out to bat for him, attempting to lay into Blackford over it.
  8. She's a proper nasty piece of work isn't she? Her bias is staggering, not even attempting to mask it. She is having a stinker and really has to go
  9. Looking forward to see the clamour amongst the media regarding Cummins ignoring the lockdown.
  10. The poor lad, only last month the Scottish media had him linked with Real Madrid no less. No laughing now.
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