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  1. You are doon, you were the shitiest side in the Scottish top flight and that's saying something, get over yourself and stop trying to overplay Hearts standing in the game. Nobody gives a fuck about Hearts, that much is evident. Enjoy Arbroath and stop whining, but if your away support does unite then perhaps the embarrassing travelling support you currently have might improve. Mods - can we get a separate heading for lower league shite?
  2. Im sure he feels a bit underwhelmed, it's a classic sideways move, similar to a Saints player moving to United, or vice versa, it's just like for like, apart from one place you wouldn't particularly want to live in though twenty miles isn't much.
  3. About as much chance of this happening as you becoming a moderator on Follow Follow or the "We hate Jesus" messageboard.
  4. Motherwell with a good old fashioned high Garryowen, finished off by Turnbull before a penalty equaliser.
  5. Got the Motherwell game on the noo, perfect quality and Jock Broon is right up to speed.
  6. I watched a bit of your game against United, quality was good but the sound was slightly out of synch.
  7. Perth got absolutely pummelled. Amazing wee video. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4478250648866673&id=167490569942724&extid=FvMvW1cDdB97A8Wv&d=null&vh=e
  8. Hmm being honest, I'd rather most of his ramblings remained elsewhere. What's for tea tonight?
  9. Nothing much to be honest, there is this book by a guy called Tolstoy, War and Peace it's called. I spent 4 hours on that and the remaining 9.5hours finishing reading a post on this messageboard that I started the other night. Sorry about the gypsy creams but if your pipes are clear again then perhaps it's worth missing out.
  10. Here, thon Tdyer63 said she was coming over here but she never turned up, I got the Trios and the 54321's in anaw. Im a bit concerned. I know Thplinth was a bit off with her, im now wondering if a kidnapping has taken place.
  11. My shed? If ye move the sheets of plasterboard, fitba bits,the fireguard, the ancient old hifi that Steptoe would turn his nose up and the semi shattered wasps bike then it's alright. I've a fine selection of garden tools in there anaw even though I've covered everything in gravel rendering them pretty much useless.
  12. If I was a Hearts official I'd encourage players to start throwing spanners in the works, though im not sure how it would work as far as friendlies go.
  13. What with Leigh Griffith's stupidity and Bolingoli now surely Celtic must be hammered. One incident is unacceptable, two is criminal and indicates a club that has issues with discipline. They need taken to task.
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