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  1. Farcity

    Next PM

    You are the clown. You seen fit to sign up to a football message board exclusively to portray your politics. What a shit life you must have yet you want it to continue in the same vein.
  2. The Huns have been using their rent boys in the media for years, don't kid yourself.
  3. Can things like mobile phones and microwaves etc have any part in the apparent increase? Everyone is constantly walking around with phones plastered to their ears, microwave ovens now cook things in minutes that used to take hours, I can't imagine all these waves have a positive effect on the body.
  4. Just a dig at the kinda twats we have at work, as others do im sure, that make their big display of chomping down on their chicken and whatever else it is every 17 minutes whilst sporting that glaekit look that begs people to ask them about their diet.
  5. Im not sure if the keto diet has any influence on cancer. What I do know is that those on it are among the most boring bastards on the planet, up there with CrossFit gimps. That is all.
  6. That would be ideal if his name was Andy Robbo.
  7. Did you have to come out from underneath the bridge to get a signal?
  8. All done to pretty much guarantee that England, India and Australia get to the semis leaving one place up for grabs. If the warm ups are anything to go by it will be a snoozefest. Folk getting clubbed all over the shop, shortened boundaries and roads to bowl on. It's not enjoyable at all when it's like that. Cricket needs to get its head out of its arse or it will continue to wither and fade away, leaving only T20 which is just shite. Come on the Kiwis.
  9. Farcity

    PRO12 becomes PRO14

    I suppose so. I guess to beat the likes of Leinster you are going to have to pull off the unexpected as very few teams would be able to just steamroller their way through them. Makes for interesting viewing.
  10. Terrific. I love a party with a happy atmosphere.
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