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  1. To be fair, what kinda grown adult goes onto the internet and starts challenging folk to a square go. I'd love to see what someone like that actually looks like. There was another one, Andre Mac or something who talked as if he was Rambo, Mr T, Ivan Drago and Chuck Norris rolled into one.
  2. Only coz ye widnae hit a wummin, but I appreciate that. You've got a bit of chivalry aboot ye. Guid lad.
  3. Never a truer word spoken. This thread is delicious evidence of that.
  4. Or alternatively, jumping into a message board to ask when the cup draw is. Why not ask Google wee man? It won't take the piss and you don't have to wait for a response.
  5. Where are you getting this? I've heard Rangers haven't made up their mind yet.
  6. There was no such mention of any conviction was there? Big news, well the story I refer to was pretty big news, certainly in all the leading tabloids. I believe everything I read in the papers me.
  7. I'd have thought nobody would want to employ folk who threatened to knife their bit on the side either but you just never know, the world is a strange place but aye, I think he'd have to be punted.
  8. Eisegerwind, you are extremely boring. I've no idea who you are but you are extremely tedious and offer much less than fuck all to this board. If you are trying to kill this place off then you are doing an awesome job.
  9. Forgetting the fact that he appears to be a complete bellend, he is absolutely shite. Why on earth wouldn't he get stick? He's like s poor man's Connor Sammon for fuck sake.
  10. If I recall correctly, there was once this team called - nah forget it.
  11. If he's being loaned out surely Hibs would be at the top of the queue. Would he go to Motherwell anyway?
  12. I heard Ibrox wasn't in the best of nick but I didn't realise things were quite that bad.
  13. What are you so worried about? Your case is clearly the strongest and the best path to follow, so let the people have their say on it. The landscape has changed completely since the last vote, only an arsehole would deny this.
  14. I was hoping this was revived due to his death. Disappointed.
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