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  1. A ridiculous declaration by England, they just cost themselves a chance of the win, far too conservative as there was no way Australia were ever going to even consider chasing that. If Australia were in that position they'd have given them a look at it and encouraged them to play a few shots.
  2. True, but wait till you see Hearts. They make Aberdeen look like Barca with Xavi and Iniesta at their peak.
  3. Nah they get another opportunity to make a spectacle of themselves. Life is wonderful.
  4. Aberdeen should counter by offering ten bob for McGregor. Play their game.
  5. Simple. Ban the cunts. Whenever hassle occurs at a football match in this country these dumbfucks are rarely far away from it. Bump an extra couple of quid on the price of a ticket to compensate for loss of income, im sure most normal folk would rather this than have to tolerate these minky bastards arriving on their doorsteps.
  6. Not concerned in the slightest by this, only the timing. He is, arguably, regressing as a player and would be fairly easily replaced. If someone is daft enough to throw several millions at the club for his services then let them fill their boots.
  7. Thank fuck Midtjylland will pump the Huns otherwise they have a gimme in the final round.
  8. Hearts are horrible. That big neep up front is one of the worst players ive ever seen, he just trots around clattering into folk. A good three points considering Aberdeen played on Thursday night and were able to rest a couple for the next game.
  9. My tonight was to suggest that they aren't just Scotland's shame based on last night's result. They are a permanent stain on Scotland. A national embarrassment.
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