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  1. If you can catch it by giving gobbles then Mark Francois is fucked. Lovely.
  2. The unacceptable face of, well everything. It's just an unacceptable face.
  3. I've just emailed the SNP informing them that if she remains associated with the party then im cancelling my membership. What a vile creature.
  4. Better with a diving mask and snorkel, in case you squirt it in the eye instead of the tank and, depending on the trajectory of the petrol, you'd still be able to breathe.
  5. In that case just wait till the washing powder runs out, allied with the lack of bog roll. Folk stoating up and down the frozen food section with skidmarks across their chin.
  6. Well stop talking pish then nobody will need to have a go at you. , this thread is littered with your soiling. Let's leave it there then.
  7. Well done, so you agree that the mask can be effective then. Phew, we got there in the end.
  8. It is a joke indeed. It's titled coronavirus yet you are rambling on about Boris and his potential as a pub quiz team member and pruning hedges and potting geraniums.
  9. And the part that says you are more likely to get it through the eyes? A quick Google search would suggest a mask would make you five times less likely to be infected through the mouth/nose. I'd say that was pretty substantial.
  10. Not entirely sure if it's the same one but im leaning towards that theory. The symptoms are definitely present though.
  11. Has anyone ever referred to you as a pedant?
  12. In this current climate, the wank of life by Dire Straits is appropriate.
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