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  1. Put down is an apt phrase, since they are still on the mortuary slab at BDO.
  2. Please point out the bile in my post. Rangers entered administration, please advise how they exited said administration.
  3. Rangers weren't sent down the leagues. Rangers cheated and then they died.
  4. Also able to get ‚4 x Cat. 3‘ for two of the 1st round group games, plus the 2nd round game at Hampden.
  5. Game will take place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. https://bestsport.news/the-match-russia-scotland-will-take-place-in-luzhniki/
  6. New HSV trainer, Dieter Hecking, supposedly doesn‘t see him (along with Sakai & Janjicic) as a long term option. Would wait a couple of weeks & see if that‘s still the case.
  7. Hi Davy, one seat from Larnaca please. Just after sending you the money.
  8. If you were in Wembley when the 2nd free kick went in, you were in the wrong stadium.
  9. So how many Celtic games have you been to between him joining & leaving?
  10. Probably got more medals than you've been to Celtic games since he joined.
  11. SteveMcD

    Big Joe

    Both played for Southampton in the early 80ies.
  12. It's in the rules of the tournament. Go to Article 26
  13. Partially torn ankle ligament. Out for two months, hopes to be back for when the BL2 gets underway at the end of July.
  14. Papa Docs it was. 89/90 would have been when I was last there. Think there’s still a club on the go, don’t know what it’s called though.
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