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  1. Would say what they put up is correct. Were one or two gaps. Also don‘t forget the away end wasn‘t rammed like it was for the play-off in June.
  2. Ollie Burke gets the 96th minute equaliser for Werder Bremen as they draw 2-2 with VfB Stuttgart.
  3. Have used them a couple of times in the past. No issues, very reliable.
  4. Raddison Blu, Golden Lane. 10:30 till 14:00
  5. I live in Germany, Lower Saxony specifically. Since 1st December in Lower Saxony, if you want to go to a bar or restaurant, you have to have been either fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid within the last 6 months, and have a negative Antigen / PCR test not older than 24 / 72 hours and also check in on the Luca app. which gets sent to the local authorities health board. Some places allow you to do a self-test at the front door under supervision. Crazy stuff. Was in the pub yesterday after work. Four people from the local 'public order office' accompanied by 5 police officers turned up to check that everything was being conformed to by the bar itself and also did some random checks on a couple of customers. As of today those with a 3rd jag are exempt from the negative test requirement. I won't get mine till the middle of January. Hopefully the test requirement gets binned when the latest legislation gets announced on Wednesday.
  6. Game is on DAZN here in Germany. Most bars that show sport now have it (Sky lost the Champions League as well as Bundesliga games on Fridays and Sundays to them). There is a list of Sports bars here. Hope your browser can do the translation if required.
  7. He also played against Scotland in the last test game before the Euros.
  8. No tickets were sold by the SSC for the games in Copenhagen & Vienna, as mentioned above, there were no away fans officially in the stadium (Europe wide decree by UEFA). Myself & a couple of mates were at both games, but all of us live in mainland Europe so being able to decide fairly early as to whether travelling was a viable option.
  9. No offence, but any chance you could start travel topics in the correct forum.
  10. Cases in the UK have been creeping up the past 7 days. Due to the vaccination programme the likely number of people that end up in hospital will be greatly reduced, but I'm not the Danish health minister.
  11. The numbers sold till now will be confined to those, like myself, that live in Germany or elsewhere in mainland Europe. I've purchased one, know of another 4 who have. Germany currently on Denmark's green list, get my 2nd Moderna jag tomorrow so will be fully vaccinated by the time of travelling up. My registered address with the SSC is in Scotland, so if UEFA do actually allow away fans and ticket gets despatched, then the ticket wll be getting forwarded by my family at said registered address over to me.
  12. Or getting in to the country, without having to isolate, if normally resident in the UK. Current Dansih categorisation of countries.
  13. Was at the game. All of the 850 tickets up for sale were sold. Think 1000 was the max. amount of people allowed in the stadium, with both countries entourages in the main stand. Would estimate ca 40-45 Scotland fans were there.
  14. Live in Germany and having to pass (26 pointer) on being in Glasgow. Train, hotel and match ticket booked for Luxemburg. Over on the Saturday, back to Germany on the Monday. Anybody looking for a ticket, the link is here.
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