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  1. Papa Docs it was. 89/90 would have been when I was last there. Think there’s still a club on the go, don’t know what it’s called though.
  2. Tait for Motherwell as well as McGregor for Rangers.
  3. Lufthansa cancelled today’s 12:05 flight to Frankfurt yesterday. The 14:40 flight they rebooked me on to currently at 1:55 hour delay. Things not helped with there being a strike in Italy between 10am & 2pm today. Took ca. 40 minutes just to drop the baggage off!
  4. 1st goal, right-back Sakei fell asleep and left the Darmstadt player with acres of time & space. 2nd goal was direct from a free-kick. At the 3rd would say Bates should have done much better. Darmstadt player took it round him fairly easily before slotting home.
  5. Derek Rae is talking mince. About the only interest in the 3. Liga is whether Braunschweig go down to the Regionalliga Nord. 3. Liga is shown only on a subscribe Telekom TV channel.
  6. Hamburg still have to play both Köln & Berlin away. Couple of bad results and they could be in the play-off spot. Don’t know what you’re basing your comments re. 3. Liga on. Apart from 1860 Münich, Kaiserslautern & Eintracht Braunschweig who are the „big“ names in the league.
  7. You‘ll get all the tickets at the same time.
  8. The last 5 years Hamburg have been chronic, staying up by the skin of their teeth. However despite taking them down they have stuck with trainer Hannes Wolf. Prior to him they’d had ca. 18 trainers in the past 10 years. Think this trainer stability will have had a positive rub-off on Bates. Be interesting to see what happens if they either don’t get promoted or go up subsequently struggle and go back to the same short-term policy regarding trainer success/failure.
  9. https://edinburgh.carpe-diem.events/calendar/9611753-kazakhstan-v-scotland-live-screening-party-at-stramash/
  10. The Hamburg defence looked pretty poor. A mistake by Bates early on, plus he got done for speed during a couple of counter attacks by Dresden. The goal for Hamburg was brought about by a massive error by the young keeper in the Dresden goal.
  11. Hi Davy, Money for 2 seats transferred. Done using Friends & Family.
  12. There is a Skysports Germany app called ‘Sky Finder‘ which gives details of all the bars/hotels with Sky Sports close to your location. Also gives some brief details as regards size of the place and how many people it can accomodate. Not sure if available on the App Store in the UK.
  13. Came on with 15 mins to go. Didn't have a lot to do, but probably should've done better at Union's equaliser. Bottom video on the link. https://www.flashscores.co.uk/match/pbkF9LiJ/#video
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