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  1. Something was mentioned in another thread about forward players and how we used to qualify even without world class forwards that got me thinking. In my opinion Scotland have always underperformed. I dont think comparing quaification now (possibly with the exception of the new Euros format) and qualification previously is fair. From the 50s to the 90s European and World football was significantly weaker as a collective. Scotland as one of the 1st to play the game effectively had a head start. We used to reguarly beat the likes of France and the scandanavion countrys and it wasnt a shock. With that in mind I think not qualifying out of the group stages of any tournament is equivilent to not reaching tournamants these days. Especially when you look at the world class players we had at the time. In addition the number of teams in Europe has grown significantly and the professionalism has reached or even surpassed our levels. With the exception of the very bottom teams there are no truly easy games anymore. Id compare the state of womens football to how things were in the 60s to 90s in the mens game where there are a limited number of professional top countries, of which we are one with the gap to the rest being massive. Scores of 10 nil etc not being uncommon.
  2. McGinn scores goals where he is. Push him further forward and you risk him scoring less not more. Just look at Scholes at Utd. Ferguson tried it and found out that Scholes was then getting marked whereas he gets his goals from finding positions. I believe our best formation at the moment has McGinn and 1 other behind and to the side of Adams.
  3. How the team played was certainly a factor but we have really suffered from not having a top class forward. You look at countrys like Iceland with Gudjohnsen, Czech with Nedved, Serbia with Dzeco etc. All these teams were elevated greatly by having a top class forward. We have had top players in the past 25 years but they have all tended to be defensive minded.
  4. A major reason why we havent qualified reguarly in the past 25 years is that we havent had a European class striker. By that I mean a striker who plays reguarly at a top 4 club in England, Spain or Italy or a top 2 club in Germany or France. The vast majority of other European clubs have had at least one. If Robbie Keane was Scottish I think we would have got to at least 2 other championships.
  5. Hickey to Arsenal would be a strange choice. Why would you go from being a certain starter in Italy to a backup at Arsenal when you have the option of joining top teams in Italy as 1st choice, staying at current team as 1st choice or joining other premier league teama as 1st choice. Im all for players having belief that they will become 1st choice but theres no need to make it harder for yourself.
  6. Well done to Celtic for winning the league. They have turned around the mess of last season very quickly to pretty much everybodys surprise. Yes they have spent alot but they also sold alot so id imagine they will be close to breaking even. Important thing is that pretty much all of their signings have been a success bar the odd one or 2. Rangers didnt strengthen and suffered post xmas as has been an issue in recent years. Hearts have done well but pretty much everybody else bar Ross County have had a poor year. Especially Aberdeen and Hibs whi should never not be in the top 6. In League 1, Cove were excellent but pushed right to the end by Airdrie who have played some of the best football ive seen them play in years. We really deserve to go up aswell but Queens wont be easy.
  7. The model at the Old Firm shouldnt be hard. The should have the pick of Scotlands best young players. The only reason that might not be correct at the moment is that families are aware that opportunities are limited currently. The Old Firm also play in a large percentage of games where they are heavy favourites or where they have big leads during matches. These should be an ideal time to play youth prospects. Ie Celtic at home to Dundee. Either start 1 younger player or bring him on as soon as you go 2 or 3 goals up. The problem currently is that both teams fill their squad with "quality". (Rangers are more guilty of this to be fair). So instead of having 2 first team standard players for every position and then having youth prospects making up the rest of the squad or bench, they have 3 for every position. Just look at CF at Rangers. They have Moreles, Roofe, Sakala, Itten. 4 international players and they tend to only play 1 up top. They tend to play 3 in midfield yet have Jack, Kamara, Aribo, Davis, Lundstrum, Hagi, Arfield, Sands Ramsey and Ofoborh (albeit Ofoborh has never played due to being N/A as soon as he signed) Even excluding him thats 9 international players for 3 positions. This approach might ensure that any injuries or suspensions that come along dont impact the team however it also means there is no pathway to the 1st team for youth. What are the chances of 7/ 8 CMs all being N/A at the same time?
  8. Not yet but due to get one next week. For exactly the reasons I mentioned above. I had no idea boot space would become the major selling point in a car when i had a kid. They would be better targeting sports / fast cars as they burn way more fuel.
  9. And what if the car was needed for an emergency? Even setting that aside, having an SUV doesnt scratch the surface of the climate change problem. Lots of ppl have SUVs because the size is needed to take prams ir other family essentials. Its too simplistic to say that people could walk or use public transport. Property in cities are unaffordable and public transport is expensive, unreliable and often unsafe. Especially for mothers and going on public transport with a young child can be a nightmare. These people rely on the fact that the vast majority of the public will just get angry at them, at worst give them a slap but I for one would be happy to look the other way if somebody decided to seriously assault them for criminally damaging their property.
  10. Williams was out on loan at Fulham. If he is ahead of Ramsey then it would be likely that Ramsey would get loaned out to get 1st team football anyway. Better going to a club like Liverpool and then getting loaned out than moving perm to a club and potentially not getting 1st team football anyway. Like Pattersons unfortunate situation.
  11. I think Liverpool could be a great move for Ramsey. Alexander Arnold is nailed on 1st choice but Liverpool dont have a similar style back up. Liverpool play in a huge amount of games so even if he only played in the cups, the odd champions league game and league game then he would still get a good bit of game time. More importantly I really rate Klopp as a coach and Ramsey could learn loads on the training ground. Just look at Robertson, hardly played for 1st 6 months and is on record saying he wasnt tactically anywhere near good enough when he came to Liverpool. Ramsey is still really young. A couple of years learning from the best and getting decent game time and then moving on to get regular 1st team football might be better than regular football without the same level of education. Similar to Foden at City although he has now become one of their main stars.
  12. Arfield is a strange (but not unexpected re-signing). He is 33 now and 34 in November. At best he is a fringe player currently. Surely it would be better to save the cash and use it elsewhere. Even on reduced terms I cant imagine he is very cheap. Signings like this is part of the reason why players like Lowry struggle to break through. Arfield wont start very often in the league but will be expecting game time off the bench (to see out games) and in the early rounds of the cup.
  13. Surely Lowry and King will both start tomorrow. League is done and would be stupid risking your 1st team players getting injured.
  14. If McTominay was playing in midfield in Serbia would he not have lost his man at a corner? You cant use a set piece error as an example of why somebody shouldnt play a position. McTominay has looked dodgy at times in games. Getting caught under the ball being the main one however luckily to date it hasnt cost us. However to be fair to the argument you have to then compare with our other defenders. There was an entire debate on here about Hanley playing in the centre because of an apparent lack of height / ability in the air. I cant remember the exact games but Tierney has been responsible for at least 2 goals from my memory by getting caught under the ball / losing his man. Denmark away and Isreal away from memory but I could very much be wrong on that. Hendry got slated for his part in the Czech goal at the euros. So yes, by all means highlight concerns about McTominay in defence however lets not pretend the alternatives are water tight defensively.
  15. You arent comparing like for like. The vast majority of teams in the 50s and 60s were made up of local people or same nationals. This wasnt because Celtic chose to do anything special or different. It was a consequence of the times. If a club won something now with 11 same nationals then it would be a huge achievement. Celtic winning the European Cup is and was huge. However they did so at a time when Scotland was a major footballing force and the vaat majority of countrys hadnt developed in a footballing sence. The list of teams they beat en route to the final shows that. I dont believe Rangers will win the Europa League however I think the point some ppl are making is that it would be a huge acheivement against the backdrop of the current footballing landscape. Same as it would have been should Celtic have won in Seville. Dumbarton won the 1st ever Scottish league. Was that a massive acheivement? Not really as there was only 12 teams competing. Them winning something now would be much greater. Surely you can see that line of thinking?
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