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  1. I agree. Hibs shouldnt be pressured into accepting a fee they dont think is fair. All im highlighting is that the approach should also come with the recognition of the player and what he is worth to the club. 5 million isnt even alot to EPL sides. He wouldnt be going anywhere near their first teams straight away so I wouldnt be surprised with a deal like 3.5 million, sell on clause and a years loan back.
  2. Im an Airdrie fan so it makes zero difference to me. It worrys me that football fans can be so blinded that they cant have a reasoned conversation when it comes to their team. 1 player sale would hardly scratch the surface. As a minimum Rangers have run at loss of around 15 million per year for the past 3 years and obviously at a large loss before that. My clarity, im not saying Rangers are about to go bust, im not saying they wont win the league. Im highlighting that they "to date" around following the business model that the directors setout at the AGM. If thats of no concern to you then fair enough.
  3. What are you talking about. Rangers themselves have said that they are running at a loss at the past 3 AGMs. They also setout the long term plan to reduce and eventually elimimate the debt. One of the main things was developing players and selling them at a big profit. The lack or which was the basis of my original post. For a Rangers diehard like yourself not to know this is worrying but hardly surprising. All is well, we are people, nothing bad can ever happen to us. Despite the worst literally just happening a few years back.
  4. I dont think its an unrealistic sum to ask for. My point is that Hibs (or any team) cant have it both ways. If you value a player at 5 million pound then you can pay him the same as players valued at 100k. And the player would equally be entitled to not perform at the level he has been. Ie the level of a 5 million pound player.
  5. Its not a normal business but the same rules apply. Can you explain how what Rangers are doing now differs to what they did before which ultimately ended in disaster. They are running up debt that at some point needs addressed. Businessmen, even Rangers supporting businessmen dont have a bottomless pit of money. At some stage Rangers need to start operating in the black.
  6. Hibs are entitled to ask for whatever they want but if I was his agent id be asking for a huge wage rise to represent his worth in the morning. You cant value a player at 5 million and pay him youth team wages.
  7. Did anybody ever think David Murray would allow it? Where was Douglas Park when Rangers were liquadated? Industries change. Douglas Park might have the same level of wealth in 2 years time, it might be greater or it might be worse. Nobody knows. Relying on somebody to bail you out is not a good way to run a business. Anybody with an ounce of sense would admit that.
  8. Celtic will drop points over the first half of the season. They will however bring in lots of players who will eventually take them away from 3rd placed team. Id love to see Aberdeen or Hibs have a really strong start to the season. Get a bit of belief in them and see what happens. 2nd place get a stab at Champions League next year. That would be massive for those clubs, even if they didnt qualify but then got into group stages of another Euro comp.
  9. Celtic knew the league was lost by Xmas. They were certain by end of January. The rebuilding should have started then but it didnt. You are playing champions league qualifiers with probably Celtics worst back 5 in 25 years. Celtic need pretty much every summer signing to hit the ground running. Based on past signings, I dont know where your confidence is coming from.
  10. Im not saying its right. Im just offering it up as a reason. There have been no incident with rugby fans and several with football. Therefore on one hand it seems reasonable to take a different approach with football. Its the same thinking as why you can drink at other sports but not football.
  11. Rugby fans dont have a recent history of mass gathering and rule breaking?
  12. Theres a difference debt and deficit. A club can afford to be in debt so long as the assets are worth more than said debt. Operating with a large year on year deficit is a different matter. Of all the clubs, Rangers fans should be aware of what lack of financial stability can lead to.
  13. Thats true. I get the feeeling that Rangers and much more open to selling Moreles now. Less so with Kamara although his stock wont get any higher and they have just signed a like for like on a free transfer so would make financial sense. I still think they have made a huge error not selling Tav as he will have no resell value shortly and it will affect Patersons development and future sale value. All of a sudden the squad depth at Rangers is massive. I mentioned on the Celtic thread that in a combined team Rangers 2nd choice players in each position would make up more than half the team.
  14. Rangers are still operating at a huge deficit per year. Im sure its in the region on about 12 million. There have been no signs that the business model that they have stated is being followed. Otherwise some players would have been sold by now. Read yesterday that the reported sale of George Edmundson at 1.5 million is the joint highest Rangers have recieved in 10 years. Thats shocking considering the outlays on players. As I said previously, they should have sold Taviner in the summer and they should now sell Moreles and Kamara. Neither would weaken the team. Do that for 25 million and reach the champions league group stages and things start to look aot more stable.
  15. I dont support Rangers so the deflection doesnt work with me. To answer my own question though, i can see its blind faith. Heres me thinking I might get some kind or reasoned argument. Any sane Celtic fans out there want to put forward some reasons to be optimistic this season?
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