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  1. At the time when Patterson, Hickey and Ralston were capped it would have been easy to not have picked them. Patterson and Hickey in particular I remember saying to my mates that I just hoped he made the brave decision, fully expecting to be disappointed when I saw the team sheet. Likewise Gilmour, playing him with so few clubs games is something rarely seen. Probably not since Fletcher and McFadden. Personally I was disappointed to see the likes of Jack and McLean during the last game but theres a balance to be struck. To leave a previously picked player out then you need to be pretty sure that they are done. It hardly screams confidence if you leave older player A out for younger player B. Younger player B then doesnt work out and then you need to go back to older player A and try and convince him that he has your full belief. I just think Clarke has been brilliant and managing the squad. Bringing guys in like Gallagher, Considine etc who did a job but then phasing them out for better players. Even the likes of Odonnell was managed really well. Theres a good few things that Clarke can be criticised on. I just dont think not playing youth is one of them.
  2. Was the "vow" ever even close to being implemented? I cant remember exactly what it said but if as I suspect it was just said and then largely ignored as soon as they got the result they wanted then shouldnt the SNP make more of it? Ive said before that I think the SNP are far too complient by playing by the rules when the game is rigged. They should be throwing in mentions of the vow in almost every interview. Even when its not part of the question. Just take every opportunity to highlight the lies. Mention the brexit bus and all the other failed promises. Dont refer to Boris by name, call him the prime minister who broke the law etc etc.
  3. Clarke has been the best manager for introducing youth in about the last 30 years. He has brought in Patterson, Hickey, Ralston, Porteous, Ferguson and Gilmour off the top of my head. The likes of Gilmour, Patterson and Hickey have all been brought in and given starting places when there were options to keep them on the bench. Clarke is trying to create a club like squad and make caps something that are earned. He is managing to do this whilst still bringing in youth. People forget that international managers get a limited window to get their tactics over. Swapping and changing players all the time is self defeating. That being said I think theres a few players that are approaching the end of their cycles but again Clarke has timed most of these guys perfectly.
  4. I wouldnt be surprised if they got independence before us. Im sure the amount of welsh speakers about 20 years ago was at an all time low. Then they made it compulsory at schools etc and now you can see the increased pride in all things Welsh. The idea of doing similar in Scotland would be shot down right away. We are more happy to have our kids taught French as a 2nd language than our own countrys tongue. Its actually pathetic alot of the things in our country when you look at it. On a footballing point though they obviously benefit from alot of their good kids getting snapped up young by EPL academies but thats something we are catching up on. Imagine what a Phil Foden or similar would do to our team as an attacking threat.
  5. I think the golden era for Wales is over with Bale and Ramsey now past it however ppl forget how many other top EPL players they have produced over the years. Ive no doubt that they will continue to keep producing EPL standard players which in turn will hold them in good stead. Theres also a real rise in proper love for their country. Young people all learning the language, place names getting changed to the non English versions including the name of the country itself. Countries with real pride tend to punch above their weight. Unfortunetly that doesnt apply to us. We dont even celebrate our own national saints day properly and you are hard pushed to find anybody who wants to speak anything but english in schools.
  6. The only advantages I would think are worthwhile would be if 1) Hampden got a proper redevelopment. Ie the ends brought in. 2) We got automatic qualification for a major tournament. Its sounds like we will get neither of those things so wheres the benefit?
  7. I wasnt no. It came about after a conversation with a colleague where we were talking about "what now". Ive no doubt that Scotland will continue to move slowly towards indy support however not in huge volumes. I also believe that we will continue to vote SNP at UK and Scot elections. This will leave us in a position where a UK gov can continue to use retoric such as "now isnt the time" or "its not the clear will of the Scottish people" etc. Taking such a stance against the Scots actually increases poplularity in England which is the only fighting ground for UK power so theres no reason for any UK gov to be progressive or allow a referendum. Under such a scenario I believe indy voters will largely split into 2 camps. 1, those who just get on with the day to day life, not happy with the approach of the UK gov but not vocal and pretty much scunnered by the entire drawn out affair. 2, those who become more entrenched, more angry etc. I can see the 2nd group becoming more distruptive in terms of protests etc but ultimately they get you nowhere. Im just wondering if a very small number, (im talking 5 to 10 people) take things further in such a scenario. I cant ever see an IRA type movement as the landscape wouldnt allow it, also these organisations are so closely linked in with organsied crime etc. I can see one off incidents by individuals though. Whether that would help or hinder the cause by that stage im less sure about tbh.
  8. I agree but any sensible way forward depends on the UK gov acting in an appropriate manner. Its clear that isnt going to happen under a tory gov and i personally cant see it happening under the current Labour leadership. In a way, the SNP becoming so dominant in Scotland works against us at a UK level as there is no incentive for Tory and increasingly labour to try and get Scottish favour or votes.
  9. One thing I wondered yesterday, and to be clear its something id not suggest in any way was whether in the event of a democratic route to independece being blocked, whether there would be anybody in Scotland that might turn to more violent measures. We could easily end up in a situation where UK gov say no to a vote, we get 51%+ at next election. New UK gov say no. 51%+ at next Scottish election but UK gov say no. In such a scenario (which isnt unlikely) there would appear to be no democratic route to independence. Under such circumstances change is rarely brought about without violence (historically in other countrys). Can anybody see a situation where a group in Scotland go down this path? Maybe not bombings etc but something more targeted, perhaps towards MPs or leading figures of media etc.
  10. Ive heard similar and also that he returned to pre season nearly a stone over weight which i find hard to believe given theres nothing too him but equally it doesnt look like he does any weight work at all which you would expect him to. One things for sure, a player with his talent at a top academy in England would be ripped.
  11. A few takeaways for me from last night. 1) Doesnt matter what players or formation we play if mentality isnt there. All our best performances come when we are high tempo, quick press and no respect. Everytime we come out slow or measured we just surrender the game. Theres so many examples and they have a mix of personal and formation. 2) Dykes is nowhere the level of Adams as a starter however weirdly suits the sub role perfectly. 3) Controversial but McGinn continues to be poor for us however importantly he flicks a switch and scores or creates from nowhere. This shouldnt airbrush that he needs to improve his general play though. 4) We go aimlessly long far too often 5) We have far more spirir than years gone by. Largely pointless trip, very few call offs, poor performance but still giving 100% at the end to tryband sneak a draw.
  12. Possibly just not clear. Terry did move in anticipation of the shot. Just not after the ball was struck. Ie as the ball was about to be struck he would go into a star position hemce making himself bigger however from the moment the ball was struck he doesnt then move from that position so at the time it wasnt a penalty. Rules were changed to stop this but have gone way way too far now.
  13. Because the Hearts game the arm / hands were below waist height. The rule is wrong. Its overly complicated. It should just be a pen if its deliberate hand / arm to ball or if the hand / arm is deliberately put in a position where its likely to come into contact with ball. The rule was changed because players like John Terry would go into a star position just before the shot, not move and therefore no pen. Imo that should be a pen. Having a ball hit your hand from 2 yards away without previously having moved your arm should never be a pen.
  14. Without going over old ground, I personally took that comment to be a throw away joke in the same vain that many guys would make about their wives. I tend to rely more on actions and in that sence he hasnt been anything but commited. If the comment had been made by somebody like Barry Ferguson or Matt Ritchie then if probably have taken it in a different light. I think we have 2 clear 1st choice strikers in Adams and Dykes. We dont imo have a clear choice for the 3rd striker in the squad. If Stewart was fit id give him a run out. I can also see the argument for Conway but equally can see the benefit for seeing how he does in the U21s. Thereafter I think that McBurnie is our next best player based on form and level he is playing at.
  15. Just an observation but if that statement is true then McBurnie not scoring previously for Scotland shouldnt be a huge stick to beat him with. His attitude has been 2nd to none. Turned up to friendlys at other side of the world for games we were never going to win. Turns up even when not playing etc Personality wise he seems to be popular with team mates and managers. Out of football maybe nit so much.
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