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  1. Fans on here cant have it both ways. We constantly here fans on here say that playing 1st team football is the most important thing and what level doesnt matter. Ie Shankland for a call up when scoring in the Championship over McBurnie not scoring in the EPL. If playing 1st team football is all that matters then we cant complain when Gemmil and Stark pick guys playing for Ayr etc over guys who are playing in EPL2 development sides. Ive said for years that we need to start gambling on boys at big clubs over taking the safe bet of guys who play in Scotland. Over the past 30 years we ha
  2. With the vacinations we will be in a better position in May than we were last year when the football started back up. I dont think there is any chance that the euros dont go ahead. They may be all played in 1 country with no fans though.
  3. Honestly, its totally different when you run about on it. I couldnt believe it. Ive played on a good few of the 4g in the spfl setup and most are decent. Miles better than Livi. It randomly just dips and the "grass" is so long that your foor either sticks or gives way but you dont know which one its gonna be. Im hugely surprised theres not been more injuries on it.
  4. The standard of artificial pitches differs greatly. Livingston is without doubt the worst ive ever player on. Its uneven, super dry and your foot sticks all the time. Under no circumstances should it be used for any kind of top level football. Ive played on some really good artificial pitches that id much rather see being used than uneven mud grass pitches. An artificial pitch needs continued investment in it though. Its not just lay and leave. I suspect thats how alot of Scottish clubs see it though.
  5. I dont disagree with your assessment as such. I mentioned Howe just because he has been touted. One thing I would pick up on though is that managers dont generally leave clubs in the summer in the same way players do. Managers contracts dont tend to run down. More often than not a manager starts a new job either when he is currently out of work or when he leaves his current job to go elsewhere. That being said compensation shoupdnt be an issue for any potential Celtic manager. Its unlikely they could attract a manager at a top club in any event so whoever they choose they could affor
  6. James McCarthy springs to mind. Pretty much all Celtic fans I know want the rebuild to happen now. The league is gone. Not even a chance of winning it. That being said its the more vocal Celtic fans you speak of that would take umbridge to selling of any assets right now so you are probably correct. I just think if they could bring in somebody like Eddie Howe it would give him 6 months to settle, have a look at the players and start the rebuild rather than wait until summer.
  7. What do you do if you are the Celtic board now? I think its fair to say that Lennon wont be the manager next season and that several of the bigger assets will be looking to move on. Do you sack Lennon now and give the new manager 6 months to bed in and get ready for the Champions League qualifiers? Do you sell the assets now and try and get in replacements to give them time to settle aswell? Aberdeen are only 5 points behind having played a game more. Should they make abit of investment to tey and get an unlikely 2nd place which in turn could transform their finances? I think th
  8. Possibly. Everytime a player has tested positive their names have come out although that could be just the press doing the digging. Im thinking of Armstrong with Scotland. We knew straight away it was him and that Tierney and Christie were the players in close contact.
  9. I wonder if Celtic arent releasing details of the player who has Covid because they suspect that there will be pictures of him in close contact with several of their squad who would then need to isolate and would thus dramatically weaken there team for tonights game.
  10. Exactly, which was a foul and following the rules then a red card. You said it was a penalty but not a red card. The only way it can be a penalty but not a red card was if he made a genuine attempt for the ball which again you have stated he didnt. Therefore a red card. In my opinion thats a stupid rule but its the rule all the same.
  11. Thats not the rules though. If you dont make a genuine attempt to go for the ball and its a foul then its a red. Cant blame the officials for upholding the law.
  12. My only criticism of him is that he always looks to be playing within himself. His range of passing is exceptional but more often than not he plays it safe, he never seems to sprint and seems content to hang around outside the box when its on to burst into it. Now this might be the tactics but sometimes a player needs to make his own decisions within a game.
  13. I totally agree but from a legal perspective they cant be punished for it. They were given the green light, nobody told them otherwise and the rules havent changed with regards to what they have done. Its another example of where the SFA / SPFL could and should have been better.
  14. Thats what im saying. They may have broken protocols regarding distancing but those rules would apply equally in Scotland as in Dubai. Im not sure what the rules are for distancing within training complexes. Id imagine that if a group is allowed to sit around the same table in Lennoxtown drinking coffee then they will be allowed to sit around the same table in Dubai drinking pints as the hotel complex they are staying in has been classed as their place of training.
  15. It is essential travel as defined by Scot Gov in terms of elite sport. Any travel for the purposes of training or match. There is no further definition of where you travel to train. Only the protocols that must be taken when doing so. Now it may be that those protocols have been breached as some pictures suggest bubbles have been broken and distancing hasnt been followed but thats a seperate matter. Im purely talking from a legal perspective here. Not a moral or common sence one.
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