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  1. Id be surprised and disapointed if Fraser ended up at Palace. Despite a questionable season last year he is still in the top 5 overall assists for the last 2 seasons. I dont think he will get a move to a top club but if he holds off, I can easily see him at an Everton or Wolves. He is in a strong position as a free agent with proven EPL pedigree.
  2. Gilmour burst onto the scene at Chelsea and his displays have shown more in those handful of appearences than 5 seasons in the SPFL. I agree though, moving to a big club is nothing to get our hopes up over but its a start. Its like getting accepted into a top University. It doesnt mean you will end up with a top degree but increases your chances over a poorer establishment. The chances are that if you are 21 and playing first team football for Hibs / Hearts etc that the best you can realistically hope for is mid table EPL. Robertson being the exception in the past 20 years. Morrison most likely wont make it at Bayern but 1 thing is for sure. If he does make it then he will be a world class defender who will be a million times better than his peers at Scotland youth level who got 1st team football in the Scottish Championship or for teams like Ross County. Id rather 100 of our promising kids went to top clubs and 95% of them completely failed as that would mean we would have 5 players who were real quality. Its that quality that gets you to tournaments rather than finishing 3rd all the time.
  3. Its very easy to talk about players at top clubs who didnt make it however I could name many many more players who played for Hearts or other SPFL clubs who didnt become top class. Answer me this. Which club have produced more top class players through their youth systems. Bayern Munich or Hearts?
  4. In the last 15 years we have had 2 players come through at top 4 sides. Gilmour and McTomminay. We have had 1 work their way to a top 4 side. Robertson. Pressure is the worst thing for a learning enviroment. You need the skills and technique before you can handle the pressure and do the job properly. Its why all the top clubs invest in youth systems so heavily.
  5. Are we not looking at this the wrong way around. Being in a big teams setup doesnt mean that you will defo make it as a big player. In the same way not being in a big teams setup doesnt mean you wont make it as a big player. The question is where is the best place to learn your trade? My opinion is that its at the places that can afford to invest the most amount of time and money in you. Compare Hearts setup to Bayerns. Compare what he would be doing on a day to day basis. Compare who his "teachers" would be. Compare who his peers would be. Compare who is on close hand to watch and learn from. Compare the respective records of nurturing and producing world class players. If the answer to the above is Hearts then fair enough. I just dont agree. Whilst there is some merit in the argument that 1st team football is beneficial look at the goals of his coach at Hearts. Everything is aimed at getting the 3 points on game day. At a youth team its all about making the players better for the future demands of 1st team football. Players are not only allowed to try new things, they are encouraged. They can learn without the fear of dropping points, fans being on their backs or getting dropped etc
  6. Not disagreeing with regards to Hickey but interested to hear what you think could learn during these 2 years? Is he likely to come up against any players of real skill, pace or ability? Is he likely to have a programme put in place to develop him with Hearts? Big clubs obviously see something in him. I think he would be more likely to learn playing against Germanys up and coming stars and getting access to all the things I mentioned. Its interesting to hear what Tierney is saying about Arsenal and playing in the EPL. Simply put, training with and playing against top players makes you a better player. All aspects of his game need to improve or they are punished in a way that they just arent in Scotland.
  7. For what its worth ive never seen anything in Hickey that makes me think he will be a top player. My comments are more a general opinion. I like Armstrong, McGinn and Snodgrass but they are perfect examples of the decent footballers I was talking about. To qualify we need guys like them plus 2 or 3 top players. EPL youth football isnt the best but at that age its about development over game time. There was a thing called a day with Gilmour when he was about 16 ay Chelsea. The level of specific detail that goes into these kids development is unreal and way above what you probably see at any SPFL first teams. He had tailored diet, tailored gym sessions, tailored DVD analysis not only of his own game but of other top players who he could learn technique from, a tailored improvement plan which setout all the techniques and a traffic light system of where he was at and needed to improve. It is no wonder that when players break through at these teams they seem ready made. Its not to say its a sure thing as alot of kids wont progress but what these clubs do is give them the best possible chance. Just look at the calibre of coaches. Bayern have Martin Demichelis and Miroslav Close as their U19 and U17 coaches. Who do you think a young player can learn more from? Them or Robbie Neilson and Lee McCulloch?
  8. Thats my point though. Staying in Scotland is the safe option that we have been doing for years. Lots of young players can stay in Scotland until early 20s then move to England and end up at lower EPL / top end Championship but we have loads of those players and they arent difference makers. If any young player moves to a top club in a top league early then they benefit from all the things money buys at these clubs. Top coaches, sports science etc etc. Most top clubs have more qualified and talented coaches in charge of their youth teams than we have in our main teams. When you take into account facilities, coaches, sports science etc, id bet more cash is spent on Bayern under 17s per player than 1st team players at establisged SPFL teams like Motherwell. Yes most of these players wont make it however the ones that are potentially european or world class. Look at the smaller nations who compete international level. They have 3 or 4 top players, 4 or 5 average players and the rest just space fillers. We fill our teams with average players in the grand scheme of things. Guys like McFadden, Brown, Miller, Naismith, Caldwell etc. Years 16-20 are key in development. Game time isnt the be all and end all. Look at Phil Foden. Only plays for city as a bit part but tipped to be world class. Why, because he is learning his trade.
  9. Id rather Hickey move to Bayern or Bologna and risk doing a Feruz than remaining at Hearts until he is 21, playing a full season against utter dross then if Hearts get promoted the next season against slightly better players. We have churned out SPFL standard players / lower EPL / High championship players for years. Our squad depth of these types of players has always been high. What we lack is top end players where basically we have had Darren Fletcher and now Andy Robertson over past 20 years. We need to get high volume numbers of youths into the best setups in the hope that some Gilmours and McTomminays come through. If we can reguarly start to have 4 or 5 players playing with top 6 sides in best 5 leagues and compliment them with our normal standard of player then we will have a much better chance of doing something as a team. Also, the more our players move and become a success the more clubs will start to take a chance on our other players and pay more for them in turn. Tierney is a classic example. He was the best player in Scotland. If he failed at Arsenal what would that have said the next time a player was good up here. The fact he is now proving himself raises the profile of the likes of Christie etc imo.
  10. Tierney is a full back or at a stretch left sided CB. Play him where we are weakest out of those 2 positions. If Robertson is fit then he plays LB. If we have 2 semi decent cb's but no RB then play him at RB. If somebody comes through at RB but we are struggling at CB then play him there. He will always be one of our better defenders so will always get a start. No point changing formations or playing him in midfield. Playing RB for a left footed player isnt a huge change. Tierney is a natural defender. His positioning and tackling wont be affected by playing RB. Its only really his ability to cross that is lessoned which given we dont play a system that relies on crossing shouldnt be a problem.
  11. I posted my thoughts on changes to the game on another thread recently but I truly dont think Scottish football will improve until it moves to a model that is totally alien to us and therefore wont ever happen. We need to seperate full time and part time clubs, we need to make it a rule that a certain percentage of tv money or revenue is spent on youth development, we need to provide stability to clubs regarding relegation (make it easier to move between championship and prem both in terms of promotion / relegation but also in terms of reducing the gap in finances between the 2 leagues) To do the above would be a radical shakeup which so many people would be against so will never happen so we will be left with fans calling for a bigger league despite their own clubs not wanting it due to finance.
  12. Defo harder with a 7 month old than it was previously. I really need squash to open again although no sign of that yet.
  13. Working from home is cheaper. No travel costs, reduced food costs, reduction in work clothes etc. If you get flexi time like me then you can also commit less hours to the working day and build up more time. Ive never been able to build up flexi previously but im saving an hour a day travel so im adding half an hour onto my work day per day which has allowed me to take flexi days. The flip side is that at times you are very isolated, I feel my physical health suffered as I dont move about as much and wellbeing is certainly affected as its abit like groundhog day / cabin fever. A huge plus for me is getting to see my new son all day every day. Even if he is in the other room most of the day. Being at home has been a godsend and im grateful for not missing anything.
  14. One thing that I think is overlooked with home working is when somebody nee joins the company or team. Even if its possible to train the person remotely its likely that they wont have any bond with their co-workers.
  15. Having Stewart as your starting forward in a game against a top 4 side would worry me. Rangers biggest problem last year was scoring goals in tight games. If anything they are weaker in that position this season.
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