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  1. Diamond Scot

    First job for mcleish....

    Fletcher has been our best and most decorated player in the past 20 years. Our only player to earn a place in a world class side in that time. If we had even a couple more player of Fletchers ability during that period then we would have made several finals. Any player capable of holding down a long term place for a top 4 side in any of the big leagues is a big asset for a country our size.
  2. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Obviously up against real top class forwards but tonight was the worst ive seen Tierney play. Could have done better on 3rd, 5th and 6th goal. Caught out of position, switched off at times which was punished by the movement and done very easily with pace. Has to be put in context but shows why he wont develop to his full potential in my opinion if he stays for much linger in Scotland. Simply put theres not 1 winger in Scotland was will test him defensively.
  3. Diamond Scot

    Netherlands match thread

    Im not laying the blame solely at McGreggors feet for the goal. Was just highlighting that ut was his very sloppy pass to Jack that gave the ball away that led to Holland counter attacking. Of course alot had still to be done at the point but it was the sloppy giving away of the ball that was ultimately punished. Similar to Englands 2nd goal when Armstrong gave it away. The point im making is that in the SPL when Armstrong and McGreggor give the ball away in similar situations then they arent punished and in turn they wont learn as much from their mistakes. I think both are good players but merely highlighting some of the issues with players playing at a lesser standard.
  4. Diamond Scot

    Netherlands match thread

    You do understand the concept of counter attack dont you? Cheap ball given away whilst players are commited. Good teams then break with pace and score as per last night . If you dont understand that then i cant help you
  5. Diamond Scot

    Netherlands match thread

    McGreggor did ok but it was his sloppy pass that led to the goal. For me thats the problem with guys playing in the SPL. If McGreggor does that same pass in the SPL then it doesnt result in a goal. Do it in the EPL then it does. Only by playing with and against better players do you get better. Nothing against McGreggor but perhaps people are being slightly selective in their reviews based on the flavour of the month as opposed to the current villians of the squad.
  6. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    Its not logic, its fact. Go and look at some of the teams we have beat in competitive games when they have been playing. Are you trying to say we could beat those teams effectively a man down? If thats the case then the other 10 players cant have consistently failed to deliver as you suggest. Your logic doesnt stand up to facts. But instead of asking me another question how about you answer mine first. Is 8 caps, 5 of which come in competitive games with only 1 loss consistently failing to deliver? Is only losing 3 games in 13 competitive games all away to Germany Spain and Slovakia and being in the team that beats Croatia home and away amongst others consistently failing to deliver? If it is then we all might as well give up.
  7. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    Matt Phillips has 8 caps for Scotland. 5 of these in competitive matches. His record in these matches are played 5. Won 3, drawn 1, lost 1. Id suggest that that record is quite good. Under no circumstances can it be described as not delivering the goods. How can he consistently fail to deliver when he has only played 8 times. I repeat 8 times!!!! 1 competitive defeat!!! If we dropped players who got defeated once then it wont be long before I get a call up. Bannan has 25 caps. 13 in competitive matches. 8 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats. The 3 defeats were to Spain, Germany and Slovakia. All of the defeats were away from home. Good point well made though. Get them both out!!!
  8. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    What so called better players are Northern Ireland leaving out to play the Spfl players? That is was you are advocating. Leaving out Scottish players who play in the EPL to play Scottish players who play in the Spfl. As I have said, The Spfl has the odd good player and clearly these players can do a job in certain circumstances however better players play in better leagues and better players managed properly with the right attitude will be a better team. We have the option of playing guys who play at a higher standard but you want us to play guys who play at a lower standard. Northern Ireland dont have the option. Do Italy select players from Seria B, Spain from Liga 2 etc etc. No, they pick players from the best leagues. How many Belgium players play their football in Belgium? Why dont Belgium pick the leading players from Club Brugge over guys playing for Everton for example?
  9. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    Northern Ireland pick the best players available to them and they have done very well. The best players they have available to them come from lesser leagues. How does that change the argument that better players play for better teams in better leagues? You would only have a point if Northern Ireland were leaving out guys playing for Stoke / West Brom etc and choosing to play guys playing for Partick and Hamilton. This isnt the case. Its a simple premise that I would challenge anybody to actually provide an position against. If a player playing in Scotland for any team outside Celtic is of international class quality then why dont scouts or managers of any team in Europe and that includes England come in and pay the buttons it would cost to buy them? Can we open our minds to the possibility that the answer is because in their professional judgement the player isnt that good. Please provide an alternative reason if you have one. I watch Scottish league football all the time. I enjoy it for what it is but to say its players are on a similar level to the top 2 leagues in England is laughable. The odd player is but not the overall standard.
  10. Diamond Scot

    Scottish Premier League v English Championship

    Why not pick on form players from scottish league one or two then? If a forward for Alloa is banging in the goals then get him in the squad. Largely speaking the teams / leagues a player plays for / in represents what professionals think their standard is. Ie the better players play for better teams in better leagues. People talk about guys like Steven Fletcher being rubbish. If Fletcher played for either of the old firm he would be a goal a game striker. Likewise would guys like McGreggor get a game at clubs in England? If so at what standard. Most likely the championship. Its easier to look better playing against worse players and they dont expose your weaknesses or punish your mistakes. Tierney is a classic example of this. Personally i really rate the boy but until he plays for a side who are not heavy favourites and comes up against top wingers week in week out then we cant really judge how good he is.
  11. Diamond Scot

    How bad are Bannan and Mcarthur?

    McArthur has played in a higher standard of league with better players and against better players for years. McGinn plays in an average league having previously played in a very poor standard league. McGreggor plays for a good team but is mainly a sub. On what basis are either better than McArthur. If McGinn was so good a team would have paid 2 million for him in the summer. Can you explain why no scout or manager felt he was good enough to pay such a small few for if he is better than McArthur or as good as many on here make out?
  12. Diamond Scot

    Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    Still game theme. Simple, fun, recognisable and Scottish.
  13. From memory the side letters were found to show that Rangers breached the rule to declare all earnings of players to the SPL. This was a breach but its a breach that the authorities have already dealt with. Nothing new has changed since then in terms of that rule. Its all very well people wanting punishment and saying no precedent is required but the SPFL and SFA need to follow their own rules. Despite what people think they cant make it up as they go along.
  14. Im not ignoring it. For what its worth I think its clearly wrong what has happened. I was just pointing out that there is no basis in law. The sporting advantage thing has already been ruled on by the authorities. Thats all I am saying here.
  15. Feel free to point out how. In particular please point out where the basis for stripping titles in law is. Based on facts, process and law. Not on opinion. Any route that the authorities could have went down has been closed off. Ie they didnt rule on non disclosure of the scheme in a way that opened the door to the stripping of titles. No court has made a judgement about illegal behaviour.