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  1. You introduced Stats and then backtrack when it turns out they prove the exact opposite of what yiu are saying. You claim to watch alot of football but you are clueless. Harry Kane has scored 26 headers in the EPL alone. You dont even know what foot players kick with. Harry Maguire is captain of the team that is 2nd top of the EPL, semi final of Europa League and 1st centre back on the team sheet for England. Yes a Championship level defender indeed. And if we are being padantic. Do you mean on the ground? Not in the ground? Unless you mean he is better dead? Just acc
  2. Can you imagine Keane if Schmeichel was letting in goals from 35 yards or pushing shots right back into play rather than out wide safe. The midfield need to close down more but the goals you mention were Marshalls fault. And if we close down too high then it causes other problems with space in the pockets. Clarke has a system, its sit deep and be hard to break down.
  3. You use stats to support your point but when the post below you shows that your stats actually show the opposite of what your position is you change tact. You have highlighted he didnt win any aerial challenges today, but then somebody shows that he is in top 5% of ariel duels won in the EPL and you change to say it must be the style of most EPL teams. You say you watch alot of Man Utd. If you do then surely you would be aware that he win the vast majority of ariel duels as the stats show. And being physical isnt just about in the air. Its moving attackers off the ball, not allo
  4. Where am I agreeing with you. You say we have a line. Im saying we have 2 lines. One on 18 and another about 25 yards. Your original point was that the midfield were to blame for the goals. It was the GK. Any top GK would be really disapointed to concede those goals.
  5. Typo. Stones. He is likely to partner Maguire for England. Are you saying that Adams isnt faster than Dykes? Or indeed faster than Maguire? Maguire rarely gets bullied. Do you disagree that physicality is one of his best assets. If so what do you think they are?
  6. Yes, lines. Back 4 or 5 across the 18 box with the midfield about 25 yards out. Leaves very little space to break through. If we play France or Germany with the defence on 18 yard box and midfield 35 yards out then it would be a cricket score.
  7. Utter nonsence. Are you able to provide an impartial opinion on anything? Dykes' biggest asset is his physicality. This allows him to hold the ball up and bring others into play. In that sence he is a nightmare for defenders to play against as he doesnt give them a moments peace. However Maguires biggest asset is also his phyicality. He is bigger and stronger than Dykes so Dkyes plays into his comfort zone. What Maguire lacks is pace. Therefore Adams would be the harder opponent. Jones on the other hand would prefer Adams and not enjoy Dykes.
  8. Ive said before that our midfielders need to get tighter to players befoee they receive the ball however at a decent standard of football, teams should be happy to allow shots from 35/40 yards. Even allowing shots from 30 yards would be fine for a competent GK. 2 out of the 3 goals were Marshalls fault. Clarke sets his teams up to be hard to break down. Part of that is compacting the final 3rd so teams cant pass through the lines. A consequence of that is that it allows teams time and space from about 30 yards out. As others have said, McGregor or indeed any top GK wouldnt hav
  9. A women cant rape another women. The scenario you mention above would be prosecuted as rape, regardless of how Police Scotland mark it. SOSA 2009
  10. Marshall was responsible for 2 or the 3 goals you mention.
  11. Im sure I read that part of the evidence was that Zungo heard the same thing being said.
  12. Did Zungo not hear it aswell. I think they went off what both those players said along with the reactions which were immediate. Placed alongside the defence of what he said which no person in rhe history of time has ever said and im confident that any court in the land would find him guilty. Theres enough legal sufficiency in Scots law to prosecute aswell.
  13. Cant see him taking 5 forwards for 1 position. Adams and Dykes are stick ons. If its an expanded squad I can see him taking 2 more. If not I think he would prefer to just take 3 and worst case scenario play somebody like Christie up top.
  14. Kudelas ban covers all Uefa competitions so will rule him out of the Euros. Think thats about as strong a ban as he was ever going to get. I dont fully understand the Roofe ban. He gets a game more than Kamara despite his being in the coursea of the game and by my view an accident (albeit an extremely dangerous one) yet Kamaras was pre meditated assault after the game, albeit with provocation.
  15. Being a top midfielder nowadays has nothing to do with aggression in the sense of getting yellow cards. What McTom needs to learn is when its ok to just be aware of a player, have him in his sights etc and when the need is to get close to them before they receive the ball. He will hopefully learn that over time. He has a tendency to not close somebody down until they recieve the ball which at the top level in the final 3rd is too late.
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