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  1. Wont happen until the other teams start to stand up for themselves. Even the other 10 prem sides getting together and saying they wouldnt field sides in any round unless the final ticketing arrangements were changed would work. But wont happen as the non old firm teams cant get onto the same page.
  2. Thats why I think its more sensible to make a stand in the league cup. If Hibs refused their allocation all the SFA would do is give it to Celtic so they wouldnt care. Even threatening to not play the tie would get tbe SFA talking. If a club played it smart, leaked things to the press like they wont turn up out of protest etc then the SFA couldnt do anything in advance ans the fear of how it would impact on sponsors, TV etc would be enough to get their attention. It should really be quite simple. Offer both teams 50% and sell it in stages, moving around the stadium. Have dates for the tickets to be sold by or else no more tickets go to that team and the rest get offered to the other team.
  3. Could a club refuse to participate if the allocation wasnt 50/50. That would be a strong stance to take. The SFA wouldnt want the embaressment of not having a final so would at least bring them to the table and is low risk for a club as theres no european qualification anyway.
  4. Hibs were brilliant today. Especially in the 1st half but solid also in the 2nd. Very brave by Ross to go (and keep) 2 up top. They showed what can be done when teams attack.
  5. Im abit torn on Dykes to be honest. I didnt rate him prior to him being called up but he has certainly shown that he adds something to our team and has come up with some crucial goals. That said id be surprised (plesently) if he continues to score at his recent rate. I thought Adams was excellent in the last 2 games and operated at a higher level than I personally feel Dykes is capable of. Its good to finally have a couple of strikers capable of scoring and leading the line for us though. My comment was more along the lines of somebody who might challenge the scoring records. I cant see that being Dykes.
  6. Reaching major comps certainly helps with the cap count. I couldnt believe that Adams is on 13 caps when I heard it on the radio the other day. Would be nice if Robertson could push towards 100 caps. One thing id love to happen soon is somebody to start moving up the scoring charts. Mcginn on 11 is our highest at the moment I believe.
  7. Yet when the monopoly was bust another team kept it ticking over until Rangers got back in the league. Surely you cant blame the Old Firm (too much) for protecting the Old Firm. Surely the blame has to lie at the feet of Aberdeen. Vote to change the 11-1 voting structure then the league can pretty much do what it wants forevermore.
  8. Thats exactly my point. Somebody said he wasnt world class because he isnt good at shooting. I said he is a defender and thats not his job, he does everything else to a world class level but he could certainly improve his shooting. Then a bunch of other ppl post about how good he is at shooting which he isnt as the stats show.
  9. Other channels can pay to share broadcasting. Apparently stv are trying to negotiate with sky for march fixtures.
  10. Im not sure what part you disagree with. BBC are meant to have a different operating model than commercial TV. Therefore viewing figures dont play the same part as commercial channels. Its the reason things like Shinty, garden watch etc are shown. The BBC is supposed to serve all licence fee payers. Not just those in England.
  11. The opposite is true surely. ITV have to justify their spending. Viewing figures directly impact on advertising value. BBC get their money from the licence fee. Programmes are supposed to be judged on their educational or public merit. Not viewing figures.
  12. Robertson has scored 4 goals in 170 games for Liverpool. 1 of which I remember was defo a header so 3 goals in 170 games for a side who dominate most games, where he is encouraged and indeed does reguarly storm forward. A goal every 56 games isnt exactly backing up your position is it? Cooper has 9 in 219. At least 5 of those werent headers according to the stat websites so even as a starting point his scoring stats with his feet are a goal every 43 games. Anyway enough with stats. The general point I was making was that Robertson isnt good at shooting but is a world class player regardless as that aint his job.
  13. Why cant they when ITV are able to outbid sky for England games? The BBC have a huge budget. The pay multi million pounds for EPL highlights, multi million pounds for presenters to do shows like motd. Would they be paying over the odds for the number of viewers. Yes, given its likely that only a percentage of Scottish people would be watching but thats what the BBC is meant to be about. Its a public service broadcaster. Its not meant to be about viewing figures etc. Thats the criteria for commerical channels.
  14. What part of saying it was our best performance in 20 years in downplaying it to you? I stated a fact. Denmark had already qualified. Do you agree or disagree that players try harder when there is something on the line? Thats not the same as saying Denmark didnt try, didnt care or were easy to beat. In my opinion its just something to bear in mind when looking at the bigger picture.
  15. The world doesnt end but getting ahead of ourselves can have an impact. Classic example was the summer. For years and years the vast majority of fans just wanted to get back to a major comp. Couldnt care less how we did when we got there, please god please just let us go to one. Clarke and the team then get us to one with a very good unexpected performance in Serbia and come the lead up to the summer we have lots of fans saying we should beat Czech and Croatia. When that doesnt happen a not insignificant percentage of fans were doubting Clarke and not happy he got a new contract. If those fans had got their way would we be in the position we are now? Im not saying dont enjoy the success, god knows I am. Im saying it needs to be tempered with a touch of realism. We have done amazingly well to finish 2nd and get a seeded draw but its still uphill from here. If for example we got a non Poland for the semi and got beat. Id be disappointed but still confident in the managers and players going forward as its all about progress.
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