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  1. Anyone in the march to the stadium might have been lucky enough to see the team arrive in the bus. Was a bit disappointed not one of the players could muster up a wave to my 10yr old son as he stood waving to them passing. Pricks
  2. The love in with Clarke is bizarre. McLeish got us to the Euros playoffs and Clarke got us over the line. Other than that he's fucked the euros, fucked the last nations league, fucked the Ukraine play off and fucked this tonight against a team that has only ever scored 2 nations league goals.....with a better set of players than any of his predecessors. If that was McLeish tonight everyone would be up in arms, but apparently we're making progress 🤔
  3. Completely agree with the opinions on Robertson in that he is not captain material. As some have alluded to, i just can't imagine any other national captain swigging from a bottle of beer on an open top bus 3 days before one of the biggest matches in their country's recent history. It's an awful example to set. I'm an amateur runner at best, had a marathon on Saturday, would have loved a beer or two last Wednesday for the match but refrained. FFS, if i can stay tee total for a race I'm sure the captain of our team can hold off for a week or two. Ps. He did not have an abscess at the time of the Kazakhstan match. He was getting recurring bother from his wisdom tooth which required him to get it surgically removed at some point. He elected to get it done during the next international window but didn't necessarily need it done then. I'm a dentist, he could have waited a few months until the season was over. Personally, I can't stand him. He's full of sound bytes but does not walk the walk.
  4. We were miles off it tonight. Shouldn't really be a surprise when our captain would prefer to party 3 days before a WC play off. Then you've other players seen drinking on holiday between the season ending and tonight. Do you think the Ukrainian players were doing this in the past month?? No chance! At this level you can't get away with losing 1% and it showed. I'm sure some happy clappers will be along to tell us that the players deserve some down time etc etc. Nonsense! Arguably Scotland's biggest match in a long time and every player should have been putting absolutely everything in their favour to give a top performance. Feel massively let down.
  5. I'll be surprised if it's more than 5k. We were all booked to head down in March but none of us are now going. I would normally be buzzing to head for a game of this magnitude but I'm feeling a bit of apathy towards it.....probably still just bitter I've just missed out on a ticket.
  6. I'll have 1 official scotland ticket to sell face value. Bought one for myself (I'm on 14 pts) but my 10yr old son is on 11 points so couldn't get one for him in the end. Ended up buying 2 on ticketmaster instead as i obviously need to sit with him.
  7. I'll say it again. It's ridiculous a one off play-off final is not only played in a non neutral ground but the fact that it's not an even ticket split.
  8. I think we'll obviously take a decent support but probably a little less than usual given we've potentially Wales away too. Hoping it might drop to 11 points. Although I'm pretty sure spare tickets shouldn't be a problem to come by for this match
  9. Trying to weigh up whether i should watch our potential world cup play off final in Stockholm or not. I'm in Sweden that weekend and I'm due to fly home during the match. I think I'll just miss out on a ticket so I'm accepting I'll not go to Wales, however I definitely can't miss watching the game on tv. This means it's likely I'll have to either stay an extra night in Stockholm or maybe try and get an earlier flight home to at least watch the game in Scotland. Basically, are there any TA on here who could recommend somewhere that'll not be too terrible to watch the match in Stockholm? An already rearranged expensive trip to Sweden will cost me another £500 minimum to stay another night/change flights. I'd rather only pay this if i can at least know I'll have somewhere OK to watch it. Cheers
  10. Couldn't agree more. The second draw was completely needless 🙈
  11. Well as it stands you could argue more members will miss out overall across the 2 potential matches than they would if it was 50/50 both games.
  12. Eh?I'm complaining about the ticket allocation from a scotland point of view. I'm citing the fact that certain teams potentially having to play 2 away games in stadiums with few of their fans is unfair in my opinion.
  13. The ticket allocations for these play offs is wrong and should be 50/50 (obviously more offered to home fans if the away uptake isn't fulfilled). Play offs are normally a neutral venue or 2 legged affair. Just because you are lucky enough to get the home draw shouldn't mean you get an 'actual' home match. Not fair on fans and not fair on the away teams. A team like Ukraine has little chance of making it through 2 away matches.
  14. 16 will be fine. Which is annoying as I'm on 14, went to Moldova but couldn't get an official away ticket. I'm in Sweden that weekend. I'd happily take the hit and not go, but as I'm not getting a ticket it looks like an expensive day out in Stockholm to watch it instead!
  15. What do we think the ticket allocation will be for this? Stadium holds 51000. My son is on 11 points so would only get a ticket if we got a 10% allocation. I'm annoyed, as i messed up the booking when i ordered the 3 match package for the last campaign. His STC number wasn't linked to any of the tickets even though he went to them to them all, otherwise he'd be on 14 points!
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