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  1. Well said. Berti gets far too much stick in my opinion. We've had worse since.
  2. The bottom line is that there is no conclusive evidence that such pitches cause injuries. The players had one important 90 minutes to play on an artificial surface, you would think they were getting asked to play on fucking lava or something. It's a convenient pathetic excuse. As a dentist I find it hard to fathom that Andy Robertson could be fine to play on Sunday but not fit to fly that night, so yes, he's clearly chose to delay treatment which I expect will be a wisdom tooth issue, as captain, that is unacceptable for me.
  3. Apparently a bust up with Mcgregor and Mcfadden post match ?
  4. I've booked the bus from the airport to Rimini. It's 17 euros and takes 90 mins. Saves any hassle getting from the airport to the train station and shouldn't take any longer, although i think there's only one bus every 2 hours or so.
  5. Anyone else who selected special delivery still waiting on their ticket? When were tickets posted? Still not had anything. I've bought 2 tickets separately for me and my son, selected special delivery for both. I got an email for random ticket collection but it doesn't specify a name so don't know if it's me or him......or both (my email is registered to both our accounts).
  6. To be fair they did send out a survey of interest for numbers but maybe loads of folk didn't bother with it. Davy's buses have approx 1600 folk so far, I'd be surprised if there's more than 1500 folk making their own way so I still reckon most folk will be OK. Anybody know how many have been sold do far?
  7. Really hope there's enough for everyone. I'm taking my 7yr old son to his first away match and he only has 3 points.
  8. dezmondo

    Tennis 2017

    According to this list he's the 39th most successful men's player to ever play tennis. I'd say that's pretty good! That list is flawed as a measure of overall success though as it has many players from an era that just isn't comparable to today's game. It also doesn't include other titles, ranking, Olympic Golds etc. It also neglects the fact that everyone is aware of in that Andy was in the most difficult generations ever. You're also missing the obvious in the fact that injury (if he indeed retires) has cost him around 30% of his career and potentially his prime, missing out on more GrandSlams. I'm confident he would have added another 2 had he stayed fit. I'm sure an algorithm could be done taking into account all factors, and I'd guess it would have Andy in the top 15 male players ever. Scotland's most successful sportsman by absolute miles!
  9. Could I please have 2 seats Davy. Thanks
  10. Glasgow to Bologna, indirect flight via Amsterdam with KLM. Saturday morning to Monday night. Will be taking the train from Bologna to Rimini and staying there. Flights plus hotel about 200 all in.
  11. Booked me and my son. Staying in Rimini Saturday and Sunday night.
  12. As much as Souttar invited pressure upon himself in the lead up to his sending off, it was never a foul never mind a booking. Never touched him! As for McLeish, he rightly should be getting stick for last night, not for getting it wrong initially but for his inability to recognise it wasn't working and therefore changing it. That said though, again the players are getting away with murder! Individually terrible and should be doing better regardless of the formation.
  13. Signing my boy up for the first time. On the SSC site when creating a new memebership at no point does it ask for his name. Is this correct, that it is just assigned to me.......or am I being thick? Thanks
  14. I've been told tonight that it's a done deal for a no1 and no 2 of McLeish and James McFadden 👍
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