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  1. Come on! You've not answered my question. Why does the referee give him a yellow card? Is it a yellow card offence to be off balance? 🤔 By the way, it's Morelos, and if he is a known thug then that makes Scott Brown a serial killer 😂
  2. You've not answered my question. Why does the referee give him a yellow card? Is it a yellow card offence to be off balance? 🤔
  3. So can anyone enlighten me as to what the rules are regarding the Griffiths yellow card. How can a stamp be a yellow card? 🤔 Not to mention the fact he knows exactly what he's doing. McCoist spot on in that Morelos would have been off for that.
  4. can't see many folk going as in 1500+ given the logistics. I could be completely wrong though lol
  5. So who's taking a gamble on flights? 🙈
  6. Are the dates definitely 26th and 31st or are they any of the dates in between. Surely all play offs are not getting played on the same day
  7. I predict Israel at home and a home final draw. If we are drawn away for the final I think I'll gamble on £100 return flights to Oslo.
  8. He should be our captain in my eyes. The first thing you expect from a captain is to turn up and play and be willing to run through a brick wall for team or country, that sadly is not the case with Robertson. I have it on good authority that Robertson isn't fully committed. Something along the lines of 'he hates it, can't be bothered with all the captain stuff". Apologies, I'm not trying to take away from the OP and I can assure you I I don't post unverified nonsense or try to pretend I'm in the know when I'm not. It's just what I've heard second hand from a very trusted friend.
  9. Absolutely agree. There's nobody at all and I think it makes a massive difference. Whether it's a strong personality or somebody who is vocal there's just nobody. We also miss not having a few units/bullies in our team. Every other team I see has a few but we don't really have anyone, maybe a few with potential. Again, i think it makes a difference, not only to the actual performance of the team but also mentally.
  10. Now you're being silly. That was nowhere near our strongest team!
  11. I think it's now fair to say that both previous managers weren't quite as bad as a lot of folk thought. Strachan I personally thought his time was up as he had his chance and failed. Now I'm beginning to think I was wrong. There's no way we would be any worse off than we are now, and most likely we would be in a better position with the advantage of continuity. We were performing better than we are now, we had a fair bit of momentum and Strachan himself admitted he had seen the err of his ways in the middle of his tenure - by overthinking and complicating his lineups. McLeish I said at the time and I stand by it, he simply wasn't as bad as most people thought or would have you believe. Bottom line - if McLeish had been in charge last night, this board and social media etc would have been going into meltdown today! The guy got pillered from day one and wasn't given a fair crack in my opinion. He had 6 competitive matches in charges and won 4. Israel away wasn't as bad as everyone thought and was a typical albeit not acceptable loss that most Scotland managers have suffered. Kazakhstan was a disaster, so essentially he was bagged for one bad loss - despite having a group of players not turning up (I know the players not turning up is an issue itself that doesn't reflect well on the manager). I'm not saying he definitely shouldn't have been sacked but it would maybe have helped if he got the support and patience that Clarke appears to be getting. My point simply is I don't think we're currently any better off. I'm not convinced that team last night would have fared any better against Kazakhstan away - despite Clarke having a better pool of players to choose from. I'm in no way against Clarke and will support him and hope he does well. I just think think the players continue to get off lightly with their abject performances, the grass isn't always greener on the other side when it comes to our managers, and our problems run far deeper than just our choice of manager.
  12. Did nobody else notice that from about the 15 min mark for 10 minutes or so that the Russians were constantly hitting the deck and staying down on a couple of occasions. It totally upset our rhythm and didn't recover from it. We are really missing a few characters in the team. Obviously a dominant centre half, but an imposing midfielder who can drive the team on and pull the strings...hopefully Mctominay or Mcginn will grow into this role with experience. We also badly need creativity, every time we get into the final third we pass it sideways..... Christie looked good when he came on. We are in a real bad place at the moment. We look worse than average and don't have much that really improves on our starting line up tonight. When was the last time we lost a qualifier at home against a team who isn't one of the 'elite'? The attendances are depressing and will only get worse. Terrible terrible time to be a Scotland fan.
  13. Slightly off topic, does anyone know if you can see the loyalty points table online? Just been trying to estimate how many tickets we'll get per match at the euros if we qualify, around 9000?
  14. David Bates told to find a new club by Hamburg.
  15. dezmondo

    New kit

    I don't suppose anyone knows where you can buy the current goalkeeper top in a junior size. Not listed on the JD site.
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