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  1. Try Murphys just off International Drive,a couple of my mates are going there to watch them.
  2. I was catching up on the highlights of Dundonald Bluebells away game at Linlithgow and found out that TA character Davie Roy had passed away. I first met big Davie in the Amsterdam Bar in Riga along with hIs other Lithgy buddies and he was wearing this long blonde wig,there was a stuffed parrot in a big cage inside one of the windows and he took it from the stand and tied it to his wig and went for a walk along the street.He had the whole place in stitches and even the owner of the pub was enjoying the fun.After that the bar got nicknamed the Parrot Bar. The last time i saw Davie was when i was over for the Lithgy v Raith Scottish Cup game and we had a cracking day out and it finished up with Davie singing the famous Lithgy club song alongside Andy Chung in Platform 3.A few other good memories of the big man and he will be missed. Condolences to his family. R.I.P Davie HTGRP
  3. Some things will never change,when they decided to change the layout of the 200 club and moved the telly there were hundreds of coupons lying behind it and they were all your losing ones. You are that bad you even missed the telly with them at 4.45 lol
  4. Very sad news.Shared a room with him in Dublin and Alicante,he couldn't walk far at times so a pub crawl was literally a pub crawl during our stay in Alicante. R.I.P my friend.
  5. I do love these cup ties against the rangers. 7/2 in the chip shop cup and 9/1 today .
  6. Neil look out for Jimbo....he'll buy you a beer or 2 .
  7. Well time to forget about the referendum shit that's been going on and spend a day kilt walking in memory of a good friend of many on this board and a couple of his favourite pear cider along the way.Donations can still be made via the link in the opening post. This is for you Battlebus Commander.
  8. I will counter that with "How can Cameron,Milliband and Clegg talk about Scotland when they don't live here"
  9. Away and crawl back up Camerons arse ya fuckin hypocrite Broon. In 79 you told us not to believe anything Westminster told us.
  10. Canvassers in Cardenden have been getting a near 60% yes on every street in the village.Surprised me but people are pissed off with the Labour has went.
  11. Oor Wullie has a mind of his own and doesnt bow to his bosses.
  12. Gavin stays over the fence from me and is leading the YES Cardenden group.Both camps had stalls at our village fair yesterday and there was no animosity. Folk going to both stalls for info from both sides.They even had a good old friendly tug-of-war between the two camps with the NOs coming out on top.Sporting handshakes after it as well.
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