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  1. Cheers for that.I was telling slasher the other week that as i was walking round to my mums i passed the cemetery i was thinking about what he was going through and remebered that he was a Celtic fan so i popped into have a look at John's grave.Weird how things come to your mind in strange circumstances. Being from the village we were brought up on the story of Johnny,and his sister-in-law was a teacher at Cardenden Primary school.So in the last year at primary she came into our class and invited us down 2 per night to her and John's brother Jim's house. A friend and myself went down together one night after school and they had John's medals,caps,photo albums and also his Scotland goalie top.We got the personal insight into the family and what they went through at the time.Amazing sitting there as an eleven year old kid and listening to it all.They didn't have to do this but it was well appreciated even as a kid. I remember putting on the thick goalie top with the huge neck and it touched the floor. Great memory to have and sad at the same time. His grave got covered in paint about 4 or 5 years ago and the first people wanting to find who done it were the local Rangers guys.I'm not sure if the culprits were ever caught but the grave got cleaned up and looks good again.
  2. That's great news with the suppliers. It is good that companies realise how much it affects everyone and not just themselves.I'm like you, definately not going down the loan route. Will just soldier on.Hope i can get some work as a volunteer with readyscotland so i'm at least doing a bit to help others who are in more need than me.
  3. That's why i said i would get £470 per month in earlier post 😉 . I know i won't get a grant so i won't apply. That's life. As long as the sore head was with writing that and not anything else.👍
  4. That's great news about the grant,i don't have premises of any sort so very much doubt i would get it.
  5. If you pay business rates you should qualify for it.Good that you can diversify as well. Because i'm one man ltd company i fall into all the pits so to speak. I decided last night to register with readyscotland as a volunteer,just need to wait and see if needed for anything.Beats sitting about the house.
  6. Hope everyone has managed to get themselves sorted with regards to payments. I managed to get sorted for unviversal credit although i won't exactly know how much i will get until the 18th. I can furlough myself and get 80% of the salary i pay myself monthly but i am not allowed to claim 80% on the dividends,which is where i get the majority of my money.So i will probably get about £470 per month, better than nothing. I am not entitled to the £10k business grant as i don't pay business rates but i have read that there are people out there who are still working and picking up the grant as well.Boasting about what they are going to do with their extra money.
  7. Despite the uncertainty with regards to clubs at the moment Raith in conjunction with another couple of companies have been out delivering soup packs to the elderly. My 84 year old mum received one earlier from Fernandy Mendy and Fulham bound Kieron Bowie. Great gesture all round. 👏
  8. Are you playing the piano out on the balcony?😃 I heard a clip on radio forth this morning of some guy down in Wales trying to start of community singing there,he started singing Queen and then about 3 lines in some guy shouts out shut the fuck up. 😂
  9. I'm the same as you jcs,i install and decomm cabling so i can't work from home. Fingers crossed that everyone can get something sorted asap as the longer it goes the more worrying people will become. Good luck slasher and i hope the underlying condition doesn't cause you to much grief.
  10. I am in the same boat as you,not in hospitality industry but been stood down until further notice by the company i do work for.Filled in the universal credit stuff online last night then called the number this morning to make an appointment.Got one for Cowdenbeath tomorrow at 12.35 but now i have just had a call telling me not to go in due to the coronavirus and appointment will be done over the phone on 1st April. Never done this universal thing before so don't know what to expect.
  11. Was working at Macmerry on Wednesday night and managed to see the second half of the Bonnyrigg - Dundonald game.1-1 at half time then Bluebell scored 10mins into second half.From about the hour mark the Rose had the majority of the ball but never got a shot on target until 2 minutes to go.Lenny made a great save only for the ball to end up at the feet of another forward for a tap in to equalise.Never saw the extra time and it finished 4-2 to Bonnyrigg. Decent effort from Dundonald and so close to causing an upset.
  12. I understand where you are coming from 👍 I don't recognise any of the names on here nowadays,well maybe with the exception of Dave78. I just picked up on the thread as it appeared at the top of the forum.
  13. RH is Davy Dow,i have no reason to lie.I only posted this because i bump into ron now and again when he is in Cardenden and i was talking to him about this.Ron doesn't know Davy and vice versa. I never post on here now but i do know both of them and as i said they are chalk and cheese in appearance.Would be good if this was put to bed. I posted on another thread as i am intrigued with the pyramid system and what might happen there.
  14. Was keeping an eye on the score,can't see Bonnyrigg overtaking them now.That was a massive win for Kelty.Decent crowd. I had intended on going to Perth for the Bluebell game against Jeanfield but that fell to the weather again,lot of surface water on the pitch.Bluebell just signed young Jack Smith from Raith til the end of the season. I read that it will be as you were next season with the EOSFL Premier and the 2 conference leagues but will be changing the season after that,no idea what the plans are though.
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