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  1. I see they made it through after going behind. Think the draw is at 11am today.
  2. I was 9 when that game was played,i remember the buses lined up on the high street after the game as i had to pass them to get to bus stop to get a bus back to Lochgelly.No direct bus back to Cardenden then lol. Never knew that about Dundee.Good memories for folk that were there.
  3. Thought it was. They struggled for a while. I'm sure i went up to watch Fraserburgh up at Cowdenbeath in a cup tie one year but can't find any details of it.Think there were 6 bus loads down for the game.
  4. I sat and watched the Keith game because i had a few friends from there who were at the game.Also knew the kitman. Was not just 3-0 for Celtic against Whitehill.
  5. Love that place,not been there for a few years though. Social club ,legion and especially The Ploo were great places to drink in.Had a few drams with Stewart Kennedy one weekend when he was playing with Forfar. The hotel i used to stay in when up for the Chivas Regal tournie is now a nursing home i think.
  6. On another day more of the Queen's chances would have went in. We normally play with a back 4 but they adapted to a back 5 well and kept their shape.Was tough for the 2 guys up front as the midfield didn't want to push too far forward.Quitongo was a handful for the defence.Bibby changed the set up at the right times and the players gave their all. Thats all you can ask for when there is a gulf in class.Hopefully they can build on this and move up the league. They done the village proud last night and the interview with the general manager at half time was also a credit to the club.
  7. Talking about Davie got me thinking about another ex Killie man....Billy Dickson.I have a photo of his dad and myself from the early 70s taken at Kinkell Braes caravan site in St.Andrews.My mum and dad had a caravan up there and Billy's parents went there for their summer holidays. Do you know if Billy is still living? I'm sure he emigrated to Australia.
  8. Did Killie not just give him some recognition for the league title win? Same as daviebee ,as non United fan i was most of their european games back then with my dad.We couldn't get tickets for the Gothenburg game but the nights of the Borussia and Roma games were amazing.Standing on the north terracing and the majority of fans around us were all supporters of various teams but all united (pardon the pun) on cheering the arabs.
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