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  1. What a load of old pish..... no offence meant to you directly, but if you can read that into woolly pseudo religion yer a wee bit dafter than most..... borderline loopy if you really ‘believe’.
  2. Claimed refund for BA flights Lon-gla-Lon for thursday’s nights game...... they cancelled....in the old world you could do the refund online. Now the stankies have switched to only let you get voucher for future travel. CAA regs state you are legally entitled, so phoning customer services (20 mins on call so not too bad) I got refund........ trying to protect there business but a disregard for folk who really need to talk to customer services.
  3. Don’t think there was any mention of attributing the massive spike in deaths, at least partly, to the paralysis of the health services due to the outbreak.
  4. Aye, both Germany performances were class....made you think we were a good side. They played great, looked technically better than expected.....getting the ball in tight spots and dealing with it..... very un-scotland like.
  5. How is he weegie? c’mon man, plenty time for, even half-arsed, tinterweb research in these times that we’re living in. But yeah, you’re right, north Ayrshire not legendary for veg intake either 😉
  6. Self-certify that you’re exempt from self-isolation....... by order of ...... yersel!
  7. The govt. should issue curry vouchers in an effort to clear the cludgie roll glut that’s coming our way........ or maybe just fund the curry houses directly to offer free vindaloo.
  8. Spanish atc staff sickness (either piles or corona?) means big delays...... Spain not shut ......yet.
  9. BBC saying Robertson struggled at end ...... possible hammy. Didn’t watch it, but is that how it looked?
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