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  1. Agree with brassiere, a proper solid-do-the-simple-well defensive mid was really needed...... i’d shore the middle up first. Jack there is not a gamble, jack at rb against Belgium is a gamble.
  2. Nah, humpy is allowed to say what he wants ...... elite boarder, different rules, his baw.
  3. Absolutely, got to do it. It’s the way of the world,..... being seen to be doing something is the most important thing.
  4. and rangers know this, so what may appear proactive is purely designed to appear that way to the authorities, and will be rolled out as example of previous action taken when the next breach occurs.
  5. Missed it, but seems the bold jack is on loan for a year at alcorcon !!!!! 1/2 step forward 2 steps back?
  6. Has he rolled in the shit you saw first? ...... cos you are one bitter dude!
  7. Iran...... get it richt up the yanks, and loved it in France 98 when they beat said yankers....... however, wouldn’t say I supported them.
  8. Get a cab then..... mix it up a bit doll 😉
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