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  1. you're a bitter man, but guess that passion shows just how much yer hurtin. its the done thing for the semi famous to blast their outpourings of emotion onto social media ...... just like you did about their wallowing. A vicious circle of "check ME out".
  2. yer maw! sorry, but one of the best base retorts.
  3. Foreign johnnies make better managers... Dick Paulov?
  4. Not quite the same, but the usual tripe from spoiled fitba fans who smell blood and go for the jugular. Miles away from being the ideal man to run the show but have no doubt that he gave his all and has ultimately been let down by a bunch of clowns with cantbearseditis in Kazakhstan.
  5. ... aye but can you tell that? Only certainty is that they were playing against a total shower.
  6. Good thing is that Malaga value him enough to give a shit that he's leaving.... mibbees.
  7. We are we are we are we are we are we are the billy the billy the billy the billy the billy boys boys boys boys boys...
  8. No point in saying you're not going to allude... and then not allude... allude away!
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