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  1. Robert Rowan, technical director at Brentford died aged 28. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46197440 Seems an he had interesting career and route into fitba... via celtic, stenhousmuir and others. RIP
  2. ger intae them

    London TA

    Best place to watch games is the albion, near Blackfriars. Lots of telly's and usually a decent crowd. Apparently it's the home of the loony alba ... but don't know much about that.
  3. Seems you're getting older quicker than most with your grumping about hee haw.
  4. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    If I'm not mistaken, that's a head-rest from an Austin Montego?!
  5. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    .... i'm kimba... I'm kimba... noh I'm kimba... shut it, I'm kimba... noh, you shut it ya daftie, I'm kimba!
  6. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    You used to be kimba-lite... but you've let yourself slip to kimba-max. Glenda Hoddle apparently responding to treatment.
  7. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    I don't think Mr CTA attracts animosity... i guess some people, me included, struggle with what seems to be a decent, intelligent fella with a strength of belief (largely of nonsense) who just won't open his mind, and has the arrogant 'my way or highway (to hell)' attitude... and of course he's a sheep 😉
  8. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    (You are quite far from getting "it")
  9. ger intae them

    Leicester City

    Crowd control.
  10. Big ol' rally in that London! There's no chance of a backtrack, but people power may still influence the exit.
  11. ger intae them

    Morton takeover

    Good joust sir 🙂
  12. ger intae them


    Just like the semi's?
  13. ger intae them

    Team GB

    I take it the sfa have agreed this, and then devolved their responsibility by saying it's the individuals choice?
  14. Take a look at your post... I'd hate to be your husband 😉
  15. Wake up. It was a red card all day long... just because you get a few dodgy decisions doesn't mean you can appeal the obvious. They should shut up... what is it with moaning nowadays? Everyone wants to greet to order.