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  1. Agreed..... I thought that perkstrife was spamming the board for years.... holier than thou on every single subject.
  2. Pink Wing (of the) Tartan Army.... inclusive, and pre-dating all formalised lgbtqia legislation.
  3. the true measure for the death of the TAMB is the total time since last post. As I look now you have TA Specific / otherfitba / other stuff running at ..... 43mins/1hr/6hrs for a sat nicht, this board be dyin.
  4. More likely a weekend at the green man fest if that beard is indicative!
  5. No discussion..... of course a relatively small number of Bulgarian racists is much worse than a relatively small number of english racists.... to the british tabloid media.
  6. Poetic post licence..... or fake news? to be honest it was the capital ‘J’ that did it 😉
  7. What!? ...... they were playing for the Scotland 😜
  8. Call Brittany Kaiser..... she’s got buddies on the inside so could get them to stop?
  9. ..... s’mbdy pls offer him a big chariddy bet ...... pls
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