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  1. Lickspittle. Great word, first time I’ve heard it.... it’s a brammer....... and is right on the money for our aunt sally.
  2. Really can’t see the mooted move to Liverpool happening...... especially with this season’s fade in form. will prob end up at West Ham, and although on more dough will wish he was back in those halcyon days of last season.
  3. ..... of humanity as we know it..... hope you’re right😉
  4. What, a la Aberdeen? did they not have it until 31 March and the insurance co. wouldn’t renew (shockeroonie)
  5. How are you meant to get yer granny off the bus then?
  6. We’ve just had a decorator in to do some work. I got chatting to him and it turns out he is a British Airways pilot who’s been furloughed and earning a bit of extra cash. He made a lovely job of the landing.....
  7. Kind of.... according to English rangers proposal says other prem teams can pay to start in highland/lowland leagues.
  8. It stinks. If you haven’t got enough sides you don’t just go back to the big two and help them out by giving their kids ‘real’ games. stretches the advantage even further.
  9. No it isn’t, it goes some way towards balancing the events against the shocking (normal) behaviour of the police in other situations. The whole thing has very little to do with Floyd, he’s merely the spark...... and possibly, as Noah says, as is lock-down.
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