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  1. ger intae them

    Bilingual ma arse...

    ... any decent causes? Not a pure moan, but I was corresponding/complaining to Heinz about them not taking up my suggestion to market beanaroni. They were confident that their r&d was superior to mine.
  2. ger intae them

    Leigh Griffiths

    Woahhh woahhh woahhh.... once again a decent thread dives down the sink of brain-dead wean chat.... the tamb truly is done.
  3. ger intae them

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Wee Jimmy Forrest has gone right off the boil... 😉
  4. What do you get out of the posting of shite posted by twats? Confirmation that some knuckle dragging twats post shite? Well done.
  5. ger intae them

    Outlaw King

    Ok so the fence has taken a small hit and the shrubbery should have been pruned in may rather than april... but 's'no that wild?!
  6. Haverers 3:2 he who hath no redeeming features and an inability to do owt but cutteth along with pasteth gook aligned together with gobbledy should herewith departeth the thread
  7. ger intae them

    Team GB

    Creep effect... and it's creeping further, especially when you factor in the push for equality of pay, opportunity, etc as is the norm in society now.
  8. ger intae them

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Gies a break, they're all Scotland players
  9. ger intae them

    London TA

    Upstairs is more packed.
  10. Robert Rowan, technical director at Brentford died aged 28. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46197440 Seems an he had interesting career and route into fitba... via celtic, stenhousmuir and others. RIP
  11. ger intae them

    London TA

    Best place to watch games is the albion, near Blackfriars. Lots of telly's and usually a decent crowd. Apparently it's the home of the loony alba ... but don't know much about that.
  12. Seems you're getting older quicker than most with your grumping about hee haw.
  13. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    If I'm not mistaken, that's a head-rest from an Austin Montego?!
  14. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    .... i'm kimba... I'm kimba... noh I'm kimba... shut it, I'm kimba... noh, you shut it ya daftie, I'm kimba!
  15. ger intae them

    Glenn Hoddle

    You used to be kimba-lite... but you've let yourself slip to kimba-max. Glenda Hoddle apparently responding to treatment.