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  1. Pyoor SFA marketing scam that people stay in because it’s a habit...... I renewed last week 🤔
  2. Sorry, but if this general helped defeat isis , why would Israel hate him?
  3. It’s only the teeth...... the rest of chas is man beautiful.
  4. Hi, welcome....... just wondering if you have any spare tickets.......... for an event?
  5. From a different time..... quite liked it at the time and good for a wee look as had totally forgotten it...... Jim white still a wank, but less than he is now.
  6. “Guests of the green brigade” .... beautifully cringeworthy too. As soon as these things get formalised/recognised they look stupid...... it is marginally different, you support your team, but never say you’ve got a 2nd team, whatever league they play in ..... keep it to yourself!
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