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  1. ger intae them


    If ma baws could hear they'd be ma ears.
  2. ger intae them

    This Board Needs Tunes

    ... oh my f**kin god... see how easy it is to post something brilliant when you don't rely on quoting clappus trappus. Well done kimby.
  3. ger intae them

    Gay footballers?

    What issue? There is no issue... folks sexuality has nothing to do with how good at fitba they are. People trying to make a non issue into an issue is the issue. For 'footballs battle with homophobia' read 'societies battle with homophobia'... and who cares who is porking who.
  4. ger intae them

    Russia 2018

    Agree re marcello and the de bruyne goal... but do love the way he plays fitba. Also, good to see big dailly has blagged his way into the French team (and calls himself Benny Pavard).
  5. ger intae them

    Wanky Phrases

    People that throw around "cunts" as if it's just a normal word... it's not, it's the strongest of the strong and shouldnt be used for mere mid-range cunts.
  6. I would have agreed.... but if he holds his walloper the other way round then I need more convincing!
  7. ger intae them

    Russia 2018

    ..... that ?
  8. ger intae them

    Arise Sir Kenny

    who's Gerard... Butler, Kelly?
  9. Keep getting that ad for a dark red & yellow/orange Haglofs LIM Comp jacket flash up on this site ..... total Motherwell casual must have!
  10. ger intae them

    Liverpool vs Real Madrid..

    Ed-zachary!.... it's great for us that Robertson is cutting it at the highest possible level, but definitely want real to win as the Scouse / premier league love-in is way too much. The 'king of the north' ... (not Dave!) has already achieved a huge dod of experience so job done. Hard to want real and the money bags fitba to win, but on this occasion it'll have to be.
  11. ger intae them

    This Weekends Matches 2017/18

    You talking to yourself again? 🤗
  12. .... does he actually say this happened in '89?
  13. Aye... but has he had the heid medical yet?