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  1. ... aye but can you tell that? Only certainty is that they were playing against a total shower.
  2. Good thing is that Malaga value him enough to give a shit that he's leaving.... mibbees.
  3. We are we are we are we are we are we are the billy the billy the billy the billy the billy boys boys boys boys boys...
  4. No point in saying you're not going to allude... and then not allude... allude away!
  5. Well, considering some recent successful appeals you just never know!
  6. ... any decent causes? Not a pure moan, but I was corresponding/complaining to Heinz about them not taking up my suggestion to market beanaroni. They were confident that their r&d was superior to mine.
  7. Woahhh woahhh woahhh.... once again a decent thread dives down the sink of brain-dead wean chat.... the tamb truly is done.
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