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  1. Cheer on the British lions...... really? I think aunt Sally’s chat is fairly chat by numbers...... I think on talksport he ain’t the best. But him and Brazil do make a good double act. I know I’m in the minority on here, but I think Brazil is consistently a good listen.
  2. Stevens , mikhailichenko, laudrup, boli, Moore and all the English..... there were a few.
  3. There’s likely bigger squads and more subs in the euros...... slightly reduces the risk of taking impact players who can’t cut it for 90mins. griff has to be included.
  4. Adams is nowhere near the player that thumb was..... and prob still is. Prob is obvious that he can’t hack the knuckling down bit. I’d still take him to the euros depending on last few league games. If he can get a few goals and prove he’s up for these games he’d be in. as for mcburnie being technically the poorest Scotland player you can think of...... ladies & gentlefolk, I urge you to think of mr k Kyle.
  5. Get mcburnie on too..... if he breaks his duck it could flick the switch to his transformation into a lewandowski-esque striker. ”prolific at the euros, he’ll be prolific at the euros, prolific at the yoooorroz, he’ll be prolific at the euros”.....
  6. 😱 No, you’ve wildly missed the point by trying to include racism in this debate.
  7. The fact that anyone can get excited about che adams playing really says how bad our other options are. I really don’t think nisbet or shankland are ever going to be good enough..... but I would scrape that barrel before the barrel we’ve just gone to.
  8. Just saying, small margins and all that....... my uncle says my aunts got a small margin.
  9. In short, jury’s still out.
  10. He might appear shite to you (and me) but I’m not buying it that amateur watchers are better gauges of talent than numerous experienced managers. The guy must have something (although over 20 goals 2 seasons ago seems a bit freakish now). But for a few inches he’d have 2 or 3 for Scotland now, and nobody would be questioning anything...... apart from ‘how the hell did he score 2/3’.
  11. ‘Romanian dead lifts’....... is that Mexican handbags? 😁
  12. Correct, but having made a complete arse of dealing with the crisis, as was evident from early on, the only way to get it back would be to steam in fully on the vaccine solution. Invest heavily and front the cash early to get to front of the queue.
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