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  1. .... but when mcburnie bags a brace.... more (good) probs for Stevie!!
  2. It is a good shout. Still think to certain extent you risk driving a (maybe) significant proportion away from getting tested...... for me, I’ll do my time at turnberry if I test +ve!
  3. New Zealand has a fraction of the cases..... therefore a fraction of the accommodation required...... you’re comparing pumpkins with peas man 😀
  4. It’s doable in the countries where personal freedoms aren’t valued as highly as they are here...... where the authority can more easily control people’s movements and behaviours. For here it should be done, but it’s totally unrealistic.
  5. Want me to isolate? Sure--make sure that I have a comfortable and safe space to isolate. Jesus, what stupid statement. Get on with doing the best you can...... unfortunately it undid the validity of the first two, valid, arguments.
  6. Mostly agree..... but this is beyond Chris now! Much as he’s a part timer for Scotland...... and for that he shouldn’t get much of a look in, I am beginning to think that fraser is the only winger worth a shirt. Last night showed glimpses of the difference he could make.
  7. away and take a double pivot tae yersel. Ron Burgundy needs to given the respect he so clearly deserves ...... the way he mastered free-style jazz flute confirms this. Seems a bit early for Hickey in Seria A, no? Interesting if he gets on the park. And before burgundy slaters say I’m not wanting him to do well, good luck to young Hickey.
  8. The reason is you are a smug putz.
  9. No bother. I’m referencing the excess death data (from euromomo) and then the conclusions drawn by Cummings. Whether or not there’s 80% immunity from previous infections or not doesn’t matter as you’re looking back at excess deaths stats. just found the deficit bit interesting as hadn’t heard that before...... which obviously rings a few alarm bells if there aren’t many others talking about it..... fair chance it’s bollox.
  10. You draw your conclusions based on the data avail ...... thats why I said it depends on the quality of it, wasn’t sure of this momo mob. he’s drawing the conclusions which seem reasonable .... although as with all things, may fit an agenda.
  11. It doesn’t matter who it cites. If the data source is flawed or manipulated then yes, bin it, but if the data (which I’ll fess up to having no idea if it’s gen or not) is reasonable then the theory is reasonable. ps it’s the lower than normal excess deaths in the preceding period, not the Bob dylan take on it, that is interesting and worth debate.
  12. A deficit in the preceding period? That is one theory. I am unsure.
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