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  1. Have to agree I was expecting to have to renew membership next month , sensible decision by SFA to extend membership I think the prices have been incredibly cheap, £20 for ticket and think it was a fiver for kids .I paid something like £30 in the away end at Hearts , Scotland must have the cheapest ticket prices of any of our neighbours .Obviously prices will go up for the playoff but I don’t mind paying it for a team that is well worth watching .
  2. Nisbet is a better finisher than Adams or Dykes, he deserves a run out. Patterson looked a big threat going forward in the 10 minutes we saw of him , you could still have O’Donnell as cover . I would like to see Turnbull in as well as he creates and scores goals .
  3. What about a supporters club card for ID ,it’s got name and photo on it ? I read above that you can take flags into Wembley, is it the same for Hampden ?
  4. Are we allowed to take flags into the ground ?
  5. Same as you G1983, we are meant to enter the ground after 11am. Football is meant to be a good day out .Sitting for 3 hours on my own with a mask on sipping a £2.50 bottle of water looking round an empty ground is not very enticing , even if I was able to make it up from the Borders on time by bus ,train and taxi . Would I get in if I missed my slot and turned up at the ground at 12?
  6. Quite looking forward to seeing Rangers and Celtic coming down to play the mighty Gala Fairydean . It’s mainly the Juniors who opposed it and they have just gatecrashed the league themselves .
  7. What worries me is that UEFA won’t use our points totals to allocate tickets , doubt if they have even asked SSC for the totals . They will only use your membership number we gave when registering with UEFA to see that we are eligible for tickets. The result will be first come first served when their site opens to ticket sales .
  8. Ryanair has just cancelled our flights to Vienna , Monday to Wednesday . Pretty pissed off ,the flights were full so assume they would still fly out , should have known better .
  9. Not been on Taboard for ages .Good to see that Dykes has won you all over .I and a couple of others got pelters when we suggested last year ,when still at Livy, that Dykes was worth taking a chance on ,if he would commit to Scotland ,and that he was a better player than McBurnie . We saw this afternoon the difference when Dykes is not leading the line , Slovakia were there for the taking .
  10. Let’s hold fire till we’ve played Israel in October . Think he will go back to 4 at the back with Fraser wide ,it worked last time . Give the players and manager a bit of slack , the English based ones were well off the pace,they haven’t played for months .
  11. Like the look of Super TA team . Dykes has been a standout up front and at the back at corners and free kicks, when he went off we were really struggling to defend . Go to back to 4 at the back with Tierney ,who was really good on Friday ,at right back .McTominay is not a centre back , he is costing us goals but we need him sitting in front of the defence . When we beat Israel Ryan Fraser tore them apart , he has to play in October . Would love to see the Thumb partnering Dykes up front. Kenny McLean is not international class ,nor is Fleck .
  12. Let’s get Dykes tied down , we don’t want another Martin Boyle situation. If he doesn’t make it in international football then fair enough , he has to be better than McBurnie who never ceases to underwhelm for Scotland and Sheffield .
  13. Dykes has to be a better shout up front than McBurnie who has done nothing for us and is totally one footed .
  14. Actually a pretty impressive membership ,all things considered . Don’t know how they managed to persuade 19000 to rejoin ,I think that is probably up on the same time last year .
  15. Thought you only got the £5 discount if your friends and family were a member? Pretty happy with the £40 membership, it pays for itself if you go to a few games each year . Ticket prices seem a lot more sensible over the last couple of years, saw a guy on another board raving about how great Murrayfield was but he must be from a different planet as tickets for the 6 Nations start at about £48 and go up to around £150, I think. My mate payed £92 a ticket .
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