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  1. Actually a pretty impressive membership ,all things considered . Don’t know how they managed to persuade 19000 to rejoin ,I think that is probably up on the same time last year .
  2. Thought you only got the £5 discount if your friends and family were a member? Pretty happy with the £40 membership, it pays for itself if you go to a few games each year . Ticket prices seem a lot more sensible over the last couple of years, saw a guy on another board raving about how great Murrayfield was but he must be from a different planet as tickets for the 6 Nations start at about £48 and go up to around £150, I think. My mate payed £92 a ticket .
  3. Have to agree, we were pretty impressed with ticket prices to members over the last 2 years ,even if the team have been poor . Holding the memberships to £40 is a good deal when you add in your £5 discount for every match ticket. The playoff prices are brilliant , allows us to go for the the Norh Stand, normally it's the cheaper West we go for .
  4. Sounds cheap Stitch, where are you flying from?
  5. Sounds interesting, but going to be a logistical nightmare confirming the destination with 4 days notice . Think we need Davie Provan involved!
  6. It's a one off final so surely we have the right to get a 50/50 split like any cup final (not that we need that amount) Still think it should have been a neutral venue.
  7. Don't fancy our chances if the final is in Belgrade but optimistic if it's in Norway . Didnt find the stadium in Oslo to be very intimidating last time we were there, even if we did get gubbed.
  8. You're a total "Dafty", I think there are only 2 Russia and 6 Belgium tickets for sale on this board and they are all for South or North stands , why would a harvester buy the dearer tickets if they may not be able to sell them on . Also , how do you know that these tickets were bought by members ? Bit of an insult to the few guys selling the tickets.
  9. Automated turnstiles using bar codes on tickets are being installed at Hampden for the Euros , but there is no way you can check passports or membership cards at the same time, that is a silly suggestion . With no bars allowed in the ground thousands of fans turn up at the ground 15mins before ko.. I think Cathcart is a bit worried about a problem that barely exists, you have to be a true Scotland diehard to buy tickets for some of the recent Scotland performances, these people deserve a reward for putting their hands in their pockets and turning up ,not massive delays getting in .
  10. Very much in favour of the point for home games , bit of reward for turning up on a cold Monday night and might help me to get a ticket for Euros, if we qualify .
  11. I don't get the moans about pricing, we paid £22 each for our tickets which is £2 cheaper than the last Premier League game I attended at Easter Road.. I think kids are about a fiver and I know schools got free tickets for previous games . So the SFA seem to be trying their besr as far as pricing is concerned . Looks like close to 20000 sold so hopefully over 25000 at the game, not brilliant but I dread to think what it would have been had Eck still been in charge .
  12. Brilliant news, he's been the standout for the job for almost 2 years, mystified as to why we wasted £1000000 on Big Eck . He might take a couple of games to get the team to play the way he wants but am sure better times lie ahead. Thats 12 tickets just bought for Cyprus game .
  13. Does Ian Maxwell not own a mobile phone, can someone show him how they work and get the call in to Steve Clark ASAP? What he has done at Kilmarnock taking them from bottom of the league to Europe in 18 months is pretty impressive , as is the style of play which would suit the Scottish team . There is no excuse for not at least sounding Clark out , why do we need interim managers when the club season is almost over ?
  14. I don't understand why the SFA didn't at least sound out Clark a month ago when they knew McLeish was on his way ?. Clark is the standout candidate when compared to the others who have been mentioned and seems to have the backing of most of the TA .If Ian Maxwell doesn't contact him soon it is just going to piss Steve Clark off and he will tell them to stick it just as happened with Michael O'Neill.
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