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  1. Give him a wage rise he's doing a fantastic job
  2. Think my eyes must have been painted on did not see him
  3. Avoid the Kingsway,the traffic is shocking Friday at that time go along Riverside then cut through invergowrie then on to the dual carriageway saves you a lot of time
  4. Listening to the Killie manager on radio Scotland after the game sounds like the same nonesence that csaba spouted at tannadice, gone by xmas
  5. 47 years of watching Scotland ,that is undoubtedly the fucking worst abject performance by players and management I've ever seen I'm away for a large drink
  6. 1972 against england at Hampden pumped 1nil in front 119 thousand I think the train home to Dundee took about 6 hours fuck all changed there
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