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  1. Ah well never mind. Group of ten of us going to The Camden for the Denmark and France games. Europe's largest sports screen and took our booking no bother
  2. Arrived to go into the North Stand at 7:10 and missed the first 5 mins. The queue next to us moved much quicker than ours as they had two turnstiles. Surely even having people directing traffic to ensure 1 queue for 2 turnstile would have helped. Got a ticket for the Northern Ireland game last night and my BIL told us to turn up with 5 mins to spare. Literally waited 1 minute tops and we were in and that was with QR codes. I think queue management is more of an issue than the codes themselves. At least the Armenia game will be a bit quieter 😔
  3. Ryan Christie's taken a couple in the past and scored well. If he's not playing I've no issue with McGregor or McTominay taking one
  4. I saw the night before the game there's the Dublin Derby. St Patrick's v Shamrock Rovers. Any TA going along to that? Tickets look about €15 mark Alternatively has anyone heard of any TA events lined up?
  5. 9 of us in block 102 as well
  6. 9 of us staying in a villa in Villamoura. Hope there's plenty of bars but Albufeira doesnt look too far away
  7. There's 3 of us going out in Belfast in kilts on the Friday night and heading down to Dublin first thing Saturday
  8. Wait sorry we're in row F
  9. There's three of us in row J. Does anyone think kilts will be an issue?
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