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  1. in5omniac

    Wembley 77

    Are there even still mods about these days? (Forum mods before anyone makes a silly reference!)
  2. Yeah, it's not very likely at all I admit but in all the weirdness you never know until Sala's body is identified. Plus this board loves a good conspiracy theory.
  3. I was wondering, since one body has been found, is it possible that Sala was never on board the plane and the pilot was flying it solo with the intention of downing it? Possibly for some strange insurance fraud reason or something. Yes, quite cynical but just crossed my mind on my way to work this morning.
  4. There was even a "Creep" .... "Cove Sheep" line on here at one point
  5. in5omniac

    Unpopular Opinions

    American Dad is better than Family Guy
  6. England, quite considerably more too, 2017 seeing 147,912 more births compared with Scotland's 5022 more deaths that year and Wales' 1072 more deaths. I was curious earlier so looked them up myself. Might go looking at the other European countries' figures...
  7. Couldn't the lack of oxygen-producing trees at the ice wall be a possible explanation for the thinner air? But then there is also no life there to consume the oxygen, so maybe not...
  8. The only time I don't feel safe is if I'm going down the stairs on one while it's still moving and I've got my hands full or had a few too many to drink. I think a comedian once likened that to being on Takeshi's Castle.
  9. No idea of how good it is but Aldi are selling a 30YO single malt for £50 at the moment. Their fictional "Glen Marnoch" brand: https://www.aldi.co.uk/glen-marnoch-1988-single-malt/p/086767248318300 Also Master of Malt are selling the Glenfiddich Winter Storm for £150 just now, usually £200, nice dram - one of their experimental series finished in icewine casks.
  10. in5omniac

    The walking dead

    Indeed, wonder why they didn't show him turn or destroy his brain though. Maybe he'll resurrect This season has been refreshingly good so far, I must say.
  11. in5omniac

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Anyone else watching the dodgy stream that's just replaying Forrest's first goal from different angles like when you have Fifa on pause?
  12. in5omniac

    Scotland vs Israel - Match Thread [20/11/2018]

    Really well worked goal, get in!
  13. in5omniac

    Israel- Albania

    There's a very real possibility of everybody winning their home games - a loss in Albania really wouldn't surprise me.
  14. in5omniac

    10 years ago today...

    Mongo noise?