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  1. in5omniac

    Israel- Albania

    There's a very real possibility of everybody winning their home games - a loss in Albania really wouldn't surprise me.
  2. in5omniac

    10 years ago today...

    Mongo noise?
  3. in5omniac

    Belgium Match Thread (07/09/2018)

    So careless
  4. in5omniac

    Russia 2018

    4 and a half technically 😛 Qatar's being played in November-December
  5. in5omniac

    Russia 2018

    York just seems a much nicer place this morning, there is a noticeable difference in the general atmosphere.
  6. in5omniac

    Russia 2018

    Would be love to see Croatia beat France on Sunday.
  7. in5omniac

    Russia 2018

    Mon the Croats!
  8. in5omniac

    Russia 2018

    oh I enjoyed that!
  9. in5omniac

    Toulon Tournament

    Worst Scotland game (at any level) I've been to, that one. Got thoroughly pissed afterwards leaving before the final whistle.
  10. in5omniac

    Toulon Tournament

    Mexico currently 1-0 up against Turkey in the first semi
  11. in5omniac

    The walking dead

    Big gunfight at the Hilltop, everyone goes to sleep except a kid with a rifle and Gregory. No need for anyone to be awake and watching out for anything I guess... What's going on with Maggie's pregnancy as well?
  12. in5omniac

    Under 17s

    A brilliant Scottish name
  13. in5omniac

    I dont watch friendlies

    Can you watch this without changing anything? You need to sign in now, don't think you previously had to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcone?area=scotland I usually watch it on the regional channels on Sky or Freeview (at the far end of the channel listings, near the naughty ones!)
  14. in5omniac

    I dont watch friendlies

    Probably don't need to go to that much bother, think the link to view it is usually available on the BBC Sport page on their website whenever there's a BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, BBC Alba or other region specific broadcast no matter where you access it from.