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  1. Quite surprised to see that by the time they've hit 1000 games, we've not hit 800 yet. Given we started at the same time that's quite a difference.
  2. It's like an instant Rob Beckett disguise for Cummings there
  3. in5omniac

    New jerseys?

    Would've been happy with the women's World Cup top to be fair, nothing wrong with that, they got a better pink kit than the men too.
  4. in5omniac

    New jerseys?

    If anyone's to blame, it's possibly Chripper
  5. in5omniac

    New jerseys?

    The one in 96/97 had a bit of red piping on it, the sleeves of this one remind me of it slightly.
  6. in5omniac

    New jerseys?

    I can see us having the same thick V collar as the Welsh kit, could look good if it is white. Bit of tartan on the ends of the sleeves would be nice too.
  7. You'd think taking 4 points from Holland and winning all your other games would be good enough even if you did lose both Belgium games... (Hanley passed it to Lukaku to score for their 1-0 at Hampden and Holland snatched an injury time equaliser in Amsterdam as well!)
  8. in5omniac


    Sorry Bonny, I think you were meant to post that over on RangersMedia.
  9. Ah yes, not an away game then. Missed that (USSR were listed first)
  10. Historically, we've always scored at least 4 against San Marino at home, two 4-0 and one 5-0 wins. I'll go 4-0 again We've played Russia away once, 0-0 the result. A 1-0 defeat and a 2-2 draw away to USSR though. I'll say 3-1 to Russia on this one
  11. He's actually managing Rangers in a 'Legends' game against Liverpool a week on Saturday
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