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  1. Seen T2: Trainspotting? I quite enjoyed it, I stayed at the Douglas Hotel (Port Sunshine in the film) prior to watching the film as well, got the "Euan Bremner Room".
  2. Might be a silver lining: "As an existing ticket buyer, UEFA would like to reassure you that if you cannot attend the tournament in 2021, the face value of your tickets will be refunded in full."
  3. Doing just enough to keep me watching. Expected some smart-arse comment from Negan along the lines of "that's how you slit someone's throat, Rick" despite him not being around anymore.
  4. Everyone arriving into Israel has to quarantine for 14 days, guessing they won't be getting together over there first before coming to Glasgow then.
  5. Yep, better option if you've got the points. Fair punt £100+ before we've even qualified but guarantees a ticket for members on low points/non-members
  6. There are tickets available at the moment, Cat 1 (€185) and Cat 2 (€125) https://euro2020-resale.tickets.uefa.com/ No tickets for the Wembley game unfortunately, but then imagine being stuck amongst the home fans...
  7. Of course the heart really wants it to happen, the head knows it probably won't but we still have a chance so we have to hope this time is ours.
  8. I thought there was a bit of Richard Herring about it myself.
  9. Heard it's been vandalised 😡
  10. Seen on FB the guys who got rescued have given Mountain Rescue some wine, whisky chocolates and a donation.
  11. No, McGregor just made a bit of a hash of the attempted punch really.
  12. I thought he'd scribbled out the "Carling" on his top at first. I know it's awful stuff but still...
  13. My lad really wasn't happy when I picked him up from nursery yesterday because I'd had a haircut since I'd dropped him off
  14. Quite enjoyed the Oxford United comeback last night (before losing in ET at least)
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