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  1. Absolute bullshit blowing the final whistle then.
  2. Also, group games at Hampden will not feature any of the following nations: Azerbaijan Denmark Germany Hungary Italy Netherlands Republic of Ireland Romania Russia Spain
  3. Ah, didn't realise that was the ruling in that case. Just guessed it would be a blanket "keeper off the line, retake" rule
  4. There's the chance that even if we qualify, one of the group ones won't feature us if the England - Scotland game was at Wembley. As far as I know there's no way of knowing that, or any of the potential fixture details at the moment though.
  5. Bet they wouldn't have called for a re-take if the first pen went in though!
  6. Cheap seat at Wembley is €50 for a group stage game but €295 for the final
  7. I think it's a draw for Winner A or Winner B at home in the final, thought the draw was November though.
  8. Me and some mates do a camping/bothy trip with mountains every year, did Buachaille Etive Mor two years back camping at the Kings Arms and that was great, late August so midgies everywhere! Not confirmed the location this year but I think it's between camping at Ballachulish and climbing Beinn a' Bheithir or some of the Mamores from Kinlochleven. Did Ben Vane on a stag do earlier in the year and ran the first 53 miles of the WHW in the Highland Fling race in April, hoping the qualifying points can get me a place on the CCC race around Mont Blanc next year
  9. Binge watched Kidding, starring Jim Carrey, recently. Not the physical comedy he's normally known for and quite dark in places while his character deals with personal issues - would recommend giving it a go.
  10. We might want to play someone in goal against Belgium
  11. I do a bit of racing - anything from 5k to ultra distances, in the process of coming back from a year long injury which is still not quite right. I do a lot of my training solo, but in doing this I find it hard to slow down to more of a 'training' pace, which is definitely where running in pairs/groups would help in training. I always find the race day atmosphere is easy to get caught up in, sometimes this can cause you to go out too fast and regret it later on, sometimes you'll have done the work in training and the feeling good on the day of the race will work with this and you'll maybe go faster than planned but it will work out for you, sometimes you'll set off a bit slower, sensible perhaps, and build it up depending on how the race goes and how you're feeling once your legs have been moving a bit. If the race has a pacer and it's the same as your target time (or thereabouts), it is good to stick with them - they're often happy to chat a little bit and offer encouragement, if you're comfortable with a few km to go, or even 1km to go, pull away and claim whatever extra seconds you can. An alternative to using a pacer is if you know someone around the pace you're aiming for to try to keep just ahead or behind depending on which side of target time they would be, you tend to learn this by doing a few local races or parkruns (local to whichever one you've entered in August). At the end of the race, you'll often get a boost when the finish line is in sight and audible, enjoy this - again, it's not much but a few seconds off your time. Just one more little tip for race day training, practice your pre-race food as well as any gels and drinks you may take on the run, trying these for the first time on race day can end badly for your stomach! Hope that's helpful
  12. I see Sven's the latest name to be linked to the job.
  13. Jan '86 UK: A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV US: Lionel Richie - Say You Say Me
  14. Got a nest with at least 3 blackbird chicks in my garden at the mo
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