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  1. Don't think he's been seen since just before the Connah's Quay game. Hope he made it to Belgrade OK
  2. Apparently Warburton's after him as part of his 'sign all his ex-Rangers rejects' mission
  3. Hopefully it's the game we win to make it to the knockout stages then (provided we've not won the first two :D)
  4. My application was partially successful: Match 31,Tuesday 23 June 2020, Glasgow,Group Dvs.Group D As long as it doesn't end up being the group game while we're at Wembley (and we qualify of course!) I'm happy enough with that, less of a hit financially only getting one ticket too
  5. Sheriff or AIK if they don't Legia or Atromitos for Rangers and Larnaca or Gent for Aberdeen if they go through
  6. Anyone playing the official one? A lot tougher to get a decent squad with the budget than FFS. https://fantasy.spfl.co.uk
  7. So the Huddersfield one has been confirmed as a spoof by PP. The actual shirt has no sponsor. Fair play to them for making that kit for the Rochdale friendly to further fuel the fire.
  8. The Ruth Davidson defence...
  9. Alex Morgan for this year's Scottish player of the year?
  10. Is that not the case though because the only reason they review it is that someone in the VAR room basically says "I think you might have made the wrong call" after reviewing it themselves? Certainly feels like too much influence is coming through the earpiece (without actually hearing what is said).
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