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  1. Surely these https://www.size.co.uk/product/blue-adidas-originals-handball-spezial-og/149383/
  2. Can't be doing with horseradish at all. Also, pork - apple sauce
  3. I suspect Jack's red card will be Parkie's highlight of the game
  4. How much do you reckon new memberships will be? £50 possibly, that's what the site says but there are none available to purchase at the moment. Membership probably gets a home ticket if we make it to the Euros.
  5. Semi prices: Children and over 65s: £5 East/West, £10 North/South East and West: £15 members, £20 general North and South: £20 members, £25 general (Norway are selling theirs for ~£41 long sides and ~£33 short sides. Final tickets probably similar)
  6. It was the curved crust of a pie that was thrown at him, though some will still swear blind it's a banana* and racially motivated. *Resisted the Red Dwarf reference
  7. Helander and Goldson, correct, but I don't see what's wrong with McGregor, fairly sure he's saved plenty of points for Rangers this season, especially in Europe. Still has that petulance which will get him into trouble but I've no criticism of his goalkeeping ability.
  8. ... and you'll see that when we last played them, we lost 3-0
  9. Time to get ahead of ourselves. We don't wan't to go winning the group when (😉) we qualify. Winner of our group plays 2nd in Group F, containing Germany, France and Portugal!
  10. I didn't actually realise the four best 3rd placed teams progressed from the group stages too. Even better chances of making the knockout round if we qualify!
  11. Just ran this https://drawsimulator.com/uefa-euro-2020-draw-simulator/ Got Turkey and Switzerland, would take that!
  12. https://www.uefa.com/european-qualifiers/draws/2020/2001111/
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