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  1. Rangers' 150th Anniversary kit. Nice but the off-centre buttons don't seem right
  2. Wonder if Shaun Maloney would fancy it? Bet he's learnt a fair bit being in the Belgium set-up. Not that it's the time to oust Clarke, he met expectations pretty much at the Euros, but at least he got us there.
  3. As much as I enjoyed the outcome as much for the GIRFUY to the commentators and pundits, I guess you have to say well done to them getting that far and it's something we're resigned to only dreaming of unless something unfathomably drastic changes. Not sure they'd have made the final going down Italy's route of knockout games though. Still, we kept them at bay in their own back garden and were well worth at least the point. Denmark, Iceland, Wales, Greece, Croatia and others will always be examples of size/population not necessarily being the factor that prevents success but we possibly have to learn something or change something if we don't want another 23 years in the wilderness. I realise I've derailed the thread a little bit there but hey ho .
  4. Only us they couldn't score against though 🙂
  5. That little mix up in the box in injury time, I thought something was going to sneak in, just felt the sort of thing we've become used to.
  6. What does Ziggy say the score will be or does that depend on Sam getting Tierney fit in time?
  7. If you get the NHS app (not the track and trace one) it'll show your vaccination status and give you a QR barcode that can be scanned by places that require the proof
  8. "Thinking outside the box" Oh, wait. That was Marshall and Hendry 😉
  9. Just imagine (I know, I know!) we win Friday and Croatia beat the Czechs. What a nervous final day we'd have in the group! And what a Scottish way to blow it!
  10. Yeah, unless we somehow get chucked out or docked points that can't happen
  11. We can't be. Worst we can be (points-wise) going into the Croatia game is 3 behind. Granted, we could have a mountain of goals to claw back but nobody will be officially out before that game.
  12. Agreed, but it's not a bad safety net to have. Once out of the group we just rely on our infallible penalty shootout record
  13. A win on Monday would be massive going into both remaining group games, obvious enough statement but just imagine the confidence which it'll bring, especially knowing how much is to play for with a good 3rd place finish.
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