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  1. Jan '86 UK: A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV US: Lionel Richie - Say You Say Me
  2. Got a nest with at least 3 blackbird chicks in my garden at the mo
  3. in5omniac

    New kit

    I think something like what Partick did with the thistle on this kit would work with an away rampant lion design if the colours were chosen right.
  4. in5omniac

    Next Manager?

    A Nac Mac Feegle?
  5. Only really see blue tits, sparrows, wood pigeons, starlings and blackbirds in mine. Hear a tawny owl around and about at night sometimes too
  6. That was one of the best quality dodgy streams I've watched. Shame the football didn't come close to matching it.
  7. Mulgrew's withdrawn - did you mean McKenna? But I think your line-up is probably the best with what we've got available to be fair.
  8. Is it? Fairly sure most would consider Belgium as good as finishing 1st before a ball's even kicked, a defeat for Russia would give our hopes of 2nd a boost, until we bottle it of course.
  9. Premier Sports currently have the game listed at 22:10 tomorrow night, hoping they'll shift it over to FreeSports like last time.
  10. They might do the same as with the Rangers v Killie replay where Freesports will show it delayed about 2 hours after kick off.
  11. The final was played on a hybrid pitch (yes, 95% grass but still hybrid)
  12. Plastic pitches (as long as they meet the appropriate standards) are allowed for matches up to the semi-finals of the Champions League, the final has to be played on grass though. Still not sure what this has to do with safe standing mind.
  13. Are there even still mods about these days? (Forum mods before anyone makes a silly reference!)
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