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  1. Good post. Why are football clubs called "football clubs"? Because they started out as clubs where people would go to play football. If a born-and-bred Geordie goes along to St James Park and asks to join in a kickabout, what's the answer going to be?
  2. Some of us are old enough to remember Peter Marinello ("Scotland's George Best") going to Arsenal.
  3. If you want to talk about right-backs, start a thread about them. How difficult is that? If you post another comment, I'm not replying.
  4. This is a thread about goalkeepers.
  5. McGregor has retired from international competion. Clark, Gordon, MacGillivray (in that order). If McLaughlin can't nail down the Rangers No 1 jersey then he should not be in the squad.
  6. Why can't a Scottish club have a name like Whisky Shot?
  7. Mc started out as an abbreviation of Mac. There are no Mcs really, there are only Macs.
  8. Hjelde is a Norwegian international. Why are we discussing him on TAMB?
  9. Nobody wants to see good players banned but it has happened before, even to legends like Billy Bremner, because the reputation of the national team must come first. What will other nations think if they see players playing for Scotland in one competition and then for Great Britain in another? Do we really think this will be tolerated in the long term?
  10. Yes, Denmark - same population as Scotland and were able to win Euro 92. They believe in themselves.
  11. The use of the "f" word is a bit Freudian...
  12. Past experience of the men's game tells us that no one playing their football in Scotland would ever get picked; the GB team would, in reality, be an English team in which the English players were topped up by players from the Celtic fringe who also happened to be playing in England. It's a disaster for the Scottish league whose clubs have not been properly supported by the SFA.
  13. David Moyes will consider managing Scotland "when the time is right." I'm sorry but I naively believed that it was a privilege to serve your country. Your country calls when it needs you, not because your career in the EPL has come to the end of the road.
  14. If we are going to use the Tartan Army Message Board to discuss other nations, surely it would be more productive to discuss nations with less resources than Scotland which are able to get out of the group stages of a major competition? Uruguay, Croatia, Wales, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have all done it. In the case of Wales, football is not even the national game. Nor was football even being played in Uruguay when Scotland and England played their first international but that did not stop Uruguay going on the win the World Cup twice in their first four attempts.
  15. Jock Stein picked Souness as his captain. So now Jock Stein knows nothing?
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