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  1. He was always a good central defender for Scotland and it is sad to see him depart in this way. If he had been in the defence against the USSR (Spain, 1982), we would have been spared that comical cock-up that put us out. His nutmeg set Jim Bett up for the cross that resulted in Richard Gough's winning goal against England in 1985. His managerial record at Motherwell, Hibernian and Rangers was not that of a dud - it's unfair to call him that. All he did in 2018 was to answer the call from his country - it's not his fault if he was already over the hill.
  2. Benny Hill wants a dick to be Scotland manager. Why am I not surprised?
  3. The SFA, like everyone else, are subject to Employment Law. Disciplinary action is conducted in private and the employee has a right to state his case and, after that, appeal if a decision goes against him. If they did leak anything to the newspapers, that would prejudice a tribunal. Apart from that, it would be unprofessional of The SFA to publicly undermine one of their own employees - which is what McLeish is. To be honest, I am less concerned about the so-called "incident" and more concerned about the team performance in Kazakhstan. McLeish had 80 minutes to turn things around with substitutions and changes of tactics.
  4. If we've only got one style of play then we get predictable and it's easy for other managers to pick their team selections against us. If Fletcher and Christie are out, it's disappointing but it's also an opportunity for other players.
  5. Instead of working hard to improve his game and eventually getting into the Scotland team, he'd rather take the easy option of a cap for Australia. But... has nobody noticed that this might be a good sign? Is it harder, now, to get a cap for Scotland than for Australia? Most certainly, that was not the case 10 or 15 years ago. Surely this suggests that the standard of Scottish football is improving?
  6. What is stopping Che Adams (or anyone else) phoning up McLeish and saying he'd like to be considered for a Scotland cap? There's no dignity in a national manager chasing after players who are, at best, partially interested.
  7. I think you will find that my posts are written with proper spelling and grammar.
  8. If it is true that Gauld wants Portuguese citizenship, it does not sound like he's committed to playing for Scotland.
  9. Alan Rough played for Scotland with a fractured toe; Pat Nevin played with a fractured ankle. Dalglish played one hundred games for Scotland and never pulled out of a squad. Nobody does that any more - whether born in Scotland or not. Players nowadays are soft.
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