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  1. Vogts, Smith, McLeish, Burley, Levein and Strachan all failed to qualify for major tournaments. If the clubs are not coaching players to the highest standards, there is only so much a manager can do. Instead of changing managers, we should be asking why we're not producing players like Messi, Ronaldo, Zidane etc? MacGillivray, playing in the third tier of English football, has been in a Scotland squad. What does that say about the quality of player the Scottish clubs are bringing through?
  2. Clarke can't pick Snodgrass
  3. Who's this guy Magners who plays for Celtic? He's down in defence, then up in attack. He's everywhere.
  4. Ritchie's agent will have explained that it's better for career prospects not to be capped because you have retired from international football instead of not being capped because you're maybe third choice.
  5. If you are going to make these comments, then I suggest you do your research first instead of behaving like a Conservative Party MP and opening your mouth to expose your ignorance. People used to talk about having "all-tartan" teams in the 1960s and 70s and what they meant were Scotland teams comprised entirely of players who were not only born in Scotland but also playing their football in Scotland. These arguments surface when the national team is unsuccessful. The suspicion is that players from outwith Scotland do not play with their hearts on their sleeves. I think it's unfair and bear in
  6. If we're going to dilute the team, it's exactly because the current squad is awful. If you want an "all-tartan" team, don't criticise the manager if he loses a few games.
  7. How long before he decides he'll make do with a Scotland cap, do you think?
  8. McKimmie, Calderwood, Hendry, Boyd, McKinlay - good, hard-working players but I'm not convinced they were "superb"
  9. They used to say Kenny Dalglish never replicated his club form at Liverpool when he played for Scotland. In reality, he was too good for the Scottish diddies he had to play alongside who did not have his intelligence and did not know how to play alongside him. McAllister, Collins and Lambert carried eight other ordinary Scots into the 1998 World Cup. Don't criticise Robertson who's turning up to play with English lower league players when he plays for Scotland. When we have players like Liverpool, he'll reproduce his Liverpool form.
  10. A decision based on loyalty and patriotism... or on money, fame and an agent salivating over his fees?
  11. Yes, it's embarrassing that this country has not been able to produce an international class centre-back since David Weir retired.
  12. Don't you remember when Rangers fans were saying that Stephen Hughes was going to be better than Barry Ferguson?
  13. Vogts failed to qualify for a major tournament, Smith failed, McLeish failed, Burley failed, Levein failed, Strachan failed - it's time to start looking beyond the manager and at player development.
  14. This is why Levein launched the performance schools. Until the quality of player improves, we're asking managers to do the impossible. Clarke played Russia with a goalkeeper and centre-back coming out of English lower divisions.
  15. Vogts failed to qualify for a major tournament, Smith failed, McLeish failed, Burley failed, Levein failed and Strachan failed. It's time to move on from blaming the manager and start addressing the fact that the players coming through are not good enough.
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