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  1. I'm not keen on the idea that we lock away the elderly and vulnerable so that "the rest of us" can go about our normal business to be honest. I'd rather we all acted with a degree of responsibility, whether that's wearing masks, keeping our distance or whatever, so that everyone has a chance at some form of normality.
  2. Marshall Tierney Hanley McKenna Robertson McTominay Gilmour Armstrong McGinn Fraser Paterson
  3. I don't think any of their signings play in his position so unless there are more to come, which of course there could be, then he shouldn't be any further down the pecking order than he was last season.
  4. Given that we've got two quality left backs and no decent right backs, if we're playing four at the back then it seems obvious that Robertson and Tierney should be the full backs, regardless of whether they like it or not or whether it means one of them cutting inside more often than not. Either of them with only one leg would still be a better right back than Palmer or O'Donnell.
  5. Completely agree. You can see that McTominay and Gilmour are at Man Utd and Chelsea and the others are at Celtic and Norwich. Robertson was caught offside a few times because the guy that was trying to pass to him couldn't see it quickly enough.
  6. Hate to say I told you so. And I mean it.
  7. Marshall mctominay Cooper mckenna Palmer fleck McLean robbo armstrong dykes christie also a possibility.
  8. If the general impression is that most of the games have been rotten so far you've got to think that a four month shutdown and a short pre-season is partially to blame. In a normal year most teams would have had a good pre-season behind them but a lot of teams hardly played any games this summer.
  9. So cowardly it's laughable. Not a single thought, never mind mention, of what might be good for Scotland by staying in the union, instead completely full of "here's what would be good for Britain (England)", which in essence sums up the whole union "campaign" of the last decade. As others have said, they're absolutely shitting themselves.
  10. I'd say we're a bawhair away from that, if not actually there already.
  11. With all this mention of University admissions and pass marks being shifted around from year to year to effective only grade pupils against their own year group, it seems like the only purpose of exams is to filter entry to the next stage of education. Effectively it's pointless comparing an A maths student from one year against an A student from another, yes? In that case just raffle this year's uni places off and be done with it.
  12. For those asking why next week’s games haven’t been called off, by the time they’re due to be played the club will know if anyone other players or staff members who might’ve come into contact with “the 8” has symptoms or not and, if not, no reason the games can’t go ahead.
  13. Maybe "shit" compared with Arsenal as per last summer's rumours, and not as good as the latest Everton speculation, but a fuck load better than Bournemouth in terms of stature and wages.
  14. One player confirmed, another waiting an NHS test result and another six to quarantine. Game against St Johnstone to go ahead.
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