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  1. Hogg, VDM and Price to start on Saturday. Sutherland and Watson amongst the replacements.
  2. Norwich is a decent enough move. In an ideal world a move abroad to a team playing in European competitions would've been perfect. Rangers would be a disaster. No-one of Gilmour's level benefits from playing on plastic pitches and at the level of most teams in Scotland, even in exchange for a handful of European games.
  3. Being linked with a loan to Norwich. Potentially a good move for him unless Tuchel plans on using him more than he has done since January.
  4. Marshall Patterson Hanley Tierney Robbo Jack Gilmour McTominay McGinn Turnbull Adams Hopefully Marshall and/or Gordon don't retire as who knows where we go for a keeper after that, and we still need to find a striker unless Griffiths does a Lazarus, but I don't think that's a bad team.
  5. Got subbed at half time and went straight to the pub. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2010/apr/06/burnley-fine-kevin-mcdonald-misjudgement
  6. How come Wembley is hosting games with fans on May 29th yet Hampden isn't allowed to have them a week earlier? Surely whatever rule prevents us having fans applies to every host stadium?
  7. If Gilmour isn’t in the squad it’ll be a joke, if he isn’t in the team it’ll be poor.
  8. Someone from the north east chucking out the tartan Tory line is beyond parody.
  9. Here’s an idea: take your parochial, misogynistic, Salmond-loving, anti-gra, one-failed-horse party and stick it up your arse 👍🏻
  10. According to some on Twitter, alba’s vote in the the north east might’ve cost the SNP a list seat there.
  11. Gallagher confirmed as signing a two year deal with Aberdeen.
  12. 8 Scotland players 👍
  13. You realise Gallagher is 30 and has played for Clyde, Dundee, Livingston and Motherwell? He should go where he'll get the most money, combined with regular games.
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