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  1. It only makes even remote sense if they draft a QB and ditch Manning as the starter but I can't see it. And even then, leaving a rookie without a receiver in Beckham's class would still be odd.
  2. Bain Tierney Bates McKenna Robertson McTominay Forrest Armstrong McGregor Russell Burke
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/46972910 A German journo quoted in this article reckons Bates might be used as back-up centre back now that some other dude is back from long-term injury. Up to him to prove he's worthy of being first choice and if he isn't able to do that then he probably isn't quite ready for international football yet either.
  4. The Murray piece is wholly predicated on Salmond not being guilty of anything. If - and I’m not saying he did or he didn’t - but if he’s guilty of any of the charges then sturgeon couldn’t be seen to have done anything other than distance herself from him. If he’s innocent then she can still say she had to keep her distance in case she was seen to be interfering. Unfortunately the meetings they had don’t look too great for either argument at the moment but hopefully all will become clear when they’re investigated. As suggested elsewhere, if Scotland gaining independence is dependent on whether Salmond is a sex offender or not, and whether Sturgeon stitched him up or not, then we’re not ready to be independent anyway.
  5. Just checked it because I'm sad and boring. From the Scottish Professional Football League Rules: Prohibition on Playing Against Transferor Club 64: During the term of a Temporary Transfer the Player concerned shall not Play for his transferee Club against his transferor Club in: (i) a League Match; (ii) a Play-Off Match; (iii) a Scottish Professional Football League Cup Match; (iv) a Scottish Professional Football League Challenge Cup Match; and (v) a Scottish Cup Match; and during the term of a Temporary Transfer or during a Recall, the Player concerned shall not Play for his transferor Club in a Match in the Reserve League or in any Reserve Cup Match against his transferee Club or for his transferor Club in any Match involving an age limited team of his transferee Club. Page 125 of the following link if anyone's interested: https://spfl.co.uk/cms-content/images/shares/pdfs/Rules and Regulations SPFL 8_10_2018.pdf
  6. I'm not 100% sure but I think the league rules prohibit loan players playing league games against their parent clubs. Not a worldwide thing but I think it's true in Scotland.
  7. I'm wondering, do you deliberately get things wrong just to provoke people into responding to you? Example: Rolling contracts. You said Deila had a 12 month rolling contract. Your words. That means every morning he wakes up he has 12 months to run on his contract, so either he or Celtic would have to give 12 months' notice to end it, or obviously come to some kind of financial arrangement. In this case, you said Celtic wouldn't appoint Rodgers in October as they couldn't get rid of Deila until May. That doesn't fit a 12 month rolling contract. You've already been shown to be talking nonsense by claiming Rodgers was Celtic manager when Ward was recalled and instead of admitting you got it wrong you doubled down with this nonsense about Rodgers being tapped up 8 or 9 months before he was appointed and somehow being allowed to call the shots at Celtic AND Liverpool despite working for neither. You also then said that Ward went straight on loan to Huddersfield, which was also incorrect. In another thread you've said you're surprised Scottish referees have never gone on strike, when it's fairly well-known that they did back in 2010. So, either you're at it to provoke responses, which is one thing, or you don't actually have a clue what you're on about and, if so, I've wasted two minutes by giving you what you want with this post!
  8. Also just realised, Ward didn’t immediately go on loan to Huddersfield. He stayed at Liverpool and even made his debut in April 2016. It was the following season that he went to Huddersfield 🙈
  9. Rolling contracts don’t expire. That’s what makes them rolling. clarke should just come out and say what he means rather than dropping hints. Who is he actually complaining about? he says it’s not the player but then goes on to talk about only having players who want to be at the club, which sounds like a dig at Stewart.
  10. Unless he's the next Messi, he won't really be much use for any national team for another four or five years at least so he'd be best avoiding international football completely until he's ready to make some kind of decision.
  11. I wen to Sacramento v Cleveland a couple of years ago. It was interesting enough but not something I'd rush back to. The most impressive thing was the size, speed and agility of the players which I don't think you necessarily see properly on TV. It was also good to see LeBron James - I'm a big believer in taking the opportunity to see the best in the world/of all time doing their stuff if you get the chance! In terms of height, I was saying to the guys that I was with that the "wee guy" - Kyrie Irving - on the court was the stand out player. I googled him and found out he was 6'2"!!
  12. Because we don't have a single left back - or at least a left back who is willing to play there - at the entire club? Wallace might not be the best option out there but he's a better left back than no left back at all so in very basic terms he would improve us.
  13. Winter at Leeds will be Jamie Winter, who played for Aberdeen for a spell.
  14. Buyout clauses are the maximum that clubs would have to pay for a player. As has already been said, sporting can accept or reject any offer they like below that level. If they want to sell gauld for 50 pence then they can, likewise if they want to reject £59,999,999.99 they can do that too.
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