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  1. Even if - and it's a big if - something worked out where a Salmond-led party got enough votes to have a presence in the parliament and some agreement was reached with the SNP where they work together, his presence would be enough to turn a lot of no-to-yes people back the way and he'd be such an easy target for the Unionist campaign. Disaster waiting to happen.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56196639 Postponed. Scotland potentially disadvantaged, although I suppose that depends how many French players would still be out with COVID in a week. Although I don't see why they can't just do what the Czech football team had to do when we played them.
  3. I’ve been helping out at my daughter’s football as a parent helper and really enjoyed it. They’re only six so it’s more about enjoyment and the very basics at this stage but it’s good to see them progress over time. I’d consider some coaching courses but want to see if she’ll stick at it before making the commitment.
  4. Nae luck chief, barking up the wrong tree completely. And not for the first time.
  5. That's a lot to be missing. Really good section of the website mind you!
  6. As someone who only follows rugby from a distance, is it run by the French federation in the northern hemisphere? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/56166934 Glasgow had to forfeit a Champions Cup game through no fault of their own and now there's a chance Scotland might suffer because the French team is full of COVID?
  7. 17?! Have they all got something else on? Former team mate's birthday party or something? 😂
  8. People already going wild and booking holidays from July. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56161129
  9. The problem is, as soon as a date is mentioned it becomes set in stone in people's heads. Regardless of how many times anyone says 'this is an indicative date" or "this is a best case scenario" people get it in their head that the dates are fixed. You then get the added problem of stated dates leading people to think that things are getting better and their potentially becoming less rigid in their adherence to the current rules. Once again, the UK government shambles has screwed it up.
  10. It's been a while since we had a "he's played five minutes for Rangers so we need to consider him for Scotland" post 👍
  11. There's something not quite right about a lot of people who want to have a career in politics and social media gives more oxygen to the odd elements of their character.
  12. Don't let yourself be driven away. More than ever, this election is about independence and if that's the goal we've all got to do what we can to make it happen.
  13. What suspension did the Irish guy who got sent off the week before get? His "clearout" was a lot worse than Fagerson's.
  14. Free school meals for primary school kids has already been announced as a manifesto commitment.
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