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  1. Independence wouldn’t be some kind of shot at changing whatever it is has made you disenchanted enough to think like that?
  2. So do you now think Scotland is better off as part of the UK? Or have your views changed in another way?
  3. wee-toon-red

    Independence Reminders

    There weren't any, although Ruth Davidson knew the result at 10.01pm.
  4. wee-toon-red

    Independence Reminders

    The 18th was a day of total nervous tension so I'm really not sure if I enjoyed it at all, other than the feeling of putting my X in the YES box. The 19th was just heartbreaking, as someone said upthread.
  5. wee-toon-red


    A week's delay would be more like a month or two as if you miss a week at international level then the next time the players get together is a while away.
  6. wee-toon-red

    Stubbs sacked

    Ruthless from the Buddies. Time will tell if it’s the right move or not but they’re certainly not messing around. Jim McIntyre in? Knocked Falkirk back last week - did he know this was coming?
  7. wee-toon-red

    Team for forthcoming matches

    Should call Mikey Devlin up now.
  8. wee-toon-red

    James McArthur

    So Snodgrass doesn't want to play either and hasn't even came up with a niggling injury as an excuse. Poor show. Can only hope our other wingers do well enough that we never need to worry about Snoddy again. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45328252
  9. wee-toon-red

    Tony Watt

    He's only played three league games - 2 in 3 is a pretty good start to the season! This squad is too soon for him though, if he keeps playing well then the next set of games might see him get a chance.
  10. wee-toon-red

    James McArthur

    Can't say I remember him having a good game for us - he's looked to me like international football is too much of a step up for him anyway - so it's not really a big loss.
  11. wee-toon-red

    Golfers Forum.

    Absolute carnage ahead with that one. I'm sure different clubs will have different ways of dealing with the change but I'd bet that most committees don't have any more clue than the members about what's ahead.
  12. wee-toon-red

    Allan McGregor

    rangers make a decent start to the season and all of a sudden their players should be walking into the Scotland team ahead of who have been performing well for more than 5 minutes.
  13. Aye, the PGA is going to May so that they can fit the FedEx Cup or whatever the end of season money grab is in before the NFL starts in early September. Players Championship in March, Masters in April, US PGA in May, US Open in June and The Open in July. Not sure how that will affect some of the bigger European Tour events - could be negative for the BMW PGA at Wentworth but perhaps the end of season events in Middle East could benefit.