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  1. I'm not suggesting that in the least. If any single issue or bill proposed by the government of the day is enough to stop people voting for independence then independence wouldn't work anyway. Using GRA as a justification for someone changing their mind on independence isn't much different to "I'm not voting for independence because I hate Salmond/Sturgeon/whoever".
  2. If the GRA debate is enough to stop us becoming an independent country then there wouldn't have been any point in becoming independent anyway.
  3. Joanna cherry competing with Angus Robertson for the nomination in Ed Central. What’s that all about? Turning the seat into a de-facto “next leader” contest? It isn’t a good look for so many reasons, not least that you’d think it would be better to try and have them both elected. Representatives of two different factions within the SNP?
  4. Certainly looks like the type of signing clubs of Aberdeen’s level should be trying to make. Young, already an international and looking for a platform to win a move down south so potential to make a bit of money on the deal.
  5. With you all the way up until polo fruits as I haven’t seen them in years and they’re not chewy enough. Fizzy cola bottles top the list for me. Actually, do you still get the cherry fizzy cola bottles? Used to spend my lunch money on a massive bag of them at least once a week!
  6. A non-EU migrant stealing an Englishman’s job on “Brexit day”. Beautiful.
  7. Shoot, Match, those wee tabby league tables, World Cup ring binders and play by mail games; pretty much my childhood indoor pastimes in a nutshell. Brilliant.
  8. What’s this story about Morelos booting Christie in the baws so hard after the game that he needed emergency surgery?
  9. Cormack’s off to a good start. Let’s hope circumstances don’t force him to lose enthusiasm and that he’s rewarded with a good turnout.
  10. I don’t think you can get those three in the same team as John McGinn so one of them has to miss out for me. I’d leave Forrest out personally, although there’s never a guarantee that Fraser will turn up anyway...
  11. It's intriguing that Gallacher doesn't appear to have had a look-in at U21 level, even though their left back is an Aberdeen reject who currently plays for Ayr Utd. Fair enough Gallacher hasn't done anything at first team level but it's surprising that a youngster at a major European club isn't good enough for our U21 squad. Although given we're talking about the SFA, maybe it isn't surprising at all...
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