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  1. And Paki comes from Pakistan, and Chinky comes from China, so I guess they're fine too? What's wrong with Japanese, German, Italian, Pakistani and Chinese?
  2. It would be even more damaging if the advice was that a referendum could be held without an S30 and the Scottish Government still hadn't done it, so I wouldn't jump to any conclusions as to what the advice is.
  3. A second slap in the face for Aberdeen as the teams they're competing against now play a weaker Livingston.
  4. I'm pretty sure he would. Tierney, in that role, is our best and most effective player so you only move him in desperate, desperate times. Plus Hickey probably is already and definitely will become a better and more effective left wing back than Cooper is a centre back.
  5. The role we play Tierney in, and the way he plays it, makes him our nailed on left centre back. I don't think Clarke would move him to replace Robertson so really Hickey is competing against Taylor to be Robbo's backup.
  6. It appears that every move Hickey has made in his career has been with a view to getting time on the pitch: Celtic youths back to Hearts, Bologna over Bayern. Wherever he moves - if he does move this summer - I would bet on him being more attracted to a place he feels will advance his ability rather than simply moving for money.
  7. Judging by recent evidence, the South Africa u20s team will probably have more future Scotland caps in it than our u20s.
  8. Or Hickey (rightly) thinks he's too good to be pissing about in the U21s when the options ahead of him in the full squad are Ralston, SOD and a guy who has hardly played first team football in his career.
  9. £50 for a kids football shirt is an absolute disgrace.
  10. Only if they were shockingly out of form and hadn't played for their club in months. Specifically in relation to Gilmour, I think his talent is so far ahead of the rest of the options that I'd probably still play him anyway - especially if the option was to bring in a totally different type of player like Jack or McTominay. Good teams need players that can dictate the pace and direction of play and that's what Gilmour brings to Scotland, and it's what we've been missing for years and years. Incidentally, it's also what Man Utd's midfield has been lacking as well so, although he certainly has his merits, I don't ever see McTominay being a direct replacement for Gilmour in our midfield.
  11. Disgree. As has been said on here a few times already, a team is about the sum of its parts rather than individuals. McGregor, Gilmour and McGinn is our strongest midfield unit and it won't be broken up just to fit a form player in and Clarke won't change the formation either.
  12. Nah, Smith bottled it by changing the 4-3-3 that had got us on the brink of the title to a 4-4-2 because we only needed a draw.
  13. Tremendous players can still be Judas bastards, players rarely get booed because of lack of ability. It was clear when he was a teenager that Jack had excellent talent and temperament, who knows if he'd have got even better going down south rather than staying in Scotland. The German league is weak after Bayern and if Dortmund were that good they wouldn't have got papped out of the Champions League by Ajax and Sporting.
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