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  1. wee-toon-red

    Karamoko Dembele

    Unless he's the next Messi, he won't really be much use for any national team for another four or five years at least so he'd be best avoiding international football completely until he's ready to make some kind of decision.
  2. wee-toon-red


    I wen to Sacramento v Cleveland a couple of years ago. It was interesting enough but not something I'd rush back to. The most impressive thing was the size, speed and agility of the players which I don't think you necessarily see properly on TV. It was also good to see LeBron James - I'm a big believer in taking the opportunity to see the best in the world/of all time doing their stuff if you get the chance! In terms of height, I was saying to the guys that I was with that the "wee guy" - Kyrie Irving - on the court was the stand out player. I googled him and found out he was 6'2"!!
  3. Because we don't have a single left back - or at least a left back who is willing to play there - at the entire club? Wallace might not be the best option out there but he's a better left back than no left back at all so in very basic terms he would improve us.
  4. wee-toon-red

    Scotland U19s 2003/04 "Where Are They Now ?"

    Winter at Leeds will be Jamie Winter, who played for Aberdeen for a spell.
  5. wee-toon-red

    Scottish player transfers

    Buyout clauses are the maximum that clubs would have to pay for a player. As has already been said, sporting can accept or reject any offer they like below that level. If they want to sell gauld for 50 pence then they can, likewise if they want to reject £59,999,999.99 they can do that too.
  6. wee-toon-red

    Star Sixes

    McFadden is 35 and looked like he was 45. McCulloch and especially Ferguson are 40 and looked in their early 30s.
  7. wee-toon-red

    Pick the top 3 now.

    He's not beyond criticism that's for sure, particularly when it comes to some of the signings, but I was referring to the hardcore people who go beyond fair criticism and blame him for everything. Not necessarily anyone on here but on some of the Dons forums the negativity towards him is unreal and there is undoubtedly a fair few blinkered supporters out there who won't be happy until he's gone.
  8. wee-toon-red

    Pick the top 3 now.

    It's almost like McInnes loses some top men every summer and the replacements take the first half of the season to bed in before hitting form. Unfortunately the hardcore "McInnes Out" brigade never seem to remember that from one year to the next...
  9. Trust Celtic to find a way to qualify and benefit themselves without doing anything for the rest of Scottish football by adding to the coefficient 😜
  10. wee-toon-red

    Leigh Griffiths

    Aye, and folk need to remember that football is his job and could well be contributing to the pressures he's presumably under. If someone in a normal line of work with suffering mental health issues brought on, at least in part, by their job then you wouldn't send them in to the office to get better.
  11. wee-toon-red

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Shame about Gordon's howler as he'd been brilliant up until then.
  12. wee-toon-red

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Gilmour on the arsenal bench again tonight.
  13. Interesting night of football, can't wait for Sportscene. What do you mean it isn't on until 00.50am? Disgrace.