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  1. If clubs haven't followed the rules/guidelines during "their" time then they deserve all the get. Player behaviour out of school is hard to punish the clubs for but if the clubs have admitted the breaches then they're at fault and deserve a punishment. Football - despite the nonsense Doncaster came out with at the weekend - has been given special treatment over other industries and to screw it up is a special kind of stupid.
  2. I have a fear, founded on nothing other than instinct, that a Salmond comeback - even without considering the damage a conflict with Sturgeon would do - would set independence back in a significant way.
  3. Interesting. You'd think he'd never been first minister and had the opportunity to do some of the things he's now suggesting. Sure, some might only be needed post-COVID but housing and environmental issues aren't new.
  4. If he's the player many folk think he is (apparently including his manager) he won't be a "risk" when he's put into the team. He proved last season he can star against big teams so Lampard won't be afraid to use him.
  5. First vaccinations in Scotland scheduled for Tuesday next week. That's impressively quick.
  6. Are Lawwell and the board happy to have Lennon as a shield to protect them, to an extent, for resting on their laurels and not spending big enough or wisely enough to win 10 in a row? Although if Jack Ross is the best alternative they can find then no wonder they're sticking with Lennon.
  7. Glasgow Councillor and the relatively high-profile SNP NEC member Rhiannon Spear didn't win the nomination for Argyll and Bute, which must be something of a surprise, at least to her and the party.
  8. I think there's a bit of a myth developing around this "Griffiths can only play 30 minutes" narrative. He's not getting a game for Celtic because their manager thinks he has better options and he's lacking match sharpness due to that. If he gets a run of games he'll be fine. Otherwise, a pro footballer who would only be fit for a third of a game would, unless they're a proper veteran and not someone in their early 30s, be chased out of the game pretty quickly as who wants to pay someone for that?
  9. Fleck's Sheffield Utd in a nutshell: did well in the lower leagues, went on a run with the high of promotion and looked better than they really are and now returning to the norm. Championship next season.
  10. I have similar back issues, with lower back pain that can often manifest itself as a real tightness in my left hamstring and glutes. The best fix I have found is a slightly alternative form of massage, which is designed to "activate" the glutes and relieve the stress and tightness. Long story short, massaging the base of my skull and the corner of my jawbone for 30-60s each makes an unbelievable difference to me. Pre-lockdown I went for monthly treatments but haven't been able to go since then, but even working on those areas myself can provide instant improvement.
  11. If Big Ramy’s on the park we’re done for.
  12. It's a bold and potentially reckless statement to make if they aren't completely confident that they'll manage it.
  13. Since the 80s: Leighton (Aberdeen, Man Utd) Goram (Rangers, Man Utd) Douglas (Celtic) Gordon (Hearts, Sunderland) McGregor (Rangers, Hull) Marshall (Celtic, Hull, Derby) I'd say we've done very well for keepers over the years. Plenty big clubs in amongst that lot and other than the Rab Douglas era there hasn't been a time when keeper has been a worry for us.
  14. And then birdied five of the last six. Incredible.
  15. I'm not sure why you think we're out? Top of the group by virtue of a better head to head against the Czechs, so beat Greece next week and we win the group.
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