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  1. What’s this story about Morelos booting Christie in the baws so hard after the game that he needed emergency surgery?
  2. Cormack’s off to a good start. Let’s hope circumstances don’t force him to lose enthusiasm and that he’s rewarded with a good turnout.
  3. I don’t think you can get those three in the same team as John McGinn so one of them has to miss out for me. I’d leave Forrest out personally, although there’s never a guarantee that Fraser will turn up anyway...
  4. It's intriguing that Gallacher doesn't appear to have had a look-in at U21 level, even though their left back is an Aberdeen reject who currently plays for Ayr Utd. Fair enough Gallacher hasn't done anything at first team level but it's surprising that a youngster at a major European club isn't good enough for our U21 squad. Although given we're talking about the SFA, maybe it isn't surprising at all...
  5. I’m struggling to figure out why 48 by-elections provides a stronger mandate than 48 (47) seats won in a normal election?
  6. He’s totally blown his credibility with this stuff. I’m curious; outside of Twitter has anyone ever heard a woman utter the phrase “safe space” when talking about the lavvy or a changing room?
  7. The Lanark and Hamilton East pessimism unfounded too 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. It looked to me that Naismith was the one making sure everyone was involved in the celebrations, especially after the 2nd.
  9. It's a good read and hopefully someone at the SFA is keeping an eye on Maloney. Unfortunately this bit stood out, with the inference being that our players aren't putting in as much effort as they should, which fits with how a lot of people feel about our squad at the moment: "Asked what Scotland could learn from Belgium's ability to punch above their weight in terms of population, he replies: "The players I played with at Scotland had a really good mentality. But when I watch the Belgian squad each day and when I watch the matches, in addition to the tactical intelligence and the technique, the one thing that impresses me is the mentality - no matter what the weather is like, the conditions, the opposition, they give 100% every day."
  10. We've got a relatively young/inexperienced squad so if the choice is McBurnie, Shankland or Naismith then Naismith's experience, determination and will to win gets him in the team for me every time.
  11. Marshall Devlin McKenna Forrest Jack Taylor McGinn Armstrong Christie Burke Naismith If we've a limited number of defenders and full backs might as well play with as few as possible on the pitch...
  12. We’ve got an opportunity to qualify for a major tournament taking place in a matter of months. We play the players who are most likely to get us the results we need until then and imo Naismith falls squarely into that category.
  13. If we had five or six players with the commitment of Naismith - and the career he's had - we'd have far less need to worry about the attitudes of the regular call off crew.
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