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  1. Hearts doing their best to live up to their Edinburgh huns tag 👏🏻
  2. Not content with specifically naming Dundee Utd, Raith and Cove in their action, Hearts and Patrick have now had the cheek to criticise them for trying to raise money from other clubs to raise their legal fees, saying their asking “could cause division” between clubs.
  3. He’s made more passes than anyone else on the park (including more than the entire palace midfield combined) and 92% accuracy. He’s doing exactly the job he’s there to do.
  4. If a city can justifiably be shut-down in isolation then there's absolutely no reason why a constituent part of the UK couldn't be either.
  5. Pretty sure I read somewhere that kids outdoor sports can resume mid-July. EDIT: Organised outdoor contact sports can resume for children and young people (subject to guidance) - 13 July https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-scotlands-route-map-indicative-dates-remainder-phase-2-early-phase-3/pages/2/
  6. Isn't the difference now, though, that the implication of what's been said today is that if it wasn't the school holidays this week then schools could reopen as normal with the current state of play? That might not have been what they were trying to say but every parent I know has taken it that way: if things are the same in August as they are now then kids will go back to school full time. That's a very, very different mindset to the one everyone had yesterday when there was no definition of what would be considered "safe" and certainly no indication that the current status was good enough.
  7. Shite for Robby McRorie though, they must’ve decided he’s not going to be good enough to take over from mcgregor.
  8. Technically that might be correct but the difference in perception is huge. I’ve kept across the whole thing since the start and up until this afternoon there was no public suggestion that schools would be back to normal in August. All communication from schools this week was “your child WILL (emphasis mine) be doing this, that and the other,” not “we’ve set this up but we expect kids to be back as normal”. The expectation amongst parents now is that kids will be back as normal, whereas 8 hours ago they were stressing about how they’d cope with home schooling their kids until October.
  9. You’re talking like this isn’t just a job for these guys. It is, and rightly so, so they’ll do whatever’s best for themselves and anyone who blames them for it is being naive or living in the past.
  10. When? This was a rumour a couple of days ago but police said it wasnt true. if it has happened this time, shite like that doesn’t help anyone’s cause.
  11. A vote of no confidence would do it but with the size of the majority it would take something seriously chatastrophic for Johnson to lose one.
  12. There were six people in this raft - I'm the one you can't see at that exact moment. Managed to stay aboard though, great fun.
  13. Went white water rafting in New Zealand in March. Absolutely brilliant.
  14. So Rangers - presumably having already discussed it with Celtic - are proposing they buy places in the bottom league in an 18-14-14 setup for their u21 teams. if any other club wants a b team they also have to buy a place but can only get them in the highland or lowland league. 🤪
  15. I think arteta might be right. Ronnie Deila said similar during his si ferry interview recently.
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