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  1. And the yummy mummies on social media who were posting videos of their kids clapping were the same ones who were moaning about people talking about "boring" politics around election time. "I'm not even voting cos they're all liars" "Everyone on facebook thinks they're a politician these days" etc etc
  2. That just made my daughter laugh lol. Thanks
  3. Terry Munro


    You think I still have a case for asking for a refund despite rebooking for November? I only done that on the understanding that the flight was going ahead.
  4. Definitely hitting me the hardest today so far. Should have been taking my son to his first game, meeting up with my tuechter mates and seeing us play at a rare full house. Even had the SSC putting a message on the Hampden screens for my son. Not to mention a potential playoff final which would have been the biggest game in years, and a few days abroad. Absolutely gutted to be missing out on it all. I get there's more important things going on right now (before some tedious cunt like dohadeer points it out) but still doesn't stop it being so disappointing.
  5. Ross Mcrorie saying he had no symptoms whatsoever, which is good, but how do they know he has it in that case? Who tested him and why?
  6. Terry Munro


    Aye just said the same to VA on another thread. Regretting rebooking now
  7. When did they announce cancellation? Think I may have been premature in rearranging ours from Sunday, but i checked today and it was still going ahead.
  8. Wonder if there's any truth in these reports that the virus may have been here a few months ago? We were concerned about my son having a terrible cough for a few weeks solid recently, so much so that we took him to the doctors in case it was asthma or something similar, but it went away eventually. Hoping now it was the virus he had.
  9. Terry Munro


    Our easyjet flight to London on Sunday was still going ahead despite the lockdown so best we could get was a free date change
  10. Someone get Robin Williams to tell this guy that it isn't his fault
  11. You literally said "are you still with that fat burd" just a few posts ago 😅 Can you not remember ya daft alky bastard?
  12. I know, wasnt really meaning it was summer as such but emphasising how busy it was. Get what you're saying about people not taking it seriously but I've found the opposite tbh. Seems to be a lot quite than I expected it to be around my area.
  13. Ah right you're a little older than me then. My time there was about 2001 and 2002 but doesnt sound like a lot has changed in the last 2 decades really.
  14. Not sure who fatty is as plenty of people on here have met my missus, and unless you count the two times she's been pregnant, then shes never been fat. But aye, you're sorting out out a rushed graduation so naturally you log into the TAMB at 6am to help with it. You're a shitebag and a fantasist. Most people know that already though so let's not bore them with it. I'll see you when I see you and you can take it up with me then.
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