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  1. Likely that the SFA will have to sell a two match package (if our semi wins the coin toss) then refund everyone should we lose the semi.
  2. All true but not sure what that has got to do with what I said. I'll be supporting the men's team until the day I die whether we are pish or not. That support shouldn't be affected with me not wanting to support the women. Good luck to them in everything they do but the Scottish women's football team means the same to me as the Scotland rugby or cricket teams. The idea that their games should be connected to loyalty points for the men's senior team is simply ridiculous, although I don't believe for a second that the op was being serious. I'll counter his suggestion by saying we should use club loyalty points too. Folk who put money into Scottish football every week deserve first dibs on tickets for the national team. That would probably rule out about 90% of the Scotland away support though
  3. Womens fitba is fucking pish and I've been supporting Scotland since before women ever played football so we'll keep the system the way it is if it's all the same to yourself.
  4. If we qualify and they don't use they don't use the SSC loyalty points system then I'll never join it ever again
  5. One of the guys I know who follow them home and away is still wondering if he'll get a ticket so there must be a lot going.
  6. Bring back the UEFA cup with straight knockout from the start, and the European cup while we're at it
  7. Why don't Suriname and Guyana play in this? I'm sure they're both classed as South America, wouldn't need to invite teams if they were involved
  8. Fucking loads of them at Braehead stealing dugs and weans according to a lassie on Facebook, shouldn't be too hard to shift those tickets
  9. Surely it will go down to loyalty points though
  10. Are we guaranteed to get at least two Hampden group games if we qualify then?
  11. You need to pay for whatever you were successful for, or get none of them. I applied for the 3 group games at Hampden for me and my son. Category c though. Not made of money unfortunately
  12. I read on another board that they set aside some for over 16s too.
  13. Got you now. If it's at Hampden then the atmosphere will make Italy 2007 look like a pre season friendly. Hopefully we won't need it though
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