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  1. You and your mates had a 40 page thread on follow follow wanting a young Celtic employee sacked after the cup final ya fucking banger.
  2. The fact that you had to phone them speaks volumes. This was only confirmed to the ATAC who sound like a bunch of cap doffers who don't want to rock the boat with them in case they stop getting invited to kit launches and all the other shite. They should be publicly calling out UEFA and demanding more but they won't
  3. It would if the gang was from there, but they were from Royston.
  4. Got a quote from Barmy Flags for it so hopefully have its debut in Oslo
  5. I'm on 13 at the moment but not sure if they've added the 3(?) extra points for renewing with that. Think I have the most points in our group too so this doesn't look great from a ticket point of view, especially with Norway selling out the semi, home end will be harder to get
  6. That's exactly what I said. There must be an argument that we should get more than the standard away allocation given it's a final, never mind just the usual 10% or whatever, but this is actually lower than 5% of the ground I think
  7. Just been sent a text saying 1350 tickets for Oslo confirmed according to that boy who posts as Ghostbuster from the Dunfermline TA
  8. I see what you mean and have heard that in the past too, and also about the origin it coming from a gang in Royston/Garngad, but I should have specified that I've only ever known it to mean Celtic fan in nearly 30 years of going to the games. Like someone else said, I've never heard a catholic Killie or Morton fan called a Tim. First time I ever heard the song in 1993 I asked my Dad what It meant and he told me it was rhyming slang for Bhoys so I've just stuck with that tbh
  9. Finally finished it:
  10. Tim is in no way related to religion. Same as hun. The difference is that huns like to pretend it is
  11. Yes but they're free and as far as I know they aren't sold out https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/scotland-v-israel-hampden-pre-party-tickets-89617713995?aff=efbeventtix
  12. There's a pre match party at the Shed if that's any help. About 20 mins walk from the ground
  13. Could see Celtic dropping points down at Kilmarnock like the huns done last year in the first game back after the break.
  14. Don't mind referring to a man who has had a sex change as she, or vice versa, but if you're still walking about with a dobber then you should not be using female bathrooms. There are only two genders imo. These cunts who don't identity as anything have a mental illness.
  15. The board would be a duller place if folk googled everything instead if posting
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