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  1. I do a 7 day water fast every 6 weeks or so. Usually drop over a stone but it's only a short term for something like a holiday coming up. Doing another before my mates wedding on the 5th October. My advice would be not to break your fast with anything other than soup or fruit. First few times I done it then I hadn't really looked into what to break it with and just ate as I normally would and it makes you feel sick and gives you an upset stomach.
  2. They keep demanding we play 352 with Robertson as a holding midfielder.
  3. There's no excuse for anyone turning up at your door unannounced in 2019, my rule is just don't answer the door unless you're expecting someone (although that now proves more difficult now that my son has started school and loads of neighbourhood kids keep coming in for him to go out an play mind you lol) On the other hand, just be glad you have relatives that want to come and see you. Outside of my partner, kids and mum I have none now and it's really shit tbh.
  4. I tried sticking up for him before as I don't like to see people ganged up on for having different opinions, but he really doesn't help himself with the way he speaks down to others who disagree with him. In summary, fuck him and hopefully he never returns.
  5. They genuinely believe that they're being discriminated against because the taigs are no longer second class citizens in this country.
  6. If you're still here for the Celtic and Killie game then I have a ticket for you in the standing section, free of charge.
  7. He's not. It is happening albeit on a small scale. My mate is at a wedding today and still bought his, sold to our other mate who isn't in the ssc.
  8. That's why I said the same ball park, maybe you should have read it properly.
  9. I actually wrote that under one of the facebook posts and was shouted down and told I was defending someone fro saying that about Brown's sister and not a real Celtic supporter etc. Social media is a dangerous thing.
  10. Who on this forum uses things in the same ball park as Ricksen or the 66 you lying hun cunt?
  11. You're welcome to fuck off from the board any time you like. You're a boring prick anyway.
  12. Glasgow Green would be considered private when it is shut off for things like Transmit festival, so basically any park they want to hire out for the day.
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