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  1. @wanderer you messaged me on Facebook about this earlier but I can't reply on there. I will pass the details on to a few Blackburn fans I know who live north of the border for you. Hope it raises a good amount of money.
  2. Felt the defender blocked his view with it. Will still be disappointed though.
  3. I know mate. I was being 0% serious tbh.
  4. Unless Clarke has already been approached, accepted it but asked them not to go public until Killie's season is done? Perhaps not
  5. Hi guys. Thanks for the responses. Was just having a bad day again yesterday, it'll pass. Just ignore me.
  6. Has anyone hear even been near it? I've been struggling lately man. Not even sure why because on the face of it I should be happy.Beautiful missus who is my best friend, 2 amazing kids and a decent group of pals
  7. Forgot about that myself actually.
  8. I suppose that although it is technically "republican violence", the difference is that this particular group have absolutely zero support from any political parties or the wider republican community. They're the same gang of hoods who are running riot on the estates dealing drugs and joyriding. They're aren't the IRA, despite what they may call themselves. They won't be protected or hidden by their communities.
  9. Yes, really. You said you were sure there would be retaliation. Any particular reason you think loyalist paramilitaries are going going to care about a journalist from the nationalist community being murdered?
  10. Strange one. I've honestly have never heard any Irishman I know call it Londonderry. Even the huns call it Derry in their daft wee loyalist songs. Think I've only ever heard Londonderry off some posh English burd reading out the BBC news
  11. 16 year old charged with it according to a guy I know from Derry
  12. Do people not realise that we needed more than a draw to qualify that day?
  13. He was talking gibberish. That can't be denied. If an illness is the reason for that, then it's still to be confirmed and it would be a real shame for the guy but it hasn't yet, so don't think that can be used to say someone is being disrespectful or abusive.
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