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  1. Cheers for the heads up. Going to try and make that one too.
  2. I was kidding mate. He comes across as very patriotic. A very likeable guy actually.
  3. He's mates with KT so probably has no interest in Scotland.....
  4. That can't be right, some boring wanker who spams the tamb constantly says that he doesn't care about Scotland.
  5. Reminds me of the shite top we had under Diadora around 2009
  6. We should get the RA over for a show of strength in the centre circle under the disco lights this April. Thirty foot Easter lillies each side of the tunnel. Armalites shooting into the sky as Bik McFarlane barks out some last minute instructions to the team in the huddle. Fun for all the family
  7. A Teuchter is anyone without G, PA or ML at the start of their postcode.
  8. The Arbroath lads a cracking bunch. Met them in Israel and still catch up with some of them at the odd game. Them, Parklife and your good self have shown me that some Teuchters are ok
  9. Used to be a Tom Williams csc in Port Glasgow. Celtic asked them to change name but they got round it by saying it was named after a deceased member of the same name. I like the Ailsa Craig TA name, which is ironic as I usually try to avoid their "whacky" members as much as I can on away trips.
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