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  1. cant find anywhere else to post this so its here, some people have added music to it as well,the verve,stayin alive, Darth vadar death march
  2. there was a long thread on facebook with everyone positively apoplectic at not getting a tee time.... calm doon lads its only a game there are bigger fish to fry ATM.... and BTW I'm a golfer...
  3. apparently tattooed on someone although they asked for "10 in a row" and were mis understood
  4. For want of a better phrase there is a lot of fake news out there ATM this site is pretty good and easy reading https://fullfact.org/online/captain-tom-uk/
  5. I think that's japan all over hygiene wise, has anyone checked out' their toilets that wash and dry yer bahookie ? I have a friend here in neep city that had one of their toilets imported here it does everything apart from give you a centre parting and ask "anything for the weekend sir"
  6. davierobbsagod


    I had a flight cancelled by KLM while i was in the airport waiting for a connection in Feb,long story short after being directed to their claim site and being offered a voucher ( they say your claim will be resolved quicker if you take a voucher) I continued and through the website to get a refund.Got a couple of e-mails asking for bank details etc I thought this was all a delay tactic as I'd heard (tinternet) that claims could take up to 2 years.....anyhooo sent off the info requested and last week the money arrived in my account... including the cost of a hotel in amsterdam and taxis and my burger king whopper ...so keep going through the website for the refund option
  7. Given my replies to previous posters about fake news (for want of a better phrase) here's a cut and paste from bookface from someone who lives in up north. 2 different posts by the way My only hope is that he doesn't infect anyone. 8too late rumours say 8 staff inflected. Who will pass it into the village of mainly elderly people. Hope they sue this eejit. can you guess the source of infection ?
  8. I joined in 87 there was a strike in 2002 but it had selective days when we walked out the big strike was 77-78 when it was all out (except for the scabs) Corrrect in the 70's there were only 2 stations in Aberdeen but King street was by far the busiest as it covered over to Torry and up to Altens and cove, tillydrone,city centre bridge of don balmedie. Anderson Drive probably had red ones first as that was where the workshops and Headquarters were stationed , give the older ones to King street because they had to go to torry,seaton tillydrone.... As Aberdeen got bigger with industrial estates and housing in the 80's and 90's it was taking longer for appliances to meet their attendance times at certain times of the day so they built Altens fire station in about 83 (I think) they built a retained station in Dyce on pitmedden road which changed to a full time station in the 2000,s which gives you 4 full time stations.Dyce has since returned to retained and is now the new headquarters.(cutbacks,moving to one service etc)
  9. cant remember that one. GG was a driver at King street for a while and anderson drive probably easier to roll at the anderson drive as you had a hell of a lot more speed picked up by the time you got to logie. I was in the front of a machine when it took out a bus shelter on the last stretch of Anderson drive heading to Grt northern road, I must stress I was in the front but not driving......
  10. you said a couple of days ago that you have some EICR's to do in schools surely thats essential as its maintenance in order to keep the school in a state of readiness for when they return,any preventative maintenance would be essential IMO
  11. we have changed our shopping habits completely instead of going with a list as we normally would we go and see whats there and our meals are based on what we get . went for a walk yesterday and every tesco express/sainsburys local and co-op we passed we would go in and have a look I've never been so pleased for such a long time when I found a bag of bread flour.....down to the last sachet of yeast tho......
  12. zacktly.....its like endless chain letters of duff info, do your own research .its all out there and make your own mind up
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