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  1. I have to admit as well I have a case of Tennants out the back with the brewdog stuff and in the current climate in Neep city a stone cold Tennants does hit the spot
  2. point 1 ,yep get it I was tennants/stella before but def changed taste and enjoy the brewdog and it also seems cheaper than other craft brewers. point 2 not that bothered that I need a pm to discuss it ,suppose JW is marmite to some people,I have good storys bout him and brewdog and some bad
  3. come on then,whats bad about he beer and why is the owner an arse ?
  4. love to post it /them if I could can't quite work out the tamb on my phone hence no pics,1st time grandad/granny so wifes going mental with xmas we have 4 boys/men but now a granddaughter....place looks like unicorns nest ....
  5. I played all the way through from school to juvenile to amatuer and junior but my story was when I played under 18's late 70's 79/80 I think. I was a right winger when that was still a position, we also had a left winger but the manager wouldnt/couldnt play us both at the same time. The left winger was Wilson Robertson.....its fair to say that a starting position for me was a rare achievement
  6. I was banned recently from twitter and I've never tweeted or replied to a tweet, but received a couple of strange DM's which I ignored and carried on reading. when my ban was up all the people I was following had disappeared. Very strange
  7. quick question for the north americans, why is AOC not a candidate but a bumbling white old guy is ?
  8. cant find anywhere else to post this so its here, some people have added music to it as well,the verve,stayin alive, Darth vadar death march
  9. there was a long thread on facebook with everyone positively apoplectic at not getting a tee time.... calm doon lads its only a game there are bigger fish to fry ATM.... and BTW I'm a golfer...
  10. apparently tattooed on someone although they asked for "10 in a row" and were mis understood
  11. For want of a better phrase there is a lot of fake news out there ATM this site is pretty good and easy reading https://fullfact.org/online/captain-tom-uk/
  12. I think that's japan all over hygiene wise, has anyone checked out' their toilets that wash and dry yer bahookie ? I have a friend here in neep city that had one of their toilets imported here it does everything apart from give you a centre parting and ask "anything for the weekend sir"
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