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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50942597?intlink_from_url=https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/scotland&link_location=live-reporting-story
  2. nothing hunnish about the bigger of coves 2 teams only a name, beacon rangers probaly had more h**ns
  3. which course ? balnagask ,Links ,Auchmill, McKenzie...?
  4. pardon me for being slow or ill informed but Ryan Gauld is not named at all for hibs ?
  5. all the pubs on the way will be busy, there was a large Irish bar round the corner from haymarket across from the Leonardo hotel its big enough ,If I remember rightly it used to be some sort of pool hall before I was very surprised at its transformation .Depending on what side of murrayfield you are sitting there is a Tile showroom right outside murrayfield which turns into a bar on match days...Bizzare but very clever and the toilets are very nice......
  6. you forgot to say for the non golfers that he's scottish and more importantly an Aberdonian
  7. came through the Aberdeen youth set up think he went to forfar after being released his dad (billy ) was a keeper in the Aberdeen junior ranks if that helps...
  8. hillsborough and heysel were completley the fault of the local authorities
  9. wife was there with her pals last april.loved it .decent weather,large town with small city centre usual pubs/bars /cafes try the bison vodka other than that nae idea ..
  10. Its the soul bar and when exactly was he "forced out " careful , I may have been there..... twitter is another thing its like the tamb if you want to argue/slag people then crack on if you dont ,then dont
  11. thats exactly what I'm doing at the moment 2 1/2 days a week in a complex of flats near me, mostly painting ...I'd repaired 2 washing machines replaced 4 sockets repaired an intermediate switch problem and replaced a cooker element before anyone asked for my city and guild certs... I also have H&S qualifications far above anything you need for site work but at my age I'm just looking for work I can turn up and do without thinking about it.. I'd also thought about an electricians mate or something like that so if the sparky asked me to hand him his pyro stripper at least I could give him the right thing but all those jobs seem to be full time and I'm only needing a couple of days or even a zero hour contract so I can continue to go holidays/golf/daytime drinking...when I feel like it
  12. In a nutshell, I retired 2 years ago with a pension after 30 years in the public sector, pensions not enough to keep me afloat I served my time as a sparky and continued to do "electrical work" throughout my public sector career. I have city and gulids parts 1 and 2 (1979-80) I also have the old c certificate (electrical technician) all jobs for sparks nowadays ask for 17th edition qualified. my IEE regs book is 13th edition....although I'm fairly competant in fault finding and still have my old test gear and have used them in some of the work I have done. Anyhooo....... is there any work out there for ancient sparkys such as myself without this 17th edition thingy, I'm only looking for a couple of days work a week to supplement the pension dont want to go down the route of self employment ,tried that a long long time ago ......
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