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  1. I'm in the centre of neep city and I've picked up my wheely bins twice since I got in at 4 they are down again so they will stay on their sides and hopefully in my driveway..... the drive home from stonehaven was twitchy as well although the majority of drivers were driving around the 50/60 mark rather than bombing down the road at 70
  2. In my old job I was part of a team that travelled abroad for various reasons which meant I had to be jabbed for a lot of things. over the years I was regularly jabbed for typhus,malaria ,cholera,hep b, jap enc a and b, yellow fever and the obligatory tetnus and never had any side effects
  3. I had both last sunday sore shoulder for a day and both hands the joints felt stiff for a day very strange...however now I am invincible I have now taken to coughing right in front of folk in tesco/asda/sainsburys who are not wearing masks.must be an old guy thing but apparently my life is over anyway according to other posters
  4. did anyone see the young kid to the left throwing stuff at Ojo as well ? popcorn or something but people have been thrown out before for throwing food
  5. all of the above, although my sources say that Glass was only temporary to give SB time to bed in
  6. No he's not I went to the same school as Dave he's a fa&ny growing up in garthdee when football games involved teams of more than 12 a side invariably meant the game was played at morrison drive field. Dave's home patch. Dave was a decent player he actually played at pittodrie (school game) however in todays footballing terms Dave would have perhaps been labelled a show pony or "lightweight" ,when tackled in the way you were in the 70's Dave would usually fall to the ground in a theatrical manner whereupon several people would shout "get up you fa&ny" or words to that effect... not on topic but just an alternate view on Dave
  7. from an investment banker,lawyer and economist.... cant quite see on his resume immunology or any medical qualifications just looks like its all about the money
  8. have I missed something with the young Australian golfers ? cameron smith and maverick antlcliff both sporting mullets and thin whispy taches
  9. must be my age but if Glass is going to wear a shirt and tie please learn to tie it properly....and at least look the part
  10. have to cut him some slack there he did live in morrison drive for some time....has to have an effect on you at some point
  11. This is plastered on the bridge over Holburn street (for all the Aberdeen posters)
  12. I have 4 sons, from about 1993 to 2008 my weekends revolved around school and boys club football,I ran the school team along with others for all of that time,schools football was still 11 a side at that time ,it was crazy some weekends with parents screaming from the sidelines every week,because there was a shortage of referees I did my SFA badge and would referee a game before or after the kids school game.I had to give up because of the abuse and I was starting to square up to parents....straw that broke the camels back was a P7 game with incessant abuse from the parents of a former Aberdeen captain,I sent the grandfather from the line because of his abuse and language and he replied "im just walking my dog you cant tell me where to go"
  13. Mmmmm my wifes obviously made of sterner stuff then, she was a dental nurse for 20 years being covered daily by other folks phlegm etc ,the days before aspirators....
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