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  1. I only seen him a handful of times but was really good each time.
  2. I'm not that fussed to be honest. He's a great shot stopper undoubtedly but his distribution, his command of the box, his indecision all still persist and don't seem to have improved in the last few years. I'd also take that he was happy to come up on terms agreed with a pinch of salt, he'll have been on a fortune at Southampton. If we had the cash we should be asking Copenhagen about taking their keeper, he was excellent in both games against, could do everything.
  3. Aye, he's a climate change denier as well, an absolute moon unit.
  4. You're ability to continually miss the point is unrivalled on here.
  5. Shove it up yer dick ya old teuchtar wank.
  6. Possibly aye but we know the bare minimum at the minute.
  7. We don't know anything about the incident, at the moment it's not a terrorist attack of any nature and it infers, whether you like it or not, Muslim or brown people being involved.
  8. Is there any need for terrorist to be in the title? We don't know anything about this at the moment, what the motivation or circumstances were, get it removed.
  9. Yesterday went pretty well until The Police as is their want tried to use violence and intimidation to 'get The Green Brigade'. At first they wouldn't allow entrance from Queen Street for a large group which was a fucking ludicrous decision. A few punters barged through and it got a wee bit tousy, nothing serious but entirely The Police fault The use of kettling peaceful protestors is entirely questionable anyway, so there needs to be an explanation as to who gave that order. The Police behaviour yesterday was a throwback to a few years ago when they acted with impunity up and down the country week after week with little recrimination and yesterday was the same. I believe there were People at the protest yesterday who are in the GB but there was no GB flags or banners that I could see. They let right wing fascists run wild on Wednesday but turn up organised and intimidate groups of peaceful protestors on the Saturday? There were really good numbers and the old statue shaggers know that Glasgow will not stand for their shite, was great to see.
  10. I'll be heading along to the anti racism protest this morning, hopefully a good turnout to show these fascist cunts they are hugely outnumbered in this city. Might see you there @thplinth, what statue will you be defending? I'll pop over and say hello.
  11. I feel for Hearts to a certain degree, but theyve only themselves to blame. In terms of quality, the league was pretty poor this year, lots of really bad sides, to be bottom with ten games to go with the squad they had was shambolic. As for the reconstruction, I understand we are in unprecedented times, but league reconstruction has never really been high on the priority of most top clubs including Hearts, so for them now to be at the fore front of reconstruction reeks of saving their own skin. The way they've been run from top to bottom has been embarassing. Hearts fans beef should be with Kevin and Budge, no one else.
  12. You're getting dumber by the minute and you can't even see it, you're so blinded by your own paranoia and conspiracy theories. Youre Comparing apples and Oranges here and when you're 'stats' come under even the tiniest bit of scrutiny you become all defensive as we saw yesterday.
  13. That is pretty horrendous, that yellow collar and the awful dafabet logo completely ruin it. I've also seen a pic of a black away top that looks like a polo top you'd see some Celtic da sporting for fourteen days straight in Santa Ponsa.
  14. No one is talking about removing law and order, it's about taking a new approach to Policing and community policing in particular. As per usual with you, it's all extremes and exaggeration, you'd think we're a bawhair away from Minneapolis becoming a lawless, desolate wasteland inhabited by Mad Max the way your nattering on.
  15. What war memorials were defaced? Edit to add Ive just seen the Churchill thing which I assume you're referring to?
  16. Aye, it's very much a lads, lads, lads type vibe. 6 Music for me for most of the day with a break for Popmaster.
  17. Just to add to this btw, your continued insistence that I must have an alcohol addiction or mental health issues because I've called you out on your bullshit, really gives us an indication of what type of person we are dealing with here. Its the first retort of the idiot, although I suspect you probably don't know any better, youve stood still in a fast moving world and you've become insular, angry and bitter as a result.
  18. I used to go there with my pals aye. I'm sure you had some until you got into you're right wing, conspiracy theory rabbit hole that you seem determined more than ever to keep on burrowing into.
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