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  1. Still though. Sake Killie! Way to make Scottish football look like an total laughing stock. The fact that our teams have to start at the first qualifying rounds in Europe is totally justified. Absolute mince and tatties, except from the Old Firm
  2. I've definitely encountered the train of thought that Scottish football is of a poor standard down here, but I must say I have really not seen this in regards to Tierney so far. Most Arsenal fans seem super-excited at the prospect of landing him, and Ryan Fraser!
  3. Let's say La Liga is the best league in the world (which is open to argument), do you then agree the EPL is the second best league in the world? If not, I'd be very interested to hear which league you rank higher, or why you think 2nd best league in the entire world isn't a cool place for Scots to play.
  4. Thanks for making my point more eloquently than I ever could! To be clear, I don't think the Scottish Premiership is shit. You're allowed to be impressed by the EPL without automatically denigrating Scottish football. It's not a giant conspiracy against Scots. The EPL is actually a fantastic standard and the more Scots playing in it (or other top leagues in Europe) the better we'll be doing as an international team. Also, the route into the EPL for Scots is so much easier than to any other top league.
  5. I don't believe hype. I belive logic and what I observe. If you take the top 6 out of the EPL you should take the top 6 out of the other leagues you're comparing to so that it's a fair comparison. So from last season 7th v 7th would be Wolves v St Johnstone. I know who my tenner would be on, and not because Sky told me who to choose hahaha.
  6. Lol yeah. The EPL being a higher standard than the Scottish Premiership is just fake news fabricated and perpetuated by Sky. They also fix all European matches so that Scottish teams lose and English teams win.
  7. I could, but I prefer to go to the pub sometimes, which means I'm gonna have to shell out, and Sheffield Utd known that if they want someone from the English Championship rather than the Scottish Premiership then they will have to shell out. The market determines the price. It just so happens that the market has inflated a lot in the last few years which makes it hard for people who've watched football for a long time to make comparisons. But remember, a player (or indeed a pint) has no intrinsic value. Their value is exactly what someone is willing to pay for them and the seller willing to accept, whether that be £15m or 15p.
  8. It may well be the same standard as the Scottish Premiership, but that's classically very hard to quantify. What's very evident is that they are completely different markets. This weekend in the Hebrides I'll be paying £3 for a pint of the exact same standard as the one I get in my London local for £5. Don't hate the player, hate the market.
  9. I mean, the lad did score 24 goals for Swansea last season. That's not bad. £15m being rejected does seem crazy, but the market determines his worth and maybe we should pay more attention to that, and his shitload of goals, rather than the handful of appearances he's made for a poor Scotland team?
  10. Would only have to be more than the £13.5m that Burke went for?
  11. Just before anyone else gets in with the tease, £2m x 20 = £40m
  12. Arsenal are definitely in a weak position financially, but I can see Celtic taking that kind of offer. Especially for a lad they have almost crocked through what is tantamount to professional malpractice.
  13. I thought they were forced to play 3 at the back because Kolasinac couldn't play as a proper full back?
  14. As far as I understand this is far from confirmed, but they have at least enquired along with multiple other clubs? Would be great to see him getting some first team action this season. Meanwhile, Liam Morrison has officially signed for Bayern Munich. Let's keep an eye on that!
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