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  1. A good point. How do Bilbao get round this illegality out of interest? I've always wondered.
  2. Fraser on the bench is a surprise! Burke on the bench for Alaves V Sevilla. Johnston nowhere in sight for Feyenoord.
  3. Yeah man. Never thought I'd be a Liverpool fan, but there's me in the pub cheering them on in the Champions League Final, boring my girlfriend to tears with my stories about Robbo's rise to stardom.
  4. Haha yeah I use Flashscores to follow any team with a Scottish international or potential international. I love the weekend when I have so many players to follow and teams to keep up with. Then the international break comes round and it's not as fun...
  5. Hahaha I think some TA are giving him a really raw deal. He's clearly the best player we've produced in a long time, he has also scored a couple of big goals for us, but even if you put Messi in the San Marino team he would appear to play worse than he does for Barca. Not sure why some people don't get that?
  6. Both Lindsay and McIntyre starting today. Not getting carried away. Stoke and Reading are not doing well so far this season, but it is at least nice to see two young defenders starting at that level.
  7. Robbo off and running with his assists.
  8. No, you're thinking of Paul Foreskinov.
  9. Fleck will be in the next squad...
  10. Can't we all just get along in support of the worst national team in the world?!
  11. At the point where other countries stop succeeding with players of a similar or worse level?
  12. This is a Vogts-level low now. We have the manager. We have some decent players. Where's the team?
  13. I have bet against Scotland in the past because I know how unlucky I am with bets and I almost feel like if I bet against them they will win.
  14. It would be classic Scotland if we beat them tomorrow night, then lost to Russia and Cyprus away.
  15. I'm the opposite. I have this feeling for Scotland, but not for any club. I fell out of love with my boyhood club because I can't be arsed with all the nonsense associated with them, and now I really just support any club with a Scotland international. This means I support loads of clubs, but don't feel particularly emotional about any individual one of them.
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