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  1. Yeah. He may yet be in Serie A next season...
  2. You literally said "Robertson cant [sic] defend" in your previous post. Hahaha are you Chripper in disguise? Also, Robertson is fantastic defensively. That's not even up for debate.
  3. He's done much much better than Gauld. 24 games and 4 goals for Malaga this season. Injury later in the season has limited his playing time. Looking forward to seeing how he gets on at Getafe next season.
  4. Really hoping to see Snoddy back in the squad. As I've said before, doesn't necessarily need to start, but great guy to have on the bench, in the lockeroom, and at the training camp.
  5. My issue was never with KT's commitment to Scotland. It was with Celtic's treatment of him, saying he's unfit to play and needs an operation, but not getting him it then playing him again. His lack of involvement today makes the situation even more frustrating. Why didn't they get him the treatment he needed sooner? I'm sure they have a good reason. I just can't immediately see it.
  6. I don't blame the lad himself. It's Celtic that I think are totally at it. If a player is hurt and needs medical attention, then give him that attention as soon as he needs it! Don't ring every last bit of effort out of him while simultaneously claiming he's too injured to play for anyone else. I really hope Clarke is the kind of guy who can give as good as he gets when it comes to this kind of club nonsense.
  7. I think this is exactly what the OP is talking about? I don't know about your job at all, but it sounds like the verbal and physical abuse might be coming from a smaller group of people with real issues, not just the general public? Either way, my hat is off to you, as doing that kind of work is very admirable, important, and a job I don't have the guts to do.
  8. I totally get your realism argument. Sorry, I was boiling down telling people to just get a new job if they can't handle it to basically saying "fuck off". I just think we can do better than that. Especially the TA. Don't you? I think it's great that we even have this thread on the TAMB. Sticks and stones is nonsense BTW. A very large fraction of young males suffer from mental health issues, and too few ever talk about it or seek help. These issues are not caused only by sticks and stones. You say this fan behaviour is unlikely to change. You're a fan. Be the change you want to see mate. Instead of defending the nonsense and telling the victims they should be able to handle it. I just think it will be ponderous to future generations that there used to be a job that people did where having personal abuse hurled at you was publicly acceptable.
  9. Maybe I am too much of an idealist? I think an easy start in the right direction would be that when a player does speak out about abuse or mental health issues we don't just tell them fuck off and get another job. But you're right, I may be asking for too much too soon from the average football fan.
  10. You had me with the first bit, then I read down to the last bit and was all like "aw naw! Ye done me!"
  11. I think grown adults should have the mental constitution to police it themselves. Show some class and respect.
  12. Stop whingeing and just get a new job Graham! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7065993/amp/Rangers-star-Graham-Dorrans-bottled-holiday-Ibiza.html
  13. Don't you think this a little bit like someone in the 70s saying to a woman that if they can't handle the sexual harassment in the workplace they should just go find another job where it doesn't exist? As I said before, booing doesn't bother me too much because it just sounds silly for grown men to do, but some of the personal verbal abuse levelled at players at the game and on social media is out of order. We need to be more forward thinking.
  14. He's just turned 20... A lot of people on here could make some real money as talent scouts with these powers of foresight.
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