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  1. It's not easy to pick, but I think I'd go for something like this: Marshall Palmer Devlin McKenna Taylor Armstrong Jack McGregor McGinn Christie Naismith 1) No solid idea what shape to play those 5 midfielders in, but Jack sitting back and Christie in the hole behind Naismith would be a start. 2) I'm not convinced by Devlin, but given the options, starting McKenna's regular defensive partner next to him seems like a reasonable idea. 3) Naismith has to start and be given the captaincy for me. He's got great experience, loves playing for Scotland, and knows how to score for us. This young, underconfident, patchwork team needs someone like him on the pitch.
  2. Well, maybe if we're lucky the rest of the boys will turn up and show what it means to them. Best of luck to them! Cyprus away will be a test of a weakened team.
  3. The Liverpool Echo is reporting that it's not true - https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/ryan-fraser-liverpool-transfer-news-17240147
  4. I wonder if it will suddenly look better if we start winning a lot in it?
  5. Celtic and Rangers certainly proving they can do it against more than just the minnows of the Scottish Premiership. Hopefully their form continues and they bring more scots into their starting line-ups. They are close to securing Scotland two teams in Champions League qualifying again. Love them or hate them they are not going anywhere, and the success of any Scottish team is a good thing for the Scotland national team in my opinion.
  6. mrniaboc

    New jerseys?

    Hahaha was this what you were thinking about when you were calling me an idiot and accusing me of being drunk a lunchtime on a workday the other day? Great sentiment though.
  7. Well, the results are in and the findings are clear. TDK definitely has at least two accounts 😂😂😂 Am I one of them?!...
  8. mrniaboc

    New jerseys?

    Close! I was thinking if on the original the white bits were yellow. Might look honking, I'm just not sure. Nice work BTW.
  9. mrniaboc

    New jerseys?

    @ElChris04 any chance you could do a mock-up with yellow ends to she sleeves instead if the white? I think that would look so much better (especially if the shoulder stripes were also yellow).
  10. You get paid to do it, rather than the other way around. But it doesn't pay you much more than minimum wage and leaves you with a tonne of baggage. Not worth it really.
  11. Jokes. Totally agree with you on all these additional points mate. It's just not how an international football team is USUALLY judged, that's all. No biggy.
  12. Hahaha that's an interesting hypothesis. As a scientist I am taught to trust the data over my opinions and instincts. I am often wrong about things. TDK is often right. Hence the poll.
  13. Sorry, I tried. But sometimes I really cannot help myself.
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