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  1. Away for the final if we get there
  2. Theres a draw to decide which team is the home team in the final
  3. Path A with Wales as other seeded team
  4. How will you know if they've tackled the issue if you don't know what the issue is?
  5. Tried to play them at their own game and didn't manage it. Thought Russell did well when he came on. Fancy heading down there in 12 years for my 50th though.
  6. Its Firhill. Probably taken in the late 90s. Been once or twice.
  7. This attitude has been getting worse and worse. I'm only 38 but the sense of entitlement people have these days is crazy. Could be holidays, cars, vaccines. People think they deserve whatever it is first.
  8. That was the link I used and got an appointment sorted within about 15 minutes. Not sure if thats the one youve already tried though.
  9. David Moyes spouting this pish as well. He wont be popular in Liverpool if he got this idea from the Sun.
  10. First time I've seen Scotland win down there. I was born 6 months after the last win!! What a great result!
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