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  1. If you havent had a premier sports subscription before you get the first month free and it's just a month to month contract. You need to give a minimum 15 days notice to cancel before they take payment for the next month. Take out the subscription and then call to cancel it a few weeks before they are due to take payment for next month. Also make sure to cancel the direct debit.
  2. Beattie and the co-host were very defensive about people having to apply to get on. Even dismissed the point that Billy Mitchell himself said he was invited on.
  3. His documentary 'Quest for the lost civilisation' is on All4. I watched it on sunday and he talks about the pyramids in Egypt, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and some Mayan temples all being laid out to mirror constellations as they appeared in the sky in 10500BC. Also briefly mentioned the sphinx being older than we think.
  4. This attitude is part of the reason we dont qualify for tournaments anymore.
  5. Pretty sure manslaughter doesnt exist up here. Would be culpable homicide but i could be wrong.
  6. Thats probably more because Van De Velde lost it so badly than anything else.
  7. Thought it was rotten and really watered down from what it was. If it came back on a regular basis I dont think I'd be watching it.
  8. Got to agree with this. I've started drinking craft beers now instead of the mainstream stuff like Tennents and Stella. The difference in my hangovers is night and day. Pretty much non existent when i stick to the brewdog and Williams Brothers stuff.
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