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  1. G-Man

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    Your other post made me check this thread. And I was so nice to you over there! 😏 I’ll just concentrate on your “yeez are all magic” post. 😁 Glad you both had a lovely night. You should go for another weekend next year and visit during the Bloody Scotland festival, decent choice of authors and the last night booze up is always memorable. Well the start is at least. I’ll pass your comprehensive reviews onto my cousin. 😉
  2. G-Man


    (I missed this when you posted it originally.) Sorry to hear about Marvin and absolutely understandable that you’d be gutted. I’d find it strange if you and Slasher had said you were unmoved by Marvin and Arthur’s deaths. I didn’t choose to adopt my first rabbit but now I can’t imagine them not being there.
  3. G-Man


    Wonder who the Daily Mash is talking about? 🤔 https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/relationships/ex-boyfriends-offering-bad-sex-for-christmas-20181208180347
  4. G-Man


    Do both next time and post your texts on here. We’ll critique them and open a book on responses. 💏💏
  5. G-Man


    I’m not even counting where I was on the list but I do know I was well after Tidy, Dandy and Killie so you’re deid to me too. Just realised you didn’t even name check that b****g Orra so we’re all square again Ormond. To cement our friendship you can buy me a raspberry milkshake in Nardini’s on Sunday. 😋😋 P.S you’ve a long way to go in the embarrassment posts after a certain tamber told us his bird fell asleep during sex. 🙈🙈
  6. G-Man


    Fuck sake, you put on a bit of weight miss a hairdressing appointment or 3 and forget your last 4 upper lip (okay chin too) threading appointments and suddenly everyone’s a critic! 😒 Put the glass down and step away from the bottle!
  7. G-Man


    What an utterly crappy end to your trip Ormond. I hope, as exile says, you get some recompense from insurance but more importantly that you get home safely.
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Bar http://www.scottishhousingnews.com/20199/commemorative-mary-barbour-statue-unveiled-on-international-womens-day/
  9. @Auchinyell Sox Change I Catherine am a Douglas born, A name to all Scots dear; And Kate Barlass they’ve called me now Through many a waning year. This old arm’s withered now. ’Twas once 5 Most deft ’mong maidens all To rein the steed, to wing the shaft, To smite the palm-play ball. In hall adown the close-linked dance It has shone most white and fair; 10 It has been the rest for a true lord’s head, And many a sweet babe’s nursing-bed, And the bar to a King’s chambère. Aye, lasses, draw round Kate Barlass, And hark with bated breath 15 How good King James, King Robert’s son, Was foully done to death. Through all the days of his gallant youth The princely James was pent, By his friends at first and then by his foes, 20 In long imprisonment. For the elder Prince, the kingdom’s heir, By treason’s murderous brood Was slain; and the father quaked for the child With the royal mortal blood. Gabriel Rossetti. ( @exile those pre Raphaelites, if they weren’t leaving women in baths or rivers they were studying our history and writing beautiful poetry. Fairly sure he never painted mermaids and swimming pools though. 😊☺️)
  10. Israel reawakened my taste for Drambuie. Friends round again to keep me and my big feartie dog company. We drank Drambuie she drank water. It’s not really a ‘dogs life’. Hope your sore head disappeared alongside the Glenlivet. 😘
  11. G-Man

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    I’d expect nothing less from a fine upstanding member of the TAMB. 🤨🤨😆 I find it best to live by *Homer’s 3 rules; 1- Cover for me. 2- Oh, good idea boss. (Boss interchangeable with wife) and 3- It was like that when I git here. *Simpson not the Greet poet one.
  12. G-Man

    Stirling - Nite oot!

    Enjoy your tapas. 😁😁 Boozy Cow is now shut down. Must have ran out of amnesia alcohol I had.
  13. Just for being you ya big mad man. 😄😄
  14. G-Man

    Glenn Hoddle

    Towel heater on low my taut young friend as it’s a hell of a journey from Wales. ☺️😊😘 What currency are we talking about? Jaegerbombs, cash or chips and pickled onions? ☺️ Why is there a limit on wee 😆😮😳 for people’s posts?
  15. G-Man

    Glenn Hoddle

    I was stupid to reply, although I stand by everything I said as being utterly true. It was especially stupid as I still had one more massage appointment to carry out and it’s quite important to be in a good frame of mind when massaging someone. Or so I find. As I set up I started to think about why I’d been so annoyed and also about religious conversions and beliefs and cruelty and fundamentalism. I thought of Jude when she first joined and how I’d always felt quite sorry for her. She seemed to have a nice life, the wife of a well paid man working in the Middle East so she didn’t have to work. But reading between the lines you were left with an impression of a lonely woman with no direction in life and a cat for a best friend. I have 2 friends whose husbands work in the oil industry and travel all over the world. One of them answered her house phone 2 years ago on Christmas Day to someone asking for her husband by name and when she asked who was calling she was told it was “his fiancé.” God bless her but she’s a nutter conspiracy theorist as fantasy is obviously better than reality. She’s l with him as she likes the position, the money and the lifestyle more than her self worth. The other is a stunner of a woman who catches cats gets them dressed or castrated and is a functioning alky and her husband has tried it on with every female friend she has and stopped hiding his affairs years ago. Don’t know why they both came to mind whilst I was thinking of Jude as I’m sure my impression of her being lost and lonely was wrong and she was a well rounded and fulfilled individual and her new found love of online faith was just another string to her happy and content bow òf a life. Then I thought. “What the feck are you up to you complete moron. Concentrate on the task in hand and enjoy.” My last (and I have to admit, my favourite) client tonight was a 27 year old rugby playing scaffołder. I not only get to massage his fabulously toned and fit young body but I also get paid for it. Win win. I also have the magical ability of drowning out the plinky plink of the music he likes played during his treatment or his chat and just hear 🎼 boom chicka wah wah.”🎼 So even if calling you an odious cunt of a human being leads to a seat on the naughty step I’ll just console myself with the thought of next appointment with my scaffold boy. Apologies for totally derailing the thread. .