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  1. Unless your boots were suede.
  2. Breathing a sigh of relief but have to admire how far they’ve come and their manager. Just watching the team applauding the support and some of them were sitting down, understandably feeling shattered, but Gareth walked round pulled them to their feet and then walked over to Croatian manager to offer his congratulations. He seems to be not only a good manager but a decent person too and managed to make England a Team for the first time in years. France to win.
  3. G-Man

    Cricket World Cup 2019

    I would have if Scotland were in it but will just listen on radio now. I also think after our victory last month more people may have tuned in or actually gone to some games. It’s a brilliant game but on the whole it’s so misunderstood in Scotland and it needs all the help it can get. The worst game in the history of time, and I include bear baiting and cock fighting in this, started today and people will be glued to tv’s listening to grunting, watching a ball go over a net 4-6 times till it hits a wee boy or girl standing at the side and everyone sits down and hides their head in a bath towels or exclaiming at a group of celebrities who sit in audience with big dark glasses so they can fall asleep unseen yet I’m told cricket is too boring. Hope you enjoy the games Biffer. Below is exert from Guardian, Spin. Here is a rough guide to how things could be improved: a 14-team competition which requires qualification for two or four sides since the recent tournament in Zimbabwe, from which Afghanistan and West Indies emerged as the finalists and therefore participants in the 2019 World Cup, was such a riveting and worthwhile event. There would be two groups of seven sides which all play each other. The top team in each group would have a safe passage to their semi-final; second and third in each group would play eliminators to reach a semi-final, as is the case in the Royal London Cup. Such a system removes the criticism, which is often valid, that “we know who the eight quarter-finalists are going to be before the tournament starts”. That was almost the case in 2015 in Australasia. There was some drama along the way but seven out of eight of the “senior” sides made it; only England of that octet failed to do so. Such a system might satisfy the Scots. If they play with the same passion as they did on Sunday they would surely book their place in the top 14.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/papa-papa-audio-of-children-stokes-rage-over-separation/ar-AAyQ97B?li=BBoPWjQ I know there are 2 or 3 sides to every story and illegal immigration is not a simple black or white argument but this is heart rending and for it to be happening during peace in a wealthy country makes it even worse somehow.
  5. Well as I gave my recommendation I’ll leave it to your imagination. 🤨🤗
  6. So it’s not just in Glasgow she has that reputation! If a holiday suits you then it suits you. I have clients who’ve been going to same resort 4-5 times a year for 24 years and another who books up countries to visit but no hotels, packs a rucksack and just has adventures. She’s 78 years old and I’m sure she’s given her son and daughter prematurely grey hair. I love a camping holiday in Scotland but my friends would rather sacrifice their small children than sleep in a tent. I was in Toronto a few years ago and panic if I think a flight I’m on may enter their airspace and have to emergency land. I thought I’d never dislike a place as much as Toronto until I visited Rome. But I know people who love those places and although it’s made me wonder about their standards I have to accept we all look for different things in a holiday. I used to work in Playa del Carmen and whilst I’d never go there on holiday I have great memories of holiday makers I met who were having a fantastic holiday. Polis in Cyprus is a special wee place that I’d recommend.
  7. G-Man


    Rabbit adoption place told me 80% of their diet should be hay and 20% herbs and pellets. Their house and run is very secure as I have a fox who’s lived under the shed at back of garden for years so had to make sure I wasn’t running a rabbit supper take away. They run around the garden every day but I’m always out with them so no Steve McQueen attempts, but seeing how quickly they can shift I can sympathise. Just taken them their fenugreek crunchie and raspberry stalks for their supper and told them about your hay only diet. They just carried on ripping into the raspberry.
  8. Aye right, I’m sure it was the sinus clearing that roped you in?! 🤔🤔 😉😁
  9. Make it 4 please Donny. Don’t worry I’ve added you onto the occultist application list and I’ll drop it off on Saturday. ✍🏻🙂
  10. G-Man


    Company say it’s safe as soon as it’s dried in but rabbit boards say to wait at least 2 weeks or do smaller sections at a time. I offered to look after a rescued rabbit for a few weeks in 2013. When 2014 came around I realised she was mine for keeps and adopted another one as read they should have a companion. They are the most expensive and dodgy fecking animals I’ve ever had, vet bills are extortionate and now there’s this new jag for some disease that hasn’t even been reported in Scotland that I’ve just had to take them for. Took Hoppity to vet as her toilet was a bit funny and they thought she had one slightly long tooth and advised getting it filed down in case it was causing the problem. £113 and it didn’t fix the problem! If they have an operation they’re not allowed to come round on their own but have to be brought round with more medication. Really galling as I’d been cause of problem, I’d been putting their heat pads into their living tub and they were getting cosy by sitting on them, then when they pooped it was soft and stuck to them. So instead of £113 I could have just washed her bum. Another expensive lesson i eventually learned is that they shouldn’t eat carrots as too high in sugar,, carrot tops are great though. Nearly everything I grow is for them. Have 2 of those plastic greenhouses and grow parsley, coriander (lots as it’s their favourite), basil, thyme and 3 different type of mint. I give them mint every day as it keeps their stomachs calm and if they don’t move around as normal I put some leaves in tepid water as a mint tea remedy, I have a neighbour who grows carrots and gives me the tops and another who cuts me lots of raspberry branches every day as they love raspberry leaves. I grow roses in pots as I find it easier to keep them free of black spot and the rabbits eat every part, petals, leaves and big jaggy or wee jaggy thorns so I can’t use any sprays on them. I’ve lots of willow and apple trees nearby and take a branch or 2 from each for them, they love both but go for apple branches first. Always think they must hate winter even more than humans do as their diet becomes quite boring,
  11. Don’t listen she once saw hornets in a country estate and is now claiming them for herself. I doubt they’re even wasps, probably just midgies and bluebottles. This is what I mean Orra, ‘“beech leaves”, I’ve seen the garden and it’s full of pee the beds and moss.
  12. Hornets eat flies. Flies are horrible. Save the hornets.
  13. Oh, that’s a nicer image than my polyester one!
  14. Look at you with your hornet chat! You’re fae Paisley, it’s wasps.
  15. All the high heid yins are playing in Lima so I can graffiti the walls uninterrupted. Also makes our wee Welshie feel all warm and welcome. 😌😌 Heading out Callander way for a swim this evening so look out for big waves. 🌊🌊