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  1. Thanks Orra I missed that part. Sorry Updoon that’s me out. 😟
  2. I was called a “fucking twat of a cuntish dwarf.” last week in a supermarket car park so if you’d accept that as a reference pm me the date and how much pay you’re offering and I’ll check my diary. I notice you say “he”, I was mistaken for a drag queen in Tel Aviv so hopefully that’ll work for you too,
  3. Because I tried the *Candyman approach and looked in the mirror and called your name 5 times and you didn’t appear so I called you this way and heh ho, here you are. 😁😁😘 I’ve not seen Candyman for years so may have muddled it up with other scary as feck films.
  4. I wouldn’t mind mixed toilets as long as it was all cubicles. I didn’t know there were cases of children being given hormone blockers although I’m not surprised. In a world where people aren’t telling their new child’s sex so they aren’t ‘categorised’ my suspicion is more with the parents mental health than the child’s. Radio Scotland has a news report on a nursery in Edinburgh (of course it was) that no longer had gender defined toys or colours and then spoke to the parents who were all giving it “oh yes it’s fantastic. Horatio happily plays with a pram.” Then they spoke to wee Horatio and asked what his favourite toy was “I love the robot transformer, it turns into a car that shoots things.” Dad interrupts to say “But you like the tea set and Mimie doll?” I swear I could feel the puzzled slightly disgusted look Horatio gave the big drip as he replied “yeah okay but the čar shoots things.” My friend was born male but after years of misery, suicide attempts, psychiatric help and physical and mental abuse she was helped by the NHS to sort out a mistake that happened in her mother’s womb. She is now a gorgeous happy and settled wife and mum to her (adopted) son and she and her husband are foster carers. If she was a teenager today she wouldn’t have had to go through the nightmare she did have to endure but we’ve also discussed what would have happened to me. I hated being a girl, didn’t have girl pals, fought like a mad Taz devil and practísed blowing snot out my nose so I could do it when in goals for my school football team. And I won’t get into the batterings I received for constantly trying to pee standing up and succeeding only in making our toilet reek of pee. We think our friendship was cemented by our masculine and feminine characteristics and oddities but unlike her I never ever considered physically changing my sex I just didn’t want to be a girl. I was just a tomboy and I’d hate it if wee girls couldn’t just be tomboys without people jumping on it as sexual identity problems. But I’d detest it even more if we lived in a world where people don’t understand that things go wrong in the womb and they need to be sorted, understood and treated with the same understanding and sympathy that we give to all other ‘birth defects” (I use that term cautiously as I don’t like it but can’t think of another term. I’m sure you will thplinth and come along to tell me in your usual soft and tender manner) Stop it or I’ll challenge you to a peeing and snot blowing competition. Then the winner batters the loser and I’d hate to see you cry like a big lassie as I stand over your prostrate body with my foot resting on your hip and my arms held aloft while I make pretend crowd cheering noises. And I won’t be wearing lipstick! 😘😘
  5. I’ll be honest, I won’t be offended if you change your mind and do. 😊😊😉
  6. Yes and it gets better every time I put it on. 😊 Imitation of Life was a much better film in my memory.
  7. TI watched Bambi with my young twin sisters and didn’t find it particularly sad when he was calling for his mum. I’m sure I found it upsetting when I watched it as a child. And not a tear when Simba’s dad died in The Lion King. Wept buckets at the end of Toy Story 3 though. It’s a Wonderful Life is a bit slow. (I’ve never understood why it’s a more popular Christmas film than The Bishop’s Wife) I remember going with friends on my recommendation, I hadn’t seen it for years by that point, and I was raving about it. They loved it so I couldn’t admit it wasn’t a quarter as good as I’d remembered. Nice film just not great. Not a patch on Inherit the Wind, have you ever watched that film exile? 😉😉😁
  8. Putin or Kim Jong-un? 😁 Booked 10 night stay direct flights with jet2 Glasgow to Pathos. Not sure if I can take the time off but I’ll only lose small deposit and cancellation open until August.
  9. Sorry I pressed quote with the intention of saying that Ally probably didn’t feel the need to add allegedly as he was quoting from the Record. Saw his answer but I don’t know how to remove quotes. I’ve been trying to get a definitive answer to this since last night but only had guesses at best. I was at a few clients today, 2 of whom are vitriolic in their hatred of Alex Salmond/Nicola Sturgeon/SNP/Independance and both of them are convinced that AS is innocent of whatever he’s been accused of and that it was a deliberate set up. Yet even with that knowledge they still would vote no. If it was a full blown conspiracy rather than a personal vendetta then it was shockingly bad but in another way it was excellent. As I’ve said before I think Alex is tainted for evermore by these claims so they’ve ‘neutralised’ him and we’ve now got SNP/Independence supporters coming out against Nicola Sturgeon. So with this ridiculous case the biggest party in Scotland and the most important party in the independence movement has been put into disarray. I know as little as everyone else who is only a spectator but I’ll pretend I’m a radio Scotland Kaye caller and tell you what is ‘my truth’. Alex is ‘handy’ on the drink; his room in a hotel was on same floor as these ladies and at different times he had a grope or fleeting touch of a bum or just held on a little too long; these women mentioned it at different times to different people and high heid yin’s knew and kept it at the back of their minds to be used whenever the threat of another referendum came round; lots of women were questioned but only these 2 women were open to persuasion. There you go case closed. And if possible could someone tell me what they think Nicola Sturgeon could or should have done? By that I mean, what should she have done that wouldn’t have been able to be used by the other parties or press as proof she was willing to overlook sexual misconduct just to protect her mentor? I heard on the news tonight that she’s been asked for more details of the meetings and calls she had with AS of which I think there were only 5, 3 calls and 2 visits or vice versa. And back in my guise of a Kaye caller I dont believe for a moment that Nicola and Alex have been out of touch, just that they’ve been doing it through trusted 3rd parties. I also, and am sure I’ve said this before on here, don’t think Alex ever came away with a statement without discussing it with Nicola beforehand and that she also still treated him as her trusted mentor.
  10. If there were big bite marks on the suit and the knees ripped to fuck on broken glass then I could hazard a guess.
  11. Your other post made me check this thread. And I was so nice to you over there! 😏 I’ll just concentrate on your “yeez are all magic” post. 😁 Glad you both had a lovely night. You should go for another weekend next year and visit during the Bloody Scotland festival, decent choice of authors and the last night booze up is always memorable. Well the start is at least. I’ll pass your comprehensive reviews onto my cousin. 😉
  12. (I missed this when you posted it originally.) Sorry to hear about Marvin and absolutely understandable that you’d be gutted. I’d find it strange if you and Slasher had said you were unmoved by Marvin and Arthur’s deaths. I didn’t choose to adopt my first rabbit but now I can’t imagine them not being there.
  13. Wonder who the Daily Mash is talking about? 🤔 https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/relationships/ex-boyfriends-offering-bad-sex-for-christmas-20181208180347
  14. Do both next time and post your texts on here. We’ll critique them and open a book on responses. 💏💏
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