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  1. Slipped Macca the length a few times by all accounts Aw, wait, wrong Epstein. Carry on
  2. Not sure but we should demand a peoples vote if it doesnt go the way we wish
  3. https://www.online-calculator.com/
  4. Liverpools twitter has said Roberto Firmino, @Alissonbecker and @MoSalah will report for #LFCPreSeason training on Monday So your star mans not even going to be there. Its a glorified training session with no doubt around 40 players taking the field while not even attempting to tackle. Cheapest tickets left were 瞿67 when I checked a week or so ago. Ram that right up yer Damian Duff Twentys Plenty
  5. UpTheSlope

    Next PM

    Tremendous stuff Hopefully now we have a leader in charge who wont leave the EU, but a leader who will go over and colonise the cunts
  6. Losing 7-0 at home is embarrassing, yes, but lets put things into perspective Hibs never had any real expectations of progressing, we went more in hope than expectation. There certainly wasnt fans about bragging booking up for a trip the in next round, if memory serves me it was Swansea City or Cardiff City A team who finished bottom 6 that qualified for Europe through the preposterous flawed system the SFA had which meant Scottish Cup runners up took the place if the winners had already qualified A two legged tie between a Hibs side who went on to be relegated that season against a against a full time professional outfit, Malmo, who went on to win a league and cup double 2 seasons on the trot and eventually made the Champions league group stages A Hibs side who were at the start of their season with a squad containing dross like James McPake, Michael Nelson and Rowan Vine against a side who were half way through their season at top of their league containing the likes of Mikael Albornoz who went to the World Cup that season and won Copa Am矇rica and other internationals like Emil Forsberg, Markus Hasti and Tokelo Rantie Hibs v Malmo is nowhere near being the worst result in Scottish football history Cant say Im too gutted for Killie fans, the arrogance shown towards the opposition was of a similar ilk to how England fans react at Euros and World Cups. Fuck them
  7. This is how it feels to be Killie This is how it feels to be small This is how it feels to leave the passport in the back of a drawer, back of a drawer
  8. Just be honest and tell the truth. Youre really getting your VPN in place so you can still watch XHamster when the online smut ban takes effect
  9. I fully support equality, but I support equality for ALL Certain minoritys however are so self righteous and caught up in themselves they think thats it all about them and to Fuck with everyone else
  10. Aye they do. They are an utter embarrassment. To think that they are mothers and some even grandmothers They also pish in the street and in peoples gardens yet its the football fans who are causing anti social behaviour
  11. Just take a look at the challenge cup. Its been a disaster from start to finish Let Ireland be Ireland and Scotland be Scotland eh. We have enough teams who think theyre from elsewhere and want to desert us without us just replacing the fuckers The pyramid place is in place for a reason, if and when the New Firm and sky decide to upsticks and leave then they should be replaced by SCOTTISH clubs to compete in the SCOTTISH leagues
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