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  1. When was the last time we qualified for a tournament? I’ll give you a clue - it’s measured in decades not years
  2. Beating teams ranked 94th (Israel) 108th (Georgia) and 117th (Kazakhstan) weren’t considered big if’s either I choose to be realistic about our chances. I’d encourage other supporters to do likewise, it makes visiting these far flung places you wouldn’t normally visit so much more enjoyable 👍🏻
  3. Taking 4 points of Russia sounds almost as easy as taking care of Kazakhstan If we beat Finland and Serbia then if we beat England, Denmark, Spain, France or even Belgium and Germany we could win the euros. If we win the Euros well he talking about it we beat Colombia, Egypt and Japan to win the confederataions cup. If this, if that, if whatever if anything it’s all smoke and mirrors IF... it’s a big-BIG word for only containing two letters Following Scotland has merely turned into a social event. They say you get wiser as you get older and it certainly seems to be the case with following Scotland
  4. As if we’re going to qualify through our qualifying group furfuxake I don’t know how old you are but my first game was Latvia at Parkhead when we qualified and ever since it’s been one abject failure after another so forgive me if I stopped really being optimistic and lost interest after the Tbilisi debacle only to be faced with the no Scotland no party mob in Faro If throwing a dildo from one side of the street to the other while giving it the oles each time the 9” phalic member scurtled through the dreich Algarve air, doing Kilinsmans doon the strip in pishing rain, singing about Christian Benteke (rhyming slang for Eccies) and other general cuntbaggery which happens on tour then France and Russia would have breathed a sigh of relief As a matter of fact, I went over to Paris for Euros and there was a fantastic party atmosphere with all fans. English and Northern Irish included. Not a single bawbag lifting his kilt and flashing his arse to be seen. Tremendous Best fans in the world b’fuck? No chance. In number possibly but guaranteed every teams fans will say the same
  5. Quite easily. Thanks for the concern
  6. The women’s fitba is pish. Let’s be honest though, so is the men’s just are the unders. 2 tournament finals between the lot them in the last 2 decades pretty much sums things up Blind loyalty will only go so far, and once this play off next year is out the way and inevitably lost the SFA are going to have one hell of a financial shortfall to make up
  7. A lassie that was in my class at school got the bullet quite easily I wish there was teachers like that when I was at school
  8. Anyone got a link to the video posted into one of the Facebook pages with the old boy singing a song with the words “come home and do the dishes you’re not football player, your someone’s missus so come home and do the dishes you’re not the centre forward that you think your much better when you’re at the kitchen sink so come home and do the dishes” Cant seem to find it anymore
  9. From my point of view there’s none, none whatsoever. Try asking the likes of Amy McDonald, Nicola Sturgeon, Lewis Capaldi and all the other soft cunts all over social media who are wallowing in yet another failure Fuck them. Useless cunts were powderpuff in the first two games and bottled it in the third As for Shelley Kerr, let’s cut the football revolutionist the Scottish media make her out to be. Quite simply, she’s been found out when it comes to facing the big girls No wonder we are a joke and embarrassment of a nation with this tedious self pitying pish Wha’s like us eh
  10. Regarding the free kick being taken while the substitution was being made, as wrong as it stands just now, I’d like to see free kicks being taken ASAP in future to save any time wasting which so often goes on with subs dilly-dallying off the park
  11. She was warned sternley before the penalty was taken not to move of her line and she completely ignored the referees instructions
  12. Minuscule or colossal she was still of her line and by the letter of the laws of the game it’s a foul
  13. The game Should have been 4-5 minutes longer to make up for the VAR investigation but to be 3-0 up with 15 minutes to go and not win is inexcusable and they deserve to be slaughtered It’s nothing to do with VAR but Scotland’s own inefficiency. The penalty could lead to some debate but make no mistake about it if it was up the other end then we’d be screaming like fuck for it. The goalkeeper was repeatedly told not to cross both feet over the line but failed to listen and the penalty was quite rightly retaken More glorious failure pish
  14. I’ve pulled the plug on shagging Lucy Versamy that does the weather on channel 3. We move on
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