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  1. DavyP

    Hafia train no more!

    It is a tenner return....so your seat will not be sold on the outward journey to Haifa so it is free for your return.....so aye you’re on the list for both ways if you need it....just let me know so I can amend the bus stewards list
  2. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Cheers Jimbo....can you give me her first name please...she will be Bus Steward for Bus 14 Typo by me...you are on written master list as x2
  3. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Got them ...cheers
  4. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Seats added to the list
  5. DavyP

    What currency?

    Talking to the Albanian Bus administrator he told me that the Albanian LEK has dropped 14% against the Euro since I booked the buses but would honour my payment in Euros as agreed 3 months ago.......so looks like the Euro will get you more beer tokens
  6. DavyP

    Hafia train no more!

    All welcome on the Davy Bus.....I am also flying out about 7am Friday.....so Bus back to TA...hit the pub...then taxi to airport....simples...
  7. Hi Davy, Can I book 1 seat on the bus for Albania. Thanks 

  8. Davy can I  book 2 seats on a bus

    1. DavyP


      Which bus Israel or Albania...I am running both

    2. Fisselfan


      I did mean the Israel bus but since planning going to both games can I book both for 2 seats please. Would you want the monies paid to the two separate accounts?

  9. FFS you are asking a Selkirk man to help out the Yow yows.....aye no probs
  10. DavyP

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Added to the list...cheers
  11. DavyP

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Yes mate up and running again now. Prov3855@aol.com
  12. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Added to the airport list pal
  13. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Message me......did you pay by PayPal or into my bank and I will check later.....sometimes on PayPal I have to accept the payment and might have missed yours