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  1. George..I will add you to the reserve list and let you know buddy...I won’t find out how many spare seats there are from Paphos until final CFA/Police/Buses meeting tomorrow morning.....I will message you Scott as per above, everything will be sorted and posted tomorrow night buddy...
  2. Katrina email them to me tonight before 5am UK time as that is when I am going to CFA to pick up the tickets. Email to Prov3855@aol.com Davy
  3. I have final briefing with CFA/Police/Buses tomorrow.....all numbers and timings will be firm by tomorrow evening when I post them.....you lot are flapping more than me 😂
  4. I don’t arrive with buses until 2pm....so want all tickets gone ASAP....I will be in an orange hi viz vest standing near the SSC ticket collection at the ticket booths by the north car park
  5. Ross just seen this...if you have not done so then send tonight before 5am UK time as I am going to CFA for more tickets at 8am local (6am UK)
  6. Wales visited before the new fan card law was introduced in 2018. It is now against Cypriot Law to enter a football stadia on registered ticket that does not match with the passport/ID of the person using it.
  7. I will clarify when I visit CFA again...but the law here is passport/ID/fan card must match the ticket. We have all been placed on a temporary fan card register enabling us to enter the stadium on producing passport/ID/fan card.....for home end fans this is done with an electronic scanner but as we are on a data base list unless someone is standing there to tick you off it will be difficult to enforce.....however the law does state that you must be in possession of passport/ID/fan card to enter a stadium.
  8. Davy, is there chance of an extension to the 6th November for three SSC members and one non member , who will be travelling independently. I can do the money transfer by PayPal right away , regards Ted 

    1. DavyP


      Yes buddy I am going to CFA on Wednesday again for tickets so you have until Tuesday night to get info & payment to me

  9. Just you as until bus sizes are confirmed I only have 1 seat left
  10. Meeting Pub to pick up point is a 25 minutes walk along the flat promenade. If it is going to be arranged I would suggest no later than 11.00am to give you time for another pint at Bennigans Bar at the pick up point.
  11. Yes buddy it is on the updated list I am waiting to publish once bus sizes confirmed.
  12. Hi Davey,   in need of 4 on Ayia Napa bus,  and two tickets for non members please.  Cheers!

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    2. jailender


      Sorry didn't see refund post. It's my wife's Paypal and I haven't a scooby how any of it works !! She is babysitting grandkids tonight, so might not get ot done until tomorrow, if that's OK.

    3. DavyP


      Yeah no problem....when you enter my email to pay the next page asks if it is going to someone you trust ie friend & family or paying for services......if you click the services PayPal take a sellers fee from the transaction.


    4. jailender


      OK. Will get it done as soon as possible

  13. I can get tickets from the CFA for a segregated section next to the SSC support. Send me a picture of each passport and whether they are on a bus or picking up from me at the stadium. Currently have 440 tickets for other Scots in this area. tickets are £11 (€10) each payable by PayPal to Prov3855@aol.com Davy
  14. Adonis the CFA Security Officer has said that for this game when you turn up at the match to collect a ticket the stewards will show you where to sit. He said no fan card needed but take your passport just incase they note down your ID. Now, regarding the fans that wants tickets for the U21’s match, you need to inform them, that they can go to the stadium on the match day and they will receive a free ticket at the entrance. I will appreciate if you know the number of how many fans will go, to inform the stewards to guide them where to sit. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Michalis Angelides Cyprus Football Association 10 Achaion Street, 2413 Engomi P.O.Box 25071, 1306 Nicosia – Cyprus
  15. Got tickets for everyone who applied....need to visit CFA again Wednesday so if you send the passport details etc to Prov3855@aol.com I will add him to the list for a ticket.
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