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  1. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Added both of you to the list...thanks for your support
  2. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    The airport bus is also going on to Tirana so I will leave you there just now and move you as more airport drop offs required
  3. DAVY BUS ISRAEL Seats can be booked until Friday 28th September Seats MUST be paid for by Monday 1st October No payment = yir walkin
  4. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    How many of you is there....I might be able to sway something from my bus operator...ie a pick up and bus back
  5. Added you as 7 for now.....let me know how many you need ASAP. Thanks for your payments.....and thanks for being a volunteer steward for Bus 15 Ally added pal Got payment for both buses...cheers
  6. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Yes mate added to my master list you will appear on next update next weekend
  7. DavyP

    Davy Bus Payment Details

    Don’t worry as more folks request the airport drop off then those who don’t move off the bus...it is going back to Tirana via the airport so just a wee detour
  8. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    DAVY BUS TIRANA - SHKODER 17th NOV 2018 (as at 1800hrs 18/09/18) Updated list below. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE PAID YOUR BUS NUMBER MAY HAVE CHANGED. Last date for booking a seat is 10th October with payment made by the 17th October. (Dates may change depending on Match Ticket Sales) Seats are £13 each payable by Paypal to Prov3855@aol.com or PM me for Bank Details. All profits after transfer fees and currency exchanges will go to TASA. Meeting point for departure will likely be Mother Teresa Square, Tirana. All details will be posted nearer the time. Volunteer Bus Stewards still required to help the whole process run smoothly. DAVY BUS TIRANA - SHKODER 17th NOV 2018 (as at 1800hrs 18/09/18) BUS 1 (Mario Kempes) Mario Kempes x2 DavyP x2 PAID Iain F Beat x2 PAID Scott Cairns x2 PAID Jennifer Walker x3 PAID Mairi MacLean x9 PAID Jas Tomlinson x6 PAID Diane Sutherland x3 PAID SWETA x3 PAID Clark Gillies PAID Phil Swain x3 PAID Suzanne Murray x4 PAID Padre Andrew x9 PAID Pans Pete x4 PAID BUS 2 (Nicola Arnott) Gordon Arnott x3 PAID Iain Meicklejohn PAID John Scott x2 PAID John Seery x4 PAID Max Wilkie x5 PAID David Gorry x3 PAID Lozzacana Laura x3 PAID Brian Renfrew x2 PAID Stuart Cairncross x9 PAID Jim Wallace x3 PAID Grampian TA x7 PAID Kumnio x5 PAID Allan Robb x2 PAID Fatima Craik x2 PAID Aiden Casey x2 PAID BUS 3 (Graeme Baxter) (63 Seat Coach) Graeme Baxter & Friends & DTA x 54 PAID George Summers PAID Ian McLauchlan PAID BUS 4 (Sonya Smart) Sonya Smart x3 PAID Paul Brown x8 PAID John Nicholson x4 PAID Irene Meachan x3 PAID Grant Howitt x9 PAID Allan McAndrew x2 PAID Gary Hillcoat PAID Gary Brown x6 PAID Captain x2 PAID Auld Yin PAID Corby Lass x4 PAID Big Kenny Mac x5 PAID Braveheart 1962 x3 PAID Ally Morrison x2 PAID BUS 5 (Graeme Shinnie) Graeme Shinnie x10 PAID Nik Smith x5 PAID Calum Wattie PAID Billy Mur x8 PAID Peeps Pirie x3 PAID Sandy Riddock x2 PAID John Allan x7 PAID Murray Horsman x7 PAID Jan Woodrow x2 PAID Mary Gillies x2 PAID ICT Bob x3 PAID Rhuri Paton x2 PAID Fife Exile PAID BUS 6 (Danny Letford) Graeme Richards x9 PAID Neil Carsey x4 PAID Tracey McKinnes x2 PAID Carol Smith x3 PAID Ciaran Donnelly x2 PAID Micheal Tracey x4 PAID Tattiescone x7 PAID Mark Sweeny x5 PAID Iain Hewitt x4 PAID Tom Williamson x8 PAID Laura Dobie x3 PAID Sainty PAID GiorgioTartan84 PAID BUS 7 (Jock Dearie) Jock Dearie x13 PAID Dave Wright x6 PAID Colin McArthur x4 PAID Chris McLauchlan x3 PAID Ally Smith x7 PAID Kim Murphy x4 PAID James Kamaris x3 PAID Hamilton Nil x3 PAID Crieff TA x3 PAID Daddy Mack x5 PAID Ally Wilson PAID Kevin Farrell PAID BUS 8 (Cameron Walker) Cameron Walker x8 Lawrie Robertson x7 PAID Alan Muir x2 PAID Double Sc x2 PAID Larbet TA x15 PAID Sipple x4 PAID RBS x2 PAID Russell Buchan x3 PAID Stuart McCafferty PAID Potted Heid PAID JCS x4 PAID John Miller x2 PAID Robert Fisher x2 PAID BUS 9 (Chris McKay) Chris McKay x5 Squirrel Humper x6 PAID Andrew Snoddy x4 PAID Jim Jarvie x16 PAID Lesley Duffy x2 PAID Ricslim x3 PAID Ally Dunlop x3 PAID OnlyTheKeeperToBeat x3 PAID Ali Hodge x2 PAID Paul Hughes PAID Kenny McLauchlan x7 PAID Cardiff Thistle PAID BUS 10 (Paul Wells) Scanner PAID Moray Allan x4 PAID Kay Jay x2 PAID Losin Kilt Pins PAID Shaun The Sheep x2 PAID Eve Lauchlan x2 PAID Arra Martin x3 PAID Ahm Fi Leith x3 PAID Alexander Kirkwood x2 PAID John Wright x2 PAID Fiona Blair x2 PAID EKTA Captain x6 PAID Brummie Hibs x2 PAID Alex Edmiston x4 PAID GF1903 x5 PAID Stirlish x3 PAID Mikey Head x2 PAID Chris Vanbeck x4 PAID Micheal Pasty Pace PAID Alan Stewart x2 PAID BUS 11 (Jim Mackay) Jim Mackay x3 PAID Sasha Armstrong x2 PAID Bingis x3 PAID Old Timer x3 PAID David Murphy x12 Douglas Smith x3 PAID Dundee Dave x3 PAID Dublin TA x4 PAID Brixton Footsoldier x2 PAID John Andrews x2 PAID Ayr Storm x2 PAID Déjà vu x2 PAID Ryan Savage x3 PAID Davie Murphy x2 PAID Alan McKillop x3 PAID Glen Johnston x2 PAID Neil MacDonald x2 PAID BUS 12 (Dejan McBrigand) Dejan McBrigand x4 PAID Elspeth Burnie x3 PAID Albert Bruce PAID David Murray78 x2 PAID Neily Piece PAID Charlie Dawson PAID Ciaran Docherty x2 PAID GLOSTA x7 PAID David Proctor x2 PAID Shaun Patterson x3 PAID Kevin Hardie x4 PAID Dianne Annand x2 PAID Neil Emmerson x9 PAID Gadgieinoz x2 PAID Neil Thomson PAID Gary Stacey PAID Graham Jardine x3 PAID BUS 13 (Craig Mailer) Jailer x28 PAID Granville x2 PAID Burst Balloons TA x17 PAID Scott Pilmer x6 PAID Bus 14 (Patricia Perman) James Perman x2 PAID Roddy x2 PAID Ex-Whitfield PAID Uncle Albert PAID Andrew Lamb PAID Gordon Paterson x3 PAID Davie Murphy x2 PAID Marjory Hamilton x2 PAID J Cloody x2 PAID Ally Murchison x4 PAID TA TA PAID Tartan B PAID Mark Love x4 PAID Fisselfan x2 PAID Micheal Ross x4 PAID Craig Scott x4 PAID Boab Burnett x6 PAID Robert Irvine x2 PAID Bob Bell x7 PAID Anfield 77 x2 PAID Bus 15 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) GTC x9 PAID Evelyn McLaughlan x2 PAID Ally Agnew x3 PAID Ross Chisholm x2 PAID Douglas McGehee PAID Sean Dalton x8 PAID Colin Shearer x2 PAID Richard Millar x4 PAID Farfar Loon PAID Agnew x3 PAID Grant Horne PAID Josh Dow x2 PAID Douglas McGehee PAID Alistair Hall x4 PAID Stainless x5 PAID Paul Ward PAID Plastic Scot PAID Tracey Haggart x3 PAID BUS 16 (Neil MacDonald) Neil MacDonald x25 (24 on return journey) Callum TA x4 PAID Gavin Gillies PAID Kent TA PAID James Gibson x7 PAID Philip Wheelwright PAID Scott Wylie x2 PAID MacWomble x4 PAID Ellon TA x4 PAID Albanian Hibs x2 PAID Alison Bodie x 2 PAID Bus 17 (Graeme Stirling) Graeme Stirling x4 PAID Russell Gordon x9 PAID Kristofer Roy x4 PAID Craig Geddes x3 PAID Max Rowell x2 PAID Wanday PAID Hairy Pete x2 PAID Scot Scotland Scottish x3 PAID Graeme Brown x4 PAID Jack Wedlock x5 PAID Grantyboy 1983 x7 PAID Stuart Aitken x5 PAID Blootoon87 x2 PAID Bus 18 (John Thompson) AIRPORT DROP OFF BUS John Thompson x3 Airport PAID Mark McEwan x2 Airport PAID Steven Gray William Airport PAID Fraser Wallace x 2 Airport PAID Brian Roy x3 Airport PAID Macca1903 Airport PAID Hawick TA x3 Airport PAID Simon Quirk Airport PAID One for Colin x5 Airport PAID Bruce60 x2 Airport PAID Hamilton Wanderer x6 Airport Paul McNulty x2 Airport Mickey Robertson Airport (Return journey only) CSM88 x2 Airport Alloa Kenny x2 (To Shkoder Only) PAID Alan Glen x8 PAID Stephen Smith x2 PAID Craig McCallum x2 PAID Ronnie Hall x3 PAID Alan Lundie PAID Portlethen TA x5 PAID Bus 19 (Alistair Hall) Alistair Hall x4 PAID John Blair x8 PAID Josh Kane x2 PAID Gordon T x4 PAID Calum91 x2 PAID White Flash x4 PAID C2405 x2 PAID Brian McNelis Scoobz x3 Tartan Buddy x2 Ally Henry Arranc97 x2 Ian Rust x4 Tartan Don x4 Jim Sinclair x4 Dorrie Boyle x2 Paul Tully Emma Mills x3 Bus 20 (CamBFTLS) CAMBFTLS x6 PAID Port64 x2 Andy Kirk x2 Swiss Toni TA x4 Stuart TJTA x7 Darren Duncan x5 Adam Dewar x3 Susan Myles x3 Dave Alexander x2 Max Powell x2 Neil Davidson x2 Duncan Bristol x2 DounByTartanArmy x2 Billy Douglas x7 Stuart Ross Graeme Snedfon x2 Bus 21 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) PT Hamilton x2 Grampian TA x7 JF Milne x6 Spicey x5 Thomas Neilson x8 Stewart Crawford x2 Swarrander x6 Matt1989 x2 Graham Stephen x2 Daniel Garvie x9 Chris Donnelly x3 Steven Small Bus 22 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Bristol Hibby x2 Gordon Cook x8 David Murray x3 Wings of a Sparrow x3 Gordon Cook x8 Gavin Quinn x4 Craig Morgan x7 Val Burns x2 Kieran McVey x2 James McLeay x3 Brian Bartsch x2 Abs x2 Carey McEvoy x2 Micheal Buchart x2 Alan Marshall x2 Kevy Mac Bus 23 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Alex Anderson x4 Stewart Diamond x3 Chris Harris x3 Ian Grant x5 Scott Rowland x2 Shawn Watson x3 Cathy Towler x2 1AndyP x5 Steve Morris x2 Paul Thomas Russell Campbell x4 TeeCee x2 Dave Alexander x2 Steven Murray x6 David Maclennan Stewart Paterson x3 Bus 24 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Douglas Moyes x2 Ferg Harris Roxburgh x6 Ally Boy 69 x5 Arthur Reid x2 Big Red Yin SteveW Connor Kyle x5
  9. DAVY BUS – TEL AVIV 11th October 2018 (As at 1800hrs 18/09/18) Just awaiting final confirmation from Bus Company & Polis that our desired pick up is ok. Given that the stadium is to the South of and 5kms from the small town centre we will be leaving from Tel Aviv at approx 6.30-6.45pm with a view to arriving at the ground approx 60-75mins before KO to allow for ticket collections etc. The buses will return to Tel Aviv straight after the match once everyone has been accounted for. VOLUNTEER BUS STEWARDS STILL REQUIRED (Before I have to nominate) Meeting point is at Mike's Place Sports Bar on Tel Aviv Seafront (Next door to the McDonalds & American Embassy). The owner has agreed to put together some beer and drinks deals for our supporters. Details to follow soon DAVY BUS – TEL AVIV 11th October 2018 (As at 1800hrs 18/09/18) BUS 1 (Paul Smith) DavyP x2 PAID Chris Drover x3 PAID Alan Gray x4 PAID Scott Clark x2 PAID Keith Murray x2 PAID Paul Smith x12 PAID SWETA x3 PAID Iain Beat x2 PAID Darren Brander x7 PAID Scott Cairns x2 PAID Alloa Kenny x3 PAID Tam McGhee PAID Irnbruman PAID Ross McLean x2 PAID John Seery x4 PAID Jam Kam x3 PAID BUS 2 (Jock Dearie) Jock Dearie x13 PAID John Allan x11 PAID Max Wilkie x3 PAID King of Paisley x4 PAID Bryan McDermid PAID Gary Hillcoat PAID Micheal Pace PAID Sandy Marshall x2 PAID Lorraine MacDonald PAID Kenny Stewart x2 PAID Steph Bain x8 PAID Paul Brown PAID Iain Meiklejohn PAID Clark Gillies PAID John Scott x2 PAID Ian Rust PAID BUS 3 (Graeme Baxter) Kevin Dewar PAID Tee Cee x2 PAID Doubles SC x2 PAID Graeme Baxter/DTA x14 PAID Lennox Beattie x2 PAID Monica Devlin x2 PAID June Callison x2 PAID Graeme McGinty x2 PAID James Coggs x2 PAID Mel Robertson x2 PAID Lewis Connolly PAID J B Lyons PAID Keith TA x6 PAID Kim Murphy x2 PAID Lesley Duff x2 PAID Gordon Johnstone x2 PAID John Miller x2 PAID Callum TA x4 PAID Graham Stephen x2 PAID BUS 4 (Blair Smart) Plastic Scot PAID Sonya Smart x10 PAID Bingis x3 PAID Robert Fisher x3 PAID Ian McLauchlan x2 PAID Padre Andrew x5 PAID David Beaton PAID Calum83 x2 PAID Old Timer x3 PAID Dundee Dave x3 PAID SnoopyHill x2 PAID Bossman4 x7 PAID Peeps Pirie x3 PAID Tartan McCole x2 PAID Crooked Nose x2 PAID PaceyDave x2 PAID Scotland For Ever More x2 PAID BUS 5 (Nicola Arnott) RBS x2 PAID Gordon Arnott x11 PAID Brummie Hibs x3 PAID Russell Gordon x5 PAID Youngie PAID Bristol Hibby x2 PAID Neil Routledge x2 PAID Fraser Wallace x3 PAID F4BES x2 PAID Faddy 11 x2 PAID Jailer x4 PAID Larbert TA x16 PAID BUS 6 (Paul Wells) Mario Kempes x2 PAID Moray Allen PAID Craig Scott x3 PAID Tattiescone x7 PAID Mary Gillies x2 PAID Martyn Brown x2 PAID Steve McD x2 PAID Graeme Stirling x4 PAID Falkirk TA x3 PAID Charlie D x2 PAID Geordie 07 x4 PAID Neil Locheil x2 PAID Tartanbuddy x2 PAID EKTA Captain x5 PAID Eve Lauchlan x2 PAID Sloop x4 PAID Laura Dobie x4 PAID Paul Wells PAID John Ibbitson PAID BUS 7 (Neil McDonald) ETA x27 PAID Jody Lewis x2 PAID Rob Ert x6 PAID James Tomlinson x4 PAID Derek Woodbury x3 PAID ArgyleScribes x3 PAID Jalba x2 PAID Carey McEvoy PAID Cardiff Thistle PAID Keith Thomson x2PAID Stuart Jack x2 PAID BUS 8 (Graeme Shinnie) Stuart Duncan x10PAID Jim Sinclair x11 PAID Boff x8 PAID JCS x4PAID Brian Renfrew x2 PAID Scott Burness x5 PAID JimmyTheFish PAID Grahame Guild x4 PAID GLOSTA x3 PAID Graeme Shinnie PAID Brian Cramb x2 PAID David Murray78 x2 PAID BUS 9 (Jim Mackay) Ex-Whitfield PAID Gavin Gillies PAID Colin McArthur x 2 PAID Louisville x2 PAID Cath & Ian x2 PAID Ally Hodge x2 PAID Kenny Rankin x3 PAID Stitch x4 PAID OneForColin x8 PAID Nicky Wright x2 PAID Glen Johnston x3 PAID Colin Paterson x5 PAID Scott Logie x2 PAID G Man PAID Carol Smith x2 PAID Andyc x2 PAID Euan Milne x2 PAID Ally Murchison x4 PAID EASTA x5 PAID Bus 10 (Dave Wright) Dave Wright x7 PAID Fife Exile PAID Mark Campbell PAID Tartan Army Craig PAID Mac Womble x3 PAID Rachel Russell x2 PAID Murray Horsman x2 PAID Auld Yin PAID Colin Shearer PAID Frankie Fraser PAID Sandy Riddoch x2 PAID John McLeod x2 PAID Ross McNaught PAID Gavin McAinish x2 PAID Darren Kong x7 PAID KingSteveOfScotland PAID Mark Love x4 PAID Acker frae Orkney x3 PAID Losinkiltpins PAID Dorrie Boyle x2 PAID Willy Pool PAID Davie Murphy x3 PAID Mark Wilson x4 PAID Bus 11 (SaintSparky) SaintSparky PAID Andy Meiklejohn x2 PAID Russell Buchan x3 PAID David Gorry PAID Grant Russell x6 PAID Burst Balloons TA x7 PAID David Williamson x2 PAID Kumino x2 PAID Malky24 x2 PAID Macca1903 PAID Sparky 75 x2 PAID Phil McFadden x4 (Return Journey Only) PAID Kenny McLachlan x7 PAID Steve Morris x2 PAID Saint Brian x4 PAID Ally Wilson x2 PAID Mark Sweeny x3 PAID Allan Robb x2 PAID Bus 12 (Mark Bannerman) Mark Bannerman x5 PAID Atkinson1874 x3 PAID Ally Smith x4 PAID Brian Dunn x4 PAID Ian86 PAID Ferg Harris Roxburgh x4 PAID John Fairley PAID Allan Robb x2 PAID Brian Dunn x4 PAID Alan Muir x3 PAID Grannie Alba x2 PAID Shaun Patterson x2 PAID Albert Bruce PAID Boab Burnett x7 PAID Jim Bell x2 PAID Larry Watson x2 PAID Ross Chisholm x2 PAID Robert Irvine x2 PAID Colarotinho PAID Douglas McGehee PAID Bus 13 (Robert Aitken) Robert Aitken PAID Kevin Hardie x11 PAID James McLeay x4 PAID John Nairn x4 PAID Gerard Ciarletta x3 PAID Swarrander x5 PAID A Moultray x2 PAID Roddy Donaldson x4 PAID Cranna x6 PAID Ally Dunlop PAID Tartan B PAID Alan Foley x3 PAID Ewan61 x2 PAID Wann68 x2 PAID David Moody x4 PAID Bus 14 (Eck Barnes) Eck Barnes x6 PAID Patrick PAID Neil Davidson PAID Alex Reston x3 PAID James Murphy x4 PAID Spicey x4 PAID Tom McVicar x3 PAID Ronnie Hanlon PAID Craig Ryan PAID Adam Dewar x2 PAID Graeme Sneddon x2 PAID From Dundee to Ancoats PAID Barry Scade PAID Andy Bruce x3 PAID Ronnie Hall x4 PAID Micheal Sim PAID David Maclennan PAID Scots Forest x2 PAID Alan Lundie x2 PAID Kenneth Shand x2 PAID TartanBankie74 PAID Private Baldrick PAID Joe Joseph PAID CD Doonhamer x2 PAID James Singer94 x2 PAID Graham Swan PAID Bus 15 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Ulsterscotas x3 PAID Jake McWalter x2 PAID StevieG x2 PAID Ally Ross x5 Scott Grant x3 Greg Fisher x3 Goggs x3 Matthew McConnell x3 Cammy McKay x4 Debian x2 Scott MacPherson x5 Cameron Walker x3 Barney Rubble x2 Julie Andrews x5 Gary Millard x3 Ian Oliva x2 Ian Wright x2 Steve W Bus 16 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) David Proctor x2 Alan Horsburgh x3 (Return Journey Only) Fisselfan x2 Edward Richardson x2 Swiss Toni TA x2 Lager x4 DJ Jamieson x2 Highland Laddie x6 Greg Fisher x3 Susan Myles x3 Gus x11 Ally Boy 69 x5
  10. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Both added to the list.....seats are £13 each payable by PayPal to Prov3855@aol.com
  11. DavyP

    Davy Bus

    Yes mate...added to the new list