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  1. Updated list as at 1330hrs 15 Sep 19 Davy Bus Cyprus 🇨🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Saturday 16th November 2019 GSP Stadium, Nicosia K.O 4pm The most complicated logistical Davy Bus effort so far will bring supporters to the stadium from Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca & Ayia Napa. Departure times & Pick up locations will be announced at a later date but the aim is to have everyone at the stadium at least 60mins before kick off for beer and ticket pick up (if applicable) Approximate travel times and cost per seat from each location is shown below; Paphos 120mins £14 Limassol 75mins £12 Ayia Napa 60mins £12 Larnaca 40mins £10 Payment by Paypal to Prov3855@aol.com using Friends & Family option. All profits after currency exchanges and bus payments will go to the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal. PAPHOS – Point of Contact PAUL SMITH Bus P1 (Paul Smith) Paul Smith x5 Craig Fraser x4 PAID Grant Howitt x12 PAID Kenny McLachlan x4 PAID Colin Stevenson x2 PAID David Beaton x2 PAID Andy Wilson x2 PAID Ian Rogers x8 PAID Kevin Orr x6 PAID Lewis MacDonald x2 PAID Micheal Bremner x2 PAID Robert Burnett x5 PAID Angryman PAID 55 Bus P2 (Nicola Arnott) Gordon Arnott x6 PAID John Gold x2 PAID Andrew Whitson x5 PAID Andrew Murray x2 PAID Gail Farquhar x6 PAID Dave Mitchell x6 PAID Ross Middlemass x3 PAID George Hunter x7 PAID Andrew Lamb x2 PAID Stefan Bain x2 PAID Kevin Lewis x2 PAID Stephen Jackson x3 PAID Raymond Laird x4 PAID Keith Thomson x4 PAID KENTTA PAID 55 Bus P3 (Carol Smith) Carol Smith x4 PAID Barry McMahon x13 PAID Darren Coyle x2 PAID Robert Russell x2 PAID Tramsnpandas x2 PAID Stuart Cruickshank x4 PAID William Joyce x2 PAID Cameron Essien x6 PAID Peter Murray PAID Gary Gibson x12 PAID Garry Cook x7 PAID 55 Bus P4 (Sonya Smart) Sonya Smart x3 PAID Irene Meachan x4 PAID John Drummond PAID Suzanne Murray x2 PAID Cameron Walker x9 2 PAID Lee Marshall x4 PAID Dorrie Boyle x2 PAID Scott Cairns PAID Rhys Struthers x2 PAID Dave McLaren x2 PAID Alan Wright x2 PAID Neil Gordon x2 PAID Ron Napier x2 PAID Scott Leslie x2 PAID John Blair x6 PAID Susan Filshill x4 PAID Robbie Swinton x2 PAID John Prendergast x2 PAID Mark Sweeney x3 PAID Allan McAndrew x2 PAID Andy Sawers PAID Lindsay Ross x4 PAID 55 Bus P5 (Peter Kelly) Peter Kelly x2 Roy Scott x8 PAID Robert Crichton PAID Ian Burnett x8 PAID Stephen O’Donnell x3 PAID Graham Wilson x2 PAID James Campbell x3 PAID George Sloss x2 PAID Kenny Bissland x2 PAID Allan Gribbon x6 PAID Paul Smith (supermiffy) x9 PAID Ruairidh Jones x2 PAID RClark95 x5 PAID David Spark x2 PAID 55 Bus P6 (Colin Campbell) Caroline Thomson x12 PAID Marjory Hamilton x2 PAID Stephen Kinhart x7 PAID Ray Wilkie PAID Mark Bannerman x2 PAID Falkirk TA x2 PAID David Watson x2 PAID Peter Murray x6 PAID David Cassie PAID Neil Bell x8 PAID (Car Seat Required – 5 Yr old) Alan Ritchie x2 PAID Steven Gray x2 PAID Mark Love x6 PAID Martin Cameron PAID 54 Bus P7 (Alistair Hall) Alistair Hall x8 Gary Stewart x3 PAID Kevin Colburn PAID Sandy McLeod x2 PAID Craig Logie PAID Mark Thomson x5 PAID Stephen Nesbit x3 PAID John Wands x4 PAID Kevin MacAskill x2 PAID Hector Macleod x6 PAID Jason Muir x2 PAID Ian Kelly PAID Philip Strachan x2 PAID June McLauchlan x3 PAID Donnie MacLean x2 PAID Micheal Newitt x2 PAID Scott Finlay x6 PAID Tam Rough x5 PAID 55 Bus P8 (Gavin McAinsh) Gavin McAinsh x11 PAID Ian Kelly PAID Kevin Farrell PAID Fatima Craik x2 PAID Gary Hillcoat PAID Rhuri Paton x2 PAID John McFadzean PAID Valerie Burns x2 PAID Chris McKinsley x13 PAID Allan Stubbs x2 PAID Micheal Anderson PAID Scott McDougall x2 PAID Colin Reynolds PAID Laurie Shearer x4 PAID Dale Coutts x4 PAID Jason Anderson PAID Michelle Anderson PAID David Proctor x2 PAID Neil Mackenzie PAID Callum Hodgart x2 (To Nicosia Only) PAID 55 Bus P9 (Dinky Pollock) Dinky Pollock x2 PAID Lorraine Pollock x2 PAID Craig Davidson x3 PAID Cameron Boyd x4 PAID Mary Gillies x2 PAID (Reserve Front Seats) Grant Smith x2 Rob Wilson x6 Gerry Thomson x2 Dona Duncan x2 Alan Richmond x2 Chantel Kinney x11 Colin Robertson x11 Ross Campbell x4 Tartanarmycraig x2 55 Bus P10 (John Martin) John Martin x2 Julie Elliot x15 Ruaridh Wallace x4 Ferg Harris Roxburgh x5 Jack Lawrie x7 David Shaw (macwomble) x6 Graham Alexander x2 David Connan x8 Derek Greenwell x2 Cathy Towler x2 Scott Cross x2 55 Bus P11 (Sammy Wightman) Sammy Wightman x4 PAID Ron Napier x2 Albert Bruce Tommy Shields x2 Graham Keatings x2 Scott O’Hare x2 Tracey McKinnes x4 Ross Lochhead x4 Graham Robertson x3 Killie9736 Kenny Wood x2 Bacca x2 Gerry Hearts x2 Harry Boy x2 John Beattie x2 Lee Aitken x2 Yenkro x2 Thomas Anderson x2 Stevie Farmer x7 Craig Charleston x2 B1noF4n x3 Martyn Brown x2 55 Bus P12 (Bus Steward Required) Will Franciosi x2 Martin Irving x11 Carmen Wanless x8 Douglas Hunter x4 Callum McIntosh x6 Peeps Pirie x4 Kenny Wood David Murray x4 Jack Hayes x7 James Campbell x2 Steven Kerr x2 Chris Gibson x2 Gourdie x2 55 Bus P13 (Bus Steward Required) Brummie Hibs Sean Dewar x4 James Anderson x2 Iain Malcolmson x2 Calum83 Keith Salmon x3 13 LIMASSOL – Point of Contact (Required) Bus LIM1 (Valerie Hardie) Tam Dolan x10 PAID David Galloway PAID Kenny Stewart x2 PAID Lesley Inglis x2 PAID Argylescribes x3 PAID JJ Halliday x6 PAID (Booster seats x2 6&8yrs?) John J McArdle x2 PAID Jeffery Sinton PAID John Docherty PAID Alissa Black x6 PAID (1x Car Seat) Andrew Duffy x4 PAID Rodney Marshall x2 PAID Alan Horne x4 PAID Brian McGhee x2 PAID Iain McMillan PAID Craig Brown x6 PAID Gary Sneddon x2 PAID 55 Bus LIM2 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Shaun Simpson x2 PAID Robert Grimason x3 Fiona McIntosh x2 7 LARNACA – Point Of Contact DAVY PROVAN Bus L1 (Jock Dearie) Jock Dearie x4 PAID DavyP x2 PAID Diane Doig x3 PAID (Reserve Front Seats) Callum Hind x2 PAID Martin Cochrane x6 PAID Dave Wright x2 PAID Mark Anderson PAID Laura Wright x3 PAID Michelle Milne x9 PAID Cath Bonnar x2 PAID Fiona Reynolds x2 PAID Anne Munro x2 PAID Alan Stewart PAID Moray Allan x4 PAID Brian Renfrew x2 PAID Robert Hutchinson PAID Lesley Duffy x2 PAID Derek Murray x4 PAID Gary Brown PAID Alexander Barnes x2 PAID 55 Bus L2 (Douglas Smith) Douglas Smith x3 PAID Donald Etheridge x2 PAID (Reserve Front Seats) Kevin Gall x3 PAID Brian Wood x5 PAID Gordon Patterson x3 PAID June Horne x4 PAID John Miller x2 PAID Adam Warren x2 PAID Mark Lewis x5 PAID Kelly Ross x5 PAID Callum Hind x3 PAID Derek Woodburn x3 PAID Roger Leslie x14 PAID Ian Hannah PAID 55 Bus L3 (Graeme McGinty) – 30 Seats Graeme McGinty x30 PAID 30 Bus L4 (Brian Roy) Brian Roy x5 PAID Donald Murchie x2 PAID Stuart Martin x4 PAID Jim Wallace x4 (x2 PAID) Ally Smaill x2 PAID Graeme MacDonald x2 PAID Billy QoS x3 PAID Lowes x2 PAID Arbroath 55 x2 PAID Craig McKenzie x4 PAID David Glen x2 PAID Ronnie Hamilton x2 PAID Annie Robertson x5 PAID Bruce Simpson x3 PAID Micheal Pace PAID Dave Kemp x2 PAID Iain Beat x2 PAID Ian McLauchlan PAID Paul Brown x2 PAID Robert Fisher PAID Gordon Johnstone x2 PAID Sharon Brown x2 PAID 55 Bus L5 (John Davidson) John Davidson x4 PAID Darren Brander x6 PAID Ross Chisholm x2 PAID Jim Mackay x5 PAID Jim Jarvie x18 PAID Aileen Taylor x6 PAID Charlie Johnstone x10 PAID Kim Murphy x2 PAID James Wallace x2 PAID 55 Bus L6 (Tom Dearie) Tom Dearie x6 PAID Gordon Cook x3 PAID Jailer x22 PAID David Comrie x2 PAID William Laing PAID James Paterson PAID Jim Mitchell x2 PAID Ian Patrick x2 PAID Neil Watt x5 PAID Steven Harris PAID Paul Shepherd x6 PAID Gary Hynd x2 PAID Colin Chow x2 PAID 55 Bus L7 (Neil McDonald) Neil McDonald (ETA) x 18 tbc Wayne Hutchinson x3 PAID Darryl Falls x2 PAID Craig Tevendale x2 PAID George Caldwell x2 PAID Calum Murray x3 PAID Eve Lauchlan x2 PAID Davie Murphy x3 PAID Zara Glennie x4 PAID Willie C x5 PAID Colin McLean x2 PAID Brian Hayburn x2 PAID Igor Nendl PAID Willie Pool PAID Jason Coyle x2 PAID Callum Hodgart x2 (To Larnaca Only) PAID 54 Bus L8 (Martin Watt) Martin Watt x15 PAID John Simpson PAID Iain Mackintosh x3 PAID Nick Hosie x4 PAID Alexander Edmiston x4 PAID Andrew Westwater PAID Craig McCallum x5 PAID Robert Dunn x3 PAID Iain Meiklejohn x3 PAID Steven MacDonald x3 PAID Martin Smith x6 PAID James Kamaris x3 PAID Allan Carson x4 PAID 55 Bus L9 (Patricia Perman) Patricia Perman x2 PAID Kelly Franks x4 PAID Robert Wright x5 PAID Allan MacDougall PAID Mark Benzies PAID Ian Salmond PAID Valerie Grieg x2 PAID Craig McNicol x2 PAID Lorraine MacDonald PAID Kenny Rodgers PAID Graham Wilson x3 PAID Micheal Tracey x7 PAID Arthur Reid x2 PAID Stan McNab x3 PAID Josh Dow x2 PAID Padre Andrew x2 PAID Raymond Davis x10 PAID David Maclennan PAID Micheal Holland x2 PAID Gavin Atkinson x2 PAID William Hawkins PAID 55 Bus L10 (Shaddypeekey) David Gorry x4 PAID Euan Lock x4 PAID Euan Bryce x2 PAID Dougie Wotherspoon x2 PAID Christopher Harris x4 PAID Scott McKinlay x3 PAID Carla Becci x2 PAID Andy Brown x6 PAID James McLeay x4 PAID Karen Banks x3 PAID Steven Daly x2 PAID Mark Thomson x2 PAID Laura Dobie x2 PAID David Borthwick x2 PAID Padre Andrew x2 PAID Rory Hardcastle x2 PAID Alistair Ritchie x6 PAID Paul Tully 55 Bus L11 (ICT Bob) ICTBob x5 Craig Currie x6 PAID Paul Foulds x5 PAID Jim Love PAID Colin Wheatley PAID Stuart Cairncross x11 PAID Fifes Elite x2 Callum McGregor x5 Onlythekeepertobeat x3 Alan Burrell x9 Jim Wilson x4 Karl Johnston x3 55 Bus L12 (Danny Letford) Danny Letford x2 PAID Lee Harrison x2 Sinky MacMhuirich x3 AllyC x3 Paul McKenna x7 Failte x2 Colarotinho Jim Stewart x3 John Maclean x4 Brian Aitch x2 Ross Goodfellow x3 Phil Swain x2 Micheal Cushine x5 Calum Livingstone x5 Stevie Sharp x4 10to12 Boab x7 Jcluk 55 Bus L13 (Brian Fowler) Brian Fowler x2 PAID Swarrander x8 The saint x2 AndyC x2 Adam Dewar x2 Scotskdy x2 Larry Watson x3 Stuart McCafferty x2 Lee Hutchinson x3 Micheal Duffy x7 Kevin Dewar 34 AYIA NAPA – Point of Contact (Steve Smart) Bus A1 (Steve Smart) Steve Smart x4 PAID Ken Craig x2 PAID Brian Little x2 PAID Nadine Keys x2 PAID Barry McMahon x2 PAID Steven Craig x3 PAID Jordan Taylor x4 PAID Debbie Allen x4 PAID Gary Stirling x2 PAID Frazer Walker x2 PAID Gary McCafferty x2 PAID Ryan Kingwell x2 PAID Faye Fleming x2 PAID Rab Cramb PAID David Rennie PAID Stephen Adam x2 John Menzies x3 Pete Carmicheal x7 Brian Little x2 Ryan McMillan x2 Aaron Adie x2 Micheal Peat x2 55 Bus A2 (Bus Steward Required) Lyle Martin x13 Ian Campbell 14
  2. Just as soon as you can pay buddy so I can pay for buses to guarantee seats.
  3. Added him to my list...what bus you on at the moment to save time when I am home and looking to add him. Davy
  4. I am meeting with bus company/Polis/Cyprus FA in a few weeks to discuss buses. I will ask about tickets. I was at APOEL game & CY v Kaz last week and they were issuing temporary fan cards valid for that match to anyone who had ID with them. There is an area in the main stand that they can segregate for visiting fans and I reckon any tickets would be for there. I reckon it seats 6-800.
  5. Faye you can pay to my bank...I will message you the details
  6. Added to the list Brian and thank you for your offer to steward. I will happily allocate you a bus...cheers buddy.
  7. All added to the respective bus lists
  8. Cam cheers buddy...I will keep you in mind for a steward. Seats added to my list buddy. You will appear on the next update.
  9. £ 10 a seat payable by PayPal to Prov3855@aol.com i have added you to the list
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