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  1. Kirsty quite a few getting the train back up to Milan early Monday morning for that flight I believe. Most folks staying in Rimini I guess as 1800 are on the buses. I booked my train on www.rome2rio.com
  2. Kirsty yes I will be able to fit you on...the bus operator should update buses today giving me a few extra seats...I will confirm 100% when I get his list..
  3. Thanks for letting me know Brian...all buses paid for now buddy so unfortunately I cant refund but will keep you in mind for Cyprus.
  4. New Bus list out shortly as operator changing some bus sizes so your bus number may change
  5. DAVY BUS SAN MARINO ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ Buses now loading from 2.30pm Piazza Alberto Marvelli (Near Rose & Crown Pub)
  6. Given that I have 32 buses from Rimini compared to 5 from Bologna, i would guess most are staying in Rimini.
  7. Yes buddy..you are on bus 15 at the moment Got it buddy you are on bus 30 at the minute...watch out for new list which I will post as soon as Bus operator confirms the final few bus sizes.
  8. Yes got it buddy cheers
  9. All buses now full......thank you for your support
  10. Scotty yes...the last 2 seats mate...buses full after that
  11. DAVY BUS SAN MARINO ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ Thank you to everyone who has supported and paid for the buses. If your name is not on the list it is because you haven't paid within the allocated time given. Buses boarding from 3.30pm, 24 Mar 19 from the area of Piazza Alberto Marvelli, Rimini (near Rose & Crown Pub) subject to Police approval. It is possible this might be brought forward by 1 hour to accommodate so many buses. Keep watching posts for updates. VOLUNTEER BUS STEWARDS STILL REQUIRED Bus 15 is the designated bus returning to Rimini station. This will be the first bus to depart after the match. Please make your way back to this bus ASAP after the game in order to make the 2120 train to Bologna. Any problems please message me on here or at info@davybus.scot BUS 1 - (PAUL SMITH) 93 Seats DavyP x2 PAID Paul Smith x4 PAID Laura Dobie x3 PAID Diane Doig x3 PAID โ€“ Reserve front seats Eve Lauchlan x2 PAID Allan Martin x3 PAID Kim Murphy x2 PAID Lesley Duffy x2 PAID Dinky Pollock x3 PAID Iain Meiklejohn PAID John Woods x2 PAID Sandy McLeod x2 PAID Elspeth Burnie x3 PAID Burst Balloons TA x16 PAID Sean Mooney x2 PAID Robbie Craig x2 PAID John Mills x6 PAID Gordon Paterson x3 PAID Stewart McLean x3 PAID Tracy Haggart x4 PAID Suzanne Murray x2 PAID Iain F Beat x2 PAID Graeme Clark x7 PAID Colin Robertson x6 PAID Darren Brander x5 PAID Garry Cook x3 PAID Bus 2 โ€“ (SONYA SMART) 88 Seats Sonya Smart x5 PAID Ross Chisholm x2 PAID Brian Renfrew x2 PAID Jailer x4 PAID Mark Hutton x10 PAID Wayne Hutchinson x5 PAID Grant Howitt x9 PAID Daniel Forsyth x5 PAID Kenny McLachlan x2 PAID Paul Ward x2 PAID Jonny Dalziel x2 PAID Barry Oโ€™Neill x2 PAID Stuart Cruikshank x2 PAID Tom McAllister x3 PAID Arthur Reid x2 PAIDโ€“ Reserve Front Seats George Sloss x3 PAID Thomas Munro x5 PAID Andrew Symon x2 PAID Callum Hind x4 PAID Murray Crawford x2 PAID Gary Ovenstone x10 PAID David Sutherland x5 PAID Bus 3 โ€“ (NICOLA ARNOTT) 75 Seats Gordon Arnott x8 PAID Grampian TA x7 PAID Andrew Edwards x4 PAID Bruce Simpson PAID Stuart Murray x4 PAID Lewis MacDonald x5 PAID Craig Couper x3 PAID Kenny Stewart x2 PAID Arran Clark x2 PAID Micheal Paton PAID Fraser Currie x5 PAID Ian Moir x3 PAID Falkirk TA x3 PAID Mary Gillies x2 PAID โ€“ Reserve front seats JCS x2 PAID John Seery x10 PAID Scott Henderson x2PAID Jim Sinclair x4 PAID Gary Hynd x3 PAID Paul Shepherd x2 PAID Simon Sturrock x2 PAID Bus 4 โ€“ (JOCK DEARIE) 75 Seats Jock Dearie x17 PAID Shaun Lynch x6 PAID Jim Jarvie x24 PAID Mark Lewis x7 PAID Kenny McGregor x9 PAID Robert Docherty x5 PAID Brian Ritchie x2 PAID Grant Horne PAID Nicky Wright x2 PAID Ross MacGregor x2 PAID Bus 5 (PADDY SHEEKY) 61 Seats Kevin Macaskill x14 PAID Greg Marshall x4 PAID Derek Neilson x4 PAID Alan Campbell x2 PAID Gary Stacey PAID Jas Tomlinson x7 PAID Charlie Strachan x2 PAID Marjory Hamilton x4 PAID Alex Morrison x3 PAID Alan Meikle x3 PAID Stephen Finnie x4 PAID Jack Hayes x9 PAID Carolann Guthrie x4 PAID Bus 6 (ALISTAIR HALL) 61 Seats Alistair Hall x3 PAID Ross Scanlan x2 PAID Barry McMahon x12 PAID Mark Foster x2 PAID Donald Laing x4 PAID Lorraine Jaap x10 PAID Bristol Hibby x2 PAID Jamie Menzies x5 PAID Bob Bell x6 PAID Bryan Hayburn x2 PAID Jim Mackay x5 PAID Andrew Snoddy x4 PAID Paul Hughes x2 PAID Dona Duncan x2 PAID Bus 7 (SAINTSPARKY) 61 Seats James Kamaris x3 PAID Robert Dunn x3 PAID David Aitken x2 PAID Jim Mitchell x2 PAID Gary Gibson x15 PAID Blair Miller x3 PAID James Murray x2PAID William Laing x4 PAID Bruce Christie x3 PAID Robert Dempsey x3 PAID Colin Paterson x4 PAID SaintSparky PAID Bryan Power x7 PAID Micheal Pace PAID Liam Davidson x3 PAID June Horne x5 PAID Bus 8 (PATRICIA PERMAN) 51 Seats Patricia Perman x2 PAID Rob Duff x14 PAID Alan Thomson x7 PAID George Heatherwick x4 PAID Graeme MacDonald x2 PAID Robert Allan x2 PAID Stephen Oโ€™Donnell x6 PAID Ross Muirhead x8 PAID Ken Craig x4 PAID Stephen Watson x2 PAID Bus 9 (ALAN WARD) 51 Seats Alan Ward x6 PAID Jonathan Lennox PAID Alistair Dunlop x4 PAID Gavin Pirie x6 PAID Steven Gray x4 PAID Gordon Cook x4 PAID June Menzies x2 PAID Neil MacDonald x2 PAID Kev Hardie x2 PAID Josh Dow x3 PAID Adam Dewar x4 PAID Fatima Craik x2 PAID Ewen Jappy x2 PAID Carmen Wanless x9 PAID Bus 10 (NEIL FORBES) 51 Seats Neil Forbes x10 PAID John Gold PAID James Milne x4 PAID Martin Irving x16 PAID Keith Anderson PAID Kelly Ross x4 PAID โ€“ Reserve Front Seats Graeme Ross x13 PAID KentTA PAID Dennis Kelly PAID Bus 11(DAVID PAGET) 51 Seats David Paget x6 PAID Charles Dawson x2 PAID Mark Poe x4 PAID 10 to 12 Bob PAID Stewart Geddes PAID Steve Sid Kerr x15 PAID Alfie 67 x2 PAID John Miller x2 PAID Blair McWatt x2 PAID Douglas Smith x2 PAID Gavin Gillies PAID Charlie Johnston x7 PAID - Reserve front seats David Dryburgh x6 PAID Bus 12 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats David Spark x2 PAID Graham Duguid x4 PAID Ray Wilkie PAID Alasdair Stratton x5 PAID Wolfgang Raml PAID Kieren Mackie x2 PAID Raymond Milne x2 PAID Billy Murphy x9 PAID Derek Woodburn x3 PAID Barry Wilson x2 PAID David Shaw (Macwomble) x5 PAID David Mackintosh x7 PAID Stirlish x4PAID Jacqui Wright x2 PAID Ian Jarvie x2 PAID Bus 13 (SCOTT GARDINER) 51 Seats Scott Gardiner x5 PAID John Maclean x2 PAID Derek Anderson x5 PAID David Connan x8 PAID David Shaw x3 PAID John McLean x2 PAID Danny Cooper x16 PAID Mark Love x9 PAID David Beaton PAID Bus 14 (CAMERON BOYD) 51 Seats Cameron Boyd x8 PAID Alex Reston x4 PAID Ross Lochhead x3 PAID Ross McNaught x15 PAID Emiliano TA x 10 PAID John Blair x6 PAID Mark Burns x2 PAID John Ibbotson x2 PAID John Roy PAID Bus 15 (JOHN NICOL) 51 Seats โ€“ Return via Railway Station John Nicol PAID Train Station Neil Strevens x4 PAID Train Station Stephen Lawn x2 PAID Train Station Mark Downey x3 PAID Train Station To Rimini Only Graeme Stirling x2 PAID Train Station Kim Gibson x2 PAID Train Station Iain Hewitt x3 PAID Train Station Kenny Miller x4 PAID Train Station Pat Donnachie PAID Train Station Calum Davidson x2 PAID Train Station Scott Cairns x2 PAID Train Station Brian Fowler PAID Train Station Harry Eatough x7 PAID Train Station Neil Jackson x2 PAID Train Station David Williamson x2 PAID Train Station Kenna Gibson Train Station PAID Paul Allen x2 PAID To San Marino Only Bus 16 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Colin McArthur x6 PAID Liam Sutherland x4PAID Mark Love x5 PAID Colin Davidson x3 PAID David Gormley x3 PAID Ulrich Weigmann x4 PAID Hamish Wilson x2 PAID James Gibson x4 PAID Rab C x5 PAID Alistair Thomson x2 PAID John Allison x5 PAID Dean Gilfillan x3 PAID David Glen x4 PAID Allan MacDougall PAID Bus 17 (ALLAN MCANDREW) 51 Seats Allan McAndrew x2 PAID Micheal Mitchell x3 PAID Mark Sweeny x3 PAID Darren Kong x6 PAID Steve Andrew PAID Brian Russell x2 PAID Scottie Duffin x3 PAID Patrick Diekelmann PAID Ann-Margaret McIver PAID Philip Wheelwright PAID Douglas Sutherland x2 PAID Laura Wright x3 PAID Alistair Wilson PAID Alex Brown x8 PAID Alan Muir x4 PAID Ian Holland PAID Neil Bell x6 PAID โ€“ Return to Rimini Only Brian Little x2 PAID Ian KellyPAID Bus 18 (RYAN STEPHEN) 51 Seats Thomas Leask x2 PAID Mark Stobbart x3 PAID Anne Munro x2 PAID Plastic Scot PAID David Mckenzie x 6 PAID Russell Holland x3 PAID Stuart McCafferty PAID Aileen Taylor x5 PAID Portlethen TA x5 PAID Joseph McLaughlin PAID Steven Nicoll x9 PAID Zigzag Tours x6 PAID Ronald Murray x7 PAID Bus 19 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats John Prendergast x2 PAID Kyle Gordon x5 PAID Jon Smith x4 PAID Crossgates TA x8 PAID Ian McLauchlan x2 PAID Ben Campbell x3 PAID Andrew Westwater PAID Euan Milne x3 PAID Cath Bonnar x 2 PAID Graham Stephen x2 PAID Stewart Wood x2 PAID Stefan Johnstone x3 PAID Ian Salmond PAID Gordon MacDougall x4 PAID Cameron Edgar PAID Sam Hornell x2 PAID Scott Rutherford x6 PAID Bus 20 (RONNIE HANLON) 51 Seats Ronnie Hanlon x 6 PAID Cameron Walker x6 PAID Robert Stephen x7 PAID Scott Wiliamson x3PAID Sean Dalton x10 PAID Ross Ingram x2 PAID Calum McKenna x4 PAID David Proctor x2 PAID Davie Murphy x2 PAID Gavin Heald PAID Kevin Crawford x8 PAID Bus 21 (JOSEPH RODGERS) 51 Seats Joseph Rodgers x4 PAID Kelly Thomas x3 PAID Connor Patterson x2 PAID Iain Davis x9 PAID Ruaridh Williams PAID Martyn Brown x6 PAID Ronald Hall x4 PAID Scott Wylie x2 PAID Darren Duncan x4 PAID Donald Fullarton x2 PAID Willie McMaster x2 PAID Gary Hillcoat PAID BazMidd x4 PAID Raymond Davis x3 PAID Craig McKerrow x4 PAID Bus 22 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Hamilton Wanderer x6 PAID James McLeay x4 PAID โ€“ Return to Rimini Only Robin D PAID - Return to Rimini Only Ian Bonnyman x3 PAID โ€“ Return to Rimini Only Jamie Neave x7 PAID Josh Henderson x3 PAID Pete Davies x5 PAID Grant Sandison x4 PAID Donna Hodge x5 PAID Dezmundo x2 PAID Bryce McCulloch x2 PAID Robert Orr x3 PAID Russell Gordon x6 PAID Bus 23 (JULIE ELLIOT) 51 Seats Julie Elliot x12 PAID Thomas Clark x2 PAID Tom Hamilton x2 PAID Dalgety Bay TA x4 PAID Dean Hardie x6 PAID Grant McNaughton x3 PAID Alister Milne x10 PAID Samuel Wightman x7 PAID Dean McKirdy x3 PAID Paul Martin x2 PAID Bus 24 (MICHELLE MILNE) 51 Seats Michelle Milne x4 PAID Stuart Aitken x9 PAID Ian Peck x3 PAID Kenny Whittle x7 PAID Valerie Grieg x2 PAID Ross Langford x5 PAID Lee Hutcheson x4 PAID Alex Stott x2 PAID Anne Hanley x2 PAID Linda Johnstone x4 PAID Barbara Markie x2 PAID Mark Benzies x2 PAID Neil Molloy x2 PAID Neil Aitken PAID David McMaster x2 PAID Bus 25 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats James Singer x4 PAID Jim Stanton x4 PAID Calum Scrimgour x5 PAID David Gibb x2 PAID Stewart Roxburgh x2 PAID Ally Ritchie x4 PAID Duncan Ivor Anderson x2 PAID Ryan Savage x4 PAID Ian Grant x3 PAID CD Doonhamer x3 PAID Allan Stubbs x2 PAID Charles Johnston x2 PAID Connor Young x4 PAID Iain Emslie x8 PAID Jeff Sinton PAID Bus 26 (FIONA BLAIR) 51 Seats Fiona Blair x4 PAID Jim Bell x6 PAID Nick Reid x4 PAID Steve Harris x2 PAID Adrian Weiss x2 PAID Alan Brown x5 PAID David Moody x2 PAID Micheal Butchart x2 PAID Jim Reid x2 PAID Calum Livingstone x5 PAID Stuart Cairncross x10 PAID Jonathan Mungin x6 PAID Tam Banks PAID Bus 27(Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Graham Swan PAID Andy Japp x4 PAID Donald Malcolmson x4 PAID David Niven PAID Scott Linton PAID Brian Dodds x5 PAID Andy Simpson x2 PAID Blair McMenemy x5 PAID Alex Kerr x2 PAID John Davidson x2 PAID Micheal Anderson PAID Keith Thomson x2 PAID Alison Bodie x2 PAID Micheal Sim PAID Peter Murray x3 PAID Alan Lundie x3 PAID Steve Kennedy x4 PAID JB Lyons PAID Stuart Murray x3 PAID James Cumming x4 PAID Bus 28 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Darren Lynch x2 PAID Brian Keay x2 PAID Sam Bryce x3 PAID Evelyn McLaughlan x2 PAID Brian Taylor PAID Allan Simpson x2 PAID Ferg Harris Roxburgh x4 PAID Colin Neill PAID Greg Houston x2 PAID David Conolly x 2 PAID Chris Gibson x2 PAID Martin Smith x5 PAID Tracey McKinnes x2 PAID Alan64 x9 PAID Euan West x5 PAID Jamie Black x2 PAID Billy Campbell x3 PAID Scott Robertson x2 PAID Bus 29 (SCOTT RAE) 51 Seats Scott Rae x38 PAID Fraser Walker PAID Douglas McGhee PAID Craig McKenzie x4 PAID Steve McDougall PAID Billy Neish PAID Darren Blacklock x2 PAID Gordon Redford x3 PAID Bus 30 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Kenny Irvine PAID James Forrester x2 PAID Brian Bartsch x2 PAID Scott Logie x2 PAID Ray Kay PAID Stewart Crawford x2 PAID Finlay Johnson x2 PAID Paul Cunningham x3 PAID Jack Burns x3 PAID William Hawkins x2 PAID Kenny Aitken x2 PAID Ryan Young x2 PAID Martin Watt x10 PAID William McCulloch PAID David Hill PAID Stephen Finnie x4 PAID Andrew Bargh x2 PAID Rachel Vaughan x2 PAID Gordon Higgins x3 PAID Ian MacNeill PAID Craig Wilson PAID Stewart Crawford x2 PAID Bus 31 (Bus Steward Required) 51 Seats Derek Morrison x8 PAID Stuart Boyd x7 PAID Tam Banks PAID Jody Lewis PAID Ally Ross x6 PAID Keith Salmon x2 PAID Blair Mitchell x2 PAID Paul Hartley x3 PAID Dave Wright x3 PAID David Annobil x2 PAID Rab Cramb x2 PAID Kevin ColburnPAID Craig Maidment x2 PAID Mark Farman PAID Ian Graham x2 PAID J Daziel x2 PAID Connor Douglas x3 PAID Josh Kane x3 PAID Bus 32 (Volunteer Bus Steward Required) Gordon Sinclair x2 PAID Callum McGregor x2 PAID Micheal Newitt PAID Gordon Bonnes x 2 PAID Cameron Brown x2 PAID Nick Kimbell PAID Lewis Pyke x2 PAID Joshua Rodgers x3 PAID Robert Miller x2 PAID Ryan Cook x2 PAID Calum MacDonald x2 PAID Donald Murchie x2 PAID Ronan Nicol x3 PAID Strauand x8 PAID David Simpson x2 PAID Keith Weir x2 PAID Gavin Cooper x2 PAID
  12. Cheers buddy...you will be on Bus 32
  13. Ray not updated the list since you paid...for now you are on Bus 30 buddy but I am awaiting final confirmation of no. of seats per bus from operator so the list might change. Davy
  14. Guys tonight is final payment night and loads not paid so it is first come first served now. If you pay ASAP you will guarantee a seat Davy
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