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  1. Larky Masher

    This Board Needs Tunes

  2. I think the market will fragment more though I think Sky and BT sports effectively let these contracts go as opposed to lost them and they still share the golden goose which is where the money is.
  3. Wee treble up Fylde, Ross County and Clyde, so half the winning go onto to the next treble.
  4. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    I see what you did there, comedy gold that is. Do you have a show at the Fringe?
  5. But it was the Dark Ages.
  6. A seared conscience, that sounds sore have you put Germolene on it?
  7. You're in the there Mario.
  8. If they were talking about lowering the average IQ you'd be making a big contribution to that.
  9. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    Flanagan is quite good defensively but his distribution has Tavernierish qualities which is a wee bit concerning.
  10. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    I thought the would be brutal they have have a well honed defensive approach which they use away from home in the EPL and it seemed reasonable to expect they'd do that tonight, the return should be much more open though they'll be fitter.
  11. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    You clearly know your stuff.
  12. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    I won't be able to sleep tonight knowing that.
  13. Larky Masher

    Europa league qualifiers

    Decent result but performance overall wasn't brilliant though central defence and McGregor were sound so though we defended a lot we were never in a great deal of trouble.